Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Someone in the USA Congress finally 'gets it.' And he is a Republican.

President Obama is actually going to give Congress a pass before the election and relying on his Presidential powers to conduct war. Well isn't that interesting. But, of course, immigration is not approachable by Presidential powers. What has happened to my country?

MOSCOW, September 10 (RIA Novosti) – The United States (click here) is not in a position to police the world when it comes to fighting the Islamic State (IS) group in the Middle East and requires allies to step up their actions, Congressman Walter Jones said, responding to Obama’s August campaign against the IS in Iraq.
“I want the allies, whether they be in Europe or the Middle East, to start stepping up instead of America stepping up,” Jones said in interview with RIA Novosti on Tuesday.
“We are what’s called a debtor nation. We cannot pay our bills without raising the debt ceiling so we can borrow money from foreign governments. I would like to see the rich dropping bombs.” Jones, a strong opponent of the Iraq War and American military action without congressional approval, said that “We cannot police the world.”
“I want to do everything possible to defend this country against ISIL or any other jihadist group,” said Jones. “We think we can always dictate to other counties... We cannot. Let’s defend our own country.”
Jones and Representative Jim McGovern were the lead sponsors of a July resolution which called on the President to seek authorization from Congress prior to the further deployment or maintenance of US combat forces in Iraq.
While members of Congress were on recess, Barack Obama authorized approximately 150 airstrikes in Iraq. Obama briefed members of Congress on his strategy for dealing with the Islamic State on Tuesday and will deliver a speech to the American people on Wednesday.
Jones is a representative of North Carolina and sits on the House Armed Services Committee.

From the Arab News: 232.08 carat white diamond found in South African mine.

Finds “exceptional” 232.08-carat white diamond at Cullinan (click here)
• Four analysts say stone could fetch between $10 million—$16 million
• Shares rise as much as 7 percent

From the Gulf News:

Dubai: Residents in Emaar communities (click here) are planning to launch a social media campaign to voice their anger after vans of a popular local ice cream company were banned from entering their communities.

For six years, UAE-based Desert Chill has been delivering ice cream in Emirates Living and Arabian Ranches in purpose-built vans. But last week, developer Emaar shut the door on them, saying they are reviewing the list of vendors who would be allowed in their communities.

Desert Chill said the ban came unexpectedly and is a big blow to their business. “The news has come suddenly and without warning after six years of serving the communities and without any incident or issue. We are in communication with Emaar to try and rectify the situation but as of now we have not been successful,” reads a message on Desert Chill’s Facebook page....

The Jordan Times:

September 9, 2014
AMMAN — Iraqi Ambassador (click here) to Jordan Jawad Hadi Abbas recently returned to Amman after nearly six weeks since he was called home following a conference held by Iraqi opposition figures in Amman. 
Minister plenipotentiary of the Iraqi embassy Tahseen Alwan told The Jordan Times over the phone on Tuesday that Abbas returned early this month to resume his diplomatic duties. 
The ambassador was recalled by the former government of Nouri Al Maliki on July 19 for urgent consultations days after a gathering was held in Jordan for Iraqi figures representing Sunni and tribal leaders and businessmen, who launched their first unified coalition calling on the international community to boycott the Maliki government.
But Alwan refused to say there was a diplomatic spat between Amman and Baghdad over the conference, stressing that the ambassador was on a holiday. 
“There is no political stance against Jordan,” he said, adding the two neighbouring countries have always enjoyed good ties. 

But the Iraqi News Agency said at the time that recalling the ambassador came as a response to Amman’s allowing the opposition’s gathering....

The Daily Star (Lebanon - the country with the invasion by Israel against goat farmers):

WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama (click here) told congressional leaders Tuesday that he had the authority he needed to take action to destroy the militant group ISIS, signaling again that the White House would not ask Congress to vote to approve his plan.
Obama met with top Democratic and Republican leaders ahead of a speech Wednesday evening to lay out his plan to fight the group, also known as ISIL.
“The president told the leaders that he has the authority he needs to take action against ISIL in accordance with the mission he will lay out in his address tomorrow night,” the White House said in a statement.
“He reiterated his belief that the nation is stronger and our efforts more effective when the president and Congress work together to combat a national security threat like ISIL.”...
It must be comforting in the Middle East to conduct business as usual while the USA sustains the costs and deaths of military personnel to keep the peace within their borders. To hell with what is happening to the USA's sense of well being, it is paramount no other nation feels they have problems.

So the USA is entering another war while the Mideast continues to scrutinize Gitmo. Real good. But, that is not an election issue. Of course not.

