Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Coming apart...also known as Republicans' Class Warfare

I don't know where to begin with this, so let's begin at the end at 57 minutes and 40 seconds, "...All in the room (speaking of those in the audience) are in the Upper Class...."

"Coming Apart" on Amazon (click title to entry - thank you). Amazon has a sample of the chapters on their site.

I wasn't going to put this on the blog until Saturday night, but, I am tried of the lies. 

I will comment on this with references of the 'minutes and seconds' to my comments.

This book and the talk Charles Murray gives at The Heritage Foundation on the video above IS the quintessential proof the GOP has a war on women and 'get this' they base it in racism of the 1960s. 

The entire time I listened to this video all I heard was the agenda of George W. Bush during his eight years in office. The entire agenda of the Bush/Rove agenda tried like the devil to turn back the social hands of time to the 1950s.

In this video Murray states the cultural rollback of the USA "...cannot appeal to religious reasons...". It just won't work, you understand, so it has to be a matter of participation and finding a way for the NEW upper class to influence the new lower class.

It is MURRAY that is assigning class here, but, he never validates how the USA's greatness is the Middle Class. He doesn't see the Middle Class as essential. 

He makes an interesting statement though, he said welfare debases the morality of any person, BUT, the only way removing welfare from society is justified is if there is a GUARANTEED income. He never qualifies what that means either, but, given the fact the upper class in 'mingling' with the lower class it must be based in work.

More in entries that will appear below this one.

This entire book and video is unbelievable to me. Arrogant. Non-participants in society and judgemental. The people at this meeting literally are on a plain different from others. 

Oh, yeah, pay attention to THE SUPER ZIPS. I'll comment later.

Tired of the GOP and Republicans DENYING they are social engineering the USA that qualifies as a social war at every level.

In case one find Murray inspirational to defeating the GOP at every turn there is a Podcast, too.

...Murray said white Americans began coming apart in the 1950s, when college-educated individuals separated themselves. This became particularly noticeable in centers of cultural and political influence like Hollywood and Washington. Today, Murray said, many Americans living there no longer understand what life is like in small-town America....
Yes, indeed. Murray and his mentorees absolutely hate Americans. The majority of us.

Minute of 26:55 seconds...of the video above...

...Dr. Murray states the 'industriousness of MALES" have been undermined by the 1960s. He states creating jobs in 2012 is a waste of time BECAUSE these guys don't want to work. 

No sense to creating jobs. None. No reason to. It might be why Speaker Boner doesn't really care about it. It may be a real reason why 'ideologically' there are filibusters in the Senate and complete dysfunction in the House. Seriously.

Dr. Murray espouses the ideology of the extremists and it tracks for the eight years of Bush/Cheney. Rove worships this guy.

The GOP war on women is real and so is the racism of this political party. I mean eight years of trying to roll time back to the 1950s? Give me a break. This is real. This is the ideology they are following either knowingly or by osmosis from hearing Murdoch Right Wing extremism. Tell me it is not true. Go, ahead. Try. Come on convince me. Examples from the last administration and their priorities. Can't do it, I know you can't.

Murphy demonizes journalists and academicians. Sound familiar?

He goes on to state there is no reason why people are not family oriented in the way the Heritage Foundation defines it because the 'family wage' is only a little less today after 2008 than in the 1960s. He states the wages before the economic recession of 2008 were slightly better than the 1960s. He states the wages in the 1960s, outside of General Motors, was $16 to $17 US per hour for the 'working class.' Really? And this wage is slightly less than today? WHERE? Because most people are lucky to earn $40,000 per year in a TWO PERSON working relationship. There are households in the USA raising a family on $40,000 per year two person income and they consider themselves doing well. Now where are all these folks making nearly $16 to $17 per hour?

He states White Males are the way to attack the social issue, because, if the Black Males in the USA are a focus there is always cause to suspect racism. He states White Males are 'dropping out' of the work force in their 4th and 5th decade of life. In their 30s and 40s. Really? Where are the statistics stating that? I am quite confident if there were losses of income by 30 and 40 somethings in the USA of WHITE MALES it would be very noticeable. So, where are the all the stats? In the book, maybe? Sure, why not.

One of the reasons there is such immoral work ethics in the USA is because there have been some really good years, such as the late 1990s. Let's see, the late 1990s was Clinton. Not Reagan? Clinton produced really good years for the country? Hm. 

