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At look at the math is always interesting.

In 1986 the Simpson-Mazzoli immigration bill passed because it would solve the problem of massive illegal immigration. In his diaries, President Ronald Reagan said he was going to sign the bill because we had to regain control of our borders. The Simpson-Mazzoli bill contained three promises:

An effective employer verification program would ensure that only legal workers were hired. 

The government would make a concerted effort to control the borders.

One-time amnesty would be granted for people illegally in the United States.
All three promises were broken.

The employer issue was really the only viable option to stop these crossings. Of course that didn't happen, so Mexican people would cross the border and work as "Wet Backs" for next to no dollars per day. The argument E-verify wasn't possible then, BUT, what was possible was for employers to actually follow the law. That didn't happen. Why stop coming to the USA?

This is 2013. This was 27 years ago. The statement about 'make a concerted effort' was never provided by the way.The status of the Border Patrol did not change in 1986 and the border crossings were not criminalized. They became criminalized in 1996 by California. Hence, the development of the three lines of border fence over the years. It became a political issue in California because of social program enrollment.

So, there are currently estimated to be 11 million immigrants here in the USA. A fair amount of people not really pledged to the sovereign USA. A reason to move to make them whole is important. 

11 million Mexican human beings crossing the USA southern border is about 407,407 per year. Yep.

Death rate in the USA per year, including immigrants from the past 27 years: 2,468,435

About 2 and a half million human beings die in the USA per year. 407,407 human being crossing the US Southern Border per year.

Birth rate in the USA per year, including children of immigrants from the past 27 year: 3,999,386

About 4 million births in the USA per year. We all know the GOP defines economic growth as babies, so the immigrants crossing the Southern Border of the USA increased the USA Economy by GOP standards. Indeed. 407,407 human beings per year cross the USA Southern Border per year. Not even a half million.

Ronald Reagan was from California, the first state to make border crossing illegal. It was after his Presidency in 1996.

The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) stated the Immigration Reform Bill would save the USA about $900 billion per year. Nearly $1 trillion per year. Making people citizens means they contribute to the nation, don't seek to hide, don't require deportations and add to the value of the nation. That $900 billion was not dependent upon the Corker-Hoeven amendment, however, the CBO stated even with the added expense we would still be saving $900 billion.

June 25, 2013, Washington, D.C.

Rights Working Group (click here) is deeply disappointed that the Senate decided to adopt the Corker-Hoeven amendment to the Senate immigration bill.  The amendment essentially militarizes the United States-Mexico border by doubling the number of border patrol agents, increasing border fencing and the use of drones in border communities, and  spending $46 billion to the benefit of private contractors....

Indeed. Four states with contractors receiving $46 billion. California already has their fence completed. New Mexico has a very small foot print. So, basically, the $46 billion for private contractors is for Arizona and Texas. Yep.

That is not maintenance, by the way. That $46 billion does not include the new Border Patrol officers and the drones and all that mess. That is just $46 billion for one time contractors. 

That figure of $900 billion has been whittled down since June 18th. $900 billion is for ten years. Some estimates are as low as $175 over ten years. But, hey it is a savings right?

See there is going to be a lot of initial costs, like instituting E-Verify on a larger scale and there is the additional cost of all those temporary visas for the private contractors.

Oh, yeah. There is a interesting part of the bill folks don't know about, it goes like this. 

H-2B Temporary Worker Issues (click here)

Under current law, the only way U.S. employers can lawfully obtain foreign temporary workers to fill construction jobs is the H-2B temporary worker program, subject to an annual quota of 66,000.  In general, employers work with foreign labor contractors (FLC’s) to locate and recruit qualified workers outside the United States for temporary and seasonal jobs in the U.S.  Further, three federal agencies are involved in the H-2B approval process:  The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), The Department of Homeland Security/U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), and The U.S. State Department Foreign Consular Office.

