Friday, November 02, 2012

Benefit Concert of the victims of Hurricane Sandy

"We've come together (click here) tonight to tell every single person who's suffering that we are here for you. We will do whatever we can to help. We will not leave anyone behind because every single one of you matters," the star said before beginning her performance of her hit "Beautiful."

Romney definitely understands 'Real Change."

It just isn't the kind of change that benefits a nation of Middle Class people.

Roads lined with cars can cause a tanker delays, too,

..."There is no gasoline supply shortage," (click here) said Sal Risalvato, executive director of the New Jersey Gasoline-C-Store-Automotive Association. "This is a delivery shortage. You get back electricity, and a large part of this goes away."...

The USA is doing well under President Obama rather than Republican ideologies.

Employers added 171,000 people to their payrolls last month, the Labor Department said on Friday. The government also said 84,000 more jobs were created in August and September than previously estimated.

The jobless rate edged up a tenth of a point to 7.9 percent, but that was due to workers surging back into the labor force. Only people who are looking for a job count as unemployed.

"This report is consistent with the emerging picture of an economic recovery that is continuing to regain traction after grinding to a halt earlier this year," said Millan Mulraine, senior U.S. strategist at TD Securities in Toronto.

The Recovery of Private Jobs Under Obama, versus the Fall Under Bush. And the Cuts in Government Jobs Under Obama, versus the Rise Under Bush.

Riddle for the Day.

Why aren't there whales and floundering fish found in the flooded NYC Subway?

Answer: They have respect for big storms and take to calmer seas AHEAD of disaster.

There are some meteorologists making prudent observations.

I also believe there is something to be learned from their observations as well.

...Forecaster Bruce Sullivan (click here) said it wouldn't be as bad as Superstorm Sandy and isn't tropical. But it could include snow in interior New England and New York, beach erosion and high winds for areas hit by Sandy and moderate or heavier rainfall. Winds could be about 30 to 40 mph.
"I wouldn't get too alarmed yet," Sullivan said. "But it's something we're going to be watching over the next few days and fine-tuning. Anything that could hamper clean-up efforts is something that could be watched."
Meanwhile, widespread power outages and subway shutdowns may wind up making Sandy the second most expensive storm in U.S. history, according to the forecasting firm Eqecat. That would rank it right behind Hurricane Katrina....
The awareness of the instability of the northeast coast of North America post storm is appreciated. There cannot be too much vigilance to weather detail for these folks.
The leadership I witnessed during this national emergency was all about returning life to citizens as quickly as possible. We all love them for it. But, there is a season of unpredictable weather ahead of us yet. The end of Hurricane Season is not over until November 30th. Then there is winter. While much is possible to be accomplished over the winter, there are some projects prudently postponed until Spring.
The most pressing projects are removing water, especially contaminated water, from areas where it should not be. It will be getting colder. That water can turn into ice. Ice would cause a great deal more damage because it expands when it freezes.
The gasoline lines are becoming a cultural event. Within that reality are the people with the least amount of resources to withstand life without movement and work. So, their focus is getting fuel to move their lives forward. There is a health danger as weather changes. This storm has done its damage in compounding ways including its' timing in relation to propagating more damage on top of the damage that already exists. These folks have to be encouraged to move to shelters if their personal circumstances are not resolved quickly. I realize anger is a state of mind in the USA since 2008, but, in this case there is so much that can be done immediately. People have to think about their own well being and not their best outcomes. 
Everyone in the nation wants the trauma to stop and return to function is the best way to do that, but, when it comes to the damaged coastline there is a lot to consider with correct approaches to insure the best outcomes.

One aspect to this is, how have the coastlines and sand movement under the ocean water changed. Sandy moved a great deal of sand and what comes to mind are Shipping Lanes. NASA and NOAA need to due assessments to determine the underwater terrain and any changes in those areas. NASA can facilitate NOAA with their initial assessments and streamline this. NASA can probably use their satellite capacity to be most expedient for initial determinations. I think prudent warnings about ships coming and going along the east coast of North America is appropriate until proper assessments are complete. We don't need ships crashing into pieces either.

