Friday, September 14, 2012

Apology to the Mideast protesters. My loyalty is with you.

But, in the USA there is no public hangings of a person that makes a stupid film. There is reasons for that. If I may?

The USA has rules that divide the passions of religion and government. That is a good thing for the USA because we have vastly more religions within our borders than do many of the Mideast countries.

Now, I don't mind burning the film, but, one has to ask will it be completely destroyed if we did that. The Digital Age of which we live and have brought progress to democracies, dare I say, has a way of getting away from authority to control it. So, while there can be and perhaps should be a pubic burning of this completely deranged video there would manifest another copy and we would have accomplished little to no effect to protect Mohammad's sacred truth with his people.

The USA advocates non-violence within our diversity. We enforce the non-violence. Not to say there is no crime that occurs which violates that non-violent directive, but, the laws of the USA AND the civil courts do protect people from hate. At least they do the best they can to control hate. We have laws that punish people for violent hate crimes.

Now, the civil courts, in many ways, are far more punitive than one might expect. The civil courts actually take up these issues with a great deal of brevity. If representatives from the Islamic community filed a lawsuit against this filmmaker, the civil courts in the USA would give the complaint a great deal of brevity. The complaint would have to go to the correct jurisdiction and I am confident my Mideast friends would understand that. Communities have leaders in the Mideast and those leaders would be able to convene important meetings. It is the same here, except, it is more formalized and such. Complete strangers can call upon our judges to hear their pleas. The judges take everyone very seriously. It is a promise they make in the form of AN OATH to their power. An oath in the USA is similar to a prayer to seek purification of the laws under which all in the USA live.

Now, the difference between the civil courts and criminal courts is sincerely remarkable and can cause sincere harm to power in the USA. In other words, the people/person creating this atrocity film will suffer damage to their reputation and could suffer financial devastation. These decisions can be made with a jury of persons similar to those making the complaint so the chances of that being important in that court room is very good. Juries and Judges in the USA take their responsibilities to the people very seriously. If a finding goes against the person charged with the complaint it could ruin their future ability to live a good and prosperous life. They will then have a bad reputation and have financial liability to those harmed by their actions. I dare say, that if the families of those dead in Libya come to a finding of extreme harm due this wayward filmmaker they can sue him for the deaths of their family.

Now, with foreign interests there needs to be an American component to access the civil courts in the USA and there are very devote Islamic people in the USA. I am quite sure while they seem more silent due to lack  of violence they are as equally pained by the implications of this film.


With all that, if the Islamic communities in the USA join with their brothers and sisters in the Mideast to stand up against defamation of Mohammad they can be effective through courts in this country. After all, the children exposed to this atrocity have their religious savior defamed as well. That is not good. There is always the component hate here. Did this film actually intend to take flight and have people killed through violence in the USA? Was this film made to promulgate hate and seek bodily harm of others. The USA has a history of bigotry which killed other people. There is a lot to say about the potential for having harmed others in the Islamic community in the USA if a video was allowed to be accepted within our communities.

The Islamic communities want peace as much as any other community in the USA and globally, this film obviously has hurt that process. 

So, while the USA is less punitive toward this filmmaker and not seeking the death sentence for this atrocity, there are ways of making sure these people/person never conduct themselves in the same way. I would think to begin such a process would require a request for a temporary restraining order for the emotional harm he has already caused and a permanent restraining order to attempt to end his hate filled video production. Perhaps the work is permanent injunction to end such hate films.

I wish we had the power to stop it, but, in the USA that is not possible through death and these things happen. We don't like it or approve of it, but, our laws work when employed. Our communities are stronger for the laws here and we stand up for each other. The righteous are in larger measure of numbers of people than those that hate.

Kurdistan takes shape.

BAGHDAD | Thu Sep 13, 2012 8:47pm IST
(Reuters) - Iraq's central government and the country's autonomous Kurdistan agreed to end an oil payment dispute after Kurdistan pledged to continue exports and Baghdad said it would pay foreign companies working there, a senior Iraqi official said on Thursday.
The decision resolves part of a broader feud between Baghdad and Kurdistan about control over oil and territory that has involved major companies including Exxon Mobil , Chevron and Total .
Deputy Prime Minister Rosh Nuri al-Shawish, a Kurd who is part of the central government negotiating team, said Kurdistan would keep pumping its share of national oil exports, and Baghdad would pay foreign companies in the Kurdish region....