The USA has more construction workers out of work and re-learning new skills, but, the private contractors are going to hire Foreign Construction Workers. Okay then. Hooked on "Wet Backs" I guess. Oh, give me a break does anyone believe all those foreign workers are going to be here legally on Visas? How are you going to know? All these private contractors aren't going to care if they are legal or illegal because the E-Verify system won't be up and running well enough to process them fast enough to build the VITAL fence.

So, considering the fence at the border will be built in about one year. Right? I would think. That means the 407,407 human beings crossing in one year is costing the USA about $112,909 EACH. 


Now that they are becoming citizens, the CBO and all it's critics are stating the national debt is reduced because they are here that legally.

Does anyone really understand why we are doing this? Let them come and become legal. They improve the national debt. 

Ah, politics. How hideous it insults reality.

I am quite certain a human being is at least worth a drink of water so they wouldn't die.

I am not laughing. Just for the record.

By Manuel Rueda
March 21, 2013

The number of immigrants who die (click here) while they attempt to illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border increased significantly in 2012, even though there seems to be a far smaller pool of people who are actually trying to make the risky crossing.

This awkward trend was highlighted in a report released on Tuesday by the National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP), a think tank based in Arlington, Virginia.

NFAP argues that immigrants are trying to cross the border at "increasingly" remote and dangerous areas because law enforcement along the border has gotten tougher and the overall number of border patrol agents has increased.

In its report, which uses data collected by the Border Patrol, the organization says that deaths along the border went up by 27 percent in 2012... 

I always thought is was a moral idea to let them get here and process them through to determine if they had a real reason to be here or if they should be deported to their homeland.

For as long as I can remember and that is a long time, I have read about efforts to stop the deaths along the border. If I recall I remember a Priest calling for humane treatment of those traveling to the USA, such as water stations. The reason this California Priest stated this, was to be sure they didn't die on their way to a place they believed to be a magnificent hope.

These efforts were known to me through our USA media reporting on the concern the citizens of the USA had regarding people dying at the border. Silly, I suppose. I mean they are automatically dehumanized for their illegal crossing. A punishment of death seems a little harsh to me. 

September 04, 2010 
12:00 am 

A new U.S. Fish and Wildlife policy could open the door for more water stations on border public lands to aid illegal immigrants, but humanitarian groups will have to follow stringent rules.

A final compatibility determination released by the federal agency allows groups to request permits for stationary, 55-gallon water drums located near roads in already disturbed areas.
The regulations basically endorse the methods used for the last 10 years by Tucson-based Humane Borders, which has had three water tanks on the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge but has been denied requests to put more on several occasions, including in October 2009.

Humane Borders founder Robin Hoover applauded the agency's decision.

"People ought to be applying for water stations across Southern Arizona right now," Hoover said. "You have a blueprint to do it."

Humanitarian groups put out water in an effort to save lives. Nearly 2,000 illegal borders crossers have been found dead in Arizona since 2001, and this year has been one of the worst yet....

Snyder protected himself from being used when the bankruptcy was filed, but, he is still in violation of the State's constitution.

In all sincerity, the unions need to hold member meetings with a court reporter to take personal scenarios to the court. This is tragic. There is no reason for it. There is another precedent with NYC in 1975 with the exact set of circumstances. This just seems so deliberately hostile to the employees of the city. 


2. Federal Bankruptcy Law (click here)

Even if federal bankruptcy courts proceed with resolving Detroit’s bankruptcy, federal bankruptcy law itself may prevent incursions into retirees’ pensions. Under federal law, Detroit may only file for bankruptcy if it “is specifically authorized” to do so under state law. On its face, this provision appears to preclude Detroit from filing bankruptcy, since the Michigan constitution also appears to prohibit Detroit from taking any action that would reduce its pension obligations....

I also believe the negligence of the State of Michigan regarding Detroit and needed bailouts is a civil rights issue as well.

I believe the reality of Minority Wealth in the USA and the ability to build that wealth, along with the fact there are large minority populations to receive pensions raises SPECIAL CASE scenarios for these proceedings.

