Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I don't know how many times I wished the weather jargon was simply thrown out to begin language applicable to the Climate Crisis.

I think Bloomberg got it the most correct of all the "It's El Nino" propaganda.

May 26, 2015
By Phoebe Sedgeman

All five NINO indexes, (click here) averaged over the past four weeks, exceeded plus 1 degree Celsius, the bureau said in its fortnightly update on Tuesday. That’s the first time this has occurred since the 1997-1998 El Nino, the bureau said.

It is not exclusively a NORMAL "El Nino" causing the devastating and record setting floods in Texas. 

The entire length of time I have observed and wrote about the Climate Crisis there was nothing NORMAL about it. The weather jargon has always given fuzzy and politically correct reasons to lie about the dynamics of the danger.

The outlook about the Climate Crisis has always been dim. The largest greenhouse gas polluter, namely the USA, was denying the dangers of this warming climate of Earth. The demands made in the late 1950s and entire of 1960s was dismissed as Tree Huggers. The politics never aligned with the TRUTH.  

The facts before those heralding the call of danger was obvious. The professional weather forecasters on the other hand never changed their jargon and in that simple lack of will carried out a profound denial.

Earth has physics to account for the miracle of life on a singular planet orbiting Sol. I am sure Earth is not so much the exception, but, the rule throughout our universe. Earth occurs in a habitable zone around Sol. I am sure NASA can point to many habitable zones in other planetary systems. 

The physics of the Climate Crisis is not terribly odd. The usual hurricanes occur and the usual tornadoes occur, but, these storms now exist under a far hotter dome of greenhouse gases. So, the warmer and warming Earth has the same phenomena, but, on steroids. 

So, when I hear professionals talk about weather related issues without changing the emphasis on the "One Degree Hotter" hurricane or "One Degree Hotter" tornado outbreak it doesn't surprise me. The story of the Climate Crisis was told by President Obama and without him it would still be in The Stone Age with etchings on a cave wall.

There is no more El Nino or El Nina. There is no more hurricane season or tornado season. There is annual numbers of high velocity storms, including hurricanes and tornadoes. The jargon of old is simply that. It is numbers of degree stronger the storms are now. It is the dual manifestation of 'sister/brother tornadoes.' It is the ever closing predicted Category Six hurricane that will appear in the larger Pacific Ocean in the next year or two. 

The heat is increasing. The air masses move by Coriolis. And Earth is slowing by just a smidgen every year because the Jet Stream no longer dominates the air circulation of Earth.

It is "The Climate Crisis." 

End of discussion.

The political right wants the "low information voter,' but, is not willing to completely throw away a potlical win because of it.

This appeared in The Huffington Post in April of 2014. The political right wing is simply playing with the topic, including Huckabee. They don't want to appear to have abandoned unreasonable. I don't know when they were going to get around to stating they accept Same Sex Marriage, perhaps as an October Surprise.

April 9, 2014
By Sarah Pullian Bailey

(RNS) World Vision (click here) found itself testing the evangelical boundaries in March when it announced it would recognize employees’ same-sex marriages. Within 48 hours, it reversed itself.
At its core, the reversal raised a stark question: Can you be an evangelical and support same-sex marriage?
Reverberations from the policy flip-flop continue to unfold. Last week, Jacquelline Fuller, director of corporate giving at Google, resigned from the international relief organization’s board. Faithful America, an online Christian community focused on social justice, had gathered 16,000 signatures calling for Fuller and John Park, another Google employee who sits on the World Vision board, to step down.
“Jacquelline Fuller did the right thing by resigning from the board of an organization whose values don’t align with Google’s commitment to inclusivity and equality,” Michael Sherrard, director of Faithful America, said in a statement. “Now it’s time for John Park to follow suit.”...

Right wingers are being proved to be highly discriminatory in regard to this issue.

May 27, 2015
By Caitlin Dewy

Chuck Johnson, (click here) the far-right mega-troll who doxed two New York Times reporters and argued that homosexuality caused the Amtrak derailment, may at last be off Twitter - this time for good.

