Sunday, August 18, 2013

This is the part where I state my opinion. This time it is about the future.

I think the USA is way out of line of benevolence and out of touch with it's citizens. The federal government has pandered to Wall Street for so very, very long there is no room for citizens anymore. I could not mean that more. The politics are intractable and we are on the cusp if not already there of becoming an automated society that operates void of citizens.

Now, if that sounds abstract, the average citizen knows nothing about the drones in use by their military on a day to day basis. 

Ever since the Late President Gerald Ford pulled the troops out of Vietnam, the USA military has been annoyed they have to be bothered with human soldiers at all. I am more than concerned the USA military's path into tomorrow will take the country where it's citizens never intended. The citizens of the USA could literally live within borders untouched by war while the rest of the world is the victim of our drones.

The citizens of the USA have to have a stake in any war this country carries out. If there is no human stake in war, the USA will become without a doubt, a tyrannical power able to carry out wars of greed and control erasing the definition of human rights. Combine that reality with the nationalism that existed under Bush/Cheney and we are the next Third Reich.

The USA has a lot to do to improve the quality of life of it's own people. We don't need nor do we want war. Our drone capacity in every branch of the military escalates wars with other nations. The use of these machines are more than inappropriate. Drones should never be armed. NEVER. 

So, let's start there and demand the USA military to stand down from their armed drones and demand they only be used for intelligence while realizing venturing into another nation's air space without treaties is an aggressive act.

The United States is creating it's own emergencies and we need to stop it. We need to concentrate on better energy sources for the USA, a health care system with enough General Practitioners, plenty of well paid educators and change to generational planning.

We need to know today, that our children have a right to schooling that allows them to dream of a peaceful world safe from Wall Street domination and exploitation where life is beneficial and worth living. We need to know their lives will have purpose and be rewarding. We need to accept the responsibility of providing a country with potential of a good and decent life without weapons within our borders used against us and those we deploy outside our borders as necessary and benevolent.

Today, the federal government is deadlocked over IMMEDIATE issues. It is their fault the USA is unable to provide for an entire generation of Americans. It is their fault we have no future on the horizon for our children. It is their fault there is a warming planet without abating. 

Americans have surrendered to survival in day to day living and have set the hopes of their children aside as a problem that will take care of itself as the IMMEDIACY takes shape.

We need to stop this lunacy and reclaim the rights of our children and their birth right.

This is complete and absolute madness. It all occurred when we knew nothing about it. There is no way the USA can compete against a global race to war. The Communists can out manufacture the USA by the sheer cost of their labor. What Wall Street found in outsourcing American jobs is true of the ability of other nations to build weaponry as well. The USA's path forward is one of non-proliferation and peace, not greater and greater war machines. The will break the back of the people of this nation. 

The Sequester stands. There is a reason why.

The US Marines have unmanned combat vehicles, too.

Another brick in the wall of uncontainable war.

The Gladiator Tactical Unmanned Ground Vehicle program (click here) will support Marine Corps conduct of Ship To Objective Maneuver (STOM) through the use of a small-medium sized mobile robotic system to minimize risk and neutralize threats to Marines across the spectrum of conflict. Gladiator will perform scout/surveillance, NBC reconnaissance, direct fire, and personnel obstacle breaching missions in its basic configuration.
Essential Functions of the Gladiator system include:
  • Day/night remote visual acuity equal to that of an individual Marine using current image intensifying or thermal devices
  • Battlefield mobility capable of supporting dismounted units in all environments, including MOUT rubble (click here)
  • Modular design and incorporation of standard interfaces for attachment of future mission payloads
  • Remain operable and mission capable after being impacted by multiple 7.62mm small arms rounds at zero standoff distance.
The Gladiator Program is a U. S. Marine Corps initiative based on the Joint Army-Marine Corps Tactical Unmanned Vehicle (TUV) ORD originated by the Infantry School. MNS INT 12.1.1 dated 4 November 1993 validated the need for a tactical unmanned ground vehicle system and the Army approved the ORD in August 1995 and by the Marine Corps in May 1996....

