Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I believe the House processes have gotten to be a bit ungainly.

...The lawmakers, taking advantage of House Speaker John Boehner’s promises to allow a free-flowing debate, offered more than 400 amendments to the proposed budget measure. The amendments included spending cuts for foreign aid, farm subsidies and the Environmental Protection Agency. Another would bar the Pentagon from sponsoring Nascar races....

I don't believe we need to be sponsoring Nascar races.  That started under Bush.  It was an attempt 'popularize' the military and spur enlistment in an all voluntary military.  I find it offensive because it 'targets' perspective recruits from a 'segment' of the populous.  Why should Nascar fans be subjected to more advertisement than any other of the people of the USA.  Perhaps Nascar fans make better soldiers or something.

But, the 'idea' that 'The Fivc Minute Rule" is going to carry 'justice' to debate for the country is a bit silly.  There is a reason why there is a Minority Leader and Speaker.  Aren't these two people talking about legislation coming to the House floor?  400 amendments.  I find that too amateurish to have confidence in the current House and its leadership.

The spending bill cuts domestic measures while increasing the military budget.  That is outrageous.  The people of this nation is less important than making war. 

The NEW Republicans Party is hardly new.

The most hideous question of the day came from Ed Henry yesterday.

Ready for this? 

Typical igorance about the 'sincere power' of the USA.

The question to the President of the USA was, "Do you believe in freedom or freedom that protects American interests?"

What he should have asked was, "Mr. President, do you feel the shift in government in Egypt is a threat to USA interests in the region?"

That is what the question should have been, but, typical of the arrogance of Americans Henry actually thought there was a CHOICE inthe type of freedom the USA can offer to other countries that are allies.

That is what is so outrageous about many of the points of view of the Right Wing when they put 'their arrogance out there.'  They actually believe that 'Superpower' means we are in control of the entire structure of any international stability.  AND, to believe the USA has the right to demand everything work at the whim of 'USA interests.'


What is occurring in the Middle East is a 'movement.'  It is grassroots and it is not being directed by anyone except those involved seeking resolve to their 'frustrations' with their current methods of governments which governs without compassion.

Perhaps, Mr. Henry and the morons of that 'lean' Right should think of it this way.  With "W" in the White House was the USA in control of its interests on September 11, 2001?  Some 'truthers' would say yes.  What would Henry say?