On Sunday, Johnson was permanently suspended from the site after asking for funds to "take out" the civil rights activist DeRay McKesson, who's been active in Baltimore and Ferguson, Mo. Twitter has also suspended a series of Johnson's new accounts, including @citizentrolling and @freechucknow, prompting Johnson and his lawyers to threaten legal action and accuse the site of "censorship."...

The many stories of gun violence in the USA should be on record at the United Nations.

Some of the organizations formed after the deaths of African American men in the USA can also be profound testimony to important facts regarding the deaths of their sons and husbands. The racial divide in gun deaths can find different definitions, but, no less important.

Sabrina Fulton has hosted a group called "Circle of Mothers." (click here)

The violent deaths of citizens in the USA span all demographics, but, have some degree of cultural differences. The best way I can put this and it is not intended to insult or diminish any death; but, the death of the people of Sandy Hook including so many children is a different dynamic than the death of Trayvon Martin or those African Americans shot for no reason with police work.

There are also troubled neighborhoods causing deaths such as Hadiya Pendleton, a beautiful young African American woman in Chicago. 

February 9, 2013
By David Jackson

As first lady Michelle Obama (click here) and mourners paid their respects, a Chicago family buried a 15-year-old girl Saturday amid renewed calls for an end to gun violence.
Hadiya Pendleton, an honors student and band majorette in prep school, died after being shot while talking with friends on Jan. 29, little more than a week after visiting Washington to perform at an event for President Obama's second inauguration....

The variety of these deaths within the cultures they occurred all have a common denominator; guns. The cultures are not at fault, but, the easy access to guns definitely is the problem.

What has been completely astounding to me has been the shooting and deaths with US Representative Gabby Giffords. There were many people effected by this gunman. She was a member of the US House of Representatives. The impact of a government official, a judge and the staff members of those federal offices meant nearly nothing to the US House. There was a bill passed about flying drugs or something across the the USA southern border in honor and remembrance of this shooting incident. It was a bill that had no relevance to the deaths or shooting at this government function in Arizona.

The point is the political density of guns within the American electorate and elections over rides any call by government representatives to act to end such violence. It is unbelievably difficult to move any measure through the US House and Senate that would hinder gun violence in the USA and/or it's exportation albeit illegally. 

The US Second Amendment to the Constitution has nothing to do with it. There are decisions as written by Justice Scalia regarding the Second Amendment that would indicate laws controlling guns in the country and the role they play in society can be regulated. This is political. It is backed by large amounts of money.

The dysfunction of the this political paradigm the USA finds itself entrenched and is feeding itself. It is self-propagating. The money has been gathered by very few in the world and even fewer in the USA. The injustice of poverty is well known to the United Nations, but, in the case of the USA I have to state there was a bloodless coup that has occurred. The complete disregard of the near death of Rep. Giffords told me all I wanted to know about the tragedy of a power shift in the USA.

The United Nations cites the USA on human rights abuses, including the deaths by police officers of minority men.

May 11, 2015 
By Natasja Sheriff

The United States was slammed (click here) over its rights record Monday at the United Nations’ Human Rights Council, with member nations criticizing the country for police violence and racial discrimination, the Guantánamo Bay Detention Facility and the continued use of the death penalty. 

The issue of racism and police brutality dominated the discussion on Monday during the country’s second universal periodic review (UPR). Country after country recommended that the U.S. strengthen legislation and expand training to eliminate racism and excessive use of force by law enforcement.

"I'm not surprised that the world's eyes are focused on police issues in the U.S.," said Alba Morales, who investigates the U.S. criminal justice system at Human Rights Watch.

"There is an international spotlight that's been shone [on the issues], in large part due to the events in Ferguson and the disproportionate police response to even peaceful protesters," she said....

Part of the human rights abuses cited by the United Nations revolves around Congressional dysfunction. That is extremely true about the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility.

The media has been citing an uptick in violence in it's cities. What is surprising about that? I doubt it has to do with warmer temperatures, unless one is referring to the heated anger of USA city's populations.  

I am grateful to the United Nations in recognizing a long standing problem that continues today. 

