Thursday, February 04, 2016

When is the Middle Class going to be the ONLY priority of the USA elections?

Bernie is correct, the GOVERNING of the USA is very, very broken and now we are suppose to look the other way when TPP is being promoted. TPP will NOT improve the lives of Americans. It will create new impoverishment.

Today, I had a need for a Car Club assistance because I had a very flat tire. The young man that came to the house apologized for not calling 15 minutes before his arrival, but, he didn't want to speak on the phone while driving. I didn't mind, so I told him I was unaware of the 15 minutes rule and quite frankly I was relieved to have someone come to help. 

As he worked at changing the tire to the spare, I stood nearby simply because I didn't want him to be alone should something go wrong with the jack or otherwise. He interpreted it as he was moving too slow. He apologized he was taking so long, but, he only had a few hours sleep last night. I asked how late he was out and what the special occasion was. He stated he was working. 

He was about late twenties, had three children and a wife. He works so much he rarely has time with his children. His operating expenses to his business was considerable and his truck was fairly new and reliable. 

Does anyone think that man is going to vote in November? He doesn't know anything about the issues. He knows about his issues. No one is helping him to make this life easier and more rewarding as a hard working husband and father. 

The Democrats are losing their voting base because they cannot afford to vote. When the Democrats aren't elected are they ever going to be elected again because the people that would vote for them are too exhausted to even think about what the issues are outside of their own.

Are women not allowed to be successful in making large fees without stating it leads to her dishonesty?

Did Hillary Clinton ever have the opportunity to open the eyes of the people she spoke to when hired for $225,000 per speech at Goldman Sachs?

What was the best outcome in a speaking engagement that she found when she spoke her mind about the country and it's people and Wall Street?

Did she speak to her audience about the people of the USA and the needs they have and where the private sector is failing?

Did she speak about Citizen's United?

She is allowing a prejudice against her about her speaking engagements. 

How many other women receive $225,000 per engagement? I would think not many given the fact few women have been as successful as Hillary Clinton.

How very, very cool is this? Local economies can achieve this level of morality.

3 February 2016
By Alex Hern

Unimaginable wealth (click here) has brought Elon Musk a lot of benefits, from being able to build a private spaceflight company to planning a magnet-powered vacuum tube supersonic transport system between LA and San Francisco – and be taken seriously. But perhaps the best perk of being Elon Musk is the ability to be unbelievably petty.

The Californian venture capitalist Stewart Alsop learned that to his cost, he says, after he wrote an open letter to Musk about the badly run launch event for the Tesla Motors Model X (the newest car from Musk’s electric vehicle startup)....

SPACEX had a problem with it's latest attempt to land on a platform in the ocean. The media stated it was a support that collapsed causing the crash and explosion.

If I may.

It seems to me the ocean based landing platform is only partially developed. I don't know the engineering on the platform, but, I do know something about maintaining the stability of ocean RESEARCH platforms.

February 5, 2016

Texas A&M University’s (click here) research ship, the JOIDES Resolution, is on a series of three unique cruises over six months to study the history and development of the monsoon cycle. The journey will take it to the Indian Ocean while dozens of scientists analyze and collect data that should shed new light on monsoons and the weather they create....

I am not aware of the exact engineering of this vessel, but, research ships can and do drill deep into the ocean floor to find information about Earth. That has been going on for a very long time. A search of scientific journals would prove that true.

Land is stable and a known commodity in landing ships from the stratosphere. But, the FLUIDITY of the ocean or any other body of water is a far different challenge. I could get into a lot of stuff, but, a body of water has turbulence that looks minor, but, it depends a great deal of the size of the body of water. The Pacific Ocean is far more turbulent than the Atlantic; ask any surfer. Lakes are far less turbulent than the Atlantic because the SURFACE AREA of the TOP layer of waters is smaller than an ocean. An ocean also has very deep tides and movements that lakes do not. To control the turbulence of the platform in surface waters is a difficult task, but, it has been accomplished before.

The Research Ships I am familiar with have four engines; one at each 'corner' (if you will) of the ship. When the drill is running those four engines are running to stabilize the ship so damage does not occur to the rig or instability that would be a danger to life.

