Friday, March 22, 2013

Dear god, Joe, who said you should be sleeping?

"So tell me Joe where are you staying while you are in town?"

"Motel 8"

"That is not a good idea, Joe. I heard the communist extremist group bugged the place last week."

I am a little tired of the the silliness surrounding the expenditures of the Executive Office of the USA. Just a little. Do the bozos that put together these hideous articles and news reel clips together ever stop to think about what they are telling the public?

Ya, know. Like taking things out of complete context to make the point, the cheap shot, "Well, I couldn't do that." No clue.

If the Secret Service were to find a Motel 8 for the Vice President to stay in for two days, they would have to spend more money securing the place every time the Vice President made a trip for the purpose of the Executive Branch of the USA. It wasn't as though he went hiking on the Appalachian Trail and it cost $500,000 a night.

It is my best guess, this is the cost of national security for our Vice President. You know the guy next in line for leading the nation. The cost has to do with security of his one and only body. That means these locations are APPROVED by the USA Secret Service as the places they can trust to actually carry out their duties.

If journalists want to seek criticism of the spending of the USA Secret Service why not ask their director for an interview about how these decisions are made. Oh, wait. That might mean the journalists have to actually do some work to achieve their pay checks. I forgot, going for the cheap tabloid stuff is so much better than actually providing valuable information to the nation.


Paris may be known as the City of Light, (click here) but that title certainly doesn’t mean that visitors are light on spending as Vice President Joe Biden’s one day trip cost taxpayers more than half a million dollars.
When Mr Biden and his hefty entourage stayed in Paris for an evening in early February and it cost $585,000.50 for that single night.
The Vice President likely rented out more than 100 rooms in the Hotel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand, though they must not have gotten a group discount rate....


March 22, 2013
11:34 gmt 
The Weather Channel temperature map

Water Vapor is a greenhouse gas. Why? Because it takes the infrared heat from the surface of Earth and captures it. Water has THAT property. It controls heat within a 100 degree centigrade range. It makes clouds when it sticks to particles.

Earth's water vapor is no longer at Earth's surface. As a matter of fact there is more O2 in the upper atmosphere's of Earth than ever before. But, that is another aspect of the Climate Crisis that if for some reason the oxygen decides to burn in the upper tropospheres will be bad. Earth's spheres of atmosphere are out of balance in their distribution of their components, too.

Osmosis. As the balance of spheres change it is done by osmosis. The water vapor moved up and so did other gases. I posted the image about the 'sheen' in the sky before.

But, the reason there is continued cold is because there is no surface water vapor to distribute heat. There were a series of images the other day that will explain it, hopefully. I'll post them here.

Better yet, let's keep it current.

March 22, 2013
1207 gmt
The Weather Channel temperature change map in past 24 hours.

If one viewed this map about 24 hours ago the positive numbers would have been on the west coast. 

But consider that. Movement. Movement from west to east of temperature changes.

The negative numbers are very negative and the positive numbers are very positive. DOUBLE DIGITS in come areas. Yes? 

What would do that? What would cross the country changing the surface temperature of the air? A weather system, right? When the weather system passes over the land the temperatures go up because the system has higher temperatures. When the weather system passes by the temperature RETURNS to a native state unaffected by the weather.

Earth by nature is an ice planet. It is the greenhouse gases that gives Earth it's biotic content.

March 22, 2013
7:10 gmt 
The Weather Channel North Pole Satellite image

The purple regions are vortexes. They are weather systems traveling across the face of the planet.

The POSITIVE changing temperatures of the USA are at 6 o'clock. There is a vortex crossing the middle of the country exactly where there are positive temperature changes. The ABSENCE of water vapor at the east and west boundaries of the USA have returned to NEGATIVE temperature movement.

The other day I posted a picture by NASA illustrating the drought in New Zealand. It literally is dried up. 

If I can find the video of the New Zealand weather report from the other day I'll post it here. The weather report was totally dependent on a storm crossing the country, otherwise there would be no relief from the drought.

The point is, this is happening globally. At any point on Earth there are huge tropospheric vortices 'lending' water vapor to drought stricken lands. Depending how that water vapor is captured by Earth and/or human beings it provides a water source. At one point in Australia they were putting tarps over the morning dew to prevent it from vaporizing.

The Arctic Ocean is melting. It is not increasing in density because the temperature increase there is up to 5 degrees in some areas. Just because Earth is an ice planet by nature doesn't mean it will automatically grow ice if the tropospheric temperatures remain high because the vortexes have passed over and leave coldness in their wake.

What the USA is experiencing with the coldness today is due to the LACK OF WATER VAPOR at the surface of the planet. Does that mean everything it going to recap with ice? No. It is spring, the CO2 content is still high and the sun is coming north. 

To complete the picture.

The drone program grew out of the CIA Black Sites. Interrogate, torture, surveillance and attack.

The program is administered by The President because otherwise it would turn the CIA into an autonomous authority to carry out an act of war. Literally, a single CIA agent could carry out a mini-war alone.

It is questionable the real purpose of the drone program in connection with the CIA. It provides too much power to what should be exclusively an intelligence gathering arm of the USA government. The entire idea of Black Sites are wayward. They, along with the drone program, have the ability to put the USA into war without real authority to do so.

