Tuesday, March 09, 2010

On location with the 2010 Census. The National Guard had a car, there is no reason why the Census can't.

Even "Dora the Explorer" is doing her part (click here).
The 'identity' information on the Census sheet is about 'accountability' should the count be challenged, which it no doubt will.

There is nothing troubling about the 2010 Census regardless of how the Right Wing Republicans are pouting about it. There is no sinister plot against the people of the USA. The 2010 Census seeks to achieve an accurate count of the people in the USA. It is the year 2010, there should be a fair bit of accuracy in the Census by now. There is absolutely nothing on the form that one wouldn't tell Wall Street or the government on a tax return, so the objections are completely unfounded.

Participating is a responsible act of citizenship.

Runaway Prius is not media hype. The event happened.

Japan's auto giant Toyota Motor president Akio Toyoda (centre) is surrounded by reporters after meeting with Japanese Transport Minister Seiji Maehara at Maehara's office in Tokyo on February 9, 2010. Toyota announced to recall the company's hybrid vehicle Prius for the brake trouble.

Why Toyota is running into issues under this administration that it didn't with the previous administration in DC, is due to 'zero tolerance' of manufacturer defect resulting in human casualties and death. That didn't occur before.

As far as I am concerned, this is irresponsible journalism.

By MarketWatch (click title to entry - thank you)

CHICAGO (MarketWatch) -- An accident here the other day claimed the lives of four women when their car slammed into a tree.

But since they were riding in a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville instead of a 2010 Toyota Prius these women didn't rate the top slot on any national newscast -- or much mention on any newscast at all -- nor send people tweeting away in outrage nor stoke Internet chat room furor...

I am quite confident if there were manufacturer defects with a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville it would be demanded the company issue a recall. There isn't that is known to this administration and human error behind the steering wheel of a car happens everyday. There is a profound difference in the two incidents.

Jerks. But, hey, "Marketwatch" will go to the mat for a buck.

What Toyota is experiencing is the 'production margin of error' that goes on with any 'quality' of an automobile. The problem is that their margin of error is causing people to die on a fairly regular basis. While these incidents seem few and far between they aren't for the people involved in them and the incidents are ceasing.

There are not other companies experiencing these issues either. There is a 'glitch' in the manufacturing process at Toyota. They need to find the glitch no matter how difficult it may seem and fix it BEFORE it becomes systemic.

If the argument is that 'the glitch' that is occurring on a regular basis will never become systemic is NOT a valid argument.

If an allowable 'glitch' is acceptable to ANYONE it diminishes the value of human life and considering the actions of the Supreme Court lately it is reassuring to have an administration in DC that sees these issues as important.

HUMAN LIFE is not a 'bargaining' chip in Wall Street's profit margin.

"Marketwatch" owes an apology to the American people and retraction of their profoundly stupid editorializing.

I drive a Toyota. It is not under recall. I have noticed that police of any variety are 'tuned into' the product line and how it is performing on the road. I do see them look at the vehicle and its logo and wonder if I and those around me are safe. THAT, is a good thing. They really do give a damn.

With the Hurricane Season approaching, will the people of Haiti be protected in 'above sea level" shelters?

From the L. A. Times:

A U.S. group provides hands-on training to 10 top government engineers, who will teach Haitian inspectors how to determine whether a property is safe to live in. (click title to entry - thank you)

The tent cities have been a far safer place for the displaced people of Haiti. But, hurricane season may be a light season or it may hold surprises. The people of Haiti can't be allowed 'a chance' of having 'fate' swing their way this year. They need the protection of adequate shelter on high ground when this season arrives.

In the past, the Haitian people were primarily abandoned to how best to protect from these monster storms. What needs to occur along with safe and higher elevation buildings is an understanding about emergency procedures to assure them a 'safe haven.'

Literally, the best way to build infrastructure in Haiti is to start with shelters that remove them from danger when high wind and tidal surges reach their small homeland.

It is time for Haiti to take its place among the nations of Earth that understand how emergency training of their population is vital to survival. As the reconstruction of Haiti takes place and people repopulate homes instead of tents, there needs to be a 'guide to living on a small tropical island' that goes along with their new living arrangements.

Do they understand what 'emergency food and water' supplies are? Do they know first aid? Do they understand 'sea level' and 'tidal surge?' Do they comprehend how wind is as much a danger as water? Do they understand how they can help themselves when disaster strikes and there is no infrastructure to rescue them? It is necessary not only to rescue Haiti from itself, but, instruct them on how to take care of themselves. The Haitians are not self reliant and that is as much a disastrous condition as the disasters themselves.

Why 'the truth' seems so counter-culture.

Fourteen months of deadlocked negotiations have resulted in a break through for the Obama Administration. Above is Vice President Joe Biden on the right and Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu on the left. Rather good looking men, aren't they?

Last update - 14:05 09/03/2010
Biden: U.S. will always stand by those who take risks for peace (click title to entry - thank you)
By Barak Ravid, Akiva Eldar and Avi Issacharoff, Haaretz Correspondents

..."Historic peace will require both sides to make historically bold commitments," said Biden during a joint press conference with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Biden welcomed Netanyahu's move this week to begin U.S.-mediated indirect talks with the Palestinians and said he hoped it would lead to direct negotiations that would produce a historic peace treaty....