The problem within the police force is that they have written into their actions the long overused defense "My life was under threat." Their lawyers and/or advisers, including union advisers, simply pull the best EXCUSE out of a bag of tricks and it is honored by laws in the USA. Such legal calisthenics is a manipulation of the laws of the USA. It is supported by a willingness of city governments to respect the idea 'the truth is lost' if an officer decides it doesn't work in his or her favor. 

It is common to hear the excuse making by city officials. One of the most dramatic examples recently of that is Tulsa, Oklahoma (click here). At first the death of Eric Courtney Harris was being stated as routine in the work of the police of that city. When the video was released and it was obvious Mr. Harris died an unnecessary death, the City of Tulsa did a complete pivot about the legitimacy of Mr. Harris's death. Tulsa also exhibited a willingness to put poorly trained individuals with fraudulent or outdated records on the street with the right to use a gun against citizens. 

The issues the USA faces today is heightened gun violence by the extremely high number of guns in the USA. The gun industry is causing more than violence in the USA, it is also exporting munitions to places such as Mexico. So, while the problems of violence does belong to the USA it also has exported that violence. In the case of Mexico, there are drug cartels within an anarchy that challenges its' sovereignty.

It is incredible to realize the extent USA violence effects most countries with unrest today. And to realize the supply of guns into the markets in years past, it can be said the USA is more of a problem than most are willing to state. 

The dysfunction of the USA Congress is reflected in all these problems. The gun industry is as responsible for human rights abuses as the country itself. The Congressional members that find it politically convenient to state extremist positions regarding guns, both domestically and internationally, are more the problem in all human rights violations cited by the UN. 

The media is citing this past weekend as a very violent time in the USA. I doubt that will result in any significant gun laws and the deaths will continue both domestically and internationally. If the country involved was different than the USA a UN resolution would be on the lips of the UN Defense Council. But, given the USA is a permanent member any citation would be vetoed. It might be a good idea to propose an United Nation's Resolution anyway. It will be vetoed, but, it will be on the record. 

The anti-gun groups such as the ones created by victims like Sandy Hook and Former US Representative Gabby Giffords can use this decision by the United Nations to promote their policies.  

I am sure if the United Nations invited any of these victims and/or their families to speak at the United Nations, they would be honored to do so.

Rep. Watson Coleman is the only woman representing New Jersey in the US House.

She is a dynamo. She provided an extremely wonderful interview. New Jersey is lucky to have her. She's great.

Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) (click here) talked about her role as a new member of Congress. She’s the first African-American woman to serve in the New Jersey delegation. She spoke about her experiences so far as a member of Congress, and her efforts to make progress on issues such as gun control.

"Standing on the roof of a car and firing though the windshield is not a demonstration of 'fear for policeman's life."

A Cleveland police officer at a protest on Saturday after another officer was found not guilty on manslaughter charges. Credit Ricky Rhodes/Getty Images 
...At a time (click here) when the Obama administration has bemoaned the lack of data surrounding the use of force by police, Cleveland has agreed to document every time officers so much as unholster their guns. Police supervisors will investigate the uses of force in much the same way that officers investigate crimes.

“A fundamental goal of the revised use of force policy will be to account for, review, and investigate every reportable use of force,” the agreement says.

The rules prohibit officers from using force against people simply for talking back or as punishment for running away. Pistol whipping is prohibited, as is firing warning shots, the agreement says. The city has agreed to allow an independent monitor to track its progress. If the city does not put into effect the changes called for in the settlement, a federal judge has the authority to demand them....

US Senator Bernie Sanders announces his run for President of the United States of America.

US Senator Bernie Sanders has the message that so many Americans feel as well as believe. He's right; now is the time to reclaim our country. We have to come together.

"We are going to build a movement of Americans to stand up and fight back."

"This campaign is about the needs of the American people." 


Income and wealth inequity. "It is the greatest issue of our time." 

Childhood poverty. 

The Middle Class is disappearing. It is disappearing in record productivity.  

Real unemployment is closer to 11 percent and youth unemployment is higher with young African Americans' unemployment off the charts. 