MIAMI: At about 155 pounds, (click here) the Syrian prisoner is gaunt for a man over 6 feet tall. He is pale and weak, so lethargic at times that one of his lawyers said he had to lie on the floor when he met with her one day this summer at the prison on the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
The hunger strike that 43-year-old Abu Wa’el Dhiab started 18 months ago to protest his indefinite confinement without charge was supposed to be over by now. He was told in the spring he would be resettled in Uruguay, along with five other Guantanamo prisoners. But as the months have dragged on and the transfer put on hold, his standoff with military officials has only deteriorated, at times turning violent.
“Everyone who has seen him recently is alarmed,” said Alka Pradhan, one of his attorneys.
The prisoner has been engaged in a tense struggle with guards in recent months, according to documents filed in federal court in Washington, where Dhiab, who has been fed through a nasal tube to prevent starvation, is challenging some of the tactics used by the military to deal with prisoners on hunger strike....

The USA is on the job in the Middle East. There is absolutely no implications for USA national security, but, what the heck we are so welcome to conduct war there it serves the purpose for the Republican political machine. The GOP is so lucky to have the Middle East as a place for their agenda. 
So all the American polls regarding a return to war in Iraq is favorable.


And of course the media won't take responsibility at all for those polls, right? They favor Republican outcomes this election, but, the media is not responsible at all for those polls.


The polls before the aired beheadings and the culture of fear instilled throughout the nation is not the fault of an inflammatory media. 

Right. The USA media drives war. There is no reason for the USA to enter Syria or return to Iraq at all. Gee, "W"'s Iraq is falling apart. What a shame.

Ms. Palmer needs to leave the relationship and if the confrontation is explained away it will occur while the partners work at strengthening their relationship while apart.

Ms. Palmer stayed. Many women and abused men are looking at her and listening to her rational and finding a reason to stay as well. Ms. Palmer is wrong. People have to know she is wrong. Her attack is on tape and now the couple faces a loss of income. I wouldn't simply state Americans have the right to criticize institutions that look the other way as policy. The is wrong and the institutions have to change their policies.

The victim has to come to terms with her sincere status, too. Currently, Ms. Palmer is in complete denial and what worries me more is the fact Mr. Rice might expect his fans and others will explain away the confrontation and he may return to the NFL. If that is what is buoying the couples relationship, what happens to Ms. Palmer when that doesn't occur? 

What brings me to that concern? One of her statements is "We still love all the fans in Raven's Land." It makes no sense. He is suspended indefinitely. She is in denial and pandering to those that would have power as fans. It was the fans that brought the NFL to it's knees, why would they seek to continue their relationship with what was once their hero?

When Ms. Palmer is found to have sustained an injury that caused her to become unconscious and the event is on tape; she is taking responsibility for her attack. She aggravated it. Anyone assessing the circumstances would state that the criminal charges against Mr. Rice would carry an aggravated descriptor. That doesn't mean she is at fault. It means she aggravated his attack, but, it was his attack. 

She is taking responsibility for his behavior. That is profound denial. What she doesn't realize is her behavior is in response to his part of the relationship. They were verbally tussling before and after they entered the elevator. That is all part of it. It is not a healthy relationship and love won't heal them. If they sincerely want this marriage they need to work at it outside the relationship in order to honestly look at it safely without fear of the violence occurring. The relationship triggers these events. It is not healthy. If she received a concussion or head injury by an accident would she want to repeat it?

Separation by a couple is very threatening, especially in violent relationships because THE CONTROL and the receipt of THE CONTROL is gone. If a couple is sincerely in longing for a strong marriage, separation is nothing if they are truly partners. Separation cures and increases the longing for healing. It then encourages different behavior, if they are capable of it, to prevent any of the reasons that caused them to reach a point of intolerance of each other.

Senator Byrd saw the depth of the arrogance of the USA. There just isn't anyone that can take his place.

"I weep for my country." 

The problem with the US Congress is that is no longer operates on morality so much as it does a violent and vicious partisan agenda. Senator Byrd's speech on the house floor should have been heeded and not disregarded. Senator Byrd had wisdom. That is something that grossly lacks in today's Congress.

Walk, trot and cantor just isn't the same in the heat.

The horses need to be well hydrated when this type of intense activity is demanded of them. The dark color on the 2 year old's back and face is sweat.

Cleaning up John McCain's revolt against Assad.

It is unthinkable the USA would fund any rebels in Syria. The Free Syrian Army sold US munitions to ISIS. There are no rebel groups not somehow affiliated with IS/IS/L in Syria. The ONLY funding the US Congress should be supporting is humanitarian aid.

There is no group coming forward as an alternate authority to Assad that actually has control of the rebel forces. No one authority speaks for the rebels. 

If the USA sends more munitions into Syria it will be in violation of the Small Arms Convention.

