Thursday, February 16, 2012

I congratulate Congress on 'getting the job done' without drama and by putting CITIZENS first.

A top lawmaker (click title to entry - thank you) says the House of Representatives and Senate have sealed a final agreement on legislation to renew a 2 percentage-point cut in the payroll tax and jobless benefits for millions of unemployed workers, a top priority of President Barack Obama....

Thank you.  Thank you to all.  This wasn't a victory for anyone except the American people and the recovery they BELIEVE IN.

Thank you all, once again.

The right of the fetus is not the basis of State Laws that carry higher penalties for a violent crime of murder.

The debate over fetal rights (click title to entry - thank you) is not new to the legislative arena.  Every year pro-life and pro-choice advocates vie for the upper hand in this contentious issue.  In recent years, states have expanded this debate to include the issue of fetuses killed by violent acts against pregnant women. In some states, legislation has increased the criminal penalties for crimes involving pregnant women.  These laws have focused on the harm done to a pregnant woman and the subsequent loss of her pregnancy, but not on the rights of the fetus....

The laws demanding higher penalties for a murdered pregnant woman are based on THE WOMAN'S STATUS, not that of the fetus.  

MILWAUKEE (AP) -- Milwaukee police (click here) have arrested three teenage boys in connection with the killing of a pregnant woman who was gunned down in front of her young son last weekend....

This is similar to the 'idea' of Hate Crimes.  This woman was murdered by others, often pregnant women are murdered by the father of the fetus.  There are many dangers that lie along the road for women when they decide to be pregnant and sometimes that means having a relationship with the father that results in violence rather than love.  Any woman's shelter knows how many abused women are pregnant at the time of their abuse.

Women need recognition of such status when they are pregnant to remind society they can fall to victimization easier than when not pregnant.  Whether or not this measure will actually change the statistics of murdered or abused pregnant women is yet to be realized, but, it is a necessary move in that direction.

It is the crime driven by perceived vulnerability and/or dependency that is addressed here.  This is NOT a condescending, patriarchal measure, it is a sincere attempt to stem violence of women when they are pregnant.  It upholds the status of WOMAN and does not diminish it.


No one likes it when someone is called a name, so let's just call it a LABEL.  A very legitimate label.

Legislators in Virginia (click title to entry - thank you) moved forward yesterday on two bills placing additional restrictions on abortions in the commonwealth, including one that would define life as beginning at conception....

The last time I used that label was somewhere back in the eighties when women were held back and child support needed to be given authority for state reciprocity.  It was a matter of equity for women (custodial parent, primarily women).  They were divorced or separated from their husbands, but, not their children, and men were moving across state lines to avoid paying child support.  Then it was Senator Bill Bradley from New Jersey that demanded a bill be passed through the federal legislature making it a law to empower MOTHERS to care for their children.  The bill passed and Senator Bradley became an everyday word on every woman's lips when asserting her rights in court against the man she once loved enough to have a family.

When I envisioned by life as a women in the 21st Century, I saw no barriers to happiness and whatever path that would take.  Now.  I am witnessing regressive politics that want to remove the rights of women to decide their own future and the 'fitness' of the economic circumstances they bring their children.  Not only that, but, laws that enslave women at every turn to deny their need for sexual relationships and/or (mostly oftenly AND) prepare themselves for LIFE INTERRUPTUS for a majority of their life.  

I am astonished at the degree the Religious Right hates women. 

By Molly Peterson
Feb. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Pfizer Inc., (click here) the world’s biggest drugmaker, recalled 1 million birth-control packs after discovering that pills were mixed up inside the packages, possibly putting women at risk for unintended pregnancies.
The company recalled 14 lots of Lo/Ovral-28 tablets and 14 lots of a generic version of the medicine, New York-based Pfizer said yesterday in an e-mail. About 1 million packs of 28 tablets were withdrawn, Grace Ann Arnold, a Pfizer spokeswoman, said in a separate e-mail....
They hate to allow women the right to determine their own future.

They hate to allow women the right to find ways of resolving complicated circumstances with socio-economic outcomes.

They hate to recognize that women have a mind that makes good decisions for her and her reproductive capacity.

They hate to have women successful on their own terms.  

They hate to admit there are not two 'types' of women, good women that try to achieve 'chronic virgin' status and bad women that hate pregnancy and children.  

They hate to allow the concept of having sex as a healthy aspect of a GOOD MARRIAGE and the burden to having a child a financial hardship that may cause a good marriage to fail.  

They hate to admit there are good times to have babies in a relationship and there are bad times to have a pregnancy.

They hate women so much that they won't admit they too have relationships outside of marriage where preventing and/or ending a pregnancy is paramount to any other reality.

They hate to admit any woman is not always enthralled at having her ovum fertilized by a sperm.

They sit in their VIRTUAL IVORY TOWERS and play god with the democracy that is the USA.

The 'idea' that life begins at conception is hideous, childish and stupid.  

Conception is a term used to describe a fertilized ovum, NOT a pregnancy.  At any point after conception a women may indeed consider THE MISTAKE exactly that and not a pregnancy.  Even the next day, when realizing she could have ovulated and it is time to resort to PLAN B, it is NOT a pregnancy.

If I can quote a former Republican candidate for President, 'Oops.'

The Misoganists of Virginia, including the Governor, are among the most uninformed and misguided people I have ever witnessed in a democracy.  Absolutely and without a doubt.  

A fertilized egg can take on may circumstances even after it is a pregnancy and a desired pregnancy.  To cancel out a WOMAN'S RIGHT TO HER OWN LIFE by placing a high priority on an UNBORN child will result in astounding inequity for her, her doctors, her emergency room and law officials including investigators, police officers and prison wardens.

The definition of a citizen is when a child is born and can survive OUTSIDE the uterus.  That definition is the only one that carries brevity in realizing a life already being lived carries more brevity than one yet to realize what it is to breath air.

The Republicans that demand this type of oppression of women hate them so much they deny the fact that a woman's husband can look across the bed at her and say, "Honey, we just can't have this baby right now."  And those conversations take place.

The Republicans across the board that support the oppression of women, deny their ability to handle their own outcomes, refuse to allow them to master their own fate are MISOGANISTS in the PUREST sense of the WORD.