Friday, October 26, 2012

"Frankenstorm" Sandy is taking up an entire sector of the hemisphere.

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The monster storm leaves 19 victims in the Caribbean.

This hurricane is very dangerous. I can understand how some might believe "Frankenstorm" is a more or less mockery of this weather system. I thought it was named for the serious of the storm while occurring at Halloween. The name "Frankenstorm" came out in the media after the brevity of the storm wasn't noted. My first thought was the 'funny name' would lead people to pay attention, rather than be caught up in Halloween without realizing the hurricane season wasn't over yet.

The name isn't offensive if the funny name saves lives and causes preparedness. If it makes the storm more lighthearted then it is inconsistent with reality. I don't believe that is how the storm's name manifested. I sincerely believe it resulted because it is sincerely a MONSTER storm.

Hurricane Hazel, October 1954 (click here)

On the morning of October 15, Hurricane Hazel made a direct hit on the heart of North Carolina. It was one of the greatest natural disasters to ever affect the state, and one of the most destructive hurricanes to strike the United States.

The North Carolina damage report:
An estimated $136 million in property damage
19 deaths
200 injuries
15,000 homes and structures destroyed. 39,000 structures damaged

I need to take a look at this entire idea of the storm morphing into some kind of huge cold weather storm.

October 27, 2012
0115 GMT
Current Temperature Map 
The Weather Channel

It is important to make the distinction between speculation into the accuracy of the 'winter hurricane' idea and PREPAREDNESS. This is not to diminish the assessment by anyone in regard to preparedness. But, there is a satellite that shows some air mass movement that could effect the interaction of Sandy and the frigid air mass. 

October 27, 2012
UNISYS Water Vapor North and West Hemisphere (click here for 12 hour loop)

There is a huge vortex off the west coast of North America in the Pacific south of Alaska. I have never witnessed an Arctic Oscillation this size. It encompasses the entire East Pacific north of the equator. It is larger than Sandy.

For as cold as the air mass is over the USA, it may very well be diluted with more tropical air. In the hemisphere satellite loop the movement of the arctic air is more or less circular while the tropical air moves north. I'll try to be more specific.

There is a vortex forming over Hudson Bay, Canada. It is also the leading edge of the front moving through the USA. It is pulling warm air off the equator. That air movement is carrying warm water vapor north with the formation of the vortex over Hudson Bay. At the same time the arctic air moving down from the north is becoming homogenized with the warmer air coming up from the equator. NOT that is is going to become as warm at the east coast air is now, but, to it will become somewhat warmer due to this forming vortex in Canada.

The point is if the arctic air mass warms it will 'permit' velocity to be maintained by Sandy. This is a forming vortex over Hudson Bay. It is pulling warm air north. The Hudson Bay vortex will mix with the cold air mass over the USA. There is a chance this will cause warming of that arctic air mass and will provide 'opportunity' for Sandy to continue a velocity. The movement of water vapor off the equator will also provide acce


Okay, where did I leave off?

The movement of water vapor off the equator will also provide accelerant to Sandy. 

Basically, the situation with the storm is not at all static according to the dynamics existing as of right now. 

1. The reality is the arctic air mass, in my opinion, will warm a bit depending on the degree of heat carried north by the Hudson Bay vortex.

2. The Hudson Bay vortex will provide additional WARM water vapor to the arctic air mass and Sandy stabilizing the velocity of Sandy while potentially adding more. 

3. Sandy will be soaker.

4. People need to take the storm seriously.

5. Vigilance to concentrate on the movement of heat. Colder air will get warmer. Warmer air will not necessarily become colder. Why? And this is getting off track, but, there is no residual frigid ice formations in the Arctic that can add to the coldness in a real way. 

I'll show you want I mean.

This is more than an abstract design.

Earth and its physics can be so beautiful, but, if you listen to the language of the planet, Earth also talks.

No, I am not crazy. Believe me there are times people want to have me committed, but, the petroleum industry is never correct and the shrinks always let me go. 

I am just joking. Let's put it this way, for as often as others have said I am crazy, they have never proven it.