Just because Russia is in violation of the Small Arms Treaty in Ukraine gives no meaning to the USA following such an example in Syria. Any arming of rebels in Syria will only result in nation building AGAIN. In the face of the fact Assad has been cooperative with UN Resolutions to date, especially that of chemical weapons, it is wrong to continue to fuel this civil war.

The US Congress is trying to save face while they confront completely failed foreign policy that has not only fueled war that kills innocent people, but, also establishes unsustainable nation building. They are playing USA politics with foreign lives for the sake of coming elections. They won't face facts, they will continue to kill overseas to maintain their electable status.

Russia's Putin is also attempting to save face by engaging in faux peace talks with Ukraine while the rebels are continuing to be armed. Putin's politics are deadly for both people and the regions economic stability.

In both cases, it is not the politics that should survive, but, the people, the stability of the region and sustainable economics.

The USA is wrong. Russia is wrong. AND. Israel is wrong. When are these nations going to face the truth rather than their own idea of the truth?

Domestic barges are used for stalled grain shipments. I wonder if they are being filled to capacity with increased water displacement. The ACES should know.

My only thought is, has the ACES addressed any sediment issues that might be preventing the Great Lake barges from operating to full capacity. Domestically the grain farmers are facing many problems. One such problem is climate and the other is continued flooding that brings sediment to the inland waterways, including, the Mississippi and the Great Lakes. I would expect the Army Corp to put these waterways at the top of their priority list as it directly effects agricultural commodities and economics. As the flooding continues to occur due to the Climate Crisis, waterway sediment issues become more frequent. Dredging might have been done every five to ten years, but, the demand may increase. It may be that barges are compensating for a more shallow waterway by reducing their displacement. It would put a drag on agricultural economics.
September 8, 2014
By Corianne Egan
...The volume growth (click here) comes despite barges traversing the seaway later than usual because of a lingering, harsh winter.  Grain volume the waterway was up 72 percent through August compared to the same time period of 2013, according to Seaway statistics. A total of just under 3.3 million tons were transported on the seaway.
"The USDA's forecast for near-historic yields of wheat, corn and soybeans is being proven accurate as nearly four times as much U.S. grain moved through Seaway locks this August compared to a year ago," the American Great Lakes Port Association said in a statement. "With total transits increasing monthly following a sluggish opening, the potential for the Seaway to out-do last year is on the horizon."
 BNSF Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway has struggled to deal with last year’s grain harvest, largely because of a backlog of cargo caused by a harsh winter and steadily rising demand. As the railroads work to restore network fluidity, some grain shippers worrying about continued delays have other options to get their products to port terminals. One of those options for some shippers is using inland waterways, like the St. Lawrence Seaway.
The six Great Lakes ports using the St. Lawrence Seaway — the Port of Oswego, New York, the Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor in Indiana, the Port of Cleveland in Ohio, and the Michigan ports of Monroe, Muskegon and Detroit — all showed positive volume growth, accoridng to Seawway statistics. The Port of Oswego CEO Zelko Kirincich said the inland port is anticipating doubling the ports' usual grain shipments from the U.S. to Europe, especially since the port made improvements to its rail yard....

The USA needs to move forward with electricity as it's primary energy source as supplied by alternative methods.

SEPTEMBER 8, 2014 — The U.S.Maritime Administration (click here) has released a study on LNG bunkering contracted from DNV GL with the objective of analyzing existing LNG bunkering infrastructure, safety, regulations, and training, and identifying and recommending best practices.
In its introduction, the study says that, while LNG is an attractive fuel choice for many vessels, its use as a marine propulsion fuel is a relatively new concept in the U.S. and there are significant safety and regulatory gaps. In addition, there are several challenges related to the development of a national infrastructure for LNG bunkering.
Over the course of the study, DNV GL has made recommendations for specific audiences concerning standards and integration of LNG bunkering into U.S. maritime operations.
The study is divided into four sections that analyze the following topics: LNG bunkering infrastructure; LNG bunkering safety; regulations; and personnel training....
To begin an LNG method of energy in the USA is going to require huge changes to infrastructure and a lot of investment. The country already has it's electrical infrastructure and without much change alternatives can adapt quicker and with far less danger and delay. These type of facilities should have been built in the 1970s or 80s. They are an outdated idea that takes far too much investment and time to consider it as a viable option today or in the future. Alternatives will outpace this antiquated form of energy.

The idea natural gas is a better fuel for tankers is far too risky to the outcomes. The challenge before any country when it comes to trade and shipping is to realize the cost of goods escalates far too much to induce the return of domestic goods.

