Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When Glenn Beck warns the Tea Baggers about Progressives, these are the folks.

No guns. They believe in peace. They want health care and not warfare. They are real people that want Single Payer and all sorts of social programs. They are not wayward people on an evil mission to the USA Treasury. They are decent people that deserve protection from violence.

I've had enough of the 'hate' espoused by Murdoch and Limbaugh. From morning until night Rush Limbaugh talks about nothing else. He covers no news, when all the other news media was reporting Olympic news about cross country skiing, Rush Limbaugh was quoting Chris Christy because his speech today was nothing but hate of unions and right wing rhetoric.

There is nothing healthy about the Limbaugh and Murdoch media service and they need to be reined in.

The Progressive Party of the USA are nice people, they are non-violent and they are correct from their point of view. If the USA backed off any war it could easily affored health care for all. They have a right to want a world entrenched in peace and wellness. The Tea Baggers, Limbaugh, Beck and Murdoch have no right to even approach a single word of hate that would overshadow their lives. Something needs to be done by the FCC and it needs to be done before all this mess gets out of hand.

The FCC needs to have the FBI do a study on "Hate in the USA."

Yesterday Senator Bayh said something that made me pause in wondering what this is all about, regardless of how I like or dislike his opinions. He appeared at a podium with his wife and children. How much of the 'hate' he understands does he carry as worry for his family or himself for that matter?

Beck is doing nothing, but, maligning the federal government and advocating violence. He stated the other day, "I saw a police officer standing on a corner the other day. He had a gun strapped to his belt and I wanted to ask him how he could handle the fact he had a gun and wasn't using it, because, if it were me I would be using it all the time."

There are a couple of things in that statement. It indicates those that are 'like' Glenn Beck are self-righteous and above the law. It also implants logistics to 'easily had' weapons that police carry on them. You know I never think about the weapons police carry. I mean never. I assume they are human beings and police officers first and expect them to defend and protect. I never see a police officer as a potential source for weapons.

Nor do I see a police officer as a threat. Beck saw the officer as a threat. A man or woman carry a weapon when he has none and he is trying to carry out a so called revolution against Progressives.

There is a limit to freedom of speech. Glenn Beck is way over that limit. I sincerely believe someone like Senator Bayh may be making adverse decisions in the best interest of the country because he is more a human being than someone like Beck ever could be.

In the article of this entry, the UK has noted an uptick in hate toward Muslims. The government is suppose to track these things and advice the Justice Department and leadership regarding issues that threaten innocent citizens. It is time the USA federal system do the job that needs to be done.

Glenn Beck on multiple occasions has advocated violence. He should not have access to the media and the FCC should begin prosecutions regarding the violence he advocates.

The United Nations prosecuted three journalists in regard to the Rwanda Genocide. Beck is not giving out locations of people to kill, YET. At least not that I know of.
The guy is on a real power trip these days and the people in 'his movement' have substantially invested in its outcome.

There is something sincerely wrong when a well established and respected Senator doesn't seek re-election after he already researched and invested in his victory in 2010. I wish Senator Bayh well and hope he is successful.

Glenn Beck needs to be recognized for what he is and stop him from hiding behind the First Amendment of the USA Constitution. He is abusing the right to practice it. Fear accompanied by hatred is a real commodity and that is Beck's product. His only product.

Media and politicians 'fuel rise in hate crimes against Muslims' (click title to entry - thank you)

Report blames 'Islamophobic, negative and unwarranted portrayals of Muslim London' for increase in attacks in the capital...

Holy shit, it is working. Go get 'em. I knew the squeeze would do it. MARJA.

I am a happy and proud camper. Wow. Wow.

Marja was their base of operations. $200,000 US per day was paid in taxes by the opium traders. If President Obama didn't re-enter Afghanistan the Taliban and al Qaeda would have grown into a global power.

Thanks to the Pakistan President and the military. Shazam !

I guess there are tons of land mines, huh? That's alright, be careful, its all good. I am proud of our military. They are to be contended with.

February 15, 2010

Top Taleban commander Mullah Baradar captured in Pakistan: report (click here)

A senior official tells ABC News that "several days" ago U.S. and Pakistani intelligence captured the Taliban's Number 2, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, and he is providing intelligence.

"This operation was an enormous success," the official told ABC News. "It is a very big deal."

Baradar is second to only Mullah Mohammed Omar in the Afghan Taliban, and is the commander of the organization on a daily basis. The story of his capture was first reported by Mark Mazzetti and Dexter Filkins of the New York Times.

A U.S. counterterrorism official, while refusing to confirm the news of Baradar's capture, told ABC News that "if he were taken off the battlefield, it would deal a major setback to the Afghan Taliban and be a personal blow to Mullah Omar, who has relied heavily on him for years."...