Tuesday, August 02, 2016

For Republicans, racism is fund raising.

August 2, 2016
By Julie Bykowicz

AP - Hillary Clinton raised $63 million in July (click here) for her presidential campaign, her best month yet and a summertime haul that puts her ahead of President Barack Obama's fundraising at the same point in his re-election race.

The Democratic nominee also may have out raised her Republican opponent once again. In addition to her campaign money, she brought in another $26 million last month for the Democratic National Committee and state parties, bringing her total monthly fundraising to about $90 million.

Donald Trump said Monday that he'd raised $35.8 million for his campaign in small donations, but he has not disclosed his full July total. Like Clinton, Trump has a fundraising partnership with party allies through which he can collect checks of hundreds of thousands of dollars from individual donors.

Both campaigns must provide their latest fundraising details to federal regulators by August 20....
Good night everyone.

There is no psychiatrist that will try to treat racism. Racism is not a diagnosis in the DSM-5.

Racism is not a mental health problem.

Donald Trump is unaware of what he is saying? Psychotic I suppose. Off his medication maybe.

The fact the Khan family was on the stage of the Democratic National Convention is proof of the respect they are afforded. They were on the stage at the Democratic National Convention because of the racism in the Republican PARTY that call religious extremists in a specific way.

I have seen it before, the line Donald Trump crossed has been crossed before time and again by Republicans. This is not a mental health problem, this is a Republican strategy called a 'dog whistle.'

Racism is a Repubilcans' stock and trade.

October 6, 1999
By George Lardner, Jr. and Michael Dobbs

 Beset by the leak (click here) of a top secret history of the Vietnam War and rising unemployment statistics that were hurting his standing in the polls in summer of 1971, President Richard M. Nixon lashed out repeatedly at "the Jews" he saw at the root of his problems.

"The Jews are all over the government," Nixon complained to his chief of staff, H.R. "Bob" Haldeman, in the Oval Office meeting recorded on one of a set of White House takes released yesterday at the National Archives. Nixon said the Jews needed to be brought under control by putting someone "in charge who is not Jewish" in key agencies....

Nixon used to take Dilantin while in office and he never had a convulsive disorder. Mental health is a pathetic excuse for politics. Just recognize the racism.

Bill O'Reilly? He would rather attack Donald Trump than talk about sexism at FOX.

MSNBC is embarrassing themselves.

I take it Hillary Clinton is not attacking Donald Trump's mental health. That would be letting him off too easily. 
Ahhhh...the poor Republicans are in a place they have never been in before. 

The party has a split. The establishment Republicans welcomed the money and politics of the Tea Party since 2008. The Tea Party was rolled out before the inauguration in 2009. The establishment Republicans were real happy to accept them then. Then they started to lose seats in primaries of the Tea Party. Well, they lost this nomination as well.

The establishment Republicans are ruthless and cater to the extremists. How did anyone think this was going to turn out?

Democracy is not desireable?

Donald Trump is not going to release his tax returns. Romney didn't. In Romney's case he was offshoring money. Republicans are embarrassed by their tax returns that prove the cronies they would have as elected officials.

It is amazing to me that someone from outside the Washington inner circle is considered a threat, but, when Cheney was cooking the books at Halliburton he was never questioned as a Vice Presidential candidate.

"W" was the worst President this country has had in modern times. Eisenhower did not go back to war and even warned about using the military prowess of the USA for the wrong reasons. Eisenhower wasn't alone either. There have been Presidents across our history that have warned about the power the USA has and the prudent use of it.

Why didn't the media make a SCENE over "W" or Cheney. Only AFTER the fact did facts emerge to the wrongful path of the USA under their leadership. Why is that? Maybe because exposing tax returns seems enough to know about a potential president?

Rumsfeld's cabal was established long before the 2000 election.

The USA has a democratic process to be respected. Hijacking it is equally as bad as a supposedly "unfit" candidate. It is amazing to watch how people in power believe they have the RIGHT to control election outcomes.

It is a process to bring candidates before the people. When are the people going to be respected again for THE POWER they have.

I am so sorry the survivors of the tsunami cannot move forward.

