Saturday, September 26, 2015

I was just doing some channel surfing and this caught my attention.

I can't let this go by. This is a safety issue for women. A few months ago I put an entry on this blog about a nightmare story whereby a woman wearing skinny jeans actually had to go to the hospital for treatment of swelling that caused disability. 

Well, someone heard about the problem and now there is a skinny jean offered at HSN and is reasonably priced. It is 100 percent stretch and looks like the real thing.

This is the link (click here).

They look great on the models. I congratulate HSN for finding a product that is safer. Wow. Happy shopping everyone

#globalcitizen - To end extreme poverty.

The crowd looks like they are having a good time. There are far more people this year than last year and there were plenty of people last year.

Malin Ackerman on the role of women in tackling global poverty. (click here)

Pope Francis is concerned about "The Crisis in the Family."

Secretary Jewell finished speaking at Independence Hall about the importance of the Pope's message regarding the natural world including the environment and carbon pollution.

Mayor Michael Nutter is speaking about the history of Philadelphia and it's values. He states it is appropriate for Philadelphia to be the final city in the USA for the Pope to visit.

Mayor Nutter feels completely comfortable speaking about the wide diversity in the USA. He cites "Do unto others as you would have done unto you." It's all there. Pope Francis is opening up dialogue on all subjects.He cites John J. Andrerson (click here) as the man who asked him to enter politics and lead Philadelphia. 

The Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf is speaking. He has a special place for the Pope's travels on his official website. (click here) He calls on Pope Francis request to dedicate government to fairness, openness and justice.

I am sure every government synthesizes Pope Francis message in it's own way. This is the USA. It is about diversity. 

Kindly remember Pope Francis has not found it helpful to incorporate religion and politics for the purposes of oppression. That is not his message and he gives no government permission to oppress people on the basis of religion. 

It is interesting all this openness comes as a message from Philadelphia. Very interesting. The crowd tomorrow is expected to be over one million people. Pope Francis is celebrating the family in this visit. He certainly does not have the idea people are cast out of a single mold called, "Acceptable."

There he is in his Pope-mobile. A baby dressed in pink was lifted to him, he offered a blessing of the child with an enormous smile on his face. He is entering Independence Hall through the public entrance that would be taken by anyone else visiting the building.

He blessed the oak cross that symbolizes Hispanic Catholics. It is the symbol of the beginning of a mission of the church. The cross will travel across the USA to bring Hispanics an interest in the church, including immigrants. 

Pope Francis heard the music composed by Aaron Copeland, long held as a great American composer.

This is his composition, "Fanfare for the Common Man."

Holy smokes he praises voting rights and the labor movement and human dignity. He praises the assimilation of immigrants into the US society. He completely embraces democracy as freedom and notes religious freedom as a right. He includes diversity and interfaith dialogue provided through liberty. He identifies conscience as a freedom. He recognizes the cultures of any people as valuable. He states culture calls society and individuals to religious expression. He identifies history as a reflection on atrocities with principles that deny rights. He states religion has an enduring power to insure freedoms and expand the quality of life and common good.  (It is true that religion does bind people together. Families practice a culture rich with religion in many instances and it becomes an intricate part of their lives. If parents baptize a child that is a cultural expression and promise. It brings the child to be one with god and expectations the parents will be dedicated to that child within their culture. He is correct. Religion adds moral content to society without asking thank you. My words, not his.)

Ah, the "American spirit." He embraces it. He states, It is an ultimate test of your greatness is how you treat every person, but, especially the weakest and defenseless ones." He also embraces the way in which the American people rise to speak out injustices. He believes globalization is a good method but it has failings to bring equality to all people. I think he is expressing income and wealth ineuality. He expresses globalization as a method that can bring about quality of life if practiced with equality in mind.

