Friday, May 15, 2015

How about some scopolomine!

Scopolamine or “The Devils Breath” as it has become known, is a part hallucinogenic part delirium inducing drug native to the northern area of South America including Ecuador, Venezuela and of course Colombia. Its effects vary from being mildly euphoric (When mixed with opiates) to causing a zombie-like state that renders your power of free will useless....

It is known to give euphoria and with enough in the blood the inmate would have flash backs as it is a truth serum. But, it would kill him while hallucinating so that should be okay.

I would not expect to find too many of these plants in the neighborhood. They are dangerous plants.

Deadly drug: (click here) Scopolamine is made from the Borrachero tree, which blooms with deceptively beautiful white and yellow flowers

They are mostly tropical. If your neighborhood has one it could be removed for the danger it possesses. 

Or maybe some strychnine.

The inmate can care for the tree before he dies and bond with a kinship. The bonding process would provide a warm fuzzy feeling inside. It could be grown in the yard and provide shade on hot days. Then it can be harvested to provide enough poison to kill the inmates on death row.

I tell you what, we could try uranium toxicity. We know it works over time and the family could get to say good-bye.

Although (click here) human experience with uranium spans more than 200 years, the LD50 for acute intake in humans has not been well established. Large acute doses of uranium can produce death from chemical toxicity in rats, guinea pigs, and other small experimental animals, with variation in sensitivity among species. However, there has never been a death attributable to uranium poisoning in humans, and humans seem to be less sensitive to both acute and chronic toxic effects of uranium than other mammalian species studied. Highly relevant data on uranium toxicity in humans are available from the experience of persons administered large doses of uranium for therapy of diabetes and from acute accidental inhalation intakes. Although the data on which to establish oral and inhalation acute LD50 for uranium in humans are sparse, they are adequate to conclude that the LD50 for oral intake of soluble uranium compounds exceeds several grams of uranium and is at least 1.0 g for inhalation intakes. For intakes of uranium compounds of lesser solubility, acute LD50 values are likely to be significantly greater. It is suggested that 5 g be provisionally considered the acute oral LD50 for uranium in humans. For inhalation intakes of soluble compounds of uranium, 1.0 g of uranium is proposed as the provisional acute inhalation LD50.

Even Dick Cheney would approve of this method.

Asphyxiation is mentally cruel. The 'buzz' is not a part of the drug or gas as the case may be. Nitrogen counts on metabolism. That is not legitimate.

May 22, 2014
By Tom McNichol

This new proposed method, (click here) known as nitrogen asphyxiation, seals the condemned in an airtight chamber pumped full of nitrogen gas, causing death by a lack of oxygen. Nitrogen gas has yet to be put to the test as a method of capital punishment—no country currently uses it for state-sanctioned executions. But people do die accidentally of nitrogen asphyxiation, and usually never know what hit them. (It’s even possible that death by nitrogen gas is mildly euphoric. 

Any other MECHANISM of killing someone in the death penalty OCCUPIES the space in which death is guaranteed. Nitrogen is also a matter of metabolism. Death by metabolism is not a legitimate method of a guaranteed death. It might make interesting dialogue, but, it is cruel and unusual.

Next thing you know they'll be providing the last meal with salmonella. 

Let's see. Hm. How about hydrogen? All anyone would have to do is light a match.

Automatic cremation. No fuss, no mess, purely end of life. 
The bends, also known as decompression sickness (DCS) or Caisson disease occurs in scuba divers or high altitude or aerospace events when dissolved gases (mainly nitrogen) come out of solution in bubbles and can affect just about any body area including joints, lung, heart, skin and brain....

So, the genius behind the nitrogen bubble as a means of death for the death sentence decided giving an inmate "The Bends" will kill him, huh? The operative word here is "Comatose." Nitrogen toxicity causes a coma, death comes later. That is NOT a legitimate method of putting a person to death free of cruel and unusual. It is very unusual thinking. That is the only legitimacy this has.

There are co-pilots in jets. There needs to be a co-engineer in every train.

That means more funding and a secession of the US Congress continuing to put our government services into bankruptcy, including the US Post Office. Do I trend?
I look forward to the complete report from the NTSB about the train derailment in Philadelphia. I appreciate their update and throughness. I hope the passengers are recovering. It was an absolutely violent derailment and no one expects anyone to be okay after such an experience.

