Thursday, July 14, 2011

Michele Bachmann is getting to be my favorite Republican. She is getting to be a habit iwth me.

This segment is famous around the globe by now for all the wrong reasons.

What Michele (one L, not two) also said in this interview is that the USA would have enough money to be 'the INTEREST' on the naitonal debt, so no problem. Genius. I recognize that strategy as most university and college students do.  Pay the credit on the loan and take it off the income tax at the end of the year.

Like the Post Office says, "Genius." 

When caught lying return fire by calling someone else a liar.

Illinois House: Rep.-elect Joe Walsh, R-Ill. speaks to the media during a news conference at the GOP headquarters on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2010. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Has everyone seen this extremists latest video?  The one where he took notes from everyone else's playbook including the extremists media networks and decided to pander to his constituents?  Have you seen it?

The reason his moron decided to 'go on the attack' with his constituents is because his 'Scared Cow' was realized.  The FACT that Tea Baggers can't even BEGIN to move to a flatter and fairer tax by bring the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy under control is exactly the reason why this jerk believes he has the right to be the House at all.

A balanced budget amendment (click title to entry - thank you) will be considered on the House floor next Wednesday, The Daily Caller has learned from a senior GOP source on Capitol Hill....
I guess seeking to be the next Joe Wilson is everyone's desire.

There can't be a Balanced Budget Amendment UNLESS Congress is willing to raise taxes on the wealthy, otherwise, the Middle Class will completely disappear and the poor won't have enough disposable income to have an economy at all, except, for what Chinese imports allow them.  Like it is now across more than 15% of the populous of the USA.

Why will the Middle Class disappear?  Because without disposable income and more burden for the cost of government, their economy will continue to shrink into oblivion.  Not only that, but, the most common way for the poor to increase their wealth is through public education.  How does the Middle Class increase the opportunity for their children?  Through education.  What do we know is the backbone of the Republican failure in education?  UNDERFUNDING and removing opportunity.  How do we know this besides the failure of Bush's "No Child Left Behind?"

Because Jeb Bush's Florida education 'credentials' have the same problem is not worse. 

...Examining each of the policies (click title to entry - thank you)  trumpeted by Mr. Bush, Mathis’s findings include:

The increase in fourth-grade results on the NAEP reading test, which is foundational to the entire Bush presentation, is largely an artifact of a mandatory third-grade retention policy that initially eliminated low-scoring children from the fourth-grade test and then delayed those children’s exam dates until they were more mature, thereby exaggerating any gains.

Claims that fourth-grade NAEP reading scores improved because of the test-based retention policy also ignore the likely influence of a number of reforms downplayed or ignored by Mr. Bush. These reforms include a state reading initiative, mandated class-size reductions, the provision of reading coaches, and an emphasis on early education.

The policy of assigning letter grades to schools has been followed by “a growing gap and greater inequities between higher- and lower-rated schools.”

Mr. Bush offers no evidence that alternative teacher credentialing has done anything to improve teacher quality. Other changes in seniority, tenure and test-based teacher evaluation won’t even be implemented until 2013-2014 – meaning that no credit can be assigned to them for any past Florida improvements.

Mr. Bush’s favored school choice measures are also advocated without sound evidence that they substantially influenced test scores....

This was published by The National Education Policy Center.  (click title)

...A June 15, 2011, presentation by Bush to Michigan legislators was reviewed for the Think Twice think tank review project by Dr. William Mathis, managing director of the National Education Policy Center (NEPC).  The review is published by the NEPC, housed at the 
University of Colorado at Boulder School of Education....

If one followed Jeb Bush's "Florida Standard" for education, he began a Pre-Kindergarten to bring four year olds into public school because his Third Graders were being left behind so the Fourth Grade scores would not be effected.

Don't 'get it?'

It goes like this.  If children cannot achieve enough education in Kindergarten through Third Grade to pass the tests in the Fourth Grade then start them a year earlier so they are  completely prepped for 'dress rehearsal' of Fourth Grade testing by the Third Grade.  Failure is not an option.  Simple.