Okay, the language of Earth. Ready?

...Along Greenland’s east coast, (click here) the Fram Strait serves as an expressway for sea ice moving out of the Arctic Ocean. The movement of ice through the strait used to be offset by the growth of ice in the Beaufort Gyre. Until the late 1990s, ice would persist in the gyre for years, growing thicker and more resistant to melt. Since the start of the twenty-first century, however, ice has been less likely to survive its trip through the southern part of the Beaufort Gyre. As a result, less Arctic sea ice has been able to pile up and form multi-year ice....

Why would the ice entering the Beaufort Gyre not form multi-year thickness?

This is an easy one.

You know this answer.

Freezing is 0 degrees centigrade. If the water the ice is floating in is a minuscule amount of temperature over 0 degrees centigrade will the ice continue to build in volume or decrease in volume. Because the ice becomes multi-year when it increases in volume. So, what is occurring with the Beaufort Gyre is MELTING. The LACK of multi-year ice formation is actually a melting of the 'ice swirls' and not 'formation' of an ice 'build up.' 

See. You knew it all along.


If the ice at the Beaufort Gyre is melting, what makes any sane climatologist think there will be energy to continue to change the temperature in the arctic air mass opposing Sandy to lower temperatures to counter the build up of heat in the water vapor to effect Sandy's velocity? 

If there is no coldness enough to form multi-year ice there sure as heck isn't any to impact a hurricane full of heat energy.

So, the velocity of Sandy depends completely on the exchange of heat from the equator affiliated with the Hudson Bay vortex and the heat of the ocean with the availability of water vapor. The availability of water vapor is excellent as we know 'near shore' storms always have sufficient water vapor in the troposphere because of the DROPLETS of water vapor created by water crashing against the shore.

Therefore, the potential for Sandy is as limited as the TEMPERATURE homogenous of the arctic air mass with the equatorial air mass rising with the Hudson Bay vortex.

Got that? 


At what stage is cancer diagnosed in a hospital emergency room?

Everyone knows it is more expensive in many ways to have non-emergency patients receive care in the ER. There are other dynamics at play. Below is an article from 2010 stating how the ER visits of non-emergency patients have gone up. 

That isn't the point. The point is when patients go to the ER for SYMPTOMATIC aches and pains, they are receiving care too late. There are many people that are diagnosed for the first time with cancer in the ER. Why? Because they haven't received regular check-ups, annual preventive tests and they postpone care for financial reasons.

I know for a fact this happens. I have witnessed patients facing 'end stage' cancer with their only diagnosis coming in the emergency room when they really weren't feeling good. 

Any idea what that does to a patient? To a family? The patient is already scared about the cost to begin with once he/she is admitted, but, to realize that as a family member he/she won't be contributing to the well being of the family, won't see the kids next Christmas morning, won't be there for graduation, weddings, etc. These are usually very hard working people. They work for the support of their families and all of a sudden life changes in an instant for everyone.

There is no treatment for a family facing devastation when their loved one is suddenly removed from their lives. It doesn't matter whether it is a man or woman they are the bread winners in the family. 


The greed of Wall Street kills more than the uninsured every year. They kill people without insurance or lousy insurance with high deductibles unable to take care of themselves and their families. Either we believe our country is above sentencing people to death for the lack of SUFFICIENT health care or we don't. Either we hold our morality in esteem of human life or we don't.

Sure. ER visits are expensive. But. What is more expensive is supporting families when they lose their bread winner and have to rely on social programs their Congress likes to cut to the bone.

August 18, 2010

...According to a recent study by Press Ganey, (click here) the average length of stay in an American emergency room (ER) increased last year to more than four hours. Multiply that by the 123 million who use the ER each year, and it adds up to nearly 5 million hours spent waiting for care.

A big reason for the wait – up to 70 percent of ER visits are not for actual emergencies1.