Nuclear energy cooperation for South Korea. It is stated to be non-proliferation.

Mark Holt, (click here) specialist in energy policy at the Congressional Research Service, talked about efforts to extend the U.S.-South Korea Nuclear Cooperation Agreement until March 2016, after an effort earlier in the year to create a long-term successor failed. 

“Critical Themes of the US-ROK 123: Challenges for Congressional Action on Extending the US-ROK Nuclear Cooperation Agreement” was a presentation of the U.S.-Korea Institute at SAIS in partnership with the Global America Business Institute.

Jenny Town is identified on screen as Florence Lowe Lee.

I found the dialogue by Mark Holt more than interesting and he seeks Congressional work on HR 2449. He states it is non-proliferation. 97% of nuclear fuel is imported. The lack of action on HR 2449 would effect South Korea. I do wonder where the 3% is produced domestically and what delaying this bill might do to domestic production or seek imports from other nations such as Russia. Is that what Congress wants to happen?

H.R.2449 (click here).
Latest Title: To authorize the President to extend the term of the Agreement for Cooperation between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Republic of Korea Concerning Civil Uses of Nuclear Energy for a period not to exceed March 19, 2016.

Nuclear Power in South Korea (click here)

(Updated August 2013)
South Korea imports 97% of its fuel, by ship. Some $170 billion was spent on imported energy in 2011, one third of all imports.
Power demand in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) has increased by more than 9% per year since 1990 but slowed to about 2.8% pa 2006-10 and projected 2.5% pa to 2020. Per capita consumption in 2010 was 9200 kWh, up from 850 kWh/yr in 1980. Over the last three decades, South Korea has enjoyed 8.6% average annual growth in GDP, which has caused corresponding growth in electricity consumption - from 33 billion kWh in 1980 to 406 billion kWh in 2009.

Raising Medicaid eligibility is a serious problem in many states.

When Congressmen and Congresswomen make ugly statements about Americans such as, "They are the takers," it sincerely hurts.

I think we can stop the politics regarding a dysfunctional Congress and racism. It seems fairly obvious.

3 hours ago  • 
FORT ANN -- School officials (click here) aren’t doing enough to stop a climate of pervasive bullying and racism, according to frustrated parents, who say the negativity has persisted for decades.
Parents described instances of students taunting and assaulting other students and insulting them with racial slurs. A video posted to YouTube showed several young teenage boys using the N-word and making vulgar and racist sexual comments.
“The video simply reflects the racism that children of color can experience at any time at Fort Ann Central School,” said Tiana Jones, who is African-American and a parent of a child in the local school, at Tuesday’s school board meeting.
Jones added the situation hasn’t changed since when she was in school in Fort Ann, when other students threw rocks at her back and called her the N-word.
“My son has dealt with racism and bullying in the school for many years here,” she said.
Karen Jones, Tiana’s mother, said her grandson, who is a special needs student, would be harassed again this year unless he has an aide accompanying him....

"The FCC is proposing regulations that oppose the rights of the Hard of Hearing according to the American with Disabilities Act.

If the FCC can make it easier for inmate to make phone calls so their families don't carry a huge financial burden, I would expect them to allow companies that provide phone service to the disabled to operate in a venue conducive to the best outcomes of their clients.

I find it unbelievably shameful the FCC would put additional costs on the disabled in any way. Some of these consumers are also young people and they should be enjoying the same freedoms of their friends.

A telephone and a toilet are shown in the holding cell area where arrestees are allowed their phone call at the Santa Barbara County Sheriff Substation May 10, 2005 in Orcutt, California. (Photo by Aaron Lambert-Pool/Getty Images) Infographic: Hatty Lee 

by Jamilah King, Friday, August 9 2013, 12:11 PM EST 

The Federal Communications Commission (click here) issued an order on Friday to lower the cost of prison phone rates. It’s an historic move by the Commission and years in the making. More than a decade ago, Martha Wright and several families of inmates petitioned the FCC to regulate the price of prison phone rates that can sometimes cost more than $15 for a 15 minute call.
Today’s order requires phone companies to base rates on actual costs and cap them at 25 cents per minute while the Commission collects more data. The order also prohibts companies from charging deaf and hard-of-hearing customers extra for the use of relay services....

