Thursday, December 01, 2016

Gabbi Clark Long on a Facebook entry.

My heart is extremely heavy and I have shed many tears. As many of you know we lost our sweet fur babies on Monday due to the wild fires in Gatlinburg. Thank you for all the outpouring of love and prayers. I can't begin to tell you the unbelievable pain my family is in right now. I just ask that you say a special prayer for us and everyone affected by this horrific event. Please hold your fur babies a little tighter, give them one extra kiss, throw the ball one more time, take a longer walk, snuggle up in bed because you never know if that will be your last chance.

This outreach from Russia is not about the USA, it is about Eastern Europe.

This is to instill oppression to allow Russia it's return of the USSR. Along with Russia's return to Eastern Europe will be a returned threat to the borders of Europe.

Trump wants to dissolve NATO. That will mean the former Soviet states will have no military to stand up to Russia.

1 December 2016
By Our Foreign Staff

Vladimir Putin (click here) has called for a new era of cooperation with the United States under Donald Trump’s presidency, in an annual state of the nation speech that struck a conciliatory but uncompromising tone on foreign policy.

In an address to government ministers, MPs, and top Kremlin officials,  Mr Putin said Russia and the United States are “jointly responsible for international stability and security” and that a good relationship was in the interests of the “whole world.”

"We are ready for cooperation with the new American administration,"Mr Putin said in the Kremlin on Thursday....

Putin is already setting the stage for an invasion into Ukraine. Russia is stating Crimea is part of Russia and the Ukraine missiles will be flying over Crimea.

Ukraine knows something about missiles. Following the Russia aggression after the government change in Kiev, the Ukraine people were left with no national military. That won't happen again in Ukraine.

Ukraine needs to have a coalition of former Soviet states that will provide a clear indication of resistance even if NATO is dissolved. It will take some time before the new president can carry out such an outrageous idea, however, the USA Congress has promised to rubber stamp every priority of Mr. Trump.

Europe has to take Mr. Trump at his word. I strongly suggest with such outrageous political statements made during the campaign NATO REINSTATE the treaty. Mr. Trump should sign the re-celebrated treaty. 

As of 2019, NATO will be 70 years strong. I suggest a celebration of the alliance and a resigning of the treaty.

It has to be a "In your face, Russia," celebration in order to have the alliance taken seriously. No more veiled threats by Russia.

1 December 2016
By Ed Adamczyk

Kiev, Ukraine, Dec. 1 (UPI) -- Ukraine (click here) began surface-to-air missile tests Thursday over the Black Sea, after Russia threatened to shoot the projectiles down.
The Ukrainian military declared the tests of the S-300 medium-range missiles a success.
"Sixteen Ukrainian missiles were launched. All of them have reached their targets," said Svyatoslav Tsegolko, spokesman for President Petro Poroshenko.
Earlier this week, Ukraine defined the area of the tests, which the Russian Ministry of Defense said "violates the territorial sea borders of the Russian Federation." Although the missiles came within 18 miles of Crimean airspace, Ukraine moved the perimeter of the test area, apparently to calm Russian concerns, Russia's air transport agency reported.
The Russian Foreign Ministry said Thursday the tests set a "dangerous precedent," news outlet RT reported Thursday....

I don't begrudge any job that is saved in the USA economy. It could be a single mom or dad that have little alternatives.

The skepticism I have with this effort is that CEOs are slick. In this case all the jobs Carrier it moving over seas is not being saved. I am grateful for saved jobs somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000. But, aren't USA monies paid to this company good enough to protect all jobs?

United Technologies Military Contract (click here)

Pence is lying already. And the fact there are jobs leaving for Mexico speaks to the Obama administration. Those jobs leaving for Mexico were created during the Obama administration. The fact they are leaving speaks to the greed of the company hiring Americans. Companies were provided incentive to hire Americans after the Great Recession. Now that the jobs are suppose to be part of the United Technologies Company and the subsidies no longer apply the jobs are being shipped overseas.

When companies and public officials lie there is no clear way of believing anything they say. Why should I believe Pence when his speech is nothing but divisive?

Additionally, the Carrier CEO is setting a new paradigm for Wall Street. NOW, before a company exports any jobs, Wall Street firms will have 'at the ready' the jobs that are safe and staying in the USA while they outsource the jobs that were planned anyway. 