Paul Karazija, M.D., Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield chief medical officer, notes that using the ER for non-emergencies impacts the entire health care system. Patients waste time waiting in crowded hospitals, and money in the form of higher copays and deductibles Insurers pay larger bills, which impacts future insurance premiums.  And inappropriate use places a burden on already stretched doctors and hospitals, and may result in delays for patients who truly need emergency care.

The first step in seeking care in the appropriate setting is to understand the care continuum, which begins with a phone call to your health care provider, and ends with the hospital ER...

Thank you, Egypt and Tunisia

Karim el-Azizi was one of the first identified in the attacks against our consulate. If Saudi Arabia can deal with them there is no reason why other sovereign nations cannot. No country in the region wants to be viewed as a terrorist haven. 
CBS/AP/ October 25, 2012, 2:52 PM
Egyptian security official (click here) says a man killed in a security ambush in a Cairo suburb is a Libyan national suspected of links to the deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi.
The official says authorities identified the suspect on Thursday as 35-year-old Karim el-Azizi. The official says a large number of explosives were found in his apartment including 15 rocket-propelled grenades and 195 hand grenades.
The official says that when security forces cordoned off the area late Wednesday, the suspect detonated a bomb and was found dead in the apartment.
The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press.
El-Azizi is the first suspect Egypt has linked to the Benghazi attack.
In Tunisia, suspect Ali Harzi was repatriated on Oct. 11 by authorities in Turkey, and a judge issued his arrest warrant, lawyer Ali Anwar told The Associated Press. He said his client was told by a judge Tuesday that he has been charged with "membership of a terrorist organization in a time of peace in another country."...

Unfortunately, all journalism is not responsible. There is coverage seeking to exploit the deaths of American citizens, including our Ambassador, for political fodder.

FOX should not do this. Evidently, they have recruited Mr. Woods, the father of one of the NAVY seals to become part of the exploitation. Mr. Woods has ar right to speak on his son's behalf, but, he wasn't there. And this is where I get annoyed. The hard truth of this reality is that if Tyron Woods had followed orders he might be alive today. Another reason involving a valiant Navy Seal in politics is ill considered. It may be that the CIA at the annex as surprised in regard to the attack because their own knowledge of the region was insufficient. 

...Former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods (click here) was part of a small team who was at the CIA annex about a mile from the U.S. consulate where Ambassador Chris Stevens and his team came under attack. When he and others heard the shots fired, they informed their higher-ups at the annex to tell them what they were hearing and requested permission to go to the consulate and help out. They were told to "stand down," according to sources familiar with the exchange. Soon after, they were again told to "stand down."...

The families have enough pain with the loss of these men, there doesn't need to be anymore exploitation of their love for their families. FOX does this all the time and it is in the poorest of judgement.

When the State Department finishes its investigation it will unfortunate if the details don't reach the families first before the public has a chance to react. 

Murdoch's news circus continues to prove how completely they lack ethics and morality.

One of the commentators suggested he could have and would have averted any deaths by ordering jets from Italy to attack. 


What were they suppose to do, send in paratroopers in the dead of night without any intelligence to what was occurring. Maybe the jets could have run straifing runs to kill everyone in the area.

The idea families are at the mercy of these marketing experts is outrageous.

Sometimes these incidence don't have rhyme or reason. Sometimes they are just as horrible as the reality that comes out of them an the best the government can do is keep more people from being killed which might be why the CIA was told to stand down if indeed they were. 

Regardless, these men are heroes and nothing will diminish that, not even FOX News. They acted to save lives and protect American interests. 

I look forward to the completion of the State Department investigation. At least we know this was not an attack from the new Libyan government.

Texas politicians seek to end First Amendment Rights.

Observing anything is legal. Perhaps the only exception is minors peaking into a gentlemen's club.

Observing elections and REPORTING on them is a First Amendment Right. It is nothing short of journalism or the professional equivalent for publication in professional journals, anthropology.

State Dept: Texas can’t arrest international election observers (click here)

October 26, 2012 | 3:57 pm

...“I’m not going to get into any kind of hypothetical situations or predict where this is going to go other than to say we have every expectation that this will be worked out and to state the fact, which is that under U.S. law they are eligible for immunities,” said State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland. Reporters tried to get her to state explicitly that Texas could not arrest election observers from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), but Nuland would only reiterate that OSCE observers have full immunity....