May 14, 2015
By Mark Abrams

...National Transportation Safety Board (click here to watch video) member Robert Sumwalt, who is leading the investigation, says in the wake of preliminary information that the train was running in excess of 100 miles an hour going into a curve, more data has been revealed in an on-board camera from the front of the engine. Sumwalt says it captured the final fateful minutes before the engine and its seven cars went tumbling off the tracks.

“Thirty-one seconds before the end of the recording, the train speed was going through 90 miles per hour. Sixteen seconds before the end of the recording, the train speed was going through 100 miles per hour,” said Sumwalt.
Sumwalt said the train increased its speed by 30 miles per hour in 49 seconds. The train peaked at 106 miles per hour and was clocked at 102 miles per hour when it crashed.

Sumwalt wouldn’t say who or what was causing the train to accelerate, even though the speed at that area was only 50 miles per hour.
“We always look at distraction. We always look at potential for fatigue,” Sumwalt said....

The Death Penalty is law in the United States of America.

The venue for ending this type of sentencing and the prolonged appeals and repeating effects on the jury is to address the fact the United States Constitution does not provide for the death penalty.

It is not the jurors responsibility to decide the death penalty is unconstitutional. It is the jurors responsibility to carry out the law as provided to them through the prosecutors and judge.

The Constitution calls upon citizens to carry out judgement within a jury. I am confident every juror that was chosen was asked if they had a moral objection to the death penalty. I am more than confident the prosecutors understand how people can object to the death penalty depending on their religion and or personal values and choices. It was not the duty of the prosecutors to find people who would deliver 'a certain type of verdict' that would be a political decision. It was the prosecutor's responsibility to carry out the law. The difficult aspect of this sentence is that the State of Massachusetts doesn't recognize the death penalty, but, the crime crossed into federal statues and that is where there is recognition of the death penalty. 

Jurors and prosecutors only seek to carry out the law. In doing so they answer to the citizens. This is a representative democracy where representatives elected are suppose to reflect the values of their constituents. That was once true in the USA. On a federal basis the elected Congress, Executive Branch and Judiciary recognize the federal sentencing. 

We heard today the decisions unanimously on how the prosecutors had found all the requirements to carry out a death penalty. The requirements are clear. The jury was charged with the proceedings and the qualifications. In working through the requirements for the death penalty, the jurors found the crimes met with guilty verdicts.

For those that feel strongly about recapturing our Constitution and ending the death penalty there is a political process that has to be rendered to end it. It can be a state process and if there are enough states that eliminate the death penalty, there can be an amendment to the federal constitution. Now, why an amendment if the death penalty is considered unconstitutional. There are states within the United States that will commit to ending the death penalty. An Amendment will end the argument.

Let me introduce an idea if a challenge is to go forward. This is necessary to bring about the correct focus. Proponents to the death penalty state it is a deterrent. I would not expect the Tsarnaev Brothers to know the impacts of our federal laws. Anyone is going to point to the fact this was a terrorist act against the USA and it was. Absolutely. It was an act based upon a belief system the Tsarnaev Brothers wanted to have as the basis of life in the USA. That is treason. Terrorism both domestic and foreign is an act against the country.

Here is the question:

"Did the Tsarnaev Brothers give thought to the fact Massachusetts doesn't have the death penalty before they caused the deaths, maiming, hardship and impact on the peace within the borders of the USA?"

I am not going to answer that question for you. That is from me for everyone that believes the death penalty is a blight upon this country. Now. Plot the course forward to bring about the change needed for some of the heinous practices in the country, including the mentally ill.
Considering this is terrorism and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is connected by birth to a dangerous part of the world, he should have very little contact with anyone, except, his attorneys.

One has to consider where the impetus to this crime began. It began with Dzhokhar's brother while traveling to his home to visit with his family. He came back with a purpose other than living a productive and happy life. 

Dzhokhar carries with him a love for his brother enough to be influenced to carry out a heinous crime. I am confident there are others looking at his trial sentence and calling him a martyr. There are all sorts of heinous thoughts revolving around him. He needs to be a prisoner and not a martyr to issue instructions to the outside world.
It was heinous. 

It was random. 

It was terrorism.

Three people, one being a child, died. That child didn't have a chance to say he loved life and wanted it for as long as he could have it. Martin was innocent, he loved his family and he won't ever have a chance to see his life unfold.

