Monday, January 02, 2012

The irrelevancy of this six person race. It is about the message not the candidate.

The Iowa and New Hampshire Republican race for a nominee is somewhat the least of the predictors to the outcome.  The race is proving the power of money though, especially where Romney successfully trounced his competition in Newt Gingrick.  

But, to believe the outcome of the Iowa and New Hampshire campaigns indicates the nominee is to believe the other candidates are simply building momentum to test the waters in the future.  There is a very real chance that Romney won't be the nominee.  The Republicans are divided six ways with a consistent majority showing up for Romney.  However, that majority is minor when the rest of the field comprises more than 70% of Republican voters.

...A day after police made 18 arrests (click here) at sometimes-heated rallies at political offices in the metro area, protesters carried out several more subdued actions Sunday. One man was arrested at Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign offices in Des Moines....

IF the Republican field ever comes down to two to three candidates there is a very good chance Romney won't be the nominee and one of the others will due to the reduction of Anti-Romney candidates hoping to be Vice President.  That is why New Jersey's governor is dancing with Romney.  The RNC and Rove are hoping Christi pulls enough support from the Anti-Romney vote to prevent that from happening.

I find it very unfortunate Rep. Schultz, now the DNC Chair, could not find the time to meet with the Occupy members in Iowa.  I believe all people should be heard and it would be best if the DNC received opinion from everyone, including those that represent the generation estranged from a future of employment due to the 2008 global economic collapse.  The #Occupy members are very insightful.  The information they bring to the outcome of 2012 is invaluable and encompasses an entire generation's future.  Every Democratic candidate or hopeful needs to realize whom #Occupy is and the information they bring.  

The nomination process we are witnessing now is about 'the message,' not the candidate.  "The message" of the Republicans has homogenized to not estrange the primary participants.  But, the DNC has to realize they need to get their message correct as well and they won't be able to do that without hearing from everyone, including the youngest generation of voters currently represented by #Occupy.