It is strange to realize how much is shipped between countries when the countries themselves have their own domestic workers that could be producing goods. The one country facing a great deal of peril as shipping costs escalate with the increase in fossil fuels is China. It is one of the reasons the best answer for the Chinese economy is to increase their domestic demand through better wages. For all the products produced in China it simply needs to develop it's own Middle Class to provide consumers.

That reality holds true for nearly every country to some extent. Domestic production of goods will begin to take shape as fossil fuels become too expensive and too dangerous. I just don't see shipping using LNG for the purpose of fuel. What I do see is less shipping and more domestic production.

The one product that will sustain transoceanic shipping costs are the high end car products. Most high end products will sustain with higher costs due to the increases in fuel.

The change in fuels used in shipping has to be safe enough for the US Coast Guard to respond. (click here)

The WTO needs to develop policies reflecting changes in the potential to shipping both in cost and emissions.

Global Container Terminal Operators Annual Review and Forecast report:
Global logistics ports could handle 840m teu a year by 2018 (click here)

The world’s logistics ports are expected to handle more than 840m teu a year by 2018 as annual growth rates continue to accelerate. Projected throughput four years from now compares with 642m teu in 2013 and 674m teu projected for this year.

The 2018 forecast is double that of the 2004 throughput figure of 363m teu.

The combination of faster traffic growth and strong profit levels is attracting aggressive new players to enter the container terminal-operator business, according to the 11th Global Container Terminal Operators Annual Review and Forecast report.

The report says that Africa and Greater China are the regions that will see the most rapid growth.

In total, growth rates are expected to average an annual 5.6% in the five years to 2018, compared with 3.4% in 2013. This is expected to boost average terminal utilisation from 67% today to 75% in 2018....

Currently, the projections of shipping globally are ridiculous. Before much longer the ships will be playing bumper cars at the ports. The increase in shipping is driving the increase in the demand of fuel of any kind and drives the price higher. The entire trend the global trading markets are on is unrealistic.

The cost of fuel and shipping will make the goods out of reach to the consumers it was intended. Wall Street. They always put out fires and dearly few envision a future. It is why the world has half the problems it has. The picture above is real today. There really should not be this much reliance on shipping. Every country needs to develop a domestic economy to increase a global economy. Every country needs to look realistically at their exports and decide what will sustain as exports and what won't. Secretaries and ministers of commerce need to see the future as an increase in domestic production when shipping is bound to escalate costs to their consumers.

Developing a Middle Class means it has to be sustained and not cast into poverty because their goods are imported rather than produced with the very job they hold. This entire global economy based in shipping where labor is cheapest to where consumers are the working poor is completely outrageous.

Welcome to the status of women in the USA.

I've been waiting for the focus of this video to change to the status of women in the USA not simply the inaction of the NFL. 

One in four women experience domestic violence in her lifetime and one in three murders of women is committed by a domestic partner.

And that is just the beginning...(click here)

September 9, 2014
By Hank Gola, Jason Molinet

...“We have spoken (click here) to multiple sources at Revel Casino, which of course is now closed, but we’ve spoken to people who were working there at the time,” Latibeaudiere said. “And we are assured that someone from the NFL — it wasn’t Roger Goodell walking in, we know that — but there were people from the NFL who came and saw the video. So now the question becomes how much of that information got back to Roger Goodell, and did he ever see an actual copy of the video?”...

Ms. Palmer and Mr. Rice need to separate and attend support groups for at least a year before endorsing their relationship further. That is the reality of domestic violence, it doesn't stop with one night of apologies. In the video she is seen poking him outside the elevator for what he was saying and then wasn't surprised at all when he continued his assault in the elevator. The domestic violence has a history.

When women in these circumstances face the fact they could become another homicide statistic they do move away from the abusive partner, but, where do they go with their children? They frequently face poverty and homelessness in the real world. In the case of Ms. Palmer, she has options and the potential for an attorney to find support for her while this transpires and the relationship can find peace between the two.

A verbal argument between two partners sets boundaries and provides the need for respect for the 'other' in ways not realized before, but, to have an argument escalate into abuse is quite another thing. Frequently, couples can 'kiss and make up' when they realize why their argument took place and go on with a happy relationship, but, violence is very different.

Domestic violence, as seen of Ms. Palmer by Mr. Rice, usually has a long history. This couple had problems with boundaries long before they devolved to this episode in a public elevator.

When women finally come to a woman's shelter in fear of their life and/or having realized how dangerous their relationship has become they still face recidivism and the return to a relationship that needs to be given a second, third or fourth chance. Women and men need to realize when relationships reach the point where verbal, physical and sexual abuse are a regular occurrence it is time to leave the relationship for at least a year. During that time each partner becomes a stronger person and more self-sufficient or the relationship will prove to be unable to sustain without the abuse.