Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Former President Mubarak needs to be whisked out of Egypt for treatment.

I don't want to hear how this man, a man of peace for a very long time has died of neglect.

This picture shows him with dark eyeglasses to protect his vision from photo-sensitivity, which is a symptom of a stroke.

This picture also shows a drop on the right side of his face, the left side of the viewer. I believe he has already had a stroke that is obvious in this photo. He could have extended the stroke. He needs treatment at the best hospital to save his life.

President Mubarak was a good friend to the USA and Israel. He joined with other Middle East leaders to bring peace to the Palestinians. 

I realize the Egyptian people want freedom and their own government. I realize the Muslim populous has been oppressed for decades. That doesn't make him an evil man, that makes him a broker for his people in the real world.

He dealt with the demonstrations inappropriately and was a victim of his own understanding of power available to him. People died for their freedom in Egypt and the struggle is still not over, but, there is horizon becoming clearer everyday. 

President Mubarak was a man of peace seeking stability for his nation and those in the region. He should not be demoralized to his death. He needs to receive treatment and those that seek to punish him with his life, I remind, the Egyptian courts did not sentence him to death. If freedom and democracy are the goals of the Egyptian people then they need to understand the dynamics of that democracy,  improve on these dynamics and abide by their laws and courts.

Peaceful people are not seeking vengeance, they seek justice. Human rights begins with the understanding the Egyptian people own those human rights and extend them to even the most hated among them. Egypt has to do the right thing and do it for the dignity of their nation and for the respect of the international community.

The desperation and hideous campaign against the AG starts with the faux claims at every turn.

It makes good Murdoch theater. Carrying out political hangman with the death of a border agent is not honorable, not even close.

...Agents (click here) from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives told congressional investigators that there was "a state of panic" that the guns used in the shooting of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson in January and two U.S. agents in Mexico a month later might have been sold under the U.S. surveillance operation.
"I used the word anxiety. The term I used amongst my peers is pucker factor," Larry Alt, special agent with ATF's Phoenix field division, told investigators preparing a joint staff report for Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista), chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The report will be released Wednesday in Washington, D.C.
Neither of those shootings was ultimately linked to the "Fast and Furious" probe, though two weapons sold to a suspect under surveillance were found at the scene of the fatal shooting of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry near Nogales, Ariz., in December....

Issa has an overlord, well invested in the destruction of the Obama Administration.

The propaganda from the Right Wing has sealed their re-election bid based on documentation that is classified and can't be released to the public/journalists to prove AG Holder has been cooperative for a long time.

The Contempt citation will be passed on the House floor based on classified documents and unfortunately AG Holder will have to go through the exercise to defeat the GOP. It won't happen until after November and the GOP will be strutting their stuff based on information the public/electorate cannot verify.

AG Holder is a great American. He has answered the call of his country for a long time. His credentials and experience surpass anything Issa has to offer, so, in some ways the AG and the Department of Justice has to realize they are dealing with a desperate man who promised on many occassions to hand the head of someone in the Obama administration to the GOP on a stick. 

Issa is carrying on a witch hunt. The claims are hideous.


Jamie Dimon states, "You should take great comfort in knowing all the USA banks are better capitalized."

See Morgan never needed the bailout. So, his role in the mess was simple and in support of those that needed the bailout. Morgan had to participate or none of the banks would receive a dime. What Dimon doesn't stop to think about; of which I am surprised and shows insensitivity on his part; is the recapitalization resulted in higher homelessness, foreclosures, unemployment and sincere pain with the populous of the citizens of the USA and globally.

Taking comfort in banks being well capitalized post economic depression is a bit arrogant and certainly not comfort. Mr. Dimon's insensitivity is a bit surprising, but, he doesn't have to walk in the shoes of the people of the USA in the same way the elected government does. Mr. Dimon's insensitivity is not only his and he should take comfort in realizing the entire Republican Party doesn't walk in the shoes of the populous of the country either.

Thank you, President Obama, Europe is solving its problems. I'll be darn; Wall Street has a new playground.

