Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Don't blame the victims.

November 6, 2016
By Abigail Hauslohner and Mark Berman

They’re angry. (click here) They’re afraid. They’re upset that Donald Trump is going to be their next president.
But many of the protesters who took to the streets in cities across the country over the past week didn’t cast a ballot for the candidate who could have beaten him.

Instead of voting for Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, dozens of protesters in cities from Philadelphia to Portland, Ore., said in interviews this week that they had cast ballots for Green Party candidate Jill Stein, wrote in Sen. Bernie Sanders or, in some cases, failed to vote at all....

Everyone wants the protests to disappear and the protestors to behave. It is amazing how adult protesters are throught about as out of control children. They are not children. They don't think as children and yes they are often well informed.

Michigan was a surprise, especially considering the Flint water poisoning and the emergency manager referendum overturned by Snyder. I don't remember Trump being seen with Snyder either. But, oppressed people do give up after a time. I think that is what has occurred in Michigan for some time now. They thought Rick Snyder would fix Michigan. He hasn't. He has made it worse. It is not surprising Trump may have taken Michigan with a little more than 13 thousand votes. The counties have to reply by November 22nd.

When people are oppressed they seek out answers in unproductive ways. 

Rick Snyder has achieved his lowest approval rating as of August 2016 at 39.7 (click here). With such a low approval rating of a Republican governor, Donald Trump should not have done as well as he did.

But, to the demonstrators, they aren't to blame. They are the vicitms of an out of control election process. The deck is stacked against them and there is no one that knows it now more so than Hillary Clinton. One might ask what these demonstrators think and are feeling knowing the FBI Director threw the marginal election to Donald Trump.

There is a lot to worry about. The protesters  are correct and to say they are too blame for the election that is not the case. Trump won because of the Electoral College. He didn't have the popular vote. There is a stark difference in voter involvement between the Blue States and Red States. The Blue States for Hillary had a surplus of voters for her. (click here) There were some squeakers, such as Arizona and Colorado, but, they were the exception.

There is a lack of involvement in the Red States with Democrats. The Democrats need a 50 state strategy and need to overturn oppressive government from mayor and council to US Senators. The Democrats are writing off the people of the Red States. Democrats could actually be ignoring voters that agree with them, but, just don't know it.

I have had conversations with people I thought agreed with me, until politics came into the discussion. We agreed on everything, until political personalities were introduced into the conversation and the differences were stark. They believed all the problems we talked about were important and agreed with the solution until the introduction of political names and the discussion swung away from agreement to complete disagreement. The people I spoke to agreed with me about the problems and best solution, but, they thought differently of the PERSONALITY who would solve the problems.

Don't blame the demonstrators for their feelings. They are correct. Even if they voted it probably would not have changed the outcome because of the Electoral College. It is safe to say, the Electoral College takes away the rights of the people. The Democrats need to begin at the grassroots in the Red States and should start with Colorado, Arizona, Florida and Michigan. They should start now and work on growing popularity of the Democratic candidates. Keep it real, too.

It would seem Jarod Kushner is being irresponsible to his own tenants.

Kushner purchased the building while Donald Trump was running for president. So, what gives? A tax evation strategy?

November 16, 2016
By Julia Marsh

A Greenwich Village building (click here) owned by Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is a sewage-spewing powder keg waiting to explode, according to a new lawsuit by a former commercial tenant.
Eran Wasjwol ran a franchise location of the upscale grilled cheese chain Meltkraft at 101 MacDougal Street from 2014 until this past summer when he vacated the space after a series of sewage leaks and out of concerns over an illegal electrical connection, according to his lawsuit.
Kushner bought the five-story building in 2015 and was largely an absent landlord, Wasjwol says in court papers....

Everytime the Republicans want to talk about SSI, Medicare and others, they call it "PROTECT" it. They are lying. They know they are lying.

The Democrats have a responsibility to the people and build their numbers in both the US House and US Senate in BOTH 2018 and 2020. There are entitlements hanging in the balance besides other programs such as SCHIP, Food Stamps and to improve and protect Medicaid.

Does everyone remember the $2 trillion "W" wanted from SSI for his idea of the perfect entitlement. This was before 2008 began to show in 2007; it was immediately after his re-election. The re-election occurred in November of 2004. This alarming announcement occurred at the State of the Union in 2005. "W" never once talked about ruining SSI during his re-election.

There is one thing that needs to happen to SSI and that is to remove the 'cap' on the SSI tax. ONE THING. There is no other reasonable answer that will PROTECT the entitlement. 

March 5, 2005 (click here) 

New York - In the State of the Union address Wednesday evening, President Bush answered some important questions about his plans for Social Security reform and the creation of individual investment accounts. Many issues remain unclear, however.
Here are some of the topics Bush addressed and some further details from a fact sheet on his proposal.
Would reform affect everyone? The president has said all along that any reform would not affect the benefits of current and near retirees. On Wednesday, he specified that benefits of anyone age 55 and older will not be changed.
Who could open an investment account? The accounts are voluntary. But participation would be phased in over three years according to age. In the first year -- 2009 -- workers born from 1950 to 1965 could open accounts. In the second year, workers born from 1950 to 1978 could open accounts. In the third year, anyone born after 1950 could opt for an account.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid have publish everywhere possible the current bills in committee or otherwise to accomplish the destruction of the entitlements. The people have a right to know that protecting the entitlements begin with complete transparency of the plans that will destruct them and put them at risk.

Start now and don't stop. Start campaigning now to protect the entitlements. Stop the aggression of the Republicans now and continue with EVERY election from here forward. 

Heck, as the elections of 2018 draw near publish the bills in committee and otherwise in a full page add in the newspapers where Democrats can win in the US House. Senators need to have fliers that spell out the plans of the Republicans to destroy the entitlements. Speak the truth and list the numbers and titles being passed around in the Republican House and Senate. Stop the political speak and talk the truth about what to expect under Republican majorities based in known and written agendas in committee. Site cronies and lobbyists involved in promoting such destructive plans.

Talk about the future and KNOWN existing bills in committee. Tell the country there is a real way to PROTECT the entitlements and show them the bill in committee to do exactly that. Be truthful filled with FACTS of the destruction of the people's government.

BLUE Talk Radio needs to begin the real elections of 2018 and 2020. Have the Congressmen and Congresswomen willing to move the REAL PROTECTION of the entitlements forward. Make them iconic to loyalty to the people. Also build loyalty to unions and bring their message forward including how the pensions are the real reason the Republicans want to end unions. This is important stuff. It is real. It needs to be transparent to the people. Unions are vital to the $15.00 minimum wage. Impoverishment of the working Americans has to stop. There is also the 'talk' about Wall Street making plans to increase their profiteering as soon as a higher minimum wage takes place so why raise the minimum wage. That did not happen before 2008. Good paying jobs with living wages and more have to return. Benefits are important including vacation time. There are US House Districts that such FACTS will play well. Use trial baloons to know the best words and best outcomes.

GET THIS STUFF DONE. ENOUGH ALREADY. Target Red States. The working poor are largely in Red States. Why is that?

Don't forget Earth either.