Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Rapture has arrived. - Click title to entry - thank you.

Smoke rises from the Grimsvotn volcano, Saturday, May 21, 2011 in Reykjavik, Iceland. Iceland's most active volcano has started erupting, scientists said Saturday - just over a year after another eruption on the North Atlantic island shut down European air traffic for days.  (Xinhua/AFP Photo)

Floods engulf the center of the USA, there is a 3.6 earthquake in the Bay Area of California and Ah-nold is expecting again.
What more do you want?

A contiguous Palestine is necessary for sovereignty, but, one that divides Israel is not possible.

Gaza needs to be reabsorbed into Israel and land extended on the West Bank to accommodate EXISTING Palestinian villages.

The 'newness' of the 'idea' seems radical to many and a conspiracy against Isreal is propagandized.  (click here)

In defense of the potential for a contiguous Palestine, it would remove Israel as its guardian and place defined borders into place that the international community would have to accept and honor.  It would remove the 'impetus' by Palestine to attack Israel in an ideology that has kept them in chaos for decades. 

I do not advocate the 1967 borders simply because Palestine does not provide for prudent population growth that is sustainable and stablizing to a very poor economy.  There has been to much 'water under the bridge' RATHER THAN peace to allow for a return to 'that land mass.' 

...From the Israeli perspective, (click title to entry - thank you) at least, the Gaza problem was supposed to have been solved in August, 2005, when Ariel Sharon, then the Prime Minister, closed down the Jewish settlements on the Strip and withdrew Israeli forces. The international community and the Israeli left wing applauded the move. But, almost immediately, mortar and rocket attacks from the Strip multiplied. Five months later, Hamas won its parliament victory. Ari Shavit, a prominent columnist for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, told me recently in Jerusalem, “We dismantled the settlements, and then we sat back and said, ‘Let’s have a new beginning.’ What we got was rockets and Gilad Shalit. People became very angry, and Shalit becomes an icon of that frustration.”...

There are enormous problems in both Israel and Palestine.  The chronic upheaval of authoity is proof of the lack of values extremists such as Hamas exhibits toward their people.  They refuse to recognize any measure as a valuable token of peace and good will.  When Israel vacated Gaza it was believed that would define a final chapter in the conflict between these two people, but, Hamas has no values that include humanity or peace, they seek only power and killing as if that is all that matters anymore.

Leaving Gaza was a heroic gesture by Israel.  I can't believe they regret it today.  Israel wants peace, it recognizes the need for a Palestinian Homeland, however, none of its efforts to improve the circumstances of the Palestinians, either in the land they seek or a quality of life that is considered important by most nations satisfies their violent tendancies.  There is only one reasonable conclusion and that is the extremists conducting the violence want to end the sovereign nation of Israel.  There is too much evidence that points to that conclusion.

A sovereign contiguous Palestine would end the 'idea' of destroying a land called Israel.  I do not see that Hamas has earned the right to live in Gaza, so much have PROVEN their lack of ability to understand and value civilization. 

Unfortunately, if Palestine is disgruntled regarding the 'size' of their contiguous nation, then they need to realize there is a price to be paid for hatred and imprudent leadership.

Ouattara is recognized as winner in the elections by major global powers.

...Côte d'Ivoire's President Alassane Ouattara (click title to entry - thank you)  has asked the International Criminal Court (ICC) to open an investigation into the violence that swept the country following the disputed November election.

Ouattara sent a letter, dated 3 May, to ICC President Luis Moreno-Ocampo asking the court to investigate "the most serious crimes committed since 28 November 2010 throughout the Ivorian territory"....

Military disarmament should be a requirement in any transition government, incluidng Egypt.

Saleh needs to cooperate with power-sharing and stop saying "al Qaeda is coming."

