Monday, October 21, 2013

I would rethink the reason the Texas Republicans are so enthralled with Senator Cruz.

The Texas Republican Establishment is worried and scared of this little lady with a moral mission, to bring justice and equity to the people. They have a lot to worry about. The more momentum the Texas Republicans can build for Anti-Wendy Agenda, the more they will do it.

Texas Senator Davis didn't look for the campaign, she stepped up to the challenge the people of Texas are facing. She accepted the challenge they faced. She wasn't going to let them fight it alone. That is huge. Politicians frequently run seeking the approval of the people. Senator Davis ran in accepting the approval of the people. She is doing it the right way. She came to this challenge with the people behind her.  

In the Ted Cruz mania meeting he is surrounded by women. Hello?

This is Hurricane Raymond carrying 105 mph winds.

The hurricane is currently in the eastern Pacific and coming inland to Mexico.

The thing is the system supporting this hurricane crosses Mexico and the Gulf Coast. It bears watching considering it is making landfall with 105 mph winds and a central pressure of 954 millibars and falling.

October 21, 2013
UNISYS Goes East Enhanced Infrared Satellite (click here for 12 hour loop - thank you)

This a Category 3 hurricane, people should not be on the beach as the eye approaches. Those winds will kill people on the beach.

MEXICO CITY — Hurricane Raymond formed on Sunday, barreling towards Mexico's Pacific coast and threatening to dump heavy rain on the beach resort of Acapulco, which is still recovering from destructive floods last month.
The Miami-based National Hurricane Center said Raymond could get close to the coast of Mexico late on Monday or on Tuesday, and Mexico has issued a hurricane watch from Acapulco in Guerrero state to the port of Lazaro Cardenas further northwest.
Mexico has no major oil installations in the path of the hurricane, which is blowing winds of up to 75 miles per hour (120 kph) and is expected to meander after nearing the coast....

Affordable does not mean cheap.

 I don't know how many times I've stated this before.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a wonderful law. People in the USA are finally receiving and keeping health insurance. The insurance is not cheap. In some instances a person can benefit from a sliding scale cost that provides them with high quality healthcare.

The law is not going anywhere. We are not going back to Americans dying because there is no healthcare insurance available again. It is over. The Insurance Industry siege on the people of this country is over. They can no longer throw people off their insurances because they actually needed it.

High Quality Health Care Insurance means people and their children receive regular medical attention. They receive preventive care rather than emergency care. 

Previous to The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the outcomes of health care due to dependency on the whims of middle management bonuses or threats by insurance companies to their employees in order to keep their jobs of were, not receiving high quality care. All too many people were receiving needed care, not preventive care. The cost of health care in the USA is skewed. As a nation we really don't know what the final outcomes will be once all citizens are receiving high quality care. 

So, there was no doubt the nation needed laws to end the abuse of health insurers. There were abuses of health insurers. It is a fact. It is recorded. It needed to end. There was no conscience within the industry so much as profit margin.

The nation finally has healthcare laws. The demands of the law has initially caused companies to exaggerate their costs and increase premiums. The companies front loaded their liability. THEN. The nation started to get refunds on their premiums as of last year. NOW. All citizens have the opportunity to subscribe to health care insurance. The citizens that cannot afford it will receive subsidies to make it possible to live a natural longevity rather than a manufactured life span based in the fact they didn't have health insurance. Not just didn't have health insurance, but, high quality health insurance.

The nation as a whole now has a conscience that defines it's will to protect the lives of the citizens of this country. Enough. No one wants to hear how this law was not necessary or evil or takes away the rights of Americans or attacks the liberty of all Americans. It is nonsense. The nightmare is over. 

The USA is falling tragically behind when compared with it's peers. The government has a responsibility to address the problems with health and longevity of its citizens.

This is a straight forward study which simply matches longevity of several countries considered to be peers.

...This is a comparative life expectancy (click here) chart. The red dots show the average lifespan of American women compared to women in nine other well-off countries (represented by the black dots.) As you can see, we aren't doing so well. Or, rather, American women since 1979, compared to those other countries, are underperforming. We are at the bottom of the improvement pile....

The pictures could have come from the USA. The experience is extremely similar.

Burnt houses (click here) can be seen from inside a burnt-out car after they were destroyed by a bushfire in the Blue Mountains suburb of Winmalee, Australia

The fires breaking out are global due to droughts. Sydney's experience is the same as the USA.

Purchased in 2002, collapse 2008 which began in 2007 and this is still being litigated. I mean do these banks believe there was no collapse in 2008?

 HSBC Faces $2.46 Billion Judgement in Security Fraud Case (click here)
Published: October 17, 2013 
A unit of the British bank HSBC was hit on Thursday with a record $2.46 billion final judgment in a securities class-action lawsuit in Chicago against a lender formerly known as Household International.
The judgment, by Judge Ronald Guzman of Federal District Court, was the largest in a securities fraud class-action suit that went to a trial, according to a statement from the Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd law firm, which represented investors.
Almost all securities fraud class-action cases settle before going to a jury.
Household International was a major mortgage lender to people with blemished credit histories, and HSBC agreed to buy it in November 2002...

"Morning Papers" - It's Origins (click title to entry - thank you)

The Rooster


"Good Night, Moon"

Waning Gibbous

95% Full 

And to think it all started with shipping.

October 19, 2013

...October's full moon, (click here) traditionally known as the Hunter's Moon, lost just a bit of silvery luster last night as part of its southern limb gradually dimmed. The celestial phenomenon occurs when the moon passes only through the Earth's faint outer shadow, called the penumbra....