Citizens United corrupted the politics of the USA. As an example: The Koch Brothers plan to send more than the Republican or Democratic Party in 2016 to buy the rights to the US Congress.

The Climate Crisis. It is real and causing devastating problems in the USA and globally. The USA must lead in regard to the Climate Crisis to stem the global effects of an Earth physics that effect us all. 

In 2014 the majority of Americans and 80 percent of the young generation did not vote. This is due to the alienation of the governance in the USA that victimizes the majority of citizens.

A Progressive Agenda with a vision for Americans. 
   - Jobs, jobs, jobs
   - Create meaningful jobs by creating deteriorating infrastructure
   - 13 million good paying jobs with Senator Sander's proposal

Oppose Trade Policies to protect the American jobs already within the sovereign borders of the USA. 

Raise the federal Minimum Wage to bring Americans out of poverty. It begins with an increase to $15.00 per hour. A forty hour work week has to bring about a living income.

Pay Equity for Women. 

Bring back the multiplier of "Time and a Half" for any overtime worked.

His campaign is a message to billionaires that "They can't have it all."  "Your greed has got to end." The billionaire class cannot take advantage of America to simply victimize it's citizens. 

If Banks are too big to fail, then they are to big to exist.

A constitutional amendment to end Citizens United Supreme Court decision which undermines American democracy. Public funding of elections is to be pursued.

Complete Energy Restructuring to bring on more alternative sources.

Strengthening the rights of Senior Citizens to be sure they face hunger or poverty. Protect SSI and increase it. 

The Fifth Circuit is calling on their own previous decision to impair the Executive Order regarding the Undocumented.

Texas v. United States, Civ. No. B-14-254, 2015 WL 648579 (S.D. Tex. Feb. 16, 2015) (click here)

President Obama needs to move this to a more neutral court for a decision based in any constitutional context. The President is caught in a rut. 

It seems very obvious to me the Fifth Circuit is attempting to reroute the US Constitution. The citations in this decision would choke a horse. 

Is the Fifth Circuit citing paragraphs that would challenge best editor?

The Fifth Circuit is an activist court. That is known. They are the problem in so many of the BP claims it calls to mind malpractice of the court. 

What does the memo from Former Janet Napolitano have to do with disregarding an Executive Order? (click here) 

This memo was written in June 2012. This statement by the Former Secretary clearly outlines exemptions from prosecution and calls these young people as "Low Priority" leading to prosecution. Why do these young people have to live in fear of the only government they have ever known including their familes, whom they love very much.

"...additional measures are necessary to ensure that our enforcement resources are not expended on these low priority cases but are instead appropriately focused on people whom  meet our enforcement priorities...." 

This entire memo speaks very clearly to the fact THE CONSTITUTIONAL USA is very interested in protecting those that live a life in respect to the law, lives a productive life and is not at all a risk to the USA's security. 

This decision is out full of problems, including, disregarding the actual context of the memo which protects this CLASS of people within the sovereign borders of the USA. Of course this court was going to rule this way, they got it wrong the first time, why not now?

This single citation disqualifies the decision. This memo does not call for prosecution, it calls for discretion of prosecution. There is nothing within this memo that supports the court's decision.

We know for a fact Deferred Action is constitutional. These decisions by the Fifth Circuit have to be removed. 

This court is a disaster. There is no critical thinking and what is sides with unconstitutional content.

The court in this case states:  

 ... the DACA Memo purported to“confer no substantive right, immigration status or pathway to citizenship.” Of the at least 1.2 million persons who qualify for DACA, approximately 636,000 have been accepted through 2014.

Does the Fifth Circuit believe everyone in the USA are morons? Seriously. The Secretary of Homeland Security cannot confer citizenship by a memo.

President Obama needs to take the 'buloney' by the horns and get this over with. The Fifth Circuit is basking in it's own glory and without constitutional content. 

The new AG needs to get on with this mess and get the decision out of the Fifth Circuit. 

This decision assumes the people falling under both Executive Orders are not eligible for citizenship. That's nonsense. The Fifth Circuit built a political dreamscape that isn't anchored in law or precedent. 