Additional storms will no doubt strike the northeast coast. Over the decades it has had its share of snow and ice which was the focus of photographers and journalists, but, the damage done by this storm is unprecedented. The assessments that can be completed by NASA and NOAA will also help expedite the recovery efforts. My concern is the disturbed ocean bottom will continue to shift until it returns to more normalized 'settling.' The oceans do have tide patterns of all kinds and that dictates the location of sand at the bottom of the oceans. The knowledge of shifting 'sediment/sand' where construction will resume at earliest convenience will add to the safety and stability of the reconstruction.

There is much work to be done, but, safety first and protecting the lives saved is important,too. This is going to sound cold hearted, but, what I am hearing about the use of gasoline is that it is being used to heat and light homes rather than the electrical power that normally provides that. The important focus is returning the electricity more than providing gasoline to generators. Sorry, it is just the way it is. There are people waiting to receive gas for their cars to get to work and it is being purchased by those supplying their homes with electricity. It is not a waste of time to provide focus to gas lines, but, in all honesty it is the electricity that is the problem more than the gasoline. 

There are unreasonable demands for gasoline right now. People are trying to supplement loss of electricity with gasoline and folks are filling gas cans to keep in the trunk of their cars so they don't have to repeat waiting in line. There is a perpetuating shortage by the way it is being used now. It is unrealistic to believe any government can get ahead of this artificial demand.

Motorists have to realize their cars are designed NOT TO BLOW UP from a crash when carrying gasoline IN A TANK. There is added danger in providing supplemental gas cans in the trunk of the car in crashes and danger of escaped fumes. 

Do I really have to say this stuff?

I participated in the gas lines under Nixon in the 1970s. It was a cultural event then too, but, I was never so stupid I put gas cans in the trunk of my car. The gas lines of the '70s were in the winter, too.

This is where frustration of the citizen with their government becomes unresolvable and media coverage does more harm when it is not met with what is possible. These folks have to go to shelters until the electricity is turned back on. There is little to resolve here at the moment, however, the frustration is a 'boom for politicians and media ratings.'

I think that does it for now.

Oh, one other thing. The bodies being found in Staten Island may not be from Staten Island.

Departing from the recovery after the storm.

President Obama is correct in stating there needs to be a Secretary of Business. I am not sure he would call it exactly that name, but, there needs to be a consolidation of business interests across the entire Presidential Cabinet.

President Obama has stated from the beginning there needs to be consolidation of some agencies and processes to streamline any needs of businesses in the USA and those wanting to do business with the USA. But, the agencies he is referring to are not exclusively found within the US Department of Commerce, they are spread across the authorities of several US Cabinet positions. That was the point.

Here again, Mr. Romney got it wrong, spun the truth and has no clue. He really doesn't 'get it.' Whatever.

To illustrate more clearly the 'No Clue' status of Mr. Romney. The definition of 'commerce' is not only about MONEY. 

Question: What agency would make a good question for "Jeopardy?" 

I am serious, what question can be derived from the list of agencies with the US Department of Commerce for the game show "Jeopardy?"

How about this one. "What is the one agency within the US Department of Commerce one might not expect to find there?" 

No cheating. What agency is found within the US Department of Commerce the average person would never expect to find there?

The answer brings up back to Superstorm Sandy.

Answer:  NOAA - The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (click here)

...Make no mistake--this is a large and dangerous storm that needs to be taken seriously, especially by the millions of people who live, work or travel in Sandy’s projected path.

According to our meteorologists at Commerce/NOAA’s National Hurricane Center and National Weather Service, Sandy will make landfall overnight Monday into Tuesday in the mid-Atlantic region. The storm is forecast to have significant and widespread impacts over most of the northeastern United States, both in coastal and inland areas. To follow the latest on Hurricane Sandy, please visit NOAA’s National Hurricane Center on the Web at, on and on Twitter at Monitor local media or listen to NOAA Weather Radio ( for the latest developments and check your local National Weather Service forecast at

Have a better day, Mitt. You really should try 'learnedness, honesty and the truth' rather than manipulation because 'I haven't got a clue.'