Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dr. Spenser is an American with an American passport. He has a right to come home to his family.

I might add, a travel ban would not have prevented this case from coming into the country. It is still better to be aware and be prepared than to count on a travel ban.

October 23, 2014
Yamiche Alcindor

...Officials said a doctor (click here) who recently returned from West Africa was positive in preliminary tests for the Ebola virus Thursday night, Associated Press reported.

He was identified by the New York Times as Craig Spencer, 33, an emergency physician at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

He underwent tests for the Ebola virus at Bellevue Hospital after developing a fever and other symptoms earlier in the day. The organization Doctors Without Borders said the doctor had worked with it in treating patients in West Africa.

Health officials are re-tracing his steps to determine who he may have come in contact with before and after showing symptoms....

It is amazing how quickly an American can lose their constitutional rights when Republicans rather be isolated from reality.

Magnificent. The Latin American Community was included in the announcements and included in the reassurance by the Mayor. 

Loss of those employed by the Coal Industry has declined because of mechanization, not alternative energy.

The electorate is being lied to regarding the loss of coal industry jobs.

The link below is from the West Virginia office of Miners' Health, Safety and Training.

In the lists speaks for the facts regarding coal production. The production has increased while the employment has decreased. Coal production has basically leveled off since 1990 which was the highest production rate in West Virginia.

Production of Coal and Coke in West Virginia 1863 - 2012 (click here)

I am sure that holds true for Kentucky as well. So, if generations of coal miners can't keep their children and grandchildren in jobs don't blame the government. It is the wealthy wanting more wealth that destroyed coal jobs.

The highest number of coal industry jobs was in 1949 with over 125,000. Ever since the jobs have diminished. Employees in the industry are pretty much divided 50/50 between industry employees and outside contractors; about 20,000 in each category. Forty thousand from 125,000 is a loss of about 68% of jobs from the coal industry over a period of time sixty-five years. It is all natural attrition because of the mechanization of the industry. 

The people of West Virginia and Kentucky need someone to find new jobs for this generation going forward because the coal industry is basically unavailable to them for employment. Converting these states to alternative energy sources would provide more jobs in the energy sector, but, there has to be more than just alternative energy jobs to grow the jobs in these states. There has to be a vision of future to transition the people of West Virginia and Kentucky into a sustainable economy that would abandon good paying jobs to mechanization.

This may sound insensitive, but, I understand the value of a good paying job with benefits. If the USA is to bring down it's greenhouse gas emissions now is the time to do it. Coal doesn't really serve the economy of any state or the country, except, it's GDP. But, as for jobs, the industry is closed to that. The Coal Industry now causes more unemployment than employment. Why train for a job that will disappear?

When I state the other day about Kuwait investing in alternative energy companies in the USA, I meant it. Alternatives are the future and employment in the country will be enhanced by it's build up.

It is over for coal, everywhere. China recently stated they are not interested in coal for it's economy. Why would they want coal? It chokes the people of cities, causes all kinds of pollution and increases China's greenhouse gas emissions. The Chinese people and their government want their monies spent on infrastructure to be good investments. They don't want to admit they made huge investments in an energy source that poorly serves the country. China has many wealthy members of it's country that want to spend their monies wisely and coal is not among those on the list for their investment. This is not all about the control by the Chinese government, China is moving into a modern day strategy that has global status.

July 9, 2014
...China (click here) -- which consumes almost as much coal as the rest of the world combined -- is accelerating a planned switch to cleaner fuels, including a possible cap on carbon emissions and limits on new coal-fired plants.
Even if such changes don’t occur as fast as environmentalists might hope, Chinese President Xi Jinping plans to scrap the economic strategy that spawned coal-eating steel plants in every province. Mounting anti-coal sentiment in China and the U.S. imperils the ambitions of companies like Peabody Energy Corp. (BTU) andArch Coal Inc. (ACI) in the world’s fastest-growing region....

What are the demonstrations in Hong Kong all about? Food? Water? Heck no, it is representation of the people in their government. That is a sophisticated society, folks.

"Occupy Wall Street" was never like this. It is impressive.

The article doesn't name names, but, at UNC their curriculum is signed off by the Office of the Provost.

The Provost has to sign off on the curriculum that the Registrar records as a university student proceeds through their degree. The Registrar has to review the academic record to issue a graduated diploma in the major and minor of the student's focus. Having African Americans registered under the major that has the same name also would fend off investigation by the Registrar's office in any trend by athletic students. The administration generally would not want to offend any student by being suspicious of their major, especially with minority students. The university's culture is highly suspect, too.