CEOs lie and they know the public and this is a paradigm that needs policing to determine the extent the companies are patriot and proud to be "Made in America."

Additionally, the jobs saved at Carrier are being changed as to salary and I am quite sure a change in benefits as if United Technologies has it really hard and this a sacrifice. Does anyone actually believe United Technologies has it tough? Over $23 BILLION in USA contracts and the people of the USA are supposed to believe saving jobs is a real sacrifice. NOT!

I would ONLY BELIEVE the company had it tough if they were facing Chapter 7 bankruptcy and they had to liquidate their total assets and close their doors. Remember Donald Trump has built his empire on Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

This is a great victory to the new President Elect, however, he is so anxious to prove to the American people that he is on their side, he can be taken advantage of, too. I congratulate Donald Trump, but, before such deals are made he needs to be sure the American people are actually at the center of the decision and their unions are important, too. The partisan politics should not exist when handing out deals that save jobs and Pense was completely in appropriate when he stated the jobs were leaving because of the Obama administration. The jobs at Carrier are leaving because of CEO greed and no other reason. The American people have had enough of the back stabbing and the defaming of President Obama.

This is a new paradigm for the American people and it needs transparency and validation to the intentions of the company involved. If Donald Trump is successful in passing tarrif legislation it will prove a disincentive to any company to leave the USA. That is the way it is supposed to be.

The jobs discussed today were leaving because of NAFTA. The way other countries grow and improve the lives of their people is not to be available for Wall Street monies at any cost. The wage labor in Mexico should be nearly the same as the wage labor in the USA BEFORE globalization took over the global economy. If Mexicans are earning good wages they will increase their buying power and will have the same footing as Americans to create their own "Mexican Dream."

IF MEXICO PAID THE SAME WAGE LABOR AS THEIR EMPLOYEES IN INDIANA, Carrier would be a far more profitable company, not because they are able to CHEAT the immoral standard of poverty wages, but, because the population of the USA AND Mexico can purchase their products. When wage labor in Mexico is the same as the USA, the DEMAND for products will increase and the companies profit margin will increase because of that demand.

Tarrifs will give every company pause and will build new facilities in other countries because it is best to expand their CONSUMER base, hence a CEO that actually knows how to increase profits without CHEATING MORALITY!

Pine Island Glacier

There are articles in the news today about the condition of the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica. This is no different than the article written a few years ago about increased sea ice around Antarctica.

The Pine Island Glacier is really no different than most of the other failed ice shelves, it is exposed to the ocean, but, with a smaller surface area. The warmed ocean waters melt the ice sheets from the inside out. The difference about Pine Island is it's location and the fact when the ice melts it cools the ocean waters for a brief amount of time. So the calving that occurs stops. But, as soon as the warmer ocean mixes with the Pine Island colder waters the ice sheet starts to melt again.

A few years ago the British team believed the Antarctica waters were beginning to stabilize and increase in coldness because there was a larger than normal amount of sea ice. In actuality, the sea ice increased because there was melt water run off in larger measure that then froze in the circulation CLOSEST to the ice continent. 

Now, if all this is confusing, it is okay. No one really expects anyone to understand global ice and it's demise. It is somewhat complicated and can appear counter intuitive at times. But, the bottom line is Earth is still hot and the ice structures of Earth are still melting. Humanitarians need to continue to fight the negative feed back loops and that includes the political language that is harmful and not helpful.

November 28, 2016
By Pam Frost Gordor

Columbus, Ohio—A key glacier in Antarctica (click here) is breaking apart from the inside out, suggesting that the ocean is weakening ice on the edges of the continent.

The Pine Island Glacier, part of the ice shelf that bounds the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, is one of two glaciers that researchers believe are most likely to undergo rapid retreat, bringing more ice from the interior of the ice sheet to the ocean, where its melting would flood coastlines around the world.

A nearly 225-square-mile iceberg broke off from the glacier in 2015, but it wasn’t until Ohio State University researchers were testing some new image-processing software that they noticed something strange in satellite images taken before the event.

In the images, they saw evidence that a rift formed at the very base of the ice shelf nearly 20 miles inland in 2013. The rift propagated upward over two years, until it broke through the ice surface and set the iceberg adrift over 12 days in late July and early August 2015.....