The drones may prove to help in Africa to find Rebel Groups and stop them, but, there is no real purpose beyond surveillance. The military has it's own ability to spy and always has. The military's intelligence gathering is manned by human beings.

The helicopters in the Bin Laden raid were throw away from the beginning. They had no real capacity except for the mission they were used for. The one surviving helicopter is probably a status symbol at some military base somewhere, but, has no real capacity. It is slower and has no real operational purpose.

I like 35 mm far better than digital. 35 mm is honest. If you don't understand that, then you don't understand film.

The only interesting part of this film was the operation of the team itself. Bigelow didn't understand what she was looking at when she made this film. She played politics.

The courier was there in the files of the USA the entire time. Cheney and Bush instituted torture and it was never necessary. The torture had absolutely nothing to do with the death of Osama bin Laden. The CIA under Bush lost it's focus and deferred to an Executive Branch's demands when that Executive Branch was already out of control and in violation of international laws and the USA Constitution.

The CIA never did the ground work before they embarked on torturing prisoners. They never sifted through files and put pieces together. They were focused on brutalizing prisoners and that was their only focus until President Obama came into office and the demands to end torture and return to intelligence and police work was instituted.

The information was there the entire time. Right under their noses and for nine years the CIA ignored it while there were demands made by the Bush Administration for results from torture. It was hideous, ridiculous, added to enough costs of war, prolonged the war and was a propaganda tool to enhance the culture of fear in the USA.

If Osama bin Laden was captured and/or killed within the first year or two of the Afghanistan War, it would have been over. Al Qaeda would be dead, there would be no offspring from al Qaeda, the USA would no longer need the fly zone over Pakistan and the war into Iraq would have been realized for what it was. UNNECESSARY.

Bigelow missed the entire reality of the hunt for Osama bin Laden. The evidence was there to find and to say torture was necessary completely dismisses the FACT no one had looked for him in the face of compelling information otherwise. The CIA lost it's way and it has been a growing snowball ever since.  They never applied BASIC intelligence work to finding the global criminal. Never, not one day in the Bush/Cheney White House did the CIA conduct itself as it should.

That is the real story and Bigelow missed it completely.

Posted: 09/14/2012 5:00 pm
...I served my country, (click here) loyally and well, as a covert CIA operations officer focused on stopping nuclear weapon proliferation until the Bush administration decided to betray my secret identity as payback for my husband questioning the White House's justification for the Iraq War. The lesson was simple: If you offer the public a true story that is at odds with what the government wants you to know, they will stop at nothing to destroy you, your reputation, and the reputations of the people around you....

What was that? No Yellow Cake? Really.

Stopping nuclear weapon proliferation? Why would anyone want to do that if Cheney was counting on a limited nuclear engagement with Russia?

What Bigelow did is what everyone else did during the Bush years, they dove into lies and imagineering for money. So much for ethics and being a patriotic American, that was left up to the fools that didn't see the gravy train or wouldn't be a part of it.

Katherine Sebelius is doing to Medicare what the Republican Congress has done to the USA Post Office.

She is defunding the system and destroying the infrastructure of the USA. She can go home to Kansas and run some rural health care systems while she hands of the Medicare and Medicaid aspects of the Affordable Care Act over to the Social Security Administration where it belongs. She has been handing out waivers like candy and now she is going to privatize Medicare. This is where we came in and this is where she leaves.

The American people pay for their government. They pay for their Earned Benefits that will see them through their later years. It is time to put the monies into the USA Treasury and leave them there. 

The Medicare program is not a voucher program and it will remain that way. The Medicare program is paid for by sovereign monies of the USA. Those monies will remain in the USA administered by employees of the USA and paid to doctors and hospitals for services provided in the USA. 

No Wall Street health insurance company is going to take the sovereign monies of the people that paid for their benefits and invest them in China. It isn't going to happen and we are all sick and tired of the fraud that has proven to exist when Wall Street health insurance companies handle the care of Americans.

NO MORE. It is why the Affordable Care Act was passed and it is why Secretary Sebelius is guilty of violating the trust of the American people. I don't care if there are Democratic governors or Republican governors OUTSOURCING Medicare and Medicaid to Wall Street is a violation of the public trust. It is time for Katherine Sebelius to find another job. I don't want her there anymore.

If Paul Ryan and the House Republicans want to defund the Affordable Care Act then what occurs afterward belongs to them. The law remains intact and in effect. Ryan is playing politics with the budget and this is an example that proves it. He wants to defund the Affordable Care Act and remove all those Medicaid monies to the Governors that have decided it is in the best interest of their states to accept the federal funding. Ryan's goal is not the National Debt, it is to embarrass the Republican Governors that accepted the funding so that in their next primary the Tea Party can displace them. That is what this is all about, so let the Republican House get on with it and the American people can see the Ryan budget for what it finally is.

The people of the USA need to make wise choices and not the choice of ruthless Republicans willing to endanger the lives of Americans for the sake of their politics. I am extremely unhappy with this latest development of American Health Care and oppose any privatization of any of the monies dedicated to this purpose. 

We have been here before and Sebelius ain't in Kansas anymore, but, she certainly can return when she is ready.