The reason foreign dignitaries are granted immunity is exampled in the ranting and threats of politicians in Texas. They are not inherent to our First Amendments, except, through treaties within the government. So, they are granted diplomatic immunity for occasions such as this. 

I just don't understand why Texans are so upset. What could they possibly observe? Maybe it is just more of that "Tough Talking Texas Rhetoric" they like in their politics.

Honestly. It is easy to see how the USA ended up in an unnecessary and illegal war. There is no sincere and meaningful communication taught in Texas. The bad habit must have come from acquired deafness of workers on the oil rigs.

"Romnesia" + Etch-A-Sketch = Play Politics with the future of USA citizen's lives. The arithmetic adds up.

The Romney defense about lying under oath is that it is a decades old divorce?


It is a character issue. I have stated that from the beginning about Romney. He is not trustworthy.

Mitt Romney LIED under oath (click here) when he testified in the divorce of his good friend and screwed the friend's wife out of a lot of money in the process ... so claims the ex-wife of Staples' founder Tom Stemberg.

Multiple sources connected with the divorce tell TMZ ... during Tom's uber nasty divorce case with ex-wife Maureen, Mitt Romney gave a deposition and testified during the trial that Staples was worth virtually nothing. Romney testified that the company was worth very little and Tom was a dreamer and "the dream continues."

Romney characterized the Staples stock as "overvalued," adding, "I didn't place a great deal of credibility in the forecast of the company's future."...

Staples. A Romney bragging point in this election was over valued? This from a Vulture Capitalist putting Americans out of work? 

Staples was testified to as over valued? And the best the attorney for the Romney campaign can say is, IT IS OLD NEWS?

It might be old news, but, it shows a consistent problem with Romney's character. He is ruthless while placing himself on a separate plain than everyone else.

Romney makes his own rules. This is another example of it.

He is not trustworthy. He is not predictable and where that will show up the most is in international relationships. He can't be trusted with the USA, its power and prestige.

The Romney attorney seems to think the Republican candidate has REFORMED since 'the good ole days.' Incredible nerve.

The GOP is nothing but demoralizing to the nation and this is just another issue. The GOP is seeking to destroy the ethical content of the country to win elections. Here we are with an amoral candidate running for office without respect for the people so much as the power.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this title from CBS News.

CBS NEWS/ October 26, 2012, 6:00 AM

Will white men sink Obama? (click here)

That is awesome. CBS News is not afraid of the racial dynamics of this race. It is about time, real words are used to describe a lop sided view of the world in the USA.

Not only is that an awesome title, but, it is even more incredible to realize how completely out of touch White Men are to the needs of the rest of the nation.

The observation is not intended to pat White Men on the back, but, to indict them. When will the nation be in touch with all the dynamics of living in this country? Never? Why should White Men be a constituency in opposition to Women, Black Men, Hispanics and all other minorities, including, children? It is very discouraging to realize a single racial constituency sequestered into an alternate reality from everyone else.

The Republicans and Romney campaigns have played to that discriminatory tilt. Birthers? It is a racist agenda.

I would not underestimate "Frankenstorm"

Add caption
October 26, 2012
UNISYS Infrared GOES East Satellite (click here for 12 hour loop)

The decrease in velocity right now is due to the huge front moving toward Hurricane Sandy. Even though this front is moving at a strong velocity, it is not diminishing the capacity of Sandy.

This path historically has resulted in very damaging and deadly storms. The reason for that is because the hurricane gets a lot of 'ocean time.' The water vapor content increases which increases the velocity of the storm.

Typically, the near shore storms of the Climate Crisis are very damaging to the coast lines but are basically fairly puny in wind velocity. The damage comes from the 'length of time' a single area is exposed to the winds.

Once the front moving toward Hurricane Sandy dissipates there will be nothing effecting the velocity of the hurricane, especially over the Atlantic. 

