Wednesday, July 30, 2014

First Lady Michelle Obama will receive a great deal of support for her truthful agenda for Africa.

She is quite a lady. Why will she receive support? Because women and men in the USA understand the PROMISE of opportunity.

I am not African American, but, I am a woman. I grew up understanding a large Irish American family. I had forty first cousins of which about half are women. I came from a family of three children of which all three were women. My father was as engaged with our futures as much as if we were his sons and believe me he would loved to have raised a son.

But, the support didn't stop with my father. All the men in the family fully supported the women in pursuing a future that was self-sustaining and fulfilling, including, having a family.

Here is basically how it went. My grandparents on both side of the family were first generation Americans. They were laborers. Both my grandfathers worked in the mines. My maternal grandmother was busy with eleven children, but, my paternal grandmother worked at Barbizon Factory making ladies intimate apparel. (See left margin. Vintage go for upwards of $100.00 - The ILGWU - International Lady Garment Workers Union.) None had high school educations.

My parents and all their siblings graduated High School and worked after high school. The women who remained single worked for distinguished companies. The men found work as laborers in factories that was Wall Street. It was a time when manufacturing was still viable and most men worked in that capacity at some level. Some of the men went on to work in management with only a high school diploma. Imagine that. The big bucks.

Now, comes my generation. Everyone of my cousins and their spouses have a college education. There are all sorts of professionals in the family and most of the time any problem one is experiencing can be ironed out at a family reunion.

Why this phenomena? It's America. There is opportunity. When there is opportunity there is ambition. When there is ambition and personal satisfaction within that ambition there is support for women to achieve and exceed any expectation any stereotype dictates. When there is personal satisfaction, there is happiness because there is no reason not to be.

There is nothing unusual about my family. We just did what came natural and achieved to expectations set down by our elders. It was easy. The path was laid out by those that had a vision for our futures, but, the choice of path was left to us to decide where, in this American society, we would achieve the best and be happy.

This community member states, "There is still the matter of the murders!"

July 24, 2014
By Shelby Lin Erdman

CNN - The Department of Justice (click here) announced on Thursday it has reached an agreement with the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, to address a "pattern or practice of excessive force" by the problem-plagued Albuquerque Police Department.
The DOJ said the city has agreed to allow an independent monitor and the courts to oversee reforms at the police department, along with community input and involvement.
According to a joint statement, the department and the city plan to implement reform in eight areas of concern: "use of force policies, interactions with individuals with mental illness and other disabilities, tactical units, training, internal investigations and civilian complaints, management and supervision, recruitment and selection of officers, and community engagement and oversight."
"This agreement marks an important step forward in addressing the unreasonable use of deadly force uncovered in our investigation into the Albuquerque Police Department," Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday....

Mayor de Blasio has the same problem as those in Albuquerque, New Mexico; the word is out on the street. New York Cops kill unarmed civilians. In Albuquerque it was that the Swat Team was called to handle homeless citizens, practice their best technique and don't leave evidence.

The FACT there are dead minority members of New York City due to police brutality the COMMUNITY is already anticipating death when a police officer approaches. See, that is what struck me as incredible when I realized James Boyd had been bargaining for THREE HOURS with the Swat Team to INSURE his own life. That simply was the height of police terrorism. The entire city was on alert to the FACT the APD were killers. They knew when a Police officer approached it was life and death. I think it is 24 innocent people are dead. Quite a killing spree if you ask me.

Mayor de Blasio has racked up one death that was exposed by the media and now a beating with attempted murder by drawing a gun. 

This is going to stop. This is going to stop in every city. Why? Because the communities are breaking up into "us and them." That is a very dangerous place for any police department and it causes an increase in tensions that results in civil unrest. 

Mayor de Blasio needs to say what this is and it is minority discrimination and racism. Why it exists is anyone's guess, but, there is that trend in the country about the shortened longevity of young black men. It ends and it ends now.

We are keeping count.

We need to clean house.

July 30, 2014
By Michael A. Memoli 
The House (click here) vote to sue President Obama is the first such legal challenge by a chamber of Congress against a president and a historic foray in the fight over constitutional checks and balances.
Wednesday’s nearly party-line vote followed a feisty floor debate and offered a fresh example of how the capital’s hyper-partisanship has led both parties into unprecedented territory, going to new and greater lengths to confront one another....
This is the ultimate expression of racism, especially when Dick Cheney is volunteering to be President Obama's defense attorney; not literally, but he may as well have volunteered for it.

The question to Rand Paul is incorrect.

Rand Paul is consistent. He is also a Libertarian and they are staunch supporters of private anything.