Bush was remediating his own failed education policies with taxpayer money.  Florida parents and grandparents thought it was great because were returned their free time and child care expenses were changing.  Would it be nice if every child could afford a 'leg up' to better education by starting early?  Yes?  That is how out of touch the USA consumer is with past successful standards in USA education.  Citizens of the USA don't understand what academic ACHIEVEMENT is all about anymore, how it begins, what age it begins and why 'institutionalizing the child' is part of a larger political victory.    

The Bush Tax Cuts were NEVER repealed AFTER the money was gone and the budget went into deficit spending!!!!!

Why did it go into deficit spending?


Because of an illegal war into Iraq !!!!!

That's why !!!!!!!

Why was the stimulus of 2009 necessary?  


Because the DEFICIT spending of 2001 - 2009 by the REPUBLICANS blew up the economy, that's why !!!!!!

The European Union needs to hand out an award called 'The Bozo Banker' every time there is another country that goes 'Junk Bond Status.'

The countries bail them out of their own idiocy or even deliberate idiocy and the GENTLE-PERSONS of Wall Street institutions hand out Junk Bond Status.

I don't think so.

Such gallant souls they are, the financial institutions of the world that can't BALANCE their books without BAILOUTS.

The very last thing Ireland needed was to have their financial status made virtually worthless.  It is for that reason every nation on Earth has to realize the idiocy that exists by these financial lackeys.

Ireland only a short time ago was able to obtain remarkable achievements for a country recovering from internal wars, bigotry and strife.  The global banking collapse should have never touched this delicate economy which was the backbone to the peace sought for centuries.

Ireland, (click title to entry - thank you) which is often called the Irish Republic to distinguish it from British Northern Ireland, emerged from the conflict that marked its birth as an independent state to become one of Europe's economic success stories in the final decade of the twentieth century....

The world worked with some of its best ambassadors, ministers, and presidents to bring about a peaceful economy that would provide pride to the people and another diamond on the face of this planet.  The government of Ireland is one of the first nations to respond to humanitarian crisis around the globe.  Somehow promoting peace and good will is an excellent 'fit' for this country and was does the financial community do PUNITIVELY without regard to 'the human condition' a nation maintains and contributes to?  They trash the financial stability of an entire SMALL nation still in its infancy of building strength for its people through a delicate economy.

What give any private financial institution on Earth the right to degrade an entire country of its status and stability.  There needs to be international laws governing the Bozo Bankers in the world that seek to 'have it their way' and only their way when it comes to financial stability of a country.

Gentlemen?  Gentlewomen?  Wall Street?  The three words don't fit together.  They are among the worst 'influences' in re-establishing global stability in any sense of the word that ever existed.  They should have been jailed after the Bush / Paulson Baffonery.  Tell me why that didn't happen?  Because Paulson was running 'the show' in Washington, DC.

This Almighty Financial Authority that governs sovereign nations is an assault against sovereignty, not a support of it.  I remind the European Union of some of the past 'ratings' and  '? insights ?' by these financial institutions to realize how completely idiotic their standards are.

Revenue. Where does the USA get its revenue? Answer that and then the debate will change.

...The Institute for Supply Management (click here) in its semi-annual forecast found purchasing and supply executives expect manufacturing revenue will rise 7.5 percent this year. That is modestly slower than the 7.9 percent rise seen last year....

Because, in order to PAY OFF THE NATIONAL DEBT there has to be an increase in revenue.  The country has to be able to function, including public employees, to sustain and grow the economy of the country. 

Currently, there is not enough REVENUE to pay all the bills.  We borrow and borrow and borrow some more in order to pay the bills rather than bringing in more REVENUE.

The lack of spending by the USA, as in the example above, is already causing some contracture than what was expected.  Manufactered PRODUCTS, made in the USA, has to have CUSTOMERS.  If those customers are public employees, then that is the way of the world.  If the customers aren't able to spend their monies on products produced in the USA there will be contracture of the economy and there will be more and more LOST REVENUE.