It is all nonsense. It is legal engineering and not sound principle of law and precedent. This decision has to be vacated. 

The fact of the matter is the CLASS OF PEOPLE within the sovereign borders of the USA would be eligible for citizenship other than being currently undocumented. The fact is any people of this CLASS has significant proof of their worthiness and participation in American society. They are not only living here but contributing to the overall prosperity of the private business sector. The arguments are many and too numerous to count that testify to the well being of the USA due to their presence and employment. 

The decision of the Fifth Circuit is wayward and that is being polite. The USA needs to submit THE BENEFITS this CLASS has brought and continues to bring to the country. There has to be a reason for deferred status and the reason is highly benevolent for this CLASS of people. It is harmful to the USA and it's future to expel any of these people. 

If at all possible, the US Attorney General should ask for complete discharge of this decision on an expedient basis. 

The fall in petroleum prices alone will dictate changing school funding to the general fund.

The Texas GLO may have been around for a long time, but, it's abusing power. The GLO can remain intact as a sub agency to the Texas Department of Commerce. But, the funding of schools should be under the Texas Board of Education. Yes, Texas has a Department of Education.

There is too much power in the Texas GLO. It should not exist in it's present form. There is huge conflict of interest. Candidates can obtain monies by RECOGNIZING the need for intervention at the GLO to cronies. It is just too powerful an agency. The monies paid by the oil and petroleum industry directly effect children. All that has to be housed under the Department of Education in Texas.

The monies collected by the GLO, which might have a basis for having the agency exist. Texas has a large petroleum component to it's economy. But, the monies should be deposited into the general fund at the Texas State Treasury.

I didn't realize why people were opposed to "Common Core" until I knew about the power within the Texas GLO.

I really didn't want this to be an attack on a Texas insitution, but, it is looking rather corrupt actually. This is just the truth. The Texas GLO should be disbanded.

October 28, 2014
By Neena Satija

"I sued them over price, (click here) I sued them over environmental issues, I sued them over royalty payments,” said Garry Mauro, a Democrat who was land commissioner from 1983 to 1999.
Patterson told State Impact Texas in 2012 that he (still yet another Bush) is negotiating with two oil companies that may have underpaid royalties by upwards of $100 million. The agency would not name the companies, and has been tight-lipped about such disputes. It named one lawsuit it is involved in regarding royalties but did not provide details. 

An oil and gas investment consultant, Bush raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from Texas-based energy magnates before even announcing what office he would seek. The contributions provided campaign fodder for his Democratic opponent, former El Paso Mayor John Cook, who pledged not to take money from companies doing business with the GLO. (In the latest campaign finance filings, Bush had more than $3 million in cash on hand, while Cook reported just over $3,000.)

The latest Texas Tribune/University of Texas poll has Bush leading Cook by 18 points....

If politicians are cutting cronies a break in exchange for campaign funds, there needs to be an investigation. The Texas GLO is obviously a place where leveraging of power can take place and evidently may be taking place. 

The only role a state education agency should have in curriculum decisions is adopting "guiding principles and standards." The state also distributes funding for schools as well.

The state can offer examples of those standards in pointing to certain books and curriculum, but, ultimately it should be given it's final nod by local authorities. 

I don't believe Common Core is a bad thing. It can be a change from current curriculum, but, it does provide a strong basis for learning the basics and understanding the basics. Memorization isn't necessarily the best way to learn and Common Core attempts to provide 'the understanding' behind the learning. 

If I lived in Texas and the state were taking over young minds with curriculum that didn't give parents a voice, that may very well be an underlying example of the fear of Common Core. 

Learning has to provide a direction for young people to be successful. Parents and local school boards should have a say in the QUALITY of that education. The primary funding for schools is property tax. That tax is justified. So, the parents should be making decisions along with educators and the state standards and guidelines. 

The best way for parents to have a voice about curriculum is for a "Working Group" to be assembled on the local level with some funding from the state or federal government. That is the best way to decide curriculum. Such a role of a parent should require an orientation to what exactly comprises curriculum and a state convention of parents could be a great place to do that.