Wayne County Population in 2011:


Population change since 2000: 25.2% Males: 336,696 (47.3%) 
Females: 375,004 (52.7%) 
Median resident age: 34.8 years Michigan median age: 45.5 years 

Estimated median household income in 2009: $26,098 (it was $29,526 in 2000)
Estimated per capita income in 2009: $14,213

Estimated median house or condo value in 2009: $67,000 (it was $62,800 in 2000)
Mean prices in 2009: All housing units: $97,288; Detached houses: $98,203; Townhouses or other attached units: $88,494; In 2-unit structures: $80,067; In 3-to-4-unit structures: $84,273; In 5-or-more-unit structures: $146,830; Mobile homes: $96,336; Occupied boats, RVs, vans, etc.: $58,006

Median gross rent in 2009: $749.

White alone, percent, 2010 - 10.6 percent                  Michigan 0 78.9 percent

Black or African American alone - 82.7 percent             Michigan 14.2 percent

American Indian and Alaska Native alone - 0.4 percent  Michigan 0.6 percent

Asian alone -  1.1 percent                                         Michigan 2.4 percent

Native American and Other Pacific Islander -  none or in the state

Two or more races - 2.2 percent                                  Michigan 2.3 percent
(Basically all live in Detroit)

Hisapanic or Latino - 6.8 percent                                Michigan 4.4 percent

White along, not Hispanic or Latino  7.8 percent           Michigan 76.6%

There has been no effort by the State of Michigan to mitigate the Detroit bankruptcy. They simply decided the best scenario was to rob everyone. I am curious the amount of minorities involved with the Bond Holders as well.

I believe Detroit has special circumstances that impact this bankruptcy. Leaving former employees in their own bankruptcies and impoverished retirements should never an issue. That is especially true in our minority populations.

The Detroit bankruptcy will have a 'rolling' effect. First the city, then bond holders, then the pensions and finally the employees and pensioners will all end up in bankruptcy. It is imprudent and is far to severe realizing the final scenario will have effects on the entire US economy. 

The US government spent $17.3 billion on the car bailouts.

I don't believe this law has ever been used by a Chapter 9, but, there are so few.

The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (click here) provided for the first time that the Circuit Courts of Appeals have jurisdiction to hear an appeal directly from a judgment or order of the bankruptcy court if certain conditions are satisfied. 

- First, the bankruptcy court, district court, or bankruptcy appellate panel where the matter is pending, on request of a party or on its own motion, or all the appellants and appellees acting jointly, must certify that the judgment or order...

- (a) involves a question of law as to which there is no controlling decision of the court of appeals for that circuit or the Supreme Court, or involves a matter of public importance; 

- (b) involves a question of law requiring resolution of conflicting decisions; or that 

- (c) an immediate appeal from the judgment or order may materially advance the progress of the case or proceeding in which the appeal is taken. In addition, the court of appeals must authorize the direct appeal after the certification is made. 

If the bankruptcy court, district court, or bankruptcy appellate panel, on its own motion or on a request for certification made within 60 days after entry of the judgment or order, determines that the above circumstances exist to warrant such certification, or within the 60-day period receives a request for certification made by a majority of the appellants and a majority of appellees, then the certification must be made by the bankruptcy court, district court, or bankruptcy appellate panel.

There isn't suppose to be a garage sale including Public Employee Pensions. Those monies were promised to the retirees. There is currently a federal precedent regarding Pensions mandating huge amounts to be held in deposit. The US Post Office (which is a private institution provided for by the US Constitution - basically quasi-government) has to bank role 75 years of pension. I am wondering if that legislative precedent comes to bear on Detroit as well.

Purpose of Municipal Bankruptcy (click here)
The purpose of chapter 9 is to provide a financially-distressed municipality protection from its creditors while it develops and negotiates a plan for adjusting its debts. Reorganization of the debts of a municipality is typically accomplished either by extending debt maturities, reducing the amount of principal or interest, or refinancing the debt by obtaining a new loan....

Louisiana AGAIN !

