Monday, July 02, 2012

Congratulations to Mother Jones. This information must be a relief to the Anti-Abortion / ProLife Right Wing

The Anti-Abortionists / ProLifers and their legislators in the House and Senate are fanatical about separating federal monies from any form of abortion funding. This information should give them great solice to know about Romney's abortionist company, "SteriCycle." 

I can't imagine the concern for their souls in devotion to the unborn they would feel if indeed this information was not afforded them before Election Day.

Can you imagine? An Anti-Abortionist / ProLifer pulling the level for a man that had earned bloody money in his work.

My, my; what a quandary if they learned about this after the vote. It would be catastrophic.

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The banks are out of control.

The picture above shows the fall of Barclays stocks on June 29, 2012. The loss was about 3 billion pounds, which is about $4.7 billion US. Not quite the losses of JP Morgan, but, the final word probably is not in on this either.

Below is Barclays stock price over the past three months.

The banks may believe they are in familiar territory, but, they've never had the volume of liquid assets before which they have today. Their cash holdings are significant since the bailout and the quantitative easing, etc. The banks are run by people and people are not computers, they cannot control the outcome of the computers dominating the financial sector. We saw this dramatically with JP Morgan.

Barclay's decided it was above the law since they had so much money their excess takings would never be found. Evidently, absolute power corrupts absolutely. The bankers are unable to control their own infrastructure and impulses. Evidently, the world needs them more than they need us.

"You'll pay for this," David Cameron tells Barclay's bosses. (click here

Friday, June 29, 2012

Britain's biggest banks are facing the prospect of criminal investigations, enormous fines and civil lawsuits from customers over the developing scandal of rigging interest rates.

The Prime Minister urged banking regulators to use "all the powers at their disposal" to pursue Barclays after it was fined £290m for manipulating bank lending rates. "This is a scandal. It is extremely serious. They've had a very large fine and quite rightly. But frankly the Barclays management team have some big questions to answer," David Cameron said. "How did this happen? Who was responsible? Who's going to be held accountable for it?"...

The chart below is from 2009 (click title to entry - thank you). It shows the assets of the world's 50 biggest banks. The pale sky blue color is the United Kingdom and Barclays is among the largest.

Barclays was fixing interest rates. There is a system in the UK whereby a daily interest rate is set. The system is called London Interbank Offered Rate also known as "Libor." It is a system where the major banks determine the interest rate of the day. Barclays was cheating and taking money from customers. The banks are going to be investigated now. This is different from Morgan's Folly. It is actually against the law in the UK. 

I sincerely believe the banks are too big to manage. Morgan was floundering for a month before advisers found the problem. If a bank does not have the 'in house talent' to understand what is occurring, how can they say they are a secure commodity in the market place? The banks think they know what they know, but, the fact over and over is proving they are unwieldy. While Morgan is too big to fail by its sheer size, it is too big to manage. 

The question arises; if a bank has enormous assets should it be allowed to freewheel the market places of the world knowing it can sustain a blow in the billions US? I don't abide by the idea Romney stated as justifiable, "The money went somewhere." I do believe that attitude demonstrates clearly the ego of those whom believe they are in control of the assets of their companies.

There are problems. 

The USA Republicans would call it liberty. Liberty isn't about playing with fire. While US Republicans would see the JP Morgan Folly as none of the government's business; Morgan or Barclays don't print their own money yet. The activities and monetary policy and value is the business of the government. Absolutely. When Morgan and Barclay have their own sovereign nations, they can do as they please.

The New Republican Poll Tax.

I could not believe this when I read it. The author isolated the word "poll" and decided The Affordable Care Act applies to this meaning.

...The word “poll” (click title to entry - thank you) in this context means “head"; a poll tax is also known as a “tax per head” or “capitation tax,” that is, a tax in which every person pays the same amount. That makes it a regressive tax; poor people pay a higher fraction of their wealth than rich people do. Poll taxes have been unpopular since ancient times....

My understanding of a Poll Tax is a dollar amount applied to each adult in the same amount before they vote. Extrapolating that meaning is disrespecting the freedom and liberty involved in with the right to vote. One person, one vote.

The 24th Amendment ended the Poll Tax in the USA.

Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President, for electors for President or Vice President, or for Senator or Representative in Congress, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State by reason of failure to pay any poll tax or other tax.
Section 2. The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

If the Affordable Care Act were a poll tax, it would be unconstitutional. It is not unconstitutional, so I fully expect that reality to end this silly debate.

Honestly. It didn't work last time, why would it work this time?

Look at that guy. Does he look like an untrustworthy, underhanded, sneaky hoodwinker? 

Shame on Willard Mitt Kardashia

My Irish Grandmother once told me, "You can always tell a gentlemen by the friends he keeps? Associations matter. Romney played the Wall Street Game and made lots and lots of money. Businesses were shuttered, jobs were outsourced, what else is there to know? It is a character issue. It is a value issue and when the two candidates are lined up side by side there is no doubt who carries the best interest of the American people in his value system.

Do I have to list the accomplishments of President Obama since taking office? They are considerable and he is well respected internationally, too. That matters. Recently, a newly re-elected Russian President Vladimir Putin trusted President Obama enough to turn a ship of attack helicopters around from arriving in Syria. That didn't happen by chance. President Putin trusts President Obama. 

June 22, 2012 
7:44 AM
Report: Romney Talks Tough on China, but, Bain was key player in outsourcing trend (click title to entry - thank you.

UPDATED 3:45 p.m. ET
(CBS News) While Mitt Romney campaigns on "getting tough" with China, the firm he founded nearly 30 years ago, Bain Capital, was a key player in the acceleration of the outsourcing trend that has shifted millions of American jobs overseas, the Washington Post reported Friday, citing its analysis of the financial company's securities filings with the government.
"While Bain was not the largest player in the outsourcing field, the private equity firm was involved early on, at a time when the departure of jobs from the United States was beginning to accelerate and new companies were emerging as handmaidens to this outflow of employment," the newspaper wrote....

Romney FOUNDED Bain Capital. He laid the framework for its business model and policies. He was CEO. There really isn't anything else to say.

Romney makes me laugh out loud when he says, "President Obama showed no leadership." There is an interpretation to that statement. In reality it means, "President Obama didn't cower to every Republican demand to show leadership."