European stocks rose (click here) for a third day and the euro rebounded as Spanish bond yields declined after the government met its target at a bill auction and as the Federal Reserve prepared to meet to consider stimulus measures....

Where would Wall Street be today without President Obama and his very solid advise to the Eurozone? Huh? Answer me that?

I am still waiting to see when and IF there will be tax reform in the USA. Because Romney doesn't want it.

The Republicans are in a real quandary and simply don't see their way clear to Simpson-Bowles. Simpson Bowles requires all the loopholes to be closed and a lower broad based tax for the entire country, no exceptions. It will definately raise revenues.

But, let's say the Republicans are up against the ropes over Simpson Bowles by the electorate; how is it enforced after passage so the Republicans don't put all the loopholes back with the very next election?


Think about it a minute.




No? So, if the answer is no then why Simpson Bowles at all, right? "W"rong. There are ways of enforcing the reformation of the tax codes to Simpson Bowles standards and make it stick. Either make it temporary for at least ten years with built in enforcement stating there will be no legislative changes during that time to decrease the tax income to the USA Treasury...



Criminalize the return of the problem in the first place, like "Carried Interest." See the problem the Republicans are having now with Simpson-Bowles? They can't protect their cronies. That was some of the purpose of Simpson-Bowles in the first place. Simpson-Bowles would remove the connections between cronies and their legislators; and return FUNCTION to the US Treasury and its relationship with the taxpayers.

Have a better day. 

Oh, wait, one more thing about Romney's bus tour. WaWa Food Markets are Wall Street.

Wawa's namesake is a Native American (click here) word for the Canada Goose in flight, which is also incorporated into the company's logo....

So much for small town America. WaWa is not a Mom and Pop store. NOT "Main Street," he is definitely Wall Street.

Now, have a much better day.

I don't believe there is a political crisis in Egypt. Analysts don't understand democracy.

Egypt analysts warn of new political crisis brewing (click here)

By Sarah Lynch and Aamer Madhani, USA TODAY

CAIRO – Egypt's ruling military council reaffirmed on Monday that it will transfer power to civilian authority by the end of the month, but Egypt analysts warn that the nation could be teetering toward another political crisis as a standoff brews between the interim military rulers and Islamists....

To begin with Islamist is not a bad word except in USA Right Wing politics. Secondly, political races are not 'armed' events. There is only one side of the issues in Egypt with munitions. Basically, the Egyptian people are moving forward and receiving resistance by the old regime. That is no surprise, okay? Quite frankly, it adds to stability of the country as transition goes forward.

I do believe the demonstrators are back out on the streets verbalizing their complaints. The current military establishment simply needs to respect that and considering the President is sympathetic to the demonstrators there should not be problems.

The tightening of the military is simply a short term reasonable solution to a long term problem. The new President doesn't have vast experience in international affairs or understanding the military power available within Egypt. The military has done a favor to the new President. They have secured Egypt's power while the neighborhood is still feeling secure. The new President needs to reach out to the international community to make it well known their foreign policies and how he will resolve the dual authority currently within Egypt. This is a matter of sane and safe transition for the Egyptian people and its neighborhood.

Speaking of nuclear warfare, here goes Pakistan. AGAIN.

ISLAMABAD | Tue Jun 19, 2012 8:24am EDT
(Reuters) - Pakistan's increasingly (click here) assertive Supreme Court on Tuesday declared Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani ineligible for office, plunging the country into fresh political turmoil during a crisis in relations with the United States.
In April, it found Gilani guilty of contempt of court for refusing to reopen corruption cases against the president.
"Since no appeal was filed (against the April 26 conviction) ... therefore Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani stands disqualified as a member of the Majlis-e-Shoora (parliament)...," said Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry in a packed courtroom.
"He has also ceased to be the prime minister of Pakistan ... the office of the prime minister stands vacant."
But Fawad Chaudhry, a senior Gilani aide, said only parliament could dismiss the prime minister.
While the decision is a big blow to the ruling Pakistan People's Party (PPP), it is unlikely to lead to the fall of the unpopular government....
I don't know whom is worse, the ISI or the courts. Yes, I do actually. The ISI definately has more firepower than the courts. But, the courts do this constantly, especially with the Bhutto connection. Are the Pakistani courts actually interested in a stable country. Do the judges ever stop to realize the other end of the political leadership includes nuclear capacity or is this some kind of hideous political game that keeps the world guessing about its own security?