There are shipping lanes shut down and all kinds of economic IMPACTS, again. When are the people of Louisiana going to put responsible people in their state government that will be sure there are GOOD economics. Louisiana is a poor state and there are reasons. Rather than a viable and stable economy that actually take hard working people, raise them out of poverty and at least insure their place to the Middle Class, the Louisiana people survive on EMERGENCY bailouts, lawsuits and federal welfare monies from one day to the next?

Monica Lewinsky is a disappointment.

I don't think anyone really knows what her life is about. The other day there was a statement about her turning forty years old.

She was young when things took a irresponsible turn in her life and she hasn't been heard from or seen since.

She was a 19 year old intern in the Executive Branch of the USA. That is suppose to mean something. The media destroyed her and we can only lament to what her potential ever was.

When a woman has an affair she is labeled with every derogatory name in the dictionary. She is decided to be incompetent and undesirable. That is not at all the case with men. 

The point is this country invests a lot into our people. Some rise to the position of being part of our government. When that person is a woman she is a precious commodity. Women need women in office and serving our country in every aspect of it. The media destroyed her. She didn't get to the Executive Branch of this government because she was a dolt. She's a beautiful woman. Beautiful women have problems handling their beauty at times. Oh, well.

Huma Abedin is not the problem. She is not a weak and submissive woman.

The USA has a great deal of apologizing to Huma. Her family needed police protection because of the idiots behind this.

Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack
Was Mrs. Weiner (Huma Abedin), the Deputy Chief of Staff to Hillary Clinton unaware that her mother was reported as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? Did western media miss what has been REVEALED in several Arab newspapers, which remained SECRET in American government circles?...

She has admirable character, deep abiding beliefs about herself and those that comprise her devotions. No one has the right to judge her. NO ONE.

I heard a comment that was completely irreverent to the USA brain trust. I don't see Huma as a woman in need of guidance to kick her man to the curb. That said, she is a very valuable woman to this democracy. Her Pakistan roots alone brings insight to this country we cannot afford to lose. 

Someone stated something like, "Both she and he are narcissistic and convinced they are irreplaceable to the the USA." Well. Yeah, they are. If valuing themselves in the reality of the USA's democracy is narcissistic, then I guess so.

To be completely honest. I find her critics PATHETIC. 

Hillary’s Secret Weapon; Huma Abedin oversees every minute of Senator Clinton’s day.
Byline: Rebecca Johnson  (click here)

It’s the morning after the second set of Democratic debates. Huma Abedin has had three hours of sleep and four cups of coffee, but her black Prada suit is wrinkle-free, her skin is flawless, and her long, luxurious hair is blow-dried into the kind of bouncy waves you see mostly in shampoo commercials. Her mind, however, is on her boss. As Hillary Clinton basks in the adoration of 500 of New York’s most powerful women, all of whom paid $250 a head for breakfast, Abedin watches proudly from the back of the room. “We’re on such a high from last night,” she says. “I was so nervous I got teary. It was like watching your kid go off to kindergarten, but I thought she did great.” 

Today, however, is a new day with a new set of problems waiting to be solved. At the moment, it’s the generic ballroom in a Hilton hotel, which looks too much like, well, a generic ballroom in a Hilton hotel. Where are the Hillary banners? Or the floor with the campaign logo that looks so good in photographs? “It’s just,” Huma explains, clicking away on one of the two BlackBerrys that constitute her traveling office, “you want everything to be perfect."...

Look, let the woman from Delaware, "I am not a witch," be a lesson. People can make financial progress when running for elections.

The Republican Party does not exist anymore. They haven't sincerely existed for some time. The Republicans are being replaced little bit by little bit, even those that survive the primaries never really govern again. They are populous party. They run on nothing but steam and the money that will back desperate people.

They pander to the electorate in whatever crazy idea they have about their country and they'll pander to whatever money interests will pay the price. Harry, the states. They are out of control. They pass legislation that is grossly incompetent for the sake of populism. Abortion, guns, budget slashing of essential services. It is crazy because people with money want to play with power. 