I can't continue with a review of events without noting the 'down play' of the achievements of the current administration by the mass media.

What is occurring in the Middle East is a direct result of profound efforts of the Obama Administration and its foreign policy initiative. There has been a lot of groundwork laid to get this far, but, yet the most 'talked about' issue doesn't even begin to address the importance of what is occurring in the Middle East.

I don't know how many times I have heard how important it is to resolve the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis to foster the peace and stability of the Middle East. That focus has come out of every venue that exists, so to realize the extent there is a sincere movement forward to that goal is more than an accomplishment this administration has achieved already.

Part of that is the American War Culture. Why would the USA media be interested in covering PEACE, after all? It doesn't sell well and if it occurs under Obama what does that say about Republicans? The reason all this isn't discussed on a regular basis is because the Republicans can't win on it and it would not serve to 'stir the pot.' After all, the successful elections in Iraq only go to prove the USA is 'out of there.' That is something the Republicans dread from any campaign perspective.

There are two 'mentions' of peace and social conscience in the rhelm of 'the net,' that manifest in a 'back handed' way I can't discard as insignificant.

The first is the harshly worded and highly critical words of John Pilger. He is correct by the way. The Oscars have become sad.

...Why are so many films so bad? (click here) This year’s Oscar nominations are a parade of propaganda, stereotypes and downright dishonesty. The dominant theme is as old as Hollywood: America’s divine right to invade other societies, steal their history and occupy our memory. When will directors and writers behave like artists and not pimps for a world view devoted to control and destruction?...

The current way of prioritizing film and achievement by ? the Academy ? is stuck in a rut. There is no outreach to what is really genius and worldly about the folks that comprise the vast expanse of the 'film industry' by the Academy. Those that pass judgement for the sake of profit and equity are doing the industry an injustice. More than that the American people are sequestered into fearing their own reality more than any place else on Earth.

The alternative is spoken to by the genius of Michael Moore whom runs a film arts festival in his home town of Traverse City, Michigan. It will be celebrating six years of film achievement this year and the same folks that successfully see 'film art' as important to recognize also brought a comedy arts festival to that small piece of American real estate this year. No news agency covered it, except, for the Record Eagle. That surprised me beyond any other reality. Here one of the most controversial documentarians on the globe was hosting a comedy arts festival and no one covered it on a national scale. My, my.

But, to speak to the genius of what Michael Moore views as important in the film industry is a movie called "Troubled Waters." (click here)

He is correct, "Troubled Waters" is a Norwegian film that raises the social conscience to explore the issue of crime and death. It primarily takes place in a church and the tone of the film is not to justify the liberal agenda, but, to explore how a society deals with itself. Whether it sincerely looks at the results of its 'rules' and takes responsibility for its consequences or does it simply use brutal force when rules are broken?

There is a vast difference. All one has to do is look at the high incarceration rates of minorities in the USA to realize the gross imbalance of its laws and social dynamics. The USA doesn't seek to 'deal' with its social problems, it simply demonizes them and 'throws the book' at them.

At any rate, the issue of the gross imbalance in the recognition of the current administration over those issues that are 'straining' the Republican agenda is what is at issue. The Oscars rewarded the political agenda of those that seek domination over a society entrenched in fear and the pursuit of abandonment of social conscience.

To expand on that. There were no consequences to war in "The Hurt Locker" as I understand it. It's 'hero' if you will was 'death of self' to achieve a national agenda. Hello? National agenda, not necessarily National Security. "The Blind Side" was about extending 'the social fabric' of wealth to the unfortunate and how that translates into wealth for the underserved by society. "Crazy Heart" was about the same old Country Western plight of 'the offensive man.' A one time successful Country Western artist that developed an alcoholic problem due to aging, only to 'find himself' sober and writing the best songs he ever wrote as an older writer/performer.

The choices were not only sad, but, offensive. It in no way insulted the 'Wall Street fabric' of the Republican agenda. I don't know if the 'new methodology' of achieving more than 50% of the vote is the issue at the Academy or it has simply surrendered to the power structure of 'money' in the country, but, my guess is that is it the later. "The Blind Side" is probably the most offensive of all the films in that it elevates 'giving' to a level of 'personal peril' to being about change. The reality of "The Blind Side" is that that poverty of the 'community' was more intact regardless of the success of ONE. There is NOTHING socially consciousness raising about that, except, a bad hair day.

The media has not only abandoned this minority President in his accomplishments it is doing the American people a gross injustice to realize they are partner to those accomplishments. I suppose one could argue that taking the spot light off the Middle East might have benefited the current accomplishments of a Clinton State Department, but, then that isn't exactly true when one realizes the propaganda being peddled regarding the removal of troops from Iraq. That hasn't lacked a spot light at all, now has it?

I found the insight of both these men interesting and I refused to let them be marginalized into 'Oh, those people' in light of the gross neglect of the mass media of the USA.