That "Working Group" should be comprised of a representative number of School Board members and the Teachers Association. I think that would solve a lot of problems in the states right now. Children are important to their parents. Parents are a voice to be recognized and respected. Bring parents to a level of understanding through local organization which carries brevity to curriculum the school system is then a stable and respected part of a child's life.

I think local school boards, teachers and parents should be on common ground in the education of children. Parents have to believe in it, otherwise, why enforce "homework time."

Land use can be unconstitutional. Texas has this odd paradigm in it's government regarding Land use.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders should speak out about discrimination laws causing the Undocumented a great deal of worry.

One has to consider the profound severe weather and where exactly the Undocumented it suppose to claim shelter.

May 21, 2015
By Carl Takei, ACLU National Prison Project

The Dilley "South Texas (click here) Family Residential Center" tries to mask its nature with summer-camp-inspired euphemisms. When I visited Dilley last week along with other nonprofit representatives, we were told that the "residents" live in "neighborhoods" with names like "Yellow Frog" and "Red Parrot," which come with matching cartoon animal labels, and are watched over by "residential supervisors."

But Dilley is no summer camp.

Opened in December, it is a 50-acre secure detention facility estimated to cost $260 million per year and is owned and operated by the Corrections Corporation of America, the nation's biggest for-profit prison company. Dilley's purpose is to detain families who fled violence in Central America, came to the United States seeking protection, and are waiting for the courts to decide their claims for immigration relief.... 

The Mission Statement of the Texas General Land Office is very deceiving. It sounds as though priority is placed on serving the average citizens of Texas, but, the last few words is the sincere purpose of the agency.

Mission Statement (click here)
The Texas General Land Office serves the schoolchildren, veterans, and all people of Texas by preserving their history, protecting their environment, expanding economic opportunity, and maximizing state revenue through innovative administration and prudent stewardship of state lands and resources.

One of the reasons there is concern on the labeling of land as if in service to the public is the fact the Texas General Land Office also handles monies that fund schools in the state. Supposedly, the GLO (Texas General Land Office) uses income from the public lands in oil and gas revenues to support schools throughout the state.

The idea there is misuse of this label of public lands is a grave concern. And what happens to land in Texas if it doesn't fall into the category of industrial or child land use?

The Undocumented have children and the protections of these people fall into the category of child protection.  

Considering this agency is suppose to distribute monies in the state of Texas one has to realize the growth of charter schools in Texas.

The reason such concern for the number of charter school in Texas is because they are not diversified into percentages that reflect the states minority and impoverished families. For the most part African-American and Poor families are grossly under represented in the Texas charter school system. So, there are many questions regarding this agency. 

Waiting lists abound. This is somewhat dated material if one is looking to bring a reverent issue forward. Obviously, considering the place where the longest waiting lists exist are in large metropolitan cities where minorities are known to be in larger share of the populous.

December 9, 2015
by Brian Thevenot

...The waiting list total, (click here) for the 2008-09 school year, was amassed by the conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation, which published a similar study a year ago that put the prior-year number at nearly 17,000. The waiting lists grew even as the state added charter schools, boosting enrollment from nearly 114,000 to 128,000.

The demand was concentrated almost entirely in Houston, Dallas, the Rio Grande Valley and Austin and their surrounding regions, which include high-poverty areas — more likely to have both an entrenched charter school community and failing traditional public schools that parents might seek to escape. Only about 3,000 families signed up on waiting lists outside those areas....

So, while the State of Texas has this unique, one of a kind agency to render monies to school, there is obviously a concern for minorities, the Undocumented and the Poor. The monies may not be used equitably.

"Texas Education Agency" (click here) 

The concern of the parents in the concentration camp in Texas regarding asthma and other ailments may be valid considering they are primarily Hispanic.

There are many Fact Sheets at this website. This is on a PDF from this site (click here) under the title:

"2012 Child Fact Sheet for Texas and All Health Service Regions Combined (updated 2014)"

...Each morning at 5:30 a.m., guards wake the children up with shouting and lights. For a place with so many young children, there are no toilets or showers inside the housing units — only communal restrooms accessible through hallways exposed to the elements. On one occasion, a young girl was forced to pee her pants during a detainee count because a guard refused to let her leave to use the toilet. It is not surprising that many children start each day with tears....