Five years after the tsunami that killed tens of thousands in Japan, a husband still searches the sea for his wife, joined by a father hoping to find his daughter.

August 2, 2016
By Jennifer Percy

...Takahashi kept maps and records (click here) of Takamatsu’s searches, recording which shore and what depth. Sometimes the men searched the same region several times, because bodies and debris moved around in the currents. The shape of each search was different: circular, semicircular, a straight sweep though a current. Now and then Takamatsu had an intuition that his wife was in one part of the sea or another, and Takahashi tried to accommodate his hopes. But there were many restricted areas — fishing routes, places with dangerous currents — and Takahashi had to coordinate each dive with the coast guard and fishermen.

On the first dive, Takamatsu took a boat out to sea. He was scared. The water wasn’t clear, and he knew that below the surface, there were dangers — he could get caught by a rope or cut by debris. A flipper might hit his head and flood his mask. The regulator might not work. He might panic. He could die of hypothermia, entanglement, the bends....

The love in this dedication is indescribable. No one can understand the depth at which these people loved each other. It would be good for Japan to find a way of honoring those lost in the tsunami. This is heartache. The idea the bodies are somewhere rational waiting to be retrieved does not have expectations defined in science. 

August 2, 2016
By Daisy Grewal

...2002 study in the journal Legal Medicine (click here) examined nine bodies that had drifted hundreds of kilometers in cold waters off the coast of Portugal and Spain. Bodies recovered in the first week were in good condition, but the beginning signs of decomposition were present on a body recovered after eight days. The two bodies recovered after 20 days were highly decomposed and could only be identified through DNA analysis or dental records. As for warmer water, A 2008 study on two human bodies recovered following aircraft accidents found one body off of Sicily to be partially skeletonized after 34 days and a second body off of Namibia to be completely skeletonized after three months.*...

It is called democracy.

Most USA citizens don't want candidates groomed by and for Wall Street. Since "W" the people have seen a rise in non-Wall Street family businesses that seek control over the power of the USA. 

We aren't interested. Donald Trump while owning a family business is not carrying out promises of bailouts to failing petroleum industries. He is not pandering to money and uses the public and cable media to promote his candidacy. The Republicans of the Tea Party have a right to seek their own candidates. Now that they have everyone is scared to their civvies. 

Too bad. The Donald Trump campaign earned their current status legally and within the primary process.

I am quite surprised President Obama is attempting to dictate an outcome to the 2016 elections. Very surprised actually.

August 2, 2016
By Isaac Stanley-Becker and Sean

President Obama on Tuesday (click here) escalated his criticism of Donald Trump, calling him “unfit to serve as president,” as the Republican presidential nominee faced censure from members of both parties for disparaging the parents of a fallen army captain.
“The notion that he would attack a Gold Star family that made such extraordinary sacrifices on behalf of our country, the fact that he doesn’t appear to have basic knowledge around critical issues in Europe, in the Middle East, in Asia, means that he is woefully unprepared to do this job,” Obama said at the White House, during a news conference with the prime minister of Singapore.
Obama also challenged Republican leaders to go beyond distancing themselves from Trump, saying their objections “ring hollow” as long as they still pledge to vote for him....

I strongly suggest the Democratic movement begin their voter to the polls drives now. I am not afraid of democracy, I am afraid of men that move into the Pacific to bring pressure to major powers to act.
I strongly suggest the Democratic movement begin their voter to the polls drives now. I am not afraid of democracy, I am afraid of men that move into the Pacific to bring pressure to major powers to act.

There is no sincere or competent leadership at the national level of the DNC. I strongly suggest the state and local campaigns carry out their own fund raising and organize to get out the vote.

August 2, 2016
By Abby Phillip and Katie Zezima
Denver — Three top officials (click here) at the Democratic National Committee will leave their posts this week amid the controversy over the release of a cache of hacked emails from the committee.
Chief executive Amy Dacey, Chief Financial Officer Brad Marshall and Communications Director Luis Miranda will leave the DNC just days after a new leader took the helm.
A trove of nearly 20,000 emails were posted on WikiLeaks last month. They included some emails that raised questions about the faith of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's primary rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.), and others that seemed to disparage donors....