Christina Green has no future.

Families of gun violence came to thank Senator McCain for his support of Background Checks and asked for an audience with he and Senator Flake over the potential 

August 16, 2013 8:12 pm 
Peter Jensen 

U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson, (click here) D-St. Helena, had no trouble dispatching clay targets with a shotgun in a shooting range east of Napa Friday afternoon as he engaged a local gun dealer in a friendly skeet shooting competition.
But Thompson acknowledged that getting a bill through Congress to expand background checks for firearm purchases nationwide has been more troublesome.
Thompson has a bill in the House of Representatives with U.S. Rep. Pete King, R-N.Y., that would extend the background check system to all commercial firearm sales in the U.S. That includes firearm sales at gun shows, online and in classified ads.
His bill has yet to come to the House floor for a vote. Thompson and Navy Capt. Mark Kelly, the husband of former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., spoke Friday at the Napa Police Shooting Range on why the bill should get a vote....

Senator Jeff Sessions is simply "W"rong. Doesn't anyone see that?

With Senator Sessions being this absolutely wrong about the future of immigration, what then is his message? Best I can tell it is racism.


Ahead of August Recess, Sessions Encourages Lawmakers To ‘Shut Out The Special Interests’ On Immigration(click here)

Friday, August 2, 2013
WASHINGTON—U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) delivered a speech on the Senate floor last night on the importance of doing the right thing on immigration:
Sessions remarks, as prepared, follow:
“This week Congress received two letters: one from GOP donors and the other from CEOs, urging Congress to act on immigration. The Washington Times reports: ‘Nearly a hundred top Republican donors and Bush administration officials sent a letter to the House GOP on Tuesday urging lawmakers to pass a bill that legalizes illegal immigrants… The donor letter came the same day that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and 400 other businesses and umbrella groups fired off a letter to House leaders of both parties, urging them to pass something.’
One word not mentioned in either letter: wages.
Mr. Rove and these groups would have us believe this is just about providing amnesty to illegal immigrants. That’s certainly a large part of it: businesses know that legalizing illegal workers will expand the available labor pool for many industries with effect to push down wages in areas where illegal workers might not have previously had access. But there is a phrase in the letter which has gotten too little attention, and which explains what this really all about. Rove and the donors says that legislation must ‘provide a legal way for U.S.-based companies to hire the workers they need.’
That cannot be the goal of immigration policy.
Of course, there already is a legal way for U.S.-based companies to hire workers they need: they can hire the people living here today who are unemployed. Or they can hire some of the million-plus immigrants we lawfully admit each year or the hundreds of thousands of temporary guest workers we admit each year, who come just to work. No one is saying these programs shouldn’t exist or be improved, but what these businesses want is as much low-cost labor as possible. That’s what this is all about. They believe the immigration policy for our entire nation should create an abundance of low-wage workers. They, in their bubble, think that lower wages are good for America. Maybe some politicians do too. They’re not concerned with how the plan impacts workers, the immigrants themselves, public resources, the education system, or taxpayer dollars. They’re not focused on the broader economic or social concerns. The focus is reducing the cost of labor. But America has larger and more pressing concerns, such as unemployment and falling labor participation rates....

"It is the boardest coalition of oganizations...economic coalition in support of that (immigration)...

Senator John McCain has some of the best town halls of any legislator. He is sincere and consistent in his dedication to those who have come to hear him speak and answer their questions. He comes with good information as a source of hope.

...The Congressional Budget Office said...this legislation would reduce the budget deficit by $850 billion dollars over the next 20 would add $300 billion to the Social Security Trust Fund over the next ten years...Arizona's economic output would be increased by $616 million dollars and create 8016 jobs in 2014. This bill would increase the total personal income of Arizona families by $2.5 billion dollars in 2020....

