Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Congratulations, Hillary Clinton!

During a speech (click here) at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Hillary Clinton urged voters to put the Supreme Court at the front of their minds as they consider their choice for president in 2016. She discussed how crucial it is that Senate Republicans not be allowed to succeed in refusing to consider the president’s nominee for the court’s current vacancy, and called on Senator Chuck Grassley, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, to do his job and commit to giving Judge Garland a hearing. Hillary also said that Americans should be very concerned about the kind of nominee that a President Trump might put forward, and pointed out that a Trump nominee would seek to roll back our rights, further empower corporations, and undo so much of the progress we’ve achieved....


Donald Trump.

It is HUGE!

I think most people identifies with this ad regardless of the fact SITTING Senators and US House Representatives banned from doing so.

There is a truth here. The word contributions is mentioned and there are plenty of politicians that sell out to their donors.

By trying to imply Washington politicians sell out to Wall Street while in office, he would be implicating himself. I don't think that is what this is about.

I haven't heard anyone discuss 'the way it is' or how ridiculous it is. I know Senator Sanders is extremely successful in raising money and I sincerely appreciate that ability of his, but, there is a truth rarely breached. 

Our candidates for office have to compete with their opposition. For most of those candidates not having experienced the success of a grassroots funded campaign 'it is what it is.' The real culprit here is not Congress. The real culprit is the Robert's Court. That court has put every member of Congress between a rock and a hard place.

The Robert's Court told Congress they have to compete with opponents where the sky is the limit. That is hideous. It doesn't work either. Ask Karl Rove about the 2012 election.

But, that isn't the point, the PREMISE behind the court's decision is completely corrupt. They treated corporations as citizens because they spend money. In that now is the understanding that corporations can buy candidates. When looking at the donors for the candidates both Republican and Democrat those that have big money donors have INDIVIDUALS donating with complete recognition of the corporations they work for. Think about that a minute. Let me get an example.

Contributor                               Total                   Individuals        PAC

Citigroup Inc$891,501 $883,501$8,000
This is real. Citigroup had a total of $891,501 in contributions to one candidate. Of that $883,501 are individual contributions. Only $8000 is from a Citigroup, Inc. PAC. How many individuals felt compelled to participate to credit Citigroup with that level of donation. Better yet, if these are individual donations why was it important to be recorded with the understanding ALL THAT MONEY came from one source.

Excuse me?

The ONLY reasonable answer for a company PAC donating $8000.00 to include all those individuals under one umbrella is because the corporation wants the candidate to completely understand how much of their candidacy hangs in the balance if Citigroup doesn't get it's way with Congress.

Everyone seems to forget there was a law that passed from Congress when this travesty went to the Supreme Court. Congress passed a law to limit campaign spending. I guess they don't like the pressure to perform like a circus clown when Citigroup calls with a demand for an amendment to be attached to the USA Budget Bill.

This corruption was completely facilitated by the Robert's Court. This is the difference between a Supreme Court with a conscience for the condition of the country and one that simply reads the words on parchment and decides those words never intended to have campaigns limited in their ability to spend money. That is nonsense. When the US Constitution was written and the amendments were added there was no campaign funding. Money was not a citizen. So, when the Republicans are stating 'We want a strict constructionist," it is a lie. It is politics and nothing more.

Senator Bernie Sanders is nothing short of a small miracle and I would expect every person in Congress to be grateful for that.

Senator Sander's campaign has proven the power of the grassroots and their small contributions. He is a great man. I love that guy and the way he has knocked down every aspect of modern politics.

There is no doubt in my mind he is the most successful political leader alive. He has reached out to the people who needed him the most and damn it he made it a campaign. There is no not loving Senator Bernie Sanders. 

He turned the Supreme Court's very corrupt decision into a joke. Our democracy is important. Our democracy is great and he has proved it so.

Republicans never got used to the idea Liberals wrote the USA Constitution and 10 Amendments.

Liberals have been mean to the conservatives all these many decades. Liberals let them believe they actually had a fight for elections when in fact they were simply in denial. Was there anyone more progressive than the forefathers of the USA?

Get real. George III was no liberal.

I think Gavin Grimm is a hero.

April 19, 2016
By Larry O'Dell

A Virginia high school (click here) discriminated against a transgender teen by forbidding him from using the boys' restroom, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday in a case that could have implications for a North Carolina law that critics say discriminates against LGBT people.
The case of Gavin Grimm has been especially closely watched since North Carolina enacted a law last month that bans transgender people from using public restrooms that correspond to their gender identity. That law also bans cities from passing anti-discrimination ordinances, a response to an ordinance recently passed in Charlotte.
In the Virginia case, a three-judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals — which also covers North Carolina — ruled 2-1 to overturn the Gloucester County School Board's policy, saying it violated Title IX, the federal law that prohibits discrimination in schools. A federal judge had previously rejected Grimm's sex discrimination claim, but the court said that judge ignored a U.S. Department of Education regulation that transgender students in public schools must be allowed to use the restroom that corresponds with their gender identity....

I am glad HBO made the film. It needed to be made.

My first impression of the movie is this is a prime example of a society oppressed. In 2016 would any woman put up with sexual harassment in the work place? I've read accounts of complaints about things said around the water cooler. Women aren't going to put up with sexual harassment in the work place (hostile work environment). 

But, in 1992, black women shut up. Anita Hill is a exceptionally bright woman who has a life of good works. I find her exceptionally believable in the movie. What occurred with Thomas when he stated "...it's the old order..." is that he protected the white man in the White House to facilitate his retirement into the Supreme Court.

Working under oppression is hard to do. His sexual fancies were his entitlement as a black man. He didn't make those flights of sexual fancies to white women because they won't put up with it. They would report him in a heart beat.

