Sunday, May 28, 2017

I hope everyone is having a nice designer holiday. The original Memorial Day was May 30, 2017. It was called "Decoration Day" when it was believed the flowers ๐ŸŒบ were in full bloom. It was called Decoration Day to lay flowers on the graves of our dead soldiers. 

I think the country has to get rid of the three day rule because it is abused by Wall Street. At one time the country rested and reflected. Today I question the number of Americans actually resting and reflecting. Because of government programs that have been victimizing and inadequately funded we are plagued with broken families, working poor families and people in jail or prison that have never experienced an intact family and happy life.

Memorial Day is about rest, reflection and remembering the war dead. It is not about profits for Wall Street at the cost of citizens suffering within our borders. Soldiers don't die to break up families, incarcerate people who know nothing but chaos in their lives or commit citizens to a life of 60 to 70 hour work weeks where they don't know their children except in passing.

We need to respect the lives of our war dead without bending the calendar to favor Wall Street.