Saturday, January 17, 2015

It makes complete sense a warm, pipe with repeated use would be a problem.

Where is the sterilization unit?

January 14, 2015
By Monica Robins

DENVER -- The liquid used in electronic cigarettes (click here) has been linked to a significantly higher risk of respiratory viral infections, whether the liquid contains nicotine or not, according to a published study by researchers at National Jewish Health in Denver.
"We took cells from the airways of young, healthy non-smokers and exposed them to the liquid or vapors from e-cigarettes in the lab and in as little as 10 minutes we saw a dramatic reaction," said Hong Wei Chu, MD, director of the Basic Science Section at National Jewish Health and leader of the study.
"The cells showed a strong pro-inflammatory response and the risk of viral infection in those cells rose significantly," he said.
The findings come as the popularity of e-cigarettes is surging, particularly in young people. In 2010 less than 2 percent of adults in the U.S. had tried e-cigarettes. Last year that number topped 40 million, an increase of more than 620 percent. The number of children and teenagers who use them is on the rise as well....

The difference between an e-cigarette and a pipe is not the fact one is metal and the other wood, it is that an e-cigarette isn't cleaned after use.

May 7, 2015
By Dennis Thompson

..."These small particles (click here) have a high surface area-to-volume ratio," Thornburg said. "When they deposit in your lungs, it makes it easy for whatever chemicals are in them to dissolve into your lung tissue." Those chemicals potentially could cause or worsen respiratory problems such as asthma or bronchitis.

In its review of emissions from two types of e-cigarettes, Thornburg's team did not find any toxic substances in the vapor produced by the devices.

"Everything we found was what the [U.S. Food and Drug Administration] and others generally regard as safe," he said, noting that the cancer-causing agents produced by burning tobacco are not present in e-cigarettes.

But another new study raises the possibility that the liquids used to produce e-cigarette vapors could contain carcinogens or harmful ingredients, The New York Times reports.

The study found formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, in overheated vapor produced by high-power e-cigarette devices known as tank systems, the newspaper reported. These systems are larger devices than typical e-cigarettes, and are designed to vaporize liquid nicotine quickly to give users a bigger nicotine kick....

How did e-cigarettes shirt by the FDA for approval before it was marketed? Particles are very serious and could be the vector carrying the virus. Particles cause scar tissue in the lungs. Ever hear of COPD? It is caused by far more then cigarette smoking. At the rate young people are gravitating to these products the country needs to be ready for far higher demand of lung transplants.

January 16, 2015
By Kathleen Gray

LANSING – The last three bills {click here) left over from the lame duck session of the Legislature — banning the use and sale of e-cigarettes to minors — have been vetoed by Gov. Rick Snyder.
Snyder said the measures don't go far enough to regulate e-cigarettes, the increasingly popular devices that heat a nicotine solution to a vapor. The devices are used by some in bars and restaurants since the state instituted a smoking ban in restaurants and have become increasingly popular among youth, who can buy flavored solutions.
"We need to make sure that e-cigarettes and other nicotine-containing devices are regulated in the best interest of public health," Snyder said in a statement. "It's important that these devices be treated like tobacco products and help people become aware of the dangers e-cigarettes pose."
The sponsors of the bills, which also would have prohibited the e-cigarettes from being defined or regulated as a tobacco product, said the intent of the legislation is to keep the e-cigarettes out of the hands of minors, who could get hooked on the nicotine solution and then move on to more traditional tobacco products.

The states are looking for sincere guidance. Does the ATF also come into focus on this mess?

The issue of Social Security has been answered by The Urban Institute.

Founded in 1968 (click here) to understand the problems facing America’s cities and assess the programs of the War on Poverty, the Urban Institute brings decades of objective analysis and expertise to policy debates — in city halls and state houses, Congress and the White House, and emerging democracies around the world. Today, our research portfolio ranges from the social safety net to health and tax policies; the well-being of families and neighborhoods; and trends in work, earnings, and wealth building. Our scholars have a distinguished track record of turning evidence into solutions.

