Thursday, February 03, 2011

Caliphate Gate - The Right Wing Extremists are the best comedy show out there.

When considering Murdoch one never, ever considers the source, one considers the audience.  The Tea Baggers want to remove 'the republican Mind Trust' from the party, of course they are going to exploit ANY contact with the Bushes.  After all, Fomer First Lady Barbara Bush exiled Palin to Alaska.

The only place I am hearing about this bizarre 'ratings war' is the news.  I don't watch those idiots, But, I am beginning to believe 'the left' are like deer in the headlights and a real boost to their ratings.

The Murdoch Media Circus IS about extremism, not political reality.  Their political strenght is taking the MOST extremist view that any Macho Man would take and destroy the very core of the Republican Party.  I am waiting for "the Caliph" to show up in an embrace with Bush, aren't you?

"The Caliphate" is ancient.  It dates back to Mohammad. It doesn't exist and hasn't existed since March 3, 1924, the first President of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, as part of his reforms, constitutionally abolished the institution of the Caliphate. Its powers within Turkey were transferred to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the parliament of the newly formed Turkish Republic.

What were Beck's first words?

"Admitted idiocy."  It laid the ground work for his rhetoric.  I am going to stop tuning in to the evening news if this mess continues,  I don't watch the news to watch The Right Wage The Political Wars.

After hearing about this mess I turned to Murdoch and steaming across the bottom of the screen on the ticker were nothing but news containing names of Muslims.  It is a media propaganda campaign that exploits the wounds of the Egyptian protesters.  The Murdoch Right Wing will have the rhetoric so intensified, that ANY 'incumbant's name' with few exception will be like nails across a chalkboard.  Let them do it, 2012 awaits and Bachmann needs an uptick. 

It is interesting they have little to no concern about collegues.  But then, they aren't really collegues, now are they?

Sorry for the typos, I had hand surgery.  Now, I am going to take my pain medicine and go to bed.

Have a better day.

Egypt has been at the forefront of peace in the Middle East for decades. One of the reasons has been President Mubarak.

A demonstrator (click title to entry - thank you) protects his head during clashes with Mubarak supporters. (Mohammed Abed, AFP/Getty Images / February 3, 2011)

The problem is as I have stated before, Egyptians believe in peace and abhor violence, except, their sacrifices have been disproportionate 'for' the outcome.  Their sacrifice has become to great and oppressuve 'at the will' of The West.

This is an awakening to all the global community and is contrary to our beliefs as to what should be occurring with people of peace.  The demonstrators in Tahrir Square have no grand Islamic plans for global domination.  They want better lives and the citizens of The West have always believed they were receiving that and hence desired 'the peace' with us.  We have been diluted of our understandings as well and won't tolerate their treatment.

The aid to Egypt is distributed wrongly to the peace effort and if the demonstrators didn't provide an understanding of that we would never know.  The people of the USA cannot condone any violence toward unarmed people reaching out for an understanding.  Their wishes for thir own lives has to be honored and their esteem uplifted.  We never intended for the oppression, but, the evidence weighs heavily in that reality.  The monies to Egypt were to control unknown enemies among the populous and instead of stability The West has created hardship.

The 'fear' is the enemy, not the people and certainly not President Mubarak. 

The military did the best thing they could do in standing with the people to complete the picture of the disproportionate power that exists in achieving stability in Egypt.  Oddly, The West would never deny Egypt any aspect of internal control they requested because the nation has been a full partner with us.  And Egypt has a very confused picture to the world.

Everyone knows poverty breeds anger and hatred and in a world where 'a call to arms' is moments away from reality the 'opportunity' for escalation is all to real.  Yet, in the very country we hold dearly in our hearts as an ally, the people suffer rather than enjoy life.  There is something very, very wrong and it needs to end.  People that have died without weapons, without evil intention in order to be heard are the noblest of any.  I never wanted it for them.

The incredible strenght of the 'anti-governmnent' demonstrators was the sheer randomness of their experiences.  They were not organized, but, yet the assault against them definately was.  The way 'the press' was targeted, I can only be grateful for their tenacity, for, what might occur afterward would have been far more terrible than did occur.  Frustration with the demonstrators became 'a rason' for violence.  That should not have occurred, while some would say 'the press' caused 'the tensions,' that was not their goal.  The Press should be their to inform and it the information about the cause for the demonstrations that was important and they were correct to pursue it,

Inherent to 'the information' is 'the truth' oh which lies very real consequences.  The 'idea' that oppression was 'the answer' was very flawed.  The 'answer' exists in a new understanding of the people of Egypt and why policies with "The West" have failed them.

I looked for pertinent scholars to find an understanding of the Egyptian people and were dearly few.  There was this interview.

Hijacking the agenda
Haass: There will always be people with agendas. If the Florida pastor had gone ahead with his terrible threat to burn the Koran, there would have been people who exploited that. Where are the voices pushing back? What can be done to strengthen the voices who say, “What has been said or done is awful, but it is not a license for committing acts of violence against innocent people”?
Rauf: We have to be proactive and strategic instead of reactive. In order to win the game, you just can’t have players on the field, but strategies formulated together, and deploy them. What is absent right now is strategic planning about how to push back.
Look, the threat of radical extremists throughout the Muslim world is not only a threat to Western governments. It is as much a threat to Muslim governments and societies. The people of Pakistan are sick and tired of suicide bombers. The same in Iraq.
I remember going to Egypt after a terrorist attack against some tourists. People were mad and angry because tourism dried up and the economy turned down.
Muslims are miserable over terrorism, not happy. They want something better, but we don’t know how to give it to them.
Radical extremists have hijacked our discourse. What might happen if, whenever there was a suicide bombing, there was a news blackout. They love the fact that the media gives them this coverage.
I don’t know the solution. But what I do know is that we have a status quo in which the extremists can hijack the agenda. For all of our intelligence, we haven’t figured out how to tie them down.
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And this.

A Report on the Size and Distribution of the World’s Muslim Population
October 2009
Egypt is among the most densely populated of all Muslim countries, yet, the policies of The West have failed them.  The policies have caused the very poverty we know is a vital link to extremism and oppression is 'the tool' of choice to enforce that poverty.  The demonstrations were going to happen in some form sooner or later, we should all be grateful to the people of Egypt 'for finding a way.'

Things have to change and soon.  Demonizing a known 'partner' in peace is NOT the method that will bring further peace, but only greater oppression. 
The next elections in Egypt should be expedited IF they can be, but, have to be open and transparent.