09:24:10 PM GMT(+03) Friday, 20, May, 2011
Saleh, Opposition to Conclude Power-Sharing Deal Next Week

 Yemen Post Staff

The ruling and opposition parties confirmed on Friday (click title to entry - thank you) they will conclude the GCC power transition plan next week, though the government suggested that on Sunday and the opposition on Saturday.
On Wednesday, President Saleh refused to sign the deal after he suggested earlier that five from the General People's Congress, the governing party, and five from the Joint Meeting Parties, the opposition bloc, sign the deal.
He asked to change the five representatives from the opposition, triggering the anger of the GCC Secetary General, Abdul Latif Al-Zayani, who arrived in Yemen on a third visit this week to push the West-backed effort.
Al-Zayani blamed Saleh as being the only obstacle to signing and left the country without securing the deal that would see Saleh resign and end the month-long crisis....

If the power sharing authority will have issues with military conflict then disarm the military, institute Marshall Law and allow the police to remain in force during the transition.  I am confident the USA will be happy to receive any armaments that would cause problems to the global community.

It seems to me power-sharing is a viable solution to the entire region, actually. 

I sincerely believe the USA does not need to invoke the War Powers Act for a humanitarian effort by NATO. You'll never convince me of it.

A Libyan government vessel (click here) in the port of Al Khums is hit by British jets carrying out NATO airstrikes. (Reuters / May 21, 2011)

When the Christmas Tsunami occurred the USA sent in troops to assist with a humanitarian effort.  It was not in affiliation with NATO, but, simply under a plea by the United Nations, and the then leadership of Koffi Annan.  The reason the military was sent in was due to Tamil Tiger Rebels and the turbulence in the region.  Efforts such as these that are instituted to save lifes and support a return to economic viability aren't a matter of declaring war. 

The same holds true with Japan, in that, with such destruction it is impossible for a response if it is not a military readiness deployment.  So, this is simply an extension of humanitarian assistance.  I don't believe this is 'mission creep' either.  It is STABILIZATION of a region involved with a huge paradyme shift.  The global economy and NATO requires our help and we are responding in SUPPORT of allies. 

It isn't a matter of war and the War Powers Act should be reserved for the deployment of a war effort.  That isn't what this is and the weapons to disarm Libya were collecting dust anyway.  Virtually, there is no sincere expense by the USA except fuel in excess of what would be used anyway.

...Under the War Powers Act, (click title to entry - thank you) Obama had 60 days to inform Congress that he had ordered U.S. forces into action. That deadline came on Friday, two months after American ships launched missile attacks on Qadhafi's air defenses March 19. Obama formally notified Congress of U.S. involvement two days later....
..."I wish to express my support for the bipartisan resolution drafted by Senators Kerry, McCain, Levin, Feinstein, Graham, and Lieberman, which would confirm that the Congress supports the U.S. mission in Libya and that both branches are united in their commitment to supporting the aspirations of the Libyan people for political reform and self-government," Obama said in his Friday letter....

Assad is still killing people, huh? The Syrian troops are patrolling in the countryside as well. The deaths are probably everywhere.

Syrian security forces opened fire on protests around the country Friday in the latest sign the conflict could be moving toward a long and bloody stalemate as President Bashar Assad shrugged off tighter sanctions and U.S. calls to step aside. Human rights activists said at least 27 people were killed, including a 10-year-old boy.


Fleeing Syrians say too late for reforms, Assad must go  (click title to entry - thank you)

BOQAYA, Lebanon
Sat May 21, 2011 8:48am EDT

..."The first words my year-old son will learn to say are: 'We don't want Bashar'," said Ahmed, who fled from Tel Kelakh, where security forces, the army and irregular Assad loyalists known as shabbiha had cracked down on earlier this week.
"Are these his reforms? To oppress people? Until when will we be downtrodden?" he said. Like other refugees interviewed by Reuters in the Lebanese border village of Boqaya, he asked that his surname not be used to protect his family still in Syria....

The prisons are probably full and there needs to be a report on any executions taking place.  The United Nations Security Council should demand a daily report on any and all deaths from hospitals as well as prisons and burial facilities.  The Israelis probably have an idea as to what is happening at the border and into the country.  The Israelis should NOT extend their authority past their borders in order to conduct assessments without the explicit authority of the United Nations.