The MV Alaed doesn't have its paperwork in place to proceed.

The MV Alaed had its insurance withdrawn (click here) by The Standard Club in London while it was about 50 miles (80.4km) off Scotland's north coast.
The insurer said it had sought more information on the boat's cargo.
Withdrawal of insurance prevents the MV Alaed from sailing until its owner can secure new cover.
It is thought that the vessel has stopped off the Western Isles.
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) said it was unclear where the vessel would now go.
The Russian embassy in London has not yet commented.
The UK and US have raised concerns with Russia about shipments of weapons to Syria, which is subject to a European Union arms embargo....


The fleet of FEMCO has been completed with m/v ALAED (click here)

FEMCO is a private shipping company. It may be the Russian government does not have direct involvement in the shipment to Syria. That might be some of the issue here. The shipping paperwork specifying the cargo and its owner is in question. Possibly a problem with ownership of FEMCO, too. Hm. Very confusing. Ship owners are suppose to have their act together. This is very upsetting to realize the ship was underway without proper credentials to a place where people are under attack from their government. Very curious. I wonder if the Brits are going to board that darn thing.

As per mutual consent by the parties, the Management Agreement between the Owner and United Nordic Shippin A/S for provision of commercial man...

FEMCO does servicing to oil rigs in Vietnam? Seriously? There is oil offshore Vietnam? If Vietnam has income from oil why are the people so impoverished? What the heck is this all about anyway?

Well, isn't FEMCO just all over the place, huh?

Turkey? Turkey has offshore oil?

Shiraz is a refinery. What bothers me about this is the fact they are getting through a pipeline. Turkey is always having a fit over the Kurds in Northern Iraq. This refinery has been in existence from 1970. 

Shiraz Refinery (click here)

In order to prepare the need of oil products in our country, Shiraz refinery was established in 1970 by “M.O.P” and “Snam Projetti “companies, with the capacity of 40.000 barrels a day, and was used in 1973.
The feed of crude oil of this refinery which is based on oil, one of the heavy oil, is provided by a 10” pipe line with the length of 230 km from the oil resources of Gachsaran.
During the war, there were numbers of changes to optimize the producing methods and increasing the products. Designing, making,  installing and operation of blown bitumen unit and producing the battery bitumen for the first time in Iran are some of them.
Shiraz refinery products are normal gasoline, super gasoline, jet fuel, jet oil, Kerosene, gas oil, bitumen 60/70, 90/15, bitumen MC 250, fuel oil, sulphur, 402 dissolver and 404 solvants.

Bitumen? That's coal, isn't it?

Shiraz bitumen plant
Bitumen producing unit was designed and installed in 1984 by Iranian specialists. This unit is designed for producing 1250 barrels of bitumen 90/15 a day or 2500 barrels of bitumen 60/70 a day, besides bitumen MC 250 is also produced.

That's tar. They have oil brought in by tanker to process the lousy stuff. Hm. I suppose it is easier to have the oil come from northern Iraq than by ship. Iran is involved with the bitumen plant. Indeed.

The 'connectness' is interesting. Here a company, FEMCO, specializing in offshore oil rig servicing also obtains ships that transport sensitive munitions into the Middle East. I am a little surprised Israel would not have intelligence on this mess.

It is just amazing what human beings find for uses of carbon. 

Enough of that, who owns the helicopters? If FEMCO is doing oil work 'at sea' how much of their cargo in the past has been munitions? It gives them great cover. I am quite sure President Putin would like to know as much about this as well. What really bothers me is that Vietnam has been screaming about offshore rights being dominated by China. I don't like any of this. It seems to me there needs to be an investigation into this companies activities globally before they start a nuclear event.