Those four engines also serve to stabilize a ship such as this during very turbulent and dangerous storms. Why? Because rouge waves are real and they can be defeated with such an arrangement on a ship. I will add, these ships are very valuable and do not go looking for rouge waves for the challenge of it or some drunken party ride; this four engine system works and is there to provide a margin of safety if the ship is found in turbulent waters.

One more thing. I am sure the SPACEX team constantly checks weather, but, when it comes to the aquatic landing platform do they check the turbulence of the water and the wave height?

If SPACEX is not already equipped with an oceanographer they should consider it. And please not one affiliated with the petroleum industry, they take too many chances and end up with occurrences such at the BP Deepwater Horizon.

SPACEX needs a platform that can be level and STABLE regardless of the character of the water. The turbulence in the oceans is far, far worse than any decade in the past. Old ideas about such a platform may not have an understanding of the current ocean conditions. And the conditions aren't going to get better, with a heating Earth, it will get worse.

Good luck.

China hasn't finish purchasing expertise.

China can out bid any other Wall Street company. Some of us might find it great that Monsanto is stuck in the mud with it's genetically engineered seeds and seed treated with pesticides that make insects and weeds resistant to pesticides. But, where does the China attacks on American companies end?

What is occurring with China and Wall Street is troublesome. I find it odd China doesn't have the expertise within their own sovereign citizenship. On one hand I find China does not have the expertise. This goes back decades when realizing their rocket ships would not get off the launch pad yet make it to the moon and otherwise. It was American expertise that provided that footing for China.

That said, China will absorb most of the technical expertise from Wall Street and where does that leave the USA? It leaves it out in the cold as to innovation and leadership.

Local economies have never been more important for protecting the sovereign right to our economy, HOWEVER, where do we go from here to insure we are cutting edge in the world? I have an example and it comes from Michigan.

October 10, 2011
By Nathan Bomey

It took several years for Ann Arbor (click here) venture capitalists and economic development officials to convince the University of Michigan to pry open its endowment and invest in its own entrepreneurial companies.
U-M announced last Wednesday that it would set aside $25 million of its $7.8 billion endowment to invest in its own spinoff companies. They'll be eligible for up to $500,000 apiece after they've secured investment from an outside venture capital source. Investors applauded the move....

But, there is a catch. The start ups with grads from the University of Michigan has become a disaster to the local Michigan economies. The small business start ups were swallowed up by Wall Street monies. AND. Where does our expertise go after they are swallowed up by Wall Street?


...In 2008, Ann Arbor-based U-M (click here) software startup HealthMedia was sold to Johnson & Johnson in a deal believe to be worth around $200 million. In 2009, Pittsfield Township-based U-M medical device startup HandyLab was sold to Becton, Dickinson and Co. for $275 million.
In 2010, U-M information technology startup Arbor Networks was sold to Tektronix Communications. And in early 2011, Scio Township-based medical device startup Accuri Cytometers was sold to BD for $205 million....

I am not saying these companies are now owned by the Chinese. But, I am saying they are not owned by the Chinese YET.

Supposedly the ultimate achievement in the USA is to be taken to the heights of Wall Street. NOT! There are problems with Wall Street buying out these companies. The companies do not come to full bloom adding more and more employees from local economies.

The USA is for sale everyone and it is up to us to END IT. We need these companies across the country to stay where they originated and HIRE AMERICANS. Why isn't there HealthMedia, HandyLab and Accuri Cytometers in every state in the country infusing local economies across the entire country? Why isn't this happening? It is definitely a capitalism ECONOMIC MODEL. The growth of our grads into local companies that supply them with investments to continue their successes in research as well as employment of local talent as the companies products come into demand and sales increase annually.

There has to be the INTEREST by local government to work with these efforts to bring jobs home to their own cities and towns and not to Wall Street. It is one of the most important and patriotic paradigms that can exist within the sovereign USA. Local investors WAITING for a chance to expand their economy have to go searching for it in places like the Michigan Endowment.

Feb. 2 -- China National Chemical Corp. (click here) is nearing an agreement to buy Swiss pesticide-and-seeds-maker Syngenta AG for about 43.7 billion francs ($42.8 billion) as the state-backed company extends its buying spree with what would be the biggest-ever acquisition by a Chinese firm, said people familiar with the matter. Bloomberg's Simon Casey reports on "Bloomberg ‹GO›."