Anita Hill in her testimony had to remind the Republicans several times the reason she never filed any complaints is because she would have suffered in her chosen profession. The behavior of the Republicans proved exactly that.

Clarence Thomas wasn't lynched, she was.

There is a great deal of wrong doing under oppression. Those that live with it understand the rules all to well. All kinds of stuff happens, including corruption. Then when the wrong doing is discovered and the secrets are out, that sunlight validates the oppression and why 'those people' can't be trusted.

Clarence Thomas retired into the Supreme Court and has been primarily silent the entire time. He doesn't have to carry any burden anymore. He can enjoy his life without worrying about job performance or making people happy he primarily dislikes.

His sexual ideation sounded more like anger at the society he lived in rather than actual desires he pursued in many places even out of work. He was priming his sexual objects in the office for bed. He stated sexual things as if he was the victim of the white man and even his white spouse. Oh, did I go too far? 

Clarence Thomas is a product of his society. The country deserves it. It is very unfortunate Anita Hill is not on the bench today.

I have to order some materials about Flint. As soon as I have them I intend to write letters to several folks. I won't list the letters here until I have received replies. If I don't receive replies and a reasonable time has passed I will post them here without the reply. Sorry, this is time consuming , but, if I am to build a strong case for advocacy it has to be as perfect as I can get it. I have done this before.

I wish everyone in Flint, Michigan peace.

This is a cistern system. The people in the USA that has subscribed to fracking and are having a real nightmare are given these systems by the petroleum company that lied to them. 

Cisterns work and do a good job, but, they have a maintenance cost. There is no reason why such systems could not be adapted for Flint, Michigan. I think it is called a water treatment facility when it is an entire city.

The water collected in cisterns (click here) can be used for two purposes: domestic use and consumption. Some domestic uses of the water are flushing toilets, watering gardens, cleaning laundry, and washing cars. Using rainwater to perform these functions can reduce the costs associated with the delivery of potable water from traditional supply systems (i.e. normal tap water)....

Flint, Michigan's city attorney (of course Flint doesn't have a city attorney, right?) needs to sue the State of Michigan to have a water treatment facility built for Flint, Michigan. That is at the very least. I also see a city attorney suing the State of Michigan for the cost of pipes and refitting of homes due to racism and gross neglect of the people. I am sure their are plenty of personal lawsuits for the residents, but, this is about the city and it's future. How much are those homes and rentals worth now? There is a lot of damage and the State of Michigan's Governor is directly responsible for it AFTER the state legislature passed the new Emergency Manager Law. 
Page 70 LIFE Magazine, June 1992

To right:
Page 71 - Part 1

Below left Page 71 - Part 2
The page are to large to scan in one picture.

Page 72 - Part 1

Page 72 - Part 2

Page 73 is an advertisement

Page 74 - Part 1

Page 74 - Part 2 - Last Page

Well, let's see. 

I finished breakfast. One of those cereals I got from my local organic food stores and the milk in a bottle to match it.

I finished by fair trade coffee and half and half in a glass bottle.

It is time for me to do something meaningful with my life.

Watch out for those raindrops everyone.

There is only four dead today in Houston because of the storm.

No worries, they probably didn't listen to the warnings of the governor.

It was God's will.

Peter King needs to come home again. If he can't make that leap, we don't need him.

Peter King, the re-elected congressman from the US House, was on MSNBC. He had a laundry list of QUALIFICATIONS for Donald Trump as his nominee to the presidential race.

It is all nonsense. The very same demands could be made of the US House.

What Republican in the US House and Senate have a replacement for Obamacare?

How many times did Peter King vote to repeal Obamacare and not have anything to replace it?

How many times has Peter King voted for monies to Iraq and Afghanistan?

Peter King is typical of the establishment Republican, all hot air and no solutions.

The Republicans are about politics, feeding their cronies and abandoning the American people whenever possible. The Republican Party can't even build a bridge in the USA, but, they can spend trillions on a war party in Afghanistan.

The people in the USA would not put up with it.

April 19, 2016
By Mujib Mashal and Ahmad Shakib

...Sediq Sediqqi, (click here) a spokesman for the Interior Ministry, said a car bomb had been detonated outside the offices of the Directorate of Security for Dignitaries, an elite security force that provides protection to senior government officials. The explosion rattled windows in much of the city.Gunfire was heard after the explosion. Police officials said that militants had entered the compound after the explosion and that Afghan security units had arrived in response. But General Rahimi said just one militant had gone in, and that he had been gunned down in less than half an hour....

If the people of Kabul believe the Taliban is hot stuff, then they'll die at the hand of the idiots. No one is going to stop this unless the people have the will to stop it.

This is called a concrete barrier. We have them every place in  the USA on the chance some bozo cuts loose his inner killer.

Do you know how many people die in the USA everyday? That isn't what the middle east is seeing? It has become everyday news in the USA. Read the Oklahoma papers or the Texas papers where guns run like water through the society and make a head count.

This war in Afghanistan is bullshit!

We have kids attacked in school, too. Someone in the USA actually has the disillusion of what is going on in Kabul compared to Tulsa, Oklahoma? Get the USA out of there. It's over!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The United States has a real economy, not a poppy economy. This is 15 years on and the reason the USA is still there is because the military people believe a generation (20 years) has to pass before any real change occurs. 


The USA is too close to Iran to stay in Iraq or Afghanistan. The USA is simply looking for trouble. 

"The cost of the Afghan war: FY 2002 - FY 2013 (click here) 

There is absolutely no complete accounting of the vast amounts of money spent in Afghanistan. We could have built three or four cities the size of New York City with that money. THERE IS CORRUPTION. That is why the Taliban is killing people. They are angry about their cut of the action.

The Ministry of Dignitaries. You mean the FBI in Afghanistan? It is a joke.