August 1, 2016
By John R. Schindler

Today the Department of Justice (click here) revealed that a longtime employee of the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been charged with espionage on behalf of China, his homeland. Kun Shan Chun, who was employed by the FBI since 1997, was arrested back in March of this year and has already pleaded guilty to his betrayal.
Chun, who went by “Joey,” worked for nearly two decades as an electronics technician with the FBI’s huge New York field office, where ten percent of the Bureau is assigned. He held Top Secret security clearances since 1998. Part of his job, as one of the legions of technical personnel who support the FBI’s storied special agents, included accessing classified information. It seems safe to assume that was what Chun was sharing with Beijing.
Chun admitted that, from 2011 to 2016, he passed sensitive information to a Chinese official whom he knew to be a government representative, i.e. a spy. Among the classified information he passed included the identity and travel plans of an FBI agent, an internal organizational chart, plus photos taken by Chun of documents in a restricted area related to surveillance technology....

"Pokemon Go" demoralizes participants lives. Amazing. It should be banned on military bases. It is a national security issue.

August 2, 2016

A two-year-old toddler (click here) found crying outside his home after his parents allegedly left him alone to go play Pokemon Go, authorities said.
Brent and Brianne Daley, of San Tan Valley, Arizona, were arrested and charged with child endangerment after Pinal County Sheriff deputies found the boy barefoot and wearing only a diaper and T-shirt outside the home.
The Daleys admitted to leaving their child while he was sleeping to play the augmented reality game, which requires users to find Pokemon in real-world locations.
Reports claim the boy was left alone anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours, according to NBC 12 News and KTAR News.
At some point the boy exited the home while distraught in temperatures of approximately 95 degrees and was spotted around  10:30 pm....

"Jack" attacked by black lakeland terrier ending his 25 year life.

Sincerest sympathies to Jack's 70 year old owner.

August 2, 2016
By Leon Watson

Britain's oldest dog (click here) has been mauled to death while on a morning walk.
Jack, a 25-year-old Yorkie, was attacked and bitten by a black lakeland terrier near its home on Teeside.
Owner Ray Bunn, 70, said: "I am still in shock. We expected Jack to die quietly in his sleep, not in this horrible, violent way. The dog just came out of nowhere and grabbed Jack on his side.
"I was desperate to get the dog off Jack. I punched it, but it was about three minutes before it let go.
"Jack was bleeding heavily but still breathing. Someone had a blanket and we wrapped him up and put him in the back of the car."
The dog, who would be 117 in human years, was rescued by Ray and his wife Mary 17 years ago from a couple who could not care for it....

16 month investigation by the Associated Press shows the pollution in Rio beaches exceed clean water standards.

August 2, 2016
J. D Durkin
...“Can you swim at the bay (click here) where the sailing competition’s gonna take place? Yes you can. I did a dive there!” says Andre Correa, the Environmental Secretary for Rio. However, the AP warns that locals like Correa likely have built up a high degree of tolerance to the viruses that visitors have not. And that’s the exact concern just three days before the state of the Olympics… with an estimated 500,000 guests expected to hit the shores in the next three weeks.
“Nearly 100% of the people who come in contact with the water will get infected,” admits virologist Fernando Spilki in the report. “But getting sick will only happen to some of them.” The likely symptoms include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

New Zealand to increase their refugee quota by one third.

August 2, 2016
By Nicholas Jones

Doubling the refugee quota (click here) would have cost $41.2 million more a year, according to Government estimates.
Cabinet ultimately decided to increase the annual quota from 750 to 1000 - a move that will cost $20.6 million a year in the long-run.
The costings have been outlined in documents relating to the refugee quota system released under the Official Information Act today.
Other detail includes advice from immigration officials that a suspension of the refugee quota programme would be considered in the event of a mass arrival of asylum seekers.
There has been strong lobbying from NGOs for the refugee quota to be at least doubled, a position that had broad support among other parties in Parliament.
Three options were presented to Cabinet as part of the Government's regular review of the quota - leaving the annual quota at 750, increasing it to 1000, or doubling it to 1500....