Saturday, June 29, 2013

These are very crude values verbalized by Governor Rick Perry. Did I spell his name right? I just wanted to be sure he got the blame and not someone else.

This is imposition of government will on the individual. State Senator Davis and her mother had a choice. They sincerely did. When State Senator Davis made her choice as a teenager she made for her own reasons. She wanted her baby and today she has a family she loves and adores. It has increased her joy in life.

Her mother had a choice too and she chose the same path as her daughter whom is now a State Senator of Texas, but, it was generation earlier.

There were women and still are women making choices. I don't know if State Senator Davis is a Christian woman, that isn't the issue here, which brings me to the crudeness of the imposing will of the government by this Governor.

Governor Perry states very clearly, " life, no life is trivial in god's eyes...". He is stating that women whom choose to have abortions make trivial decisions. That is simply not at all the case. Abortions are never simple decisions for women and they are expensive. If women are forced to have abortions in a hospital or surgical setting they are going to be nearly unaffordable for women.

But, what Governor Perry is doing in this speech is demeaning women, stating they cannot discern what a trivial life or an important life is. Those components go into decision making about abortions and sometimes the most important life in that decision is of the woman; for whatever reason it exists. 

Late term abortions are only about 1% of abortions and they are the most difficult for any woman. The physician has a easier time deciding than his patient. It is always a see-saw emotional roller coaster at that point. But, the decisions are made and the abortions are performed and women's lives are safe.

Women that decide to have an abortion will have an abortion, they will not be dissuaded. The have come to decisions both emotional and desperate and they will seek a way because the alternative seems more desperate than the abortion itself. It is that reality we as a society will never and can never dismiss as a reality. 

The women that choose to have abortions will have abortions in some place, in some way and with or without the governments consent, even if they were made to be criminals of murder they would do it anyway. Those women have the plight of a uterus with a fetus at a difficult time in their lives. I don't care the age or the wealth or the poverty. THEY DON'T WANT THE PREGNANCY! 

It is these women that require State Senators of Texas to stand up for them and fight the good fight and not the biased and prejudiced fight. Women need and must have alternatives and we as a society have to take on the moral reality we have to provide a path for them. It is up to the woman's doctor and her to decide the best path for her to take, not a government, not a special group that have created a special interest for elections to pluck at the heart strings of Americans.

Abortion is not about babies, it is about women and the State Senators of Texas have to remember that. It is their obligation under the Public Trust they pledged to uphold when they took office. 

Governor Perry is politicizing the issue of abortion when there is absolutely no need for him to do so, except political ambitions. While government has an interest in babies, there is no shortage in the USA. What there is though is a shortage of legislators that will due their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution and solve the problems before them. Access to abortion will become a problem if the Texas legislature acts to put obstacles in the way of women who choose. Governor Perry is not solving a problem he is creating one and a very dangerous one at that.

Congressmen and Congresswomen have to sued to move forward in a meaningful way. Demonstrations and marches aren't going to cut it.

Congressmen and Congresswomen cannot be served papers or arrested while they are IN SESSION, but, any other time is fine.

The Editorial Board
Published June 29, 2013 

...What is needed (click here) now is a new coalition — as loud and as angry as the voices of 1965 — to demand that Republican lawmakers join Democrats in restoring fairness to the election system. Discrimination at the ballot box continues and is growing...

There are two approaches and the one that works is best. Choose those most likely to pass good legislation and set them in a class of conscience, then sue those and/or campaign against those that would seek to use this 'new formula' to control the outcome of elections.

It should not be difficult to find the Congress persons with a conscience and those in office to serve special interests and cronies. We don't want them there.

The reason lawsuits would be important is because the short period of time necessary to move this forward for the 2014 elections.

Demonstrations may work at Congressional local offices of those without a conscience to make a spectacle of them. But, there is such a strong resistance to treat Americans with fairness and importance in exercising their voting rights, demonstrations alone won't move these people. 

Speaker Boner does not have control or even consensus of his House members. Many don't respect him. So, to expect leadership of the US House to bring such a bill to the floor at all is remote. They have to be pushed.

President Obama needs to address the Congress and propose a formula he believes is the best formula. There has to be a nation standing with him. 

The defeat of DOMA illustrates a greater flaw in the USA democracy. A very ugly underbelly to this nation of ours.

The reporting of the gay community's experience as Americans with their love relationships and being unable to secure the same rights as heterosexuals has lasted, in some cases, nearly a decade. Their struggle for equality has taken that long. One could say it took that long because of DOMA; however, I say it was resolved due to DOMA. Finally. I think this could have gone on for a very long time otherwise.

There is a deeper problem and it lies along the lines of difference, but, I'll get into that Sunday night. 

The important part is that after all their struggle and the continued path ahead our gay community has the same rights as all other "Marrieds in America." It might be they will actually bring marriage back into style and that will be breath of fresh air. I happy for everyone of them. They worked long and hard.

"Today's ruling means the federal government will no longer be allowed to treat some American families differently," Starling told "Now all same-sex couples who are married or who have the freedom to marry will be able to provide their children the necessary legal and economic protections they need in life."
The couple was recently honored at the White House as model dads. But in the eyes of the federal government, they have had none of the rights and privileges afforded heterosexual couples because of a law known as the Defense of Marriage Act or DOMA....

June 28, 2013
0100 gmt (8:00 PM) Again.
The Weather Channel Actual High Temperature Map 

The highest temperatures occurred at 8:00 PM again. I think I see a trend.

These temperatures are significantly above normal.

The time on the map is correct in EDT. Eastern Daylight Time makes the difference between GMT and the time in USA appear to be only 4 hours difference and not 5 hours.

They lie. Safety? These temperatures are safe? Really?