Senator Paul openly admits he believes private owners have the right to conduct their business as they please while he would advise discrimination and racism is bad business.

The question Senator Paul needs to answer is; "Given your point of view regarding private business in relation to the Civil Rights Act, do you believe the social repercussions are important to communities of minorities that experience the racism and discrimination by a privately owned business? And if you don't, then why not? And if you do, then isn't there a place for government in protecting citizens from those social repercussions?"

Robert McDonnell, as Virginia's governor, ran on high moral Christian content. It is fraud no matter which way you slice it.

His greatest strength is a plea bargain.

If the marriage was over, what is with the watch?

July 30, 2014
By Gary Robertson
RICHMOND Va. (Reuters) - Former Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell (click here) and his wife were barely on speaking terms when they accepted $165,000 in gifts and loans from a vitamin company executive, defense attorneys said on Tuesday at the start of the pair's corruption trial....

Gun Regulation

There is no doubt the NRA and other gun organizations will be out in full force in 2014. 

I think there are valid talking points. 

- The states with regulations can be the proving ground by statistics compared to that of other states that are wide open like Texas. There is a difference and we know it. 

- Americans owning guns are good people. They have their reasons. They also have to respect the rights of others. 

- Home invasion. This is a big deal among many communities. It is a reality Democrats can't ignore. There are good people capable of purchasing personal protection for their homes. I'll be frank here. The people in Red States that insist there is danger they need to protect from, they are absolutely correct. I know for a fact, the police response time in some of these states, cities, towns and communities is not quick enough no matter how much they practice. 

- Democrats need to demand studies regarding Home Invasion and the QUALITY of the homes this occurs with. The people that conduct Home Invasions kill. They care for no one and find a locked and alarmed home an easy target with or without occupants. So besides the USUAL reasons Americans state are important such as hunting, there is also a new reality in the year 2014 that is no joke. Home Invasion is real and to deny that is to INSURE American's fears will grow. 

- The government needs to react to community concerns. Where problems are life and death government needs to address them with studies and REAL solutions. When government solutions are lame or off target it losses legitimacy and increases the skepticism to governments ability to solve the problems of the country.

- There are few studies that I have seen whereby it is known how criminals obtain their weapons to begin to close those LOOPHOLES.

- Last point - Gun Background Checks are well accepted. 

A carrier without symptoms is not contagious.

The CDC should be conversing with the UK Department of Health and WHO to begin to derive a protocol regarding Ebola.

I trust the CDC and am confident anyone involved with the CDC and cutting edge hospitals such as John Hopkins are already up to speed on the disease.

No one wants to hear this, but, here again the airlines are going to find a loss of business. Airline passenger compartments are a closed and pressurized system. Jets also travel large distances in a short period of time, so the transportation of Ebola out of Africa is possible.

So far the isolation systems used regarding the people infected are mostly failing. There is a survival rate at this point of about 40%. The demographics of those alive should be evaluated. Young. Old. 20s. 30s. Where is the human body surviving this hemolytic disease. 

There are other hemolytic diseases, Ebola is NOT the first scientists have dealt with. Ebola may have different dynamics, but, it is not a stranger to medical science.

Hemolytic anemia (click here) is a disorder in which the red blood cells are destroyed faster than the bone marrow can produce them. The term for destruction of red blood cells is hemolysis. There are two types of hemolytic anemia, intrinsic and extrinsic:...

If the disease is not defeated in Africa and other areas of the world find the infection within their borders, I point to the isolation used by China when SARS was first discovered. It was a successful form of isolation within a hospital setting. At least it will be an excellent start.

July 30, 2014
By Kim Helmgaard and Doug Stanglin

In the United Kingdom, (click here) the Department of Health confirmed Wednesday that a man who flew into Birmingham airport recently from Nigeria via Paris was clear of the virus despite saying he felt feverish.

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, who chaired an emergency meeting Wednesday on Ebola with health experts, scientists and other ministers, said "the issue is about the possibility of somebody who has contracted the disease in Africa getting sick here."

"It is not about the disease spreading in the UK because frankly we have different standards of infection control procedure that would make that most unlikely," he told reporters, according to the BBC.

Two American medical missionaries working with Ebola patients in Liberia have been diagnosed with the virus.

Dr. Kent Brantly, 33, is medical director of the Ebola care center run by Samaritan's Purse on the outskirts of the Liberian capital of Monrovia, and Nancy Writebol had been disinfecting doctors and nurses working with Ebola patients.

A statement by the North Carolina-based group said both showed "slight improvement" in the past 24 hours but remain in serious condition....

