Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mr. Rubio is still not correct. Climate is NOT always changing. Weather is always changing. He reminds me of Dan Quayle.

Weather is dependent on climate. When climate shifts there is danger to species. The abrupt climate change existing today is increasing the danger to species, including human beings.

Mr. Rubio is neglecting his responsibilities as a Senator. 
Secretary Clinton will never be deterred from running from office if she believes she is needed by her country.

Hillary Clinton is the most accomplished women in the USA. The only accomplishment she hasn't attained is the USA Presidency.

She'll run if her country needs her.

Cities in "Free USA" are banning fracking to protect citizens, their land and water.

MAY 14, 2014

...Fracking a single oil well (click here) in California last year took 87 percent of the water consumed in a year by a family of four, according to the Western States Petroleum Association, an industry lobbying group. That amount — a modest one by national standards, argues the oil industry — has become an increasingly delicate topic since a drought was officially declared early this year in the state....

"The Free USA?" Oh, those are the states that support and don't oppress their citizens through dominating state legislation. ie: Voter ID demands or obstructing the capacity of cities to protect their citizens.


There are two Americas. One rich and one poor. One free and one oppressed. What I haven't correlated yet is why the oppressed are also the poor.