There is simply no respect for the children and their status as children. The guards are terrifying them. It is a concentration camp. It is regimented, doesn't take of the needs of the people there and provides added danger to the health of young lungs.

...By rendering parents as helpless as their children, the camps both undermined family structures and created a constant undercurrent of anxiety. In the claustrophobia and lack of privacy of the barracks, nobody could escape from the arguments and tears of other families. Even after they left the camps, children struggled to recover from early experiences of living as child prisoners....

The children have been observed to suffer long term effects from this emotional abuse. 

The ACLU cites President Obama's change in the treatment of families of the Undocumented. 

...Between 2010 and June 2014, Immigration and Customs Enforcement generally did not detain families seeking asylum protection in the U.S. However, starting in the summer of 2014, ICE responded to increased numbers of Central American migrants by taking the position that Central American families should either be denied release or released only if they could post enormously high bonds....

That observation is not exactly accurate. There have been children from the Summer of 2014 released to relatives in the USA and also sent back to their country of origin whenever possible.

September 30, 2014

WASHINGTON — President Obama(click here) has approved a plan to allow several thousand young children from Central American countries to apply for refugee status in the United States, providing a legal path for some of them to join family members already living in America, White House officials said Tuesday.
The program is aimed at helping to discourage many children from making a long, dangerous trek across Mexico in an attempt to cross into the United States and join their parents. The idea was first presented to Mr. Obama at the height of the summer’s border crisis, when tens of thousands of young children from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras were pouring across the border from Mexico and presenting themselves to American border patrol agents as refugees fleeing from rape and gang violence....

This particular camp may be an anomaly the President is not aware of to the extent of the mishandling of the Undocumented and their children.

Since Jan. 1, (click here) more than 43,000 unaccompanied minors have been placed with sponsors, usually parents or relatives. They remain there while their cases are being processed. The majority of the children are in states where immigrants have traditionally settled, like Texas, New York, California and Florida. A large number have also been sent to Maryland, Virginia, Georgia and Louisiana....

I sincerely believe the ACLU needs to move forward with a strong case on behalf of the Undocumented in this camp and other camps if they exist, but, a concentration camp is not suppose to be the final destination for these people and children.

Ten percent of the American population is under threat of severe weather today.

May 26, 2015 
By Alexander Smith, Shamar Walters and Henry Austin
Flash-flood watches and warnings (click here) were issued across seven states early Tuesday as an unprecedented downpour of torrential rain triggered "extremely dangerous and potentially life-threatening" conditions in Houston. 

More than 30 million Americans were told to brace for dangerous thunderstorms — including flooding, hail and possible tornadoes — as meteorologists warned the weather that has centered on Texas and Oklahoma since Saturday could expand to other areas. 

In Houston, more than 80,000 people were without power and the flood waters closed roads including Interstate 10 and Interstate 45. Houston was among 24 counties where Texas Gov. Greg Abbott declared a state of disaster on Monday.... 

And what does the biggest clown in the anti-climate conspiracy circus have to say? He obviously doesn't value human life, only political money. Inhofe didn't value the lives of the Oklahoma bombing until it fit his politics.

April 27, 2015
Republican Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe’s (click here) tenuous grip on reality is no secret. When the Alfred E. Murrah building in his state’s largest city was bombed at 9:02 in the morning on April 19, 1995, Inhofe said on national television that there wouldn’t be many casualties because most government workers would be out drinking coffee at that time. He’s also said that President Obama is supporting enemies of the United States.

But much of his criticism is directed at those who say that climate change is real and is a danger to our planet. Inhofe is now the chairman of the Senate’s Environment Committee. He celebrated the first day of his second shot at this position by speaking for 13 minutes claiming that human-caused climate change is a fake concept. He’s even written a book entitled The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future....

400 homes were lost. That has to be a record. The dam broke due to the flooding. One life was lost.