Dr. Murray sees no reason (somewhere around 29:00 to 29:49 minutes) for a compulsory service because that would only lead to the awareness of the public in general that military service was a way of obtaining upward mobility. Even though folks can benefit from the discipline of the military experience, there was no reason to make it a habit.  Dr. Murray was enamored with that view when he read it from David Brooks, who stated, " only teaches people to game the system." Really? Not that a person's life is on the line for their country or anything, but, hey we don't want them gaming the system. You betcha.

So, if these points of view are shared by others without prompting from Murray then the 'culture' of the 'conservative' is corrupted with it outside of 'the Murray cultists.'

At 39:33 minutes...

...Dr. Murray states women in the work force factored into the social degradation of the USA.

Those damn women, if they only maintained their place in life. I mean really.

It would seem raising a paramour's, oh excuse me, wife's IQ from 100 to 140 completely undid the country. The beauty of an Upper Class Man marrying an intelligent woman is that their children inherit their high IQs and their money at the same time. It is a beautiful thing. Might explain why they won't give up The Bush Tax Cuts.

Ya, see, what happened from a women (namely me) with an unknown IQ, was that women found out they could actually have a family and support it. In the 1960s those women without husbands went back to college and became self-sufficient. It started the entire mess and we will pay for it forever.

I was one of those gals. Not the 1960s, but, the 1970s. See, the bum I married that was my childhood sweetheart, decided he could have his cake and eat it too and took a mistress. I didn't like it and he stated, "But, honey, I don't want a divorce. And let's face it, with you pregnant you don't want sex now."

I said, "Really?" I threw him out of the house and out of my life and I went back to school and supported my two wonderful sons to success now that they are in their 30 somethings and doing fine. So, Dr. Murray and his mentorees are completely stupid people with no moral compass except their bank accounts.

Dr. Murray goes on to say white men are demoralized by working women. A man just doesn't find his worth in a marriage anymore and it is a problem women have and not men.

There was a beautiful political moment at 43:15 minutes when Matthew Spaulding of the Heritage Foundation stated, "Big Government and the rising centralization of 'the state,' was causing civil society to be pushed into the shadows." He stated, "It was taking away the responsibilities of the elites to make those social judgements as they should." 

Dr. Murray agreed. The decentralization of 'the state' would revitalize the culture so the elite can create the type of society they wanted to establish.

Imagine that. The government is getting in the way of homogenizing the people of the USA under one moral tent. under one religion. Wow. Egos beyond any imagination I ever had before I heard this disaster of 'the audience of the arrogant.'

Dr. Murray called for a revolution by the New Upper Class/elite. He stated there were only four domains in society. Only four, no more. The way life should be. 





Indeed. If anyone reads this book and listens to the words of Murray and his mentorees and comes away with a definition of morality then they sincerely don't know what morality is.

Dr. Murray is the mentor to the GOP and their 'high minded' ideas of control of society for profit masked in their idea of morality.

This disgusted me and there is no way the GOP or Heritage Foundation can deny they are among the most misguided people in this country.  They are arrogant and judgemental, lack compassion and hold money in higher esteem than the lives of others. They are disgusting people. Completely. 

I didn't take notes for the first half hour of the talk. I simply was in denial to what I was hearing.

At 33:30 minutes.

The Elite of the 1960s lost confidence about race. It was in the 1960s when blaming race for social problems was met with criticism of 'blaming the victim.' So the elite withdrew from judgements and that withdrawal became the behavior of the entire country.

Those judgements caused the Upper Class a loss of self-confidence after the Civil Rights Movement as important as it was. But, the loss of self-confidence of the New Upper Class of 2012 still exhibits this lack of self-confidence. Of course it isn't as though they might be self-involved or anything, but, they need an ego boost to get over their lack of confidence. Wow. What a burden that is, huh?

Just imagine being the New Upper Class and being burdened with changing the entire USA by example. To lift the poor fools in the remaining Middle Class and New Lower Class. Wow. Must keep 'em up at night.

I guess that is why all those sleeping pill commercials, huh? Sort of a public service to the New Upper Class.

Dr. Murray never once gives tribute to the leader of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. Let me see if I can do this without injecting race and see if anyone recalls the man. 

l.  Married

2. Preacher of God

3. Dressed in suits

4. Spoke English

5. Father to children

6. Advocated morality over violence

7. LIved as an adult in the 1960s

8. Saw the Voting Rights Act of 1965 passed

No, not Johnson. Johnson was never a preacher.