Additionally, the diameter of the storm will bring significant rainfall all along the east coast, when its traverse hooks west it will deliver rains into New York state, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Canada.

The city name of Sandy Hook has taken on an entirely new meaning when it comes to the path of this hurricane. It is really strange that landfall may very well occur at the same time its path heads West. 

It is not all that strange for the inland states to receive a hurricane. In 1961, Michigan received high winds and rain from Hurricane Carla. Carla did not originate in the Atlantic, but, hurricanes have been known to reach into the Mid-west.

It is not completely bad news. The drought will be helped potentially to the Mississippi River. The entire Ohio Valley will receive a relief and will increase the levels of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.

People along the path need to be prepared for flooding and duration winds causing damage.

Romney is promoting corruption. This is an example of demoralizing employees of their right to privacy.

Corruption is an easy word to use. In this case it manifests with intimidation. An employee is not suppose to be owned by the company. They are employees, they go home to families and they have the RIGHT to privacy when casting a vote for their leaders.

There is room here for a class action suit against Mr. Romney and his peer group in this phone call. They are invading the right to privacy of citizens to carry out their balloting without intimidation.

The language Romney uses is interesting. "I don't care who you are voting for, me or President Obama, but as an employer you have the right to inform your employees what is best for their jobs." 


Romney goes on to say, "It is not illegal to advise your employees."

It may or it may not be depending on the state or not. But, if receiving direction in choosing a ballot is in their job description it is highly likely the employers will be suffering lawsuits for intimidation. There is no way an employee has to be pressured to 'perform' in their personal lives according to company demands. The right of privacy of the employee starts at their home and extends into every aspect of their lives including employment. 

The ballot is suppose to be a private act. The way computer balloting is carried out in North Carolina there is an invasion of privacy at balloting. It is easy for someone standing behind you what you are doing. There is little to no privacy in balloting in NC. That fact can be pressure itself. It has been that way since the computer balloting started.

Noting North Carolina, FOX and Right Wing media is reporting a problem with balloting.

Posted on: 9:43 am, October 24, 2012, by Jason M. Vaughn
According to Greensboro, (click here) on Monday several voters complained that their electronic ballot machine cast the wrong vote.  All the complaints were made by people who voted at the Bur-Mil Park polling location....

According to radio reports the ballot computers are recording those cast wrong in both directions. Voters choosing President Obama end up on the Romney count and vise versa. They also report it is in calibrations at the beginning of the day. Simple as that. Supposedly if the computers are calibrated correctly at the beginning of the day, there is no problem.

Really? Right.

When I cast my very first ballot as a young woman I walked into a booth, pulled a lever from one side to the other and the curtain closed behind me. I then selected my choices and pulled the level in the opposite direction which not only opened the curtain, but, simultaneously registered the vote and reset the machine for the next voter. 

The point is casting a ballot is a private matter. One of self-contemplation. One of values, morals impacting the future. Seeking a leader who will carry out benevolence to improve the lives of those voting. 

Here again and I have made this point before about the professions, these words are demoralizing. It takes privacy away from the employee, imposes intimidation of their paycheck and places peril in the path to balloting rather than self-reflection, values, morals and privacy in deciding whether or not education is important more so than electing a Wealth Merchant.

Look, if a business man/woman has to use these tactics to stay in business or pay for their elaborate personal lives, then they should not be in business. Just that simple.

Romney is promoting corruption. In this case, he is removing privacy from the selection of balloting. It is a demoralizing act. It applies pressure to people to move in directions that may very well be adverse to their best interests. 

There are all sorts of things to decide about while deciding where to place your vote. There are Education, Tax Reform, Increasing Taxes to pay the National Debt, Gay Rights, contraception and end war. There are many, many issues at hand other than one's job. While jobs are important they are not the only consideration in deciding what candidate will protect the quality of life valued.

One hearing from these CEOs in LEVERAGING a personal choice with the threat of losing a job, remember President Obama is not interested in having people lose their jobs. Honestly, he isn't.