Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This is the best new thing in the world today.

At Janssen Biotech, Inc., (click here) we dedicate our hearts and minds to improving the health of individuals living with serious conditions.

Mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) (click here) is a rare, B-cell NHL that most often affects men over the age of 60. The disease may be aggressive (fast growing) but it can also behave in a more indolent (slow growing) fashion in some patients. MCL comprises about five percent of all NHLs. The disease is called "mantle cell lymphoma" because the tumor cells originally come from the "mantle zone" of the lymph node. MCL is usually diagnosed as a late-stage disease that has typically spread to the gastrointestinal tract and bone marrow.

Not since zidovudine/Retrovir/AZT has the FDA approved a drug so swiftly. The USA is finding wonder drugs and they have every reason to be proud of these accomplishments. 

Single-agent oral therapy (click here) is one of the first medications to be approved via the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Breakthrough Therapy Designation Pathway
PR Newswire

HORSHAM, Pa., Nov. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire

Janssen Biotech, Inc. ["Janssen"] (click here) today announced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved IMBRUVICA™ (ibrutinib) capsules for the treatment of patients with mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) who have received at least one prior therapy.1 This indication is based on overall response rate (ORR). An improvement in survival or disease-related symptoms has not been established....

Press Release (click here)

Janssen is a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson. It is a incredible break through for older men that are diagnosed with a nearly undetectable and rapid growing cancer. This gives great hope to those Americans and others around the world. 

The FDA worked quickly to release this drug for current sufferers. They did a great job with Fast Track. 
Let's put it this way, the Right Wing was successful in stating Faith Based NGOs could receive federal monies for their missions. Then those NGOs went to Africa. They preached "No Condoms" to nations without adults because they died of HIV. To cover up the lousy deal the Africans received by these NGOs; Bush came out with a HIV Program.

The religious extremists, the Evangelicals, are the nut cases that throw tons of money at candidates to win favor so they can get the world ready for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. 

So, "W" is in his element.

Charm Offensive in the face of 'Bad Boy Alliance' with Messianic organization.

This relationship isn't new. These guys were receiving a lot of attention during the Bush administration. They were running special dinners and all sorts of things to bring the Jewish into their fold, especially where their was a mixed marriage. These are Bush's buddies. Heck, the Christians were playing music to Indian Hindus and blatantly to Muslims to rock them into a new religion. This isn't new. This is Bush, it has always been Bush. 

The leanings of Christianity as a national religion was all over that administration. There were references to statues in the Dome of the Capital building and all sorts of demands for a national religion based in the words on money and all that mess. I am sure it is all over this blog. I mean the media was a disaster, even more than today.
By Tom Benning

Former President George W. Bush (click here) will appear next week on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”
A Bush spokesman confirmed on Tuesday an Associated Press report that the former president will visit the late-night talk show on November 19. Bush is planning to be in Los Angeles that day and decided to stop by Leno’s show “one last time,” the spokesman said.
“He is looking forward to congratulating Jay on his 20-plus-year run hosting ‘The Tonight Show’,” Freddy Ford, the Bush spokesman, said in a statement.
The appearance will be Bush’s fourth on the show, according to the Associated Press. He first chatted with Leno in March 2000, when Bush was just a Texas governor and presidential candidate.


NOVEMBER 12, 2013

Calgary Zoo is calling on penguin experts worldwide for help with a respiratory disease that claimed another of its birds over the weekend.

Houdini, a 14-year-old male Gentoo penguin, was euthanized Sunday after he did not respond to intensive treatment for aspergillosis — a fungal infection that affects a bird's respiratory system.

He is the third penguin at the zoo to succumb to the disease this year.

Zoo head of veterinary services Sandie Black said Calgary was talking to zoos overseas about what they had done to combat aspergillosis, which is a common cause of death among captive penguins.

"We're asking other institutions what disinfectants are you using? What is your cleaning regimen? Is there any clue here to why we're seeing more [cases] in spite of all the steps we've taken over the last few months?"

Seven other penguins showing possible symptoms of aspergillosis had been isolated and will soon start another antifungal treatment program.

The birds were not responding to drug treatment as hoped, Black said, and may have a drug-resistant strain of the disease.

The American people are usually aware of these pending deaths and it was nowhere in the media.

Protesters(click here) against the death penalty demonstrate in front of the Florida State Prison near Starke Tuesday. Darius Mark Kimbrough convicted in the 1991 sexual assault and murder of an aspiring artist in Orlando was executed at the prison Tuesday.
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Published time: November 13, 2013 17:03

Two convicted murderers (click here) were executed by Florida and Texas on Tuesday, one of whom was killed using a controversial drug that some claim leaves the recipient in excruciating pain
The 40-year-old Darius Kimbrough – convicted of sexually assaulting and killing a Florida woman named Denise Collins in 1991– was executed and pronounced dead at 6:18 p.m. EST, roughly 18 minutes after his lethal injection was administered. In Texas, Jamie McCoskey, 49, was also killed via lethal injection. He was convicted of kidnapping a couple in Houston, raping the woman and stabbing her fiancé to death in 1991....
President Obama needs to consider calling the testimony being given in the House hearings as Executive Privilege. That is not going to be popular or politically savvy, but, it is the right thing to do.

The House Committees are harassing the civilians that show up to give testimony. These civilians are asking to be able to defend the truth over and above the Republicans attempts to extract political talking points that are either half truths or lies.

