Wednesday, February 01, 2012

We know what Josh's arrest is all about, its about 'Bring back Bush."

If the Republicans can simply forestall all the TRUTH taking effect on the electorate, Willard M. Romney will "Bring Back Bush."  Unfortunately, the Republican House can't recognize a real hero in Josh Fox.  I think Josh needs a restraining order from the House Republicans to insure his Freedom of Speech.  The House has been caught.  They don't honor Freedom of Speech granted to the press.  They have been caught.  Josh Fox can be given credit for it.

Willard may as well have the slogan painted to the side of his bus, 'BRING BACK BUSH."

"I will recall The Affordable Care Act."

:"I will recall Dodd-Frank."

"I will defeat Roe v. Wade."

"I will allow hydraulic fracking without EPA interference, just like it was written by Dick Cheney."

...The filmmaker (click title to entry - thank you) behind the 2010 HBO documentary was detained and charged by Capitol police for trying to film a House Science Committee hearing on the gas and oil-extraction process of hydraulic fracturing, aka "fracking," which Fox has crusaded against.

According to Politico, Fox was cuffed at about 10 a.m. before the hearing could come to order. The panel was scheduled to look into the Environmental Protection Agency's investigation into whether natural gas drilling had caused water contamination in Pavillion, Wyo....

James Cameron is taking a residence in New Zealand.

That is no surprise considering the excellence of the entertainment industry in New Zealand and the blatantly beautiful land that lends itself so well to the camera's lens.

...Wairarapa (click title to entry - thank you) will soon be home to another Hollywood director after James Cameron bought two farms in the district.
The Avatar and Titanic director plans to live on the South Wairarapa properties with his family.
Land Information New Zealand documents show sales have been approved by the Overseas Investment Office for two blocks, of 817ha and 248ha at Western Lake Rd.
The land was sold to Anglin Classics, a firm owned by Cameron.
In a statement today, the Cameron family said they were "thrilled to be making a new home in New Zealand''....

It is time for President Obama to run his re-election campaign.

There have been many times the current leading candidate has already made 'General Election' statements.  The Republicans are complaining he is running for office and not acting as President.  They are "W"rong and a lie.  It is a Rovian method to assign negative characteristics to the President.

The President has every right to the First Amendment as anyone else.  He has the right to defend his record and call a lie a lie.

Besides that he is a lot of fun.  I find the current ads running by Superpacs and his campaign staff exceptionally complimentary to his record and the dignity he brings to the office.  The ads state his record and accomplishments in relation to the lives of citizens.