...In Sierra Leone, Sheik Umar Khan, the doctor leading the fighting against the Ebola outbreak in that country, died from the virus on Tuesday, the country's chief medical officer said, the Daily Mail reports.

The best way at this point to limit the exposure of MEDICAL MISSIONS is to limit the people entering Africa. Medical missions need to think this through. If these are religious missions, the 'idea' God will protect them is not necessarily valid. The practices of anything other than PROFOUND AND PROVEN isolation and excellent practices WRITTEN by those of authority within the WHO is simply wrong. It is wrong to not place a life in the hands of any other authority than the WHO!

I realize there are many religious practices around the world and they all have their success stories, however, this disease is too dangerous to dismiss the practice of excellent isolation. Other religious practices can be accommodated outside the practice of isolation to enhance the emotional status of those infected, however, any practice that compromises isolation should never be accommodated. No sabotaging the systems that have worked and/or continue to work.

I am confident one of the aspects of this microbe the CDC and WHO will be looking at is any species mutation. Mutation can also inhibit the spread of the disease, it does not always mean the microb has gotten worse.

I am also wondering what co-morbidities the victims may have had INCLUDING other infections and/or disease. Africa also has a large AIDS/HIV population. People with healthy immune systems have died, but, is EBOLA creating an internal body environment that ALLOWS the OPPORTUNITY of other disease that contributes to the hemolytic qualities and/or death. 
There are just some things I can't let go by. While I am on the topic of "Great Leaders with Guns," kindly note the resemblance.

Why did Perry demand the National Guard? I told you so.

They are illegally conducting their activities. They are acting as law enforcement without being deputized or taking orders from a sheriff. Will any Governor do anything about them? No. Why? Because they are afraid of them. These militias were on the border long before Perry played 'Great Leader with a Gun' and asking for National Guard.

The National Guard has a task before them. They need to clean the border of illegally conducted militias. How does anyone know they aren't assisting the drug cartels? Are they the drug cartels?

What is the difference between Honduras and the USA southern border? Nothing.
July 28, 2014
By Kolten Parker
San Antonio (click here) - Militia groups along the Texas border have grown to more than 10 active "teams" from El Paso to the Rio Grande Valley, despite warnings from U.S. Customs and Border Protection and state lawmakers.
More than 30 photos showing dozens of members carrying semiautomatic rifles and wearing masks, camouflage and tactical gear obtained by the San Antonio Express-News provide a first glimpse of the militias. The armed individuals are seen posing at campsites, walking along the Rio Grande River, speaking with Border Patrol agents and pointing rifles and pistols out of frame....

This is ridiculous. It has to be taken to the world courts.

Shells hit UN school in Gaza, kill 15 (click here)

Gaza Strip (AP) — Israeli tank shells slammed into a crowded U.N. school sheltering Gazans displaced by fighting on Wednesday, killing 15 and wounding 90 after tearing through the walls of two classrooms, a spokesman for a U.N. aid agency and a health official said.
The Israeli military said mortar shells had been fired from near the school, and that soldiers fired back.

Later Wednesday, the Israeli military declared a four-hour humanitarian cease-fire in parts of Gaza beginning at 3:00 p.m. Hamas had no immediate comment.

Israel has lost credibility and legitimacy. There are strong alternatives to killing Palestinians. The best alternative is to set the borders to Palestine and allow the Palestinian Authority to actually be an authority. These outcomes to Palestine is due to more than a decade of belligerence by Israel than settle the borders and begin a sustained peace.

If the Palestinian borders were established and a strong central government was already in place, not even the tunnels would exist and Palestine would have an economy that would provide services to their citizens and increase their comfort. When Palestinians don't live in fear for their lives the 'idea' hostilities is necessary will be gone.

I don't care what Israel states about other extremist groups within Gaza are firing these rockets. If the Palestinian Authority existed and mattered, the danger to Palestinians of other extremists would not be tolerated and global powers would be assisting their defeat. Due to Palestine's tentative existence the danger to the citizens exist not only by Israel's aggression, but, by other violence of other extremist groups.  

Palestinians live in chaos and threat of death on a daily basis. This is NOT what any support by the USA was suppose to be about. 

Oh no Wall Street welfare is coming to an end. Raising the minimum wage is evil.

Oh no, economic sanctions is going to cause problems.

July 30, 2014

...The data (click here) showed personal consumption grew 2.5% in the three months ended June 30, above expectations for a 1.9% gain, and up from 1.2% in the preceding quarter. Consumer spending typically accounts for nearly 70% of U.S. economic growth....