Sunday, May 07, 2017

It is perfect. Balancing all the factors it is perfect.

These two paragraphs begin the hard work of the IAEA and the RCA countries. They are absolutely no different than any traditional USA document. It is exactly what a USA scientist would have written. What is included in these documents is the responsibility for greenhouse gases and strategies to defeat them.

1. INTRODUCTION (click here)

Livestock manures represent a valuable resource that, if used appropriately, can replace significant amounts of chemical fertilizers [1, 2]. However, unless animal manure is managed carefully to minimize odour, nutrient losses and emissions, it becomes a source of pollution and a threat to aquifers and surface waters [3]. It can also be a direct threat to human and livestock health. Animal production is developing rapidly in Asia and the impact of mismanaging manure could be detrimental. There is an urgent need to review and assess current manure management practices and develop manure management guidelines that are appropriate for adoption by local animal producers.

Mismanagement of manure often leads to direct discharge of liquid manure to waterways. This causes serious eutrophication of rivers and lakes, characterized by a high concentration of nutrients that creates an ecological imbalance in the water system because it supports abnormally high levels of growth of algae and aquatic plants, e.g. water hyacinths. This decreases oxygen levels in the water and has serious implications on the survival of other organisms in the system and, consequently, on food supply and biodiversity. Furthermore, surface- and ground-waters can be polluted by leaching and run-off of manure nutrients and this increases the need for water purification treatment to provide safe drinking water....