I know, I know; local economies stand in defiance and in defense from globalization and exploitation of the people by a few for the purpose of monetary gain. Don't try to manipulate this, Pope Francis emphasizes EQUALITY of quality of life. He doesn't find poverty as an equality of globalization. So, until Wall Street embraces the middle class as an equal partner to be maintained and not held in disdain to their greater profits, local economies stand!

He asked everyone to remember what happened here (Philadelphia) over 200 years ago.

Pope Francis asks the people to embrace their rights and freedom and to pray for him.

He blessed everyone after the joint prayer of "The Lord's Prayer." There is a bell ringing as if the Liberty Bell came back to life. Religions have a long history of bells as a call to worship.

He is amazing. He moves people to tears. Young people.


Pope Francis did not have the time to plan an extensive trip to Mexico.

September 25, 2015

A year has passed (click here) since 43 college students disappeared in Mexico. Controversy is rising over the details surrounding what happened to the students, with a new report contradicting the Mexican government’s account.
Now, activists have flown five of the students’ mothers to Philadelphia in hopes they can meet with Pope Francis while he’s there.
As Bobby Allyn of Here & Now contributor WHYY in Philadelphia reports, the Pope has called the students’ disappearance a murder and the mothers and activists want him to pressure the Mexican government to take further action on the case....

Pope Francis endurance reminds me of a person needing a vacation from the vacation. His stamina has to be measured with these rigorous visits to entire countries and a time to rest. He also has duties in Rome. So, the idea an extensive trip throughout the hemisphere or across an entire continent is challenging.

I think he is a great Pope and wants to reach all the people that seek him, but, he repeatedly states with each audience, "Pray for me." He recognizes two aspects of that request. He feels his mortality as a human being and he wants to be regarded as family or a friend that one would pray for. He wants to become a common dialogue in conversations after he leaves. Praying for him brings people together to realize his iconic meaning of his life. He is a friend in that face of all that which becomes his iconic status.

There it is. The magnificent man he is.

The laity. He states the laity is playing a greater role in the Catholic faith.

Women, be they lay or religious are acting in greater capacity than ever for their faith.

These are not quotes.

The is the Pope. This is what he does. He looks into the hearts of his congregation to understand where he needs to support their love of God. I am rather confident he will move women into higher areas of achievement within the Catholic church.

He has a very interesting history to achievement in the church himself. He is very generous in his love for the congregation that God assembles.

Kindly consider the 'status' of women have changed immensely in the USA. They are no longer chattel, they vote and they work for a living attending colleges in many instances to achieve their goal of work. Pope Francis reflects on all the changes in the faithful lives. I would expect women to be accepted into study leading to priesthood before any other advances.

This is about family. It is about the religious family of the Catholic church as well. He asked to be appreciative of the elderly Nuns and Priests. He thanks them for their faithful practice in the church. Pope Francis asked the religious to examine their first encounter with God and to return to that love and embrace it to refresh their relationship with God and his will.

Pope Francis is very much at the heart of the faithful.
I would like to correct a misperception of the media.

There is this idea Pope Francis rejects the security he has been assigned. That is not correct. Regardless of his automobile he is appreciative of the security.

When Pope Francis was at the school yesterday he thanked workers. He named a few difference jobs people work at, but, he did thank the security workers that they do important work.

So he does express his gratitude for the security workers.

It isn't possible for Pope Francis to dislike or offend, hence, dislike anything people do for work. He doesn't have that perception about people. He loves all people and the work they do. Work is the second highest act a person can carry out in their life times next to love.

The car is a "green car." It is an outward expression of his reverence for God's creation in Earth. Pope Francis is concerned for all of us and our travel around a sun day after day. Earth is our COMMON HOME. He's a chemical engineer by education and training. I think he knows something and his religion supersedes all else in his life. If he is expressing his concern for Earth and people's place on Earth, there is something spiritual moving him. He doesn't express false doctrine.

There was a miracle in the media to realize FOX News has the greenest man on the planet on their media service. That is not a joke either.