9. Never served in government

10. This is the giveaway. Ready? There was recently, under the Obama Administration, a statue dedicated to him. 

11. A memorial actually

The man at the very center of the Civil Rights Movement was Martin Luther King, Jr. He gave his life for the liberation of his countrymen. Now, the picture of the black community of the 1960s, measured by their leaders could never be accused of demoralizing laborious white men, now can they? 

So, in my opinion, for whatever it is worth, the 1960s was NOT a "Flight from judgement' by the elite. It was more like the behavior of a remorseful realization of the injustice of their predecessors.

The analogies of Dr. Murray goes on and on including the demoralization of the 'Married Class' in the modern ear so that most children are raised in single parent households, especially being born into single parent families. 

He reminds of Cheney when Cheney tries to justify the Presidency of Richard Nixon. He reminds of Bush when Bush states, "Roe v. Wade" was improperly fought. He reminds me of many people of the Right Wing that would like to turn the clock back to a time when the GOP was a glorious party. He reminds me of people that love to pass judgement on others rather than realizing their responsibility in producing a greater and greater POOR in the USA. Their country of opportunity and self-righteousness, including perks like 'The Bush Tax Cuts." 

It would be real interesting to hear the NEW Upper Class state they would like to have the Bush Tax Cuts ended. That would really interesting. Moral even.

The law needs a chance to achieve justice for Trayvon. There is a good chance there will be "No Bond" for George Zimmerman.

Penalties for Second Degree Murder (click here)
The crime of Second Degree Murder is classified as a First Degree Felony and is assigned a Level 10 offense severity ranking under Florida's Criminal Punishment Code.
If convicted of Second Degree Murder, a judge is required to impose a minimum prison sentence of 16¾ years in prison and can impose any additional combination of the following penalties:
  • Up to Life in prison.
  • Up to Life on probation.
  • Up to $10,000 in fines.
The degree this case will receive any bond status is prescribed by law. It is at some discretion of the judge, but, only for extenuating circumstances.

...In practice, every county establishes a "Standard Bond Schedule" (click title to entry - thank you) where the Chief Judge for the county signs an Order advising the jail personnel to set and accept bail bonds in accord with a "schedule." A little like a menu, the schedule lists nearly every offense in Florida and then sets a "standard" bond for that offense.

Offenses for which the maximum penalty is life imprisonment (or death) are not entitled to immediate bond. They are initially booked in as "No Bond" cases...

Each county sets their own Bond Schedule.
If you are arrested in Orange, Seminole, or Volusia County (click here) you may be in need of a bond hearing or an emergency bond hearing. A person is held on a no bond status for a variety of reasons. If you are currently out on bond and rearrested you are not automatically entitled to a bond, or if you are arrested for Violation of Probation (VOP) you are not automatically entitled to bond. In some instances a Judge determines the charges are too serious such as a life felony, the Defendant poses a threat to the community if released, or the Defendant will reoffend if released.
That said, the purpose of bond is to ensure that an individual does not flee while there charges are pending and that they show up for scheduled court dates. If a person is being held on no bond a lawyer can file a bond motion with the Judge whose division the case is assigned, argue the bond motion, and even request the Judge to lower the bond amount....
There is better than a good chance George Zimmerman will not receive bail even though this is his first significant charges. I would surprised if he did receive bond. It is almost best for law enforcement to keep him out of danger. We live in a world where guns are frequently in our world. We also know there are killings for witnesses and otherwise. I believe there is reason to believe his life would be in danger if he was out on bond. I don't know what kind of conditions exist in the Seminole County jail, but, if there was a question to George Zimmerman's safety it will be brought up by the defense attorney if there is a history of danger in the jail environment.
Personally. I believe he should be held over with no bail. I realize his family and he may be acting in good faith, but, considering all the public attention George Zimmerman sought he is a bit unreliable to insure his own safety. I believe his mental stability needs to be determined as well. There are many reasons to maintain him in jail and he probably won't receive bond. 
Trayvon's family is also allowed peace of mind leading to the trial. In their talk with Reverend Sharpton and at the news conference after the announcement by the Special Prosecutor, the family looked more at peace. I believe they are sincerely mourning their son. There is no doubt in my mind this is a very difficult time for them. But, knowing they have done all they can do to bring Trayvon's killer to this point has brought them some solace.
This is difficult because I don't believe the "Stand Your Ground Law" is a good law or a reflection of a civilized society. It adds violence to people's lives. Violence is frequently not a commodity untrained people can handle well, and even soldiers have problems with killing when they are entitled to it. Violence is within our society, but, it honestly does not have an honorable place and to place it in the hands of the average person is completely irresponsible by legislators. I am not surprised the Congress in DC hasn't moved against the state laws of this nature. The Republicans would filibuster it. I am quite confident of that.
There are far too many guns on the streets of the USA. This is an example of it. Power in the hands of those that cannot discern it's brevity.