The Urban Institute Officers and Trustees (click here).

Source: OCACT (2013), based on intermediate assumptions of the 2013 Trustees’ Report; policy change effective 2014. Options that increase to 90 percent of total earnings are phased in from 2014 to 2023.

Destroying the global economy sincerely had a dividend to the wealthy and Wall Street in ways only imaginable in fairy tales.

Between 1983 and 2008, (click here) the share of total wages covered by Social Security and subject to tax has declined from almost 90 percent to about 83.5 percent because earnings have grown rapidly near the top of the earnings distribution.

There was a significant loss in HOLDINGS by the Social Security Fund due to the 2008 Great Recession. So, compounding that reality is the loss of future earnings by the fund and the fall in salaries in the USA has shrunk the income base to the fund. While the banks were bailed out, the SSI fund was not.

Raising the cap is the best method of returning the fund to pre-2008 levels including lost interest from 2008 to date and relieves the concern for the future.

Romney and Jeb Bush are two peas in a pod when it comes to abusive capitalism, but, Romney is the shinning bright object over Bush.

— Sen. Rand Paul, R. Ky., (click here) was wrong in claiming that more than half the people receiving government disability checks “are either anxious or their back hurts,” according to the fact-checking web site Politifact.
Paul made the assertion in New Hampshire this week as he laid the groundwork for a 2016 run for president. He was talking about people “gaming the system” to get government benefits....

And Rand Paul can go back to Kentucky and stay there. Kentucky needs a new Senator and a new physician. He has a gun toting philosophy without regard to the health problems they cause this country.

I fully expect Jeb Bush's affiliations before he resigned from them to donate plenty of money to his campaign. Cronies. He is an excellent example of how a candidate gains monies into his or her war coffers.

Jeb Bush left the governorship in Florida and entered the private finance industry in a very big way. He carried out whatever power leveraging he could while serving on boards or otherwise and now plans a run for President. His affiliations with these private capital and offshore companies was beneficial while he was a member of their institution, just imagine what he can do as President.

Defeating Jeb Bush really isn't all that difficult. He is defining himself as someone who can lift all boats. His history of doing so is abysmal. His primary focus is children and bringing them up the 'right' way. See, the systems fails because Democrats believe in teacher unions. Teacher unions are the failure of every child in the USA. Amazing. Of course, poverty, racism and abusive capitalism has absolutely nothing to do with it.

The Kaiser Family Foundation (click here) established percentages of populations in USA states experiencing poverty. Florida is ranked 18th highest in the country. Of the seventeen states with higher poverty rates than Florida, 12 are Red States. Of that twelve, ten are below the Mason-Dixon Line. 

Florida has a history of receiving dollar per dollar monies in federal subsidies. That means for every dollar paid in federal taxes by Florida residents, the state receives that dollar back again.

Florida Poverty Rates: Children ages 0 - 18                 20%
                                 Adults ages 19 - 64                  14%
                                 Adults of age 65 and greater     11%

Those percentages didn't happen overnight. They were achieved because of policy. Twenty percent of Florida's children live in poverty and Jeb Bush points to the education system and teacher unions as the failure of the public schools. I don't think so.

The fact the highest levels of poverty are dominated by southern Red States is not by chance either, it is by policy. The southern states have a sincere cultural problem that keeps the people entrenched in poverty. The statistics, if the political culture was basically the same in the country, would be far more random. The FACT the southern states dominate in poverty statistics is very telling of the abuse of power within them. 

So, if Jeb Bush can only get the children educated the right way there would not be a problem with poverty anymore. Yet, Pell Grants are evil. Right. 

And only if the USA would eliminate student loans it would clear up the housing market problems. You're joking right? Eliminating student loans means many, many Americans would not have a foothold on a good paying job. I always thought it was good paying jobs that permitted the American Dream of home ownership.