Avian flu USA.

There is a common denominator causing the spread of the contagion. I guarantee you it is the trucks coming and going from the farms that are carrying the virus. It was the large commercial transportation found to be the culprit with the virus and bacteria to bee colonies. 

Each farmer needs to have their own straight truck or have a contract with a local transporter that will respect the need for maintaining decontamination from virus and bacteria.

The microbes can be colonized on the TIRES as well as the cargo compartment. Eggs and poultry are considered non-exempt freight. They are perishable. So, independent transports is going to be involved. The independents have to be oriented to the reality of contamination of this virus. The best place to educate independent truckers is at the brokerages, especially any brokerages that transport poultry. 

The poultry farmers have to become their own best friend by demanding every truck or car that comes and goes from their farms are decontaminated. It is not that difficult. Tanker freight have to scour out their trailers between cargo loads. The truck stops have wash areas with hoses inside concrete block buildings so the trucks simply drive the tanker trailer and cab into the building and throw some quarters or credit cards swipes to start up the hoses. It is not that big a task. 

This is all the equipment farmers need in their own garages. Every time a car or truck is leaving and returning their tires and cargo areas are disinfected.

As is possible have a scheduled wash down of the entire vehicle including inside the cab. Boots and shoes can carry the contagion, too. It will come under control as soon as the folks involved realize the dangerous potential to simple everyday activities.

This is the Asian Pacific adn it's Third World cultures. Human Trafficking Is an option in the depths of poverty.

May 15, 2015

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) (click here) " More than 1,000 people fleeing persecution in Myanmar and poverty in Bangladesh came ashore in different parts of Southeast Asia on Friday, becoming the latest migrants to slip into countries that have made it clear they are not welcome.

Weak, hungry and dehydrated, most of the migrants were crammed onto three boats that Indonesian fisherman towed ashore, while another 106 people were found on a Thai island Thursday and brought to the mainland, authorities said.
Myanmar, in its first official comments as the crisis escalated in the past two weeks, indicated it won't take back migrants who claim to be Rohingya, an ethnic Muslim minority who are denied citizenship in Myanmar and are effectively stateless.

"We cannot say that the migrants are from Myanmar unless we can identify them," said government spokesman Ye Htut. "Most victims of human trafficking claim they are from Myanmar is it is very easy and convenient for them."
Another official, Maj. Zaw Htay, said that Myanmar "will not attend a regional meeting hosted by Thailand if 'Rohingya' is mentioned on the invitation." Even the name is taboo in Myanmar, which calls them Bengalis and insists they are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, even though Rohingya have lived in the majority-Buddhist country for generations.

Thailand has convened a meeting of senior officials for May 29, but the Myanmar officials' comments show the difficulty in resolving what has become a spiraling humanitarian crisis....

The USA Helicopter has been found. The winds in the mountains have proven treacherous.

May 15, 2015

...A Reuters correspondent (click here) flew on a Nepali military helicopter along the Tamakoshi river that runs by the town of Charikot, in the mountainous Dolakha district worst hit by Tuesday’s 7.3 magnitude quake that killed nearly 100 people.
The river winds through rugged Himalayan terrain in an area whose tallest peak soars over 7,000 meters (23,000 ft). Hillsides are cloaked with dense forest that would make it hard to sight the chopper that went missing after the crew was heard over the radio saying the aircraft had a fuel problem.
In Koshikhet village, a U.S. civilian team was using a drone to search for the missing Marine Corps UH-1Y, or Huey as the model is better known, which was carrying six Marines and two Nepali soldiers.
“We are using infrared vision to look for hotspots and any signs of life,” said drone operator Shepherd Eaton, from GlobalMedic, a U.S. aid agency that specializes in search and rescue....

Pope Francis is coming to the USA in September. His topic is "The Family."

May 13, 2015
By Tierney McAfee

Minding your manners could save your marriage, according to Pope Francis.(click here)
Using the phrases "May I?," "Thank you" and "Pardon me" is the "key to building a happy family life," he told a crowd during his weekly general audience in St. Peter's Square on Wednesday.

"These simple phrases are not so easy to say or to put into practice," he said, according to "But when they are ignored, their absence can cause cracks in the foundation of the family, which can lead to its collapse."...