All these storms are breaking records. 

From the Houston Chronicle. The paper states home delivery will experience problems. The Houston Chronicle is still publishing. That is called dedication and sincere concern for the community they serve. 

May 26, 2015
By Eric Berger
What a night. (click here)
There was wind. Gusts of 50, 70 and even 100 mph were reported around the Houston metro area.
There was hail. Sizes as large as three-quarters of an inch fell in Houston, particularly in the Sugar Land and Bellaire areas.
But mostly, there was rain. Especially in southwest Houston, where a large swath from the Sugar Land area to the Katy Freeway and Beltway 8 area received 7 to 10 inches of rain in just a few hours....

Australia believes a mother of two have abandoned her children to join Daesh.

How stupid is this charismatic movement going to get? What are those children going to think as they grow up? 

Mahmoud Abdullatif left Melbourne late last year for Syria but now is believed to be dead.

May 26, 2015

Counter-terrorism police (click here) have launched an investigation into a Sydney mother-of-two who has reportedly flown to the Middle East to join Islamic State.

It is feared Jasmina Milovanov, 26, left her home in Sydney's west earlier this month to fly to Syria, leaving behind her two young children, aged seven and five....

Prime Minister Abbot is correct, this is a Homeland Security problem from hell. Perhaps The West needs to build a way for their mosque Clerics and Imams to report concerns of their congregation. I would think parents, friends and spiritual leaders should be able to determine when their young people are being radicalized. 

A clearinghouse for that information may be helpful. Such an effort could become overwhelmed very quickly on a national level, but, the information can be supplied to local sheriff or investigator offices. Basically, something that could assess a local dynamic reportable to the FBI if the local authority needs greater clarification. Such an effort may have stopped the Boston bombings.

...On Monday, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said 100 Australians were engaged in fighting in the Middle East with various extreme terrorist organisations, and that another 150 Australians in this country were known to be actively supporting them. That has ASIO investigating about 400 cases files, he said.

He warned Australians that home-grown terrorism was "getting worse not better" and now represents "a serious threat to our safety as a people and as a nation".

Attorney-General George Brandis branded Islamist terrorism in particular "the greatest national security challenge we are likely to face in our lifetimes".

The trial is closed ot the public. The USA State Department needs to be in the court room to observe the proceedings.

May 26, 2015

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) " An Iranian security court (click here) on Tuesday held the first hearing in the closed trial of an American-Iranian reporter for The Washington Post who has been detained for more than 10 months, the official IRNA news agency reported.
It said Jason Rezaian is being tried in a Revolutionary Court on allegations of "espionage for the hostile government of the United States" and propaganda against the Islamic republic, charges that could send him to jail for up to six years.
The report did not provide further details, but initial hearings in Iran usually see the prosecutor spell out charges.
Rezaian, his wife Yeganeh Salehi and two photojournalists were detained on July 22 in Tehran. All were later released except Rezaian, who was born and spent most of his life in the United States, and who holds both American and Iranian citizenship. Iran does not recognize other nationalities of its citizens.
U.S. officials have repeatedly pressed Iran to release Rezaian and other jailed Americans, including during talks on the sidelines of negotiations over Tehran's nuclear program. Iran and world powers hope to reach a comprehensive agreement on the program by the end of June....

According to The Washington Post an editor cannot even receive a visa attend the trial.

May 25, 2015
...Martin Baron, (click here) executive editor of The Post, said in a statement released Monday that both Rezaian’s mother and his wife, a journalist who also faces related charges and will be tried separately, have been barred from attending. The Post tried to obtain a visa for an editor to be in Iran during Rezaian’s trial, but its inquiries were not answered, Baron said....
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The latest conspiracy theory FOX hopes will stick to the wall is that Hillary Clinton's campaign seeks to take over all women's magazine to insure the election.

Well, heck, then let's get started. How many women's magazines are there? 

From here the real challenge to Americans this political season is to be on the watch for all magazines and their pages that contain the Former Secretary's paragraph. Scapbookers will have a field day COLLECTING a complete set. The value of a complete set could go through the roof at Southeby's.