Monday, February 04, 2013

Why aren't power lines underground? Maybe the lights might stay on.

Thunderstorms Topple GRDA Power Pole (click here)

Posted: Jan 30, 2013 11:11 AM EST

Updated: Jan 30, 2013 11:46 AM EST
What budget is President Obama suppose to submit, the one before the $1.2 trillion was included or the one where it wasn't?

Maybe he should be submitting a budget that reflects the Treasury before May 15th or the one after.

Perhaps the Executive Branch could actually write a budget if the Republicans of the Legislature actually governed rather than a continual avoidance of their responsibilities.

I tell you what, let's not write a budget because it will change with the next wind change, which due to the Climate Crisis will happen continually.

Reverend Jackson stated the foreclosures have caused increased guns and crime in Chicago.

FOX News does not research their reporting of any stories. They write what they think and not the facts. Below is proof that Mayor Emanuel is seeking to improve the conditions in Chicago and build neighborhoods. The O'Reilly Factor reported he was incompetent. My words, but, that is basically what it said. No facts, just accusations. Realizing what a dynamic person he is, I find it hard to believe Rahm would be anything but a perfectionist. That has been his history as a legislator. Why would he not do that as a Mayor? FOX News should be sued for slander.

The mayor is trying to push back against that so buildings are not havens for the drug economy.

Posted: 05/ 3/2012 3:53 pm Updated: 05/ 3/2012 3:55 pm

An ordinance approved (click here) last fall by the Chicago City Council that required financial institutions to maintain and secure foreclosed, vacant homes in their care appears to be responsible for a sizable, new contribution to the city's coffers.
In the first three months of 2012, the city has collected $619,000 in fines from financial institutions -- more than double what they collected over a similar time period last year -- because of the ordinance, WBEZ reports. Further, the number of vacant properties registered with the city is up considerably -- from 2,883 registered between November and April last year to 4,436 over the past six months.
The fines -- 2,500 in total -- were split between more than 150 financial institutionswho were found to have fallen short of the maintenance requirements laid out in the ordinance, CBS Chicago reports.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel outlined the data on vacant Chicago properties in a letter sent to Alderman Pat Dowell (3rd), who sponsored the ordinance on the matter last year, according to WBEZ....
Vacant buildings do pose a problem in any city. So, Chicago basically stated to those that own the empty buildings, "If you can't sell them at a reason price to put neighborhoods back together, then maintain them to reduce crime in the city. The fines aren't the real purpose, they are a result of the negligence of the financial institutions involved.
These financial institutions have caused the destruction of neighborhoods and now they are allowing the growth of crime. These buildings are empty well over a year when in fact they could have been sold at a reasonable price so people could actually build a community, an economy and increased value to the city's lands.

According to the Houston Chronicle:

Buggs, Shannon. “Crime Makes Foreclosures Everbody’s Problem,” Houston Chronicle, June 2, 2008.

The authors of the study, Dan Immergluck of Georgia Tech and Geoffrey Smith of the Woodcock Institute.

"When a neighborhood has 2.8 foreclosures for every 100 owner-occupied properties in a year, violent crime in the immediate area goes up 6.7 percent."

The Houston Chronicle newspaper reported in 2008 that some criminals even break the locks on foreclosed homes, install new ones and then fraudulently rent out the home to unsuspecting victims.

This is the first the foreclosure rates in Chicago has actually begun to slow and reverse. Congratulations, Mayor.

Chicago foreclosure rate slides (click here)

Updated: December 22, 2012 6:20AM
Foreclosure rates in the Chicago area slid to 5.99 percent in September from 6.35 percent a year earlier and from 6.17 percent in August, CoreLogic reported.

The percent of homes in foreclosure has fallen month-over-month in four of the past six months, the report showed.
The mortgage delinquency rate in the area fell to 10.37 percent in September from 10.47 percent a year earlier and in August, according to the report.
The percent of homes 90-days or more delinquent have fallen month-over-month for eight straight months.

Right Wing states we are witnessing President Obama's acsendancy.

They believe he has moved so far left that the 2014 elections will result in favor of Republicans.

I am still waiting to hear where he is far left. 

He has produced a growing economy for nearly 4 years. 

He has passed constitutionally sound health care reform.

He is seeking to make the USA safer both internationally and domestically.

He has improved the USA record on human rights by ending the Iraq War and moving the time USA troops will depart Afghanistan forward.

Where is he actually a far left candidate? 

Gay rights? That is not far left. That is a matter of civil rights and ending hatred.

Protecting women's freedoms by demanding contraception from insurance companies? That is far left? No, it isn't.

I am still trying to see where President Obama's second term is far left. I think he moving to the center. There isn't anything radical about his policies. 

If Republicans are counting on rhetoric and lies for the elections of 2014 I think they will be having a rough time making their case.

01/11/13 03:56 PM ET EST

WASHINGTON — House Speaker John Boehner (click here) has invited President Barack Obama to deliver the State of the Union speech on Feb. 12.
In a letter