No one bothered to put into context Former Secretary of State was speaking to the American Bar Assiciaiton; not a political rally.

I think women are excited about Hillary. I think they want it to happen. Can a woman candidate finally make the USA understand the future is about our young people and not about the past? Can she change the focus of this nation to bring about the future's promise that is the hope of our children? 

By Chris GentilvisoPosted:   |  Updated: 08/15/2013 6:26 pm EDT 
Add a former Republican president's daughter (click here) to the list of supporters for a Hillary Clinton presidential run.

In an upcoming interview with People Magazine, George W. Bush's daughter Barbara said she'd like to see the "unbelievably accomplished" Clinton enter the 2016 presidential race, CNN reported Thursday.

According to the Hill, Bush's interview with People will appear in the Aug. 26 issue. When asked if she would vote for Clinton, Bush wasn't as certain, saying that she didn't know "who'd she be running against."

Speculation surrounding a possible Clinton 2016 run has been abound this summer. During a Monday chat with BuzzFeed Brews, New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner was asked if he knew what his wife Huma Abedin's role would be in a Clinton campaign. Weiner replied "I do," but backtracked from the comment the following day, calling it "a joke."

Bush is not the only one who appears to be hopeful of a Clinton run. HuffPost Pollster's latest compilation of 14 available polls on the 2016 National Democratic Primary finds Clinton earning 61.3 percent support....

The future is not the past.

Our national dialogue about the future is lost. The politics that rule the day is about the past. It attempts to reach into the past to bring it forward. Has the country become so misguided about it's present the future is out of sight. 

An entire generation of Americans were left out of the nation's plans and there is every indication the powerfully frustrated intend to do the same for time unending. I find it really odd that a Cable Series is the only place the movement started by Occupy can receive justice.

...Note that the article (click here) called the protesters "noble" and "rightly frustrated" before describing the semi-nude woman who was part of the movement and the other assorted goofiness that was, in fact, impossible to miss at Occupy Wall Street. The article tried to take the subject seriously, but the participants made it difficult.
By the next day, leftist supporters of OWS like Allison Kilkenny in The Nation were attacking the New York Times coverage with the same broad "the media doesn't take us seriously!" point of view that Sorkin expresses in his art, saying:...

The media just wants the younger Americans to simply go away. Maybe they always have. Maybe that is why students on campus across the USA took to protests to stop a war. But, an entire generation of unemployed? What the heck? Why?

We aren't solving the nation's problems, we are playing exploitative politics. 
It's Sunday Night

Im writin' the future, Im writin' it out loud
We don't talk about the past
We don't talk about the past, now
So Im writin' the future, I'm leavin' a key, here
Something won't always be missing
You won't always feel emptier

Just think of the future and think of your dreams
You'll get away from here, you'll get away eventually
So just think of the future, think of a new life
And don't get lost in the memories
Keep your eyes on a new prize

Oakland's uncontrollabe gun violence

We have plenty to worry about at home. Al Capone has returned.

August 17, 2013 7:12 PM
...Pastor Gregg Brown moved here nine years ago. Even he has been threatened at gunpoint, right outside his Lutheran church
"I was scared and I'm still scared," he said.
The man with the gun complained about the noisy power washer used to clean the church sidewalk. Brown was told to stop or he'll be shot. "That's how close the crime is," he said.
Eighty-one-year-old Joyce Nichelini has lived Maxwell Park for 42 years.
"I lock a gate now and I lock my door and I have alarms. I even put bars on my house," she said. Yet she acknowledged she doesn't feel safe.
Other residents hope that when the private security patrols begin in a couple of weeks, it will bring a sense of security to a neighborhood most love too much to leave.

The rise of populous Civil Liberties in the USA.

The Cato Institute Police Misconducts MAPS (plural) (click here).

Politically, candidates don't have to embrace Ron Paul or his offspring in order to understand the growth of Civil Liberties in the USA Post Bush/Cheney.