Look what went on with Gay Rights. Does the Gay Community actually have security? No. They are able to marry and have rights, but, by a shoe string. That is not governing. Now, the Right Wing will go back to their donors and state 'if there are enough of us in there' we can change the country into a theocracy.

We have a problem, Harry. At least Christie is 'sane enough.' I mean Christie stands up to 'the crazies' and 'FOX.' Thank god for that much.  But, the others? The ones that believe 'if they hang in their enough' and 'throw the dog a bone' in the way of social issues will actually do great things for the country. They are confused and live in denial. 

They live in denial of their own realities. They are puppets. That is what Populous parties are, they are puppets to their constituents. 

Look, what occurred in 2008 was a very dangerous thing. It scared people. People that loved this country and believed in it. It changed the way people view their government. What occurred in 2008 began in ten years before. Ask Senator Warren.

You know, I think Senator Cruz has great potential as does Senator Paul, but, they have to lead, Harry. They have to lead their people and not be played with. Until that happens and we have stability in the government of this country we are in for a hell of a ride.

41d. The Growth of Populism (click here)
Organization was inevitable. (click here) Like the oppressed laboring classes of the East, it was only a matter of time before Western farmers would attempt to use their numbers to effect positive change.

Farmers Organize

In 1867, the first such national organization was formed. Led by Oliver Kelley, the Patrons of Husbandry, also known as the Grange, organized to address the social isolation of farm life. Like other secret societies, such as the Masons, Grangers had local chapters with secret passwords and rituals.
The local Grange sponsored dances and gatherings to attack the doldrums of daily life. It was only natural that politics and economics were discussed in these settings, and the Grangers soon realized that their individual problems were common.

Identifying the railroads as the chief villains, Grangers lobbied state legislatures for regulation of the industry. By 1874, several states passed the Granger Laws, establishing maximum shipping rates. Grangers also pooled their resources to buy grain elevators of their own so that members could enjoy a break on grain storage.

Morgan dollar (1878-1891)
Farmers' Alliances went one step further. Beginning in 1889, Northern and Southern Farmers' Alliances championed the same issues as the Grangers, but also entered the political arena. Members of these alliances won seats in state legislatures across the Great Plains to strengthen the agrarian voice in politics.

Creating Inflation

What did all the farmers seem to have in common? The answer was simple: debt. Looking for solutions to this condition, farmers began to attack the nation's monetary system. As of 1873, Congress declared that all federal money must be backed by gold. This limited the nation's money supply and benefited the wealthy....

Harry. They are a populous House. They will act to defend their populous votes.

The NSA vote is a populous issue with Libertarians. Lately, the Senator from Texas. What's his name? ??? Oh, yeah, Cruz has been grandstanding with Senator Paul. LIBERTY, Harry. 

So, when the House is ACCUSED, then they react. But, they won't react in a direction of productive governing, they will react to defend their populous agenda.   

Sure it is scarey, but, it is real. 

Hell, they'll go to war and destroy the entire democracy if they can talk the country into it. BUSH and CHENEY. Populists!!!!!!!!

July 23, 2013
By Spencer Akerman 

Congressional opposition to the NSA's bulk surveillance(click here) on Americans swelled on Tuesday as the US House prepared to vote on restricting the collection of US phone records and a leading Senate critic blasted a "culture of misinformation" around government surveillance.

Republican congressman Justin Amash prevailed in securing a vote for his amendment to a crucial funding bill for the Department of Defense that "ends authority for the blanket collection of records under the Patriot Act." The vote could take place as early as Wednesday evening.

"The people have spoken through their representatives," Amash told the Guardian on Tuesday. "This is an opportunity to vote on something that will substantially limit the ability of the NSA to collect their phone records without suspicion." 

It will be the first such vote held by Congress on restricting NSA surveillance after the revelations from ex-contractor Edward Snowden, published in the Guardian and the Washington Post, that detailed a fuller picture of the surveillance authorities than officials had publicly disclosed – something blasted in a fiery Tuesday speech by Senator Ron Wyden, a prominent Democratic critic of the surveillance programs....