I want to thank the Special Prosecutor for meeting with the family. Sincerely appreciate it. 

John Guy will lead the investigation of the case.

I like her. I believe she is sincere. I believe she will seek the truth and do the right thing.

This is being prosecuted under the laws of Florida. I hope they are strong enough to uphold the innocent.

I congratulate Trayvon's family and the community of Sanford and the greater community in support of this effort. 

Time will tell. We will find the justice the State of Florida will render for Trayvon. I am looking forward to sincere justice, not, a justice handed down by extremists.

I hear the parents to Trayvon Martin. I understand their wishes.

The truth is Trayvon is dead today because he had no way of defending himself against a man that passed judgement on him and used a gun.

I honor their wishes in knowing we have an African American President that understands the depth of the community.

There is a wrongful death. Trayvon was a completely innocent young man growing up with the trials and tribulations of his young years. He had dedicated parents that loved him and he is not here now. He is not here now because of a self-righteous gunman empowered by immoral legislators backed by the wealthy allowing him to decry Trayvon's life for self-defense and law enforcement police had no recourse.


There is a reality here. It cannot and will not be distorted by anyone. Trayvon was completely innocent, a wonderful African American young man that deserved a future the land he was born into nurtured. He is gone. His contributions are gone from us forever. THAT alone is a crime that carries moral consequences.

Unless the earthquake displaces UP in a specific fault movement there won't be a tsunami.

The location is not the issue, except, for the population that lives at lower elevations and near the shoreline.

The Christmas Tsunami is on this blog in 2004. I wrote about it more than I care to remember. Too many people died. Far too many. At least today the people along the shorelines run and know what they are facing. If that is the only legacy to the dead, then let it be so.

...NDMA vice president Sashidhar Reddy (click title to entry - thank you) said no waves had so far been noticed in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands....

There are bathymetric survey's of Earths crust under the oceans, but, no can control the movement of the plates on liquid magma. I do know 'hard rock' geology doesn't lend itself to 'prediction' either. There was a study some time ago by a female scientist in California whereby wave motion was linked to land movement in a micro study. I don't know if she plans to extrapolate the methods of the study or if she can. But, it is oceanography and the study of the water and its relationship with the land that will ultimately diagnose the plate movement in some sort of predictability. Today, the issues of land and ocean are primarily separate studies of science. FLUID MECHANICS where it applies to HARD ROCK is where it is at. And if anyone believes land doesn't become FLUID during seismic activity they are in profound denial of what occurs. HARD ROCK of Earth's crust sits on liquid HOT ROCK.


T. Boone Pickens NEVER is asked about Carbon Dioxide.

"The USA has the cheapest oil in the world."

Give me 2 minutes with this guy. Just two minutes.

"California went to natural gas 20 years ago because it is the cleanest energy in the world."

"Solar and wind can't move an 18 wheeler."

NO ONE ASKED IT TO YET. But, if 18 wheelers were the only thing we had to fuel with BIODIESEL we won't have to worry about CARBON DIOXIDE!

The journalists are WIMPS!

According to Pickens we should be at war with Saudi Arabia over high oil prices.

Does T. Boone Pickens know how to spell C-A-R-B-O-N  D-I-O-X-I-D-E and Human Induced Global Warming.

Heck, no Mr. Journalist, there is no such thing! Ask Georgie Bush, he'll tell you. There ain't no such a thing and there is no such a thing as The Bush Tax Cuts either. And that man knew what was important including oil subsidies. Now, that there is a President! It is a damn shame Cheney couldn't get that pipeline done before he left office. We thought it was a done deal, but, the President decided to put his pants on!