Revenue is a fun word, it sounds like "A Reverend you knew  Is has the word NEW in it.  Like NEW forms of REVENUE.  Like increasing the taxes on people that can best afford it.  "  Deficit is not a fun word.  Debt is not a fun word.  They sound like "Death and the death of it."

When was the last time the USA had SUFFICIENT REVENUE?

The last time the USA had sufficicent REVENUE was BEFORE the Bush Tax Cuts.

That was the last time.  That was the last time the USA has sufficient revenue.  Yes, you see.  When the Bush Tax Cuts occurred our REVENUE diminished and the lousy Republicans borrowed and borrowed and borrowed more and more and increased the debt ceiling again and again and again.  

Revenue is what the USA needs to RETURN TO. 


"These large deficits are what is preventing job creation."

What does that mean exactly?  People I talk to believe it means that job creation will happen because there won't be either any taxes or anything preventing job growth.


That means that with lower deficits, NOT DEBT, but deficits there will be more money to spend on job creation by the government.  AND if the government is able to create more jobs, then the economy will grow and there will be more job creation with more demand for goods and services.

"The expressions" used to describe what STILL NEEDS TO HAPPEN HERE are political expressions for the purpose of control of the MONEY.

What still needs to happen here is a LARGE STIMULUS.  How that is 'contexted' in the political debate is whether the electorate believes one party or the other rules THE MUCH NEEDED LARGER STIMULUS.

There are not a million solutions here and where it is getting really scary is that Bernanke is chomping at the bit again.  His Wall Street buddies want more captial to play the commodities market or buy and sell currency.

The language in this ? debate ? needs to change, the 'catchy' slogans need to stop and the electorate has to understand their options in 2012.  How that happens might be really interesting, but, to believe SHRINKING government is going to solve the problem is unrealistic.  Ask the EU how successful shrinking government spending is working for them.

For now, the Republicans simply need to pass a debt ceiling increase to cover their spending that occured from 2001 through 2009.

It is the Republican's debt, national debt, and they need to live with THAT FACT.

It is NOT the Democrats, it is NOT the President's deficit.  The Bush/Cheney era CAUSED this huge debt we now have.  Don't believe for one minute the National Debt is going to change because this 'episode' will resolve one way or the other.  The Republicans have no intention of lowering the Debt Ceiling as soon as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid become insolvent.  That isn't what will happen here.  The DEBT CEILING under Republicans after the entitlements are removed is simply MORE RESIDUAL to absorb into Wall Street and the irreverance of 'The Human Condition.'

The RHETORIC that does not belong in these circumstances is the fact that Republicans want to raise the debt ceiling so long as there are CUTS that equal the amount of increase passed. 

So, then they will have twice the room to spend on a Jobs Bill while appearing to have cut the National Debt.  It isn't that the Debt Ceiling will be resolved, it is just that there will be more room for them to keep bumping their heads on it while they pander to Americans.

Where are the jobs Eric Cantor?  Where are the jobs Speaker Boner?  Where are they?  Can't provide them without more spending?  Oh.

Where are the jobs Bernanke?  Another PRINTING in order to increase the happiness of Wall Street? 

"You know, speaking of hell, I was talking on my iPhone today. The new one that can't be hacked by Murdoch."

"So, I was talking to my girlfirend, she asked me to be in her wedding.  I asked her where the wedding was going to be held.  She said, Hell, Michigan and then we are going to Intercourse, North Carolina to tour Climax.  She said if we are married in hell everything has to be better from there."

What do you mean you didn't like that one.  It is some of my best stuff.

The Republican plan of "Cap and Balance" is pure genius.

We would have to bring the troops home for awhile before declaring war again, but, what the hell.

Liberals don't want to be at war.  That has got to be one of the most Progressive value systems I have ever heard in my life.

A Balanced Budget Amendment would limit the USA to go to war.  States and cities don't have to go to war, but, such a measure would definately limit the USA to declare war.  Definately.  Can you imagine having balanced the federal budget and then having a bomb dropped on the rail yards in Kansas City?  There would be no way.  Pure genius.  See, they are covert liberal extremists that want a Russian invasion just like every other commy liberal in the country.