I am serious. Mr. Chao stated, "I am not defensive, I am trying to protect the truth." Minutes ago. The civilians can't deal with the Spanish Inquisition and are being treated as a punching bag. They can't bounce back from the Republicans interrogation techniques.

I do believe these folks belong at their jobs doing their work and not being used for political fodder by the Republicans. The Republicans are inhibiting the work that needs to be done. Issa doesn't even know what end is up. He wants to submit some memo to evidence, but, he needs to know from one of the witnesses if any of the information is classified and/or confidential and has to be redacted. The response from Mr. Chao was, "I have to review it." Issa states, " the end of this meeting." This is ridiculous.

At one point Mr. Chao stated the information the questions were coming from as an aspect of the website that hasn't been written yet because the first payments are not due to begin until the beginning of January. It was that aspect of the incomplete programming that was confusing the entire questioning. In other words, the Republicans found a partial code and were seeking to make a case of incompetency because of it. One of the Congressman had to come to the defense of Mr. Chao as the Republicans had no right to attempt to ruin his reputation.

This is a waste of everyone's time and is only used to satisfy some bizarre media agenda for politics. The Republicans are on a witch hunt.

Reactionary politics is using rhetoric to seek to destroy the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as a campaign slogan.

My heart sank (click here) when I got an email late last month from my friend Robert, who has been battling multiple sclerosis for the past decade. He wrote to tell me that he was among the many Americans who in recent weeks received letters from their insurance companies saying that their policies won’t be available next year.

Insurance companies are sending those letters primarily because the policies they will no longer offer don’t provide enough coverage — or have deductibles that are too high — to comply with the Affordable Care Act. In many cases, however, the policyholders getting those letters are simply victims of a business practice insurers have engaged in for years: discontinuing policies because they’re no longer sufficiently profitable....

...Considering his very serious and costly preexisting condition — his medications alone cost more than $5,000 a month — Robert was nervous as he started looking for a replacement policy. How much more would he have to pay to stay insured?...

...He could barely believe what he heard: he could get better coverage than the policy being discontinued — and pay less — thanks to Obamacare.
“The overall cost of the plans I’m considering is cheaper than the plan I am currently paying for,” he wrote me this week. “My total cost for coverage now, including premiums and out of pocket costs, is about $9,800. Two of the plans I’m seriously considering for next year have total costs of $8,400. I’m shocked, but in a good way.” 

So not only did Robert not experience the sticker shock he had been expecting, he will save $1,400 next year on health insurance.
The plan he is leaning toward — a top-of-the line “platinum” plan — will have a higher monthly premium, but he will still save on average about $117 a month because of the way his out-of-pocket costs will be calculated....

Mr. Potter's friend is an American that can run up against a one million dollar lifetime maximum in the previous health care industry. Now, that has been eliminated. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is proving to own up to it's name for most if not all Americans. The initial reaction is always one of worry and surprise, but, the worry and surprise is never going to match what was occurring in the USA without this law.

Thank you, Wendell. There are people with a conscience that care about this country.

The deniers have been disproved. The burgeoning Category Six storm.

Super Typhoon Haiyan (click here) is the 25th tropical storm to enter Philippine territory this year and reports suggest there have been sustained winds of some 320 km/h (199mph) with gusts of up to 378 km/h (235mph)...

November 13, 2013 - 8:48PM
Tom Arup Environment Editor
...The meteorological organisation's secretary-general, (click here) Michel Jarraud, said all the warmest years across the planet had occurred since 1998, and 2013 once again continued the underlying long-term trend of warming.
"The coldest years now are warmer than the hottest years before 1998," he said. "Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases reached new highs in 2012, and we expect them to reach unprecedented levels yet again in 2013. This means that we are committed to a warmer future."
Global land and ocean temperatures are recorded by the organisation as about 0.48 degrees higher in January to September than the 1961-1990 average. The temperatures so far this year are the same as the average for 2001-10, the warmest decade on record.
In other areas the extent of Arctic sea ice recovered slightly from record rates of melting last year, but 2013 was still one of the lowest years on record. Conversely in Antarctica, sea ice extent reached a record high in September. The organisation says Antarctica differs from the Arctic because it is land surrounded by open water, whereas the Arctic is comprised of water surrounded by land.
Tropical cyclones numbers for 2013 are nearing the 1981-2010 average of 89 storms, with 86 so far this year.

It is over. It has been over. The deniers need to be regarded as insignificant. It is too dangerous not to. 

Vol 455
4 September 2008
James B. Elsner
James P. Kossin
& Thomas H. Jagger

...Here we shed new light on this topic by using globally consistent satellite-derived tropical cyclone windspeeds and by focusing on the lifetime-maximum wind speeds of the strongest tropical cyclones each year....

The sea surface temperatures in hte Atlantic are higher consistently across the ocean surface.

This NOAA technology (click here).

The stranded Philippine survivors might be best served by dropping packages of supplies by helicopter and/or plane.

 Philippine police guard a truck carrying relief supplies in Tacloban, the hardest-hit major city in the path of Typhoon Haiyan. (Dennis M. Sabangan / European Pressphoto Agency / November 12, 2013)

MANILA — Drenched by rain (click here) and increasingly desperate, typhoon-stricken Filipinos rushed fences and pleaded with guards Tuesday at the battered airport serving as a tenuous lifeline to an international aid effort confronted at every turn by transport and logistics bottlenecks....