A very good exercise of Minority Speaker Pelosi and her Democrats would be to bring a real discussion regarding Civil Liberties in relation to the level of fear in the USA that actually brings in the discussion of police misconduct and the militarization of the police force.

The misguided truth underlying the gun culture in the USA is the idea 'the citizen' is at the heart of protecting our democracy. Where Rand Paul derives his strength, primarily in Purple states like North Carolina and blatant Red States is the fact police are dangerous through militarization and the huge decrease in Mental Health Beds in these states.

The danger is real. The misuse of Swat Teams, the increased dangers to the average citizen by mistakes by police and blatant lies to enhance their value to their police department, quotas and basically overreaching by domestic police ideology is driving justification of the gun culture in the USA. The flip side is that police die while in service. So, there is the chronic tug of war to the PRACTICE of policing in the USA that is becoming an increasing impingement of Civil Rights, including "No Knock Raids." A Congressional delegation of the Democrats to begin the investigation of this phenomena that has swept the nation is in order. This is not futile exercise.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-15-13 (click here)

Then there is the issue of Gun Laws that seek to include the idea that mental health is the problem. While widespread gun violence grips the USA with over 30,000 gun deaths per year there are varying reasons for that death rate. The excuses for inadequate gun laws in the USA including background checks frequently begins with 'citizens alone' are the one and FINAL source of defense of their USA Constitution. That is widely over rated and not in context to a reasonable outcome. The citizens in the USA even with highly militarized content in their weapons will not be able to defeat an actual military assault against them. It is a hubris that needs sincere dispelling.

There is not a family in this country facing the death, either actual or potential, of members that do not reflect on the issue of mental health and the lack of services. Families across the USA carry the burden of policing their own family members to save them from PTSD, suicide ideation, gang affiliation, drug addiction, alcoholism and other mental health problems WITHOUT the benefit of mental health beds and significant mental health outpatient treatment. That has to stop. Many of the deadly trends in the USA can be traced to the lack of a STRONG mental health standard in every state across this country.

The Affordable Care Act is coming of age today and we need to have strong support from Congress for an effective Mental Health Standard that enhances relief from these issues. This standard has to include the eroding of the number of mental health beds in our States. In that understanding is ending the practice of placing the insane in prison. Waiting until the insane actually carry out violent crime or crime itself is a failure of our government and governance.

There needs to be Congressional Hearings by both the Senate and House to bring an understanding of the research and information regarding this problem. There has to be a baseline of knowledge, including call for public comment and citizen and police witness statements, to create effective legislation to bring about a better national standard. 

The objections to gun laws needs to ends and it begins by dispelling the myths that support those objections.

Civil Liberties are important. It is the core of our understanding of freedom, but, there are limits to them. It is the idea there are no limits anymore to facilitate protections of  life and home that screams of the LACK of effective governing. Civil Libertarians in the year 2013 are basically anarchists. Wealthy anarchists. If they can afford to purchase the weapons in gun shops these days they are wealthy or their priorities of quality of life is so out of sync with reality is ridiculous. Civil Libertarians in the year 2013 are not interested in their country so much as they are anti-government and taxes. 

That is the point. The point is there are profound problems with gun violence in the USA and there are reasons for it. There are aspects of policing that are out of control and citizens rather defend their own lives and homes rather than calling the police. There is also criminality in our economy, including the idea that drug economies exist and have to be regarded as a deadly reality of our cities. That is nonsense. There is no one impoverished today that would rather have a good paying job with a living wage, dare we hope for disposable income. And there are problems with mental health CARE in the USA. Falling numbers of mental health beds is a mistake in the USA. 

The Democratic House has a mission and it is to harness the definition of Civil Rights and insure them while removing the level of fear of each other in the USA. The hideous racist content of our jails and prisons also reflects the reality of poverty in the USA. There is much to be done to remove the stigmas of hatred in the USA, the fear of each other and bring QUALITY OF LIFE to those in need of mental health. Now is the time. 

I think the Democrats will be pleasantly surprised at the facts regarding the gun violence in the USA. They will find out their policies based in supporting a strong Middle Class aligns very nicely with these problems.