It is my understanding that every course registered for matriculation into a degree has to have a syllabus which lists instructor, instructor open hours to students, room, meeting time of day and days of the week, textbook/electronic alternative and course content. There are some online classes, but, they still have to have a qualified instructor, text and syllabus. The Provost in order to sign off on the course as part of the university's catalog leading to degree requirements would have to have reviewed the syllabus and it's content in relation to degree achievement.

This means the athletes at the university were targeted for fraud before they were even recruited. It is also racist. The classes were in the department of African American studies assuming those recruited were going to be young black men.

October 23, 2014
...The UNC case (click here) stands out among academic scandals at Harvard, Duke and the Naval Academy, said Howard Gardner, a professor at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education who studies cheating.
“I think the existence of fake classes and automatic grades — you might say an athlete track, where essentially you might as well not have the university at all — I think that’s pretty extreme. I hope it’s pretty extreme,” he said....

UNC's athletic department needs to be scrutinized and possibly suspended from it's conferences. They are a bunch of racists who decided to victimize young black men. They treated potentially recruits as if they were incapable of academic achievement as  a group. In other words, the recruits were considered 'a class of citizen' with merits as athletes but incapable of learning anything else. That is racism in a very big way. One could say it continues to be an extension of the slave culture of the south, capable of physical labor but unable to have cognitive ability.

In regard to Monica...

To begin with I don't really read the Wall Street Journal anymore and I won't today. It has become a right wing propaganda rag.

But, that said, I didn't noticed Hillary was in bed with Monica and Bill, right? You know I would not be surprised if Hillary was upset and angry enough to say something off color about Monica and let's face it the walk across the White House lawn to a waiting helicopter with Chelsea between them was fairly obvious as to what Bill was getting behind closed doors. Some people do believe in marriage vows and they are married something like 38 years. Those thirty-eight years speaks to the strength of the marriage and Bill's need for attention is his problem.

Monica? The only reason Monica was badly abused was because it she chose the President of the USA. But, get real. Ambitious women line the halls of government. The other most popular affair in recent history was Garry Condit and that unfortunate fate of another beautiful woman.

Monica is a bright woman and if her life is burdened because of bad judgement while interning with the President of the United States then it is up to her to change the path of her future. She has been trying, but, the wolves continue to gnaw at her success. I think running a campaign against cyber-bullying is a good path, but, she also needs an endorsement by another woman who can elevate that ambition beyond the reputation of 23 years old. I am quite confident there is a woman concerned about this topic who can join her in turning the corner on this.

But, women that are ambitious have their own ideas about their romantic side. I suppose many people still carry a grudge about the then 23 year old woman, but, I don't. I felt badly her from the beginning. Linda Tripp is the scoundrel that insisted the USA be given information that Monica did not want to leak out. Monica had an affair and she sincerely loved the man she focused her attention. Why should a 23 year old be dragged through the mud and ruin her career for the sake of politics. If anyone is responsible for Monica's reputation, even today, it was Linda Tripp.

Monica made a horrible choice and she has been harassed by media and the political right wing ever since. She has talent. The country may be missing a vital link in it's political sphere due to it's vicious need for gossip and attacks that should aspire to reducing Hillary to being nobody. There is no way in the world Hillary Clinton is nobody. 

When the political right wing, such as this nonsense by the WSJ, comes out of the closet it is completely obvious there is a war on women . The political right wing has no room to speak, their history is very colorful for the affairs and sexual antics of their members. But, this men are always forgiven. In fact then, the attacks against Mrs. Clinton are political ambitions themselves.

That said, Hillary is an incredible person. She came from a political family and she hit the ground running. She has done her family proud and it is my guess that won't stop. She is a great mother and no doubt a superb grandmother. She loves children and some of her earliest ambitions was the Children's Defense League, yes? Her ambitions to change the course of children in the world has not wavered when looking at her time as Secretary of State. In nearly every country she visited she spoke the words that "Women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights." So, her profound dedication to elevating women and children spans her entire life and that has been the case from her earliest professional years. Given those facts, Hillary is quite honestly desperately needed in the White House because women still lack important status in the USA.

If the right wing continues these vicious personal attacks against Monica Lewinsky it will become more and more evident the DOUBLE STANDARD is a political party plank.

See, it isn't okay for Monica to have made a mistake and seek forgiveness for it publicly so she can find a purpose in her life. But. It is okay for David Vitter to pay for sex and get away with it. Or the last House member, I think he is called the Kissing Congressman. It is perfectly fine that Republican men can have their cake and eat it to, but, not Democratic men or a former 23 year old intern.

To Monica, I wish her well. I sincerely hope she finds a footing that will propel her career that was destroyed so long ago. Best to her always. I think Hillary is more than adept to take care of herself and doesn't need my permission to finish the career she started.