Wednesday, July 04, 2012

I want an investigation. If the vote to override Governor Purdue's veto was known to fail before the vote was taken; why was the bill brought to the floor at all?

N.C. Rep. Becky Carney, (click title to entry - thank you) a Democrat, mistakenly cast the deciding vote with Republicans to let hydraulic fracturing move ahead in her state after a marathon legislative session late Monday night....

The Republican majority in the NC legislature knew they never had the votes needed to override the Governor's Veto. Why then bring it to the floor at all?

The practice of correcting a vote cast after the official record has to be applied uniformly or not at all. Changing a cast vote 'at will' whenever it is convenient is unconstitutional. If North Carolina allows for mistakes to be corrected in a vote count within its state constitution or legislative governing rules, it is not a matter of convenience. It applies or it doesn't. I could not imagine this level of corruption even in the best fiction novel. Government is not a matter of convenience, it is a public trust of the people. That is something North Carolina Republicans just doesn't understand. 

This bill was railroaded through the North Carolina State Legislature. The people don't want it. This is the knee deep corruption of the Republican Legislature. They know they might not be back come November for the bizarre legislation they carried out over the past two years.

A prime example of the depth of the Republican corruption is Amendment One. The faithful of North Carolina did not know exactly what they were voting for.

But, in the case of State Representative Carney she stated she was tired because they worked so late. She never misrepresented herself in regard to her intent previous to the vote. 

I want to know when the last time the electronic vote recording system was tested for accuracy. I want to know if the electronic system was tampered with. I wouldn't put anything past the petroleum industry. Knowing Rep. Carney was the decisive vote to defeat the veto, knowing the entire process was railroaded through the State Legislature this session and knowing how this Republican Legislature does not care about the well being of the people of North Carolina; I demand an investigation by the FBI. The SBI isn't good enough. There is something very wrong here and I want to know exactly what happened with the vote which was suppose to protect the citizens from this draconian form of drilling.

Rep. Carney has stated she was tired and she can't really state for sure she actually cast an incorrect vote. I want to know if her vote was tampered with.

The FBI has to investigate because the corruption is so deep in that state there is no justice for the citizens. I have no doubt there will be lawsuits filed against this injustice, but, it is a known fact those lawsuits won't find justice until it reaches the Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Courthouse; home of the Fourth Federal Circuit. That is the truth. There is no justice in North Carolina.

The Willard Mitt Kardashian "Restoring Courage" Tour

How many Superpacs does Murdoch contribute to?

* Politico reports that former Massachusetts governor Mitt (Kardashian) Romney told a group of potential supporters last week that he was treading carefully on immigration to avoid looking like a “flip-flopper.” News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch, who supports immigration reform, had pushed Romney to be more aggressive on the issue. He tweeted Sunday that Obama “will be hard to beat unless” Romney “drops old friends from team and hires some real pros” and that the candidate “seems to play everything safe, make no news except burn off Hispanics.”
* Aides confirm that Romney is headed to Israel this summer to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The New York Times, which first reported the news, adds that Romney will hold at least one public event. Romney last visited Israel in January 2011; President Obama also visited the country as a presidential candidate, in July 2008. Romney and Netanyahu have a friendship that goes back to 1976. According to the New Yorker, the White House assumes the Israeli prime minister is rooting for the Republican candidate.
* Republican admaker Fred Davis says he has lost ten pounds since the New York Times leaked his proposal of a super PAC campaign tying President Obama to Jeremiah Wright. “It’s been miserable,” he said. The pitch was an “intriguing way to get your foot in the door,” he told the L.A. Times, and the over-the-top language was not meant for public consumption....

With heat being what it is these days and some infrastructure failures are noted...

Washington Monument Crack after earthquake.

...I have to pause at the integrity of the Washington Monument this Fourth of July.

Many of the buildings in DC are made of marble and granite. They are magnificent and the stones are huge. They are very sound buildings, but, the structural differences between the majority of DC buildings and the Washington Monument is obvious.

The stones are strong, but, they are in a spire structure rather than a sprawling structure. The heat stresses are likely to occur differently. It was obvious when there was an earthquake in DC and a crack at the capstone resulted. It is a stress fracture.

Heating can expand the stones. I haven't been to the Washington Monument since my sons were young teens so I don't know what improvements were made. But, if the structure is air conditioned, the difference between internal temperatures and external heating could result in a funky dynamic. When thick stone gets hot it stays hot for a long time. One might recall the 10 thousand deaths in France when people remained in this stone cottages through a heat event.

I am just hoping the National Park Service has been thorough in evaluating any and all stresses possible in this monument. Places like the Lincoln Memorial will be nearly impervious to damage because it is an open air structure where the temperatures outside and inside are not very different.

Sorry to be so oddly concerned on a National Holiday, but, it is one of those things most folks wouldn't think of especially when the parks might be short staffed today. 

I would think the National Parks would rely somewhat on the USGS to understand the rocks themselves and the US Army Corp to understand the designs of our national buildings/monuments and their stress points.

Heat is a very big deal.

...The white Maryland marbles (click title to entry - thank you) were the first building stones to be shipped in quantity into Washington by rail. After 1840, as the expanding railway system increased the accessibility of stone from other parts of the country, the use of local building stone declined although Seneca sandstone continued to be shipped down the C&O Canal until the 1890's. The Federal Government contracted for marble from a quarry in Hawkins County, Tenn., in 1848. Marble from this quarry, one of the first areas in the country where marble was quarried commercially, was used in many buildings in Washington, most notably in three interior stairways in the wings of the Capitol built around 1855. Marble from Lee, Mass., was also used in the two wings of the Capitol built in the mid - 1850's. The columns of these wings are made from Maryland marble.

Starting in the 1850's, granite quarried at Dix Island, Maine, was shipped by sea to Washington and was used for facings and columns in the Treasury Building. Granites from New England, Georgia, and North Carolina and marbles from Vermont, Tennessee, and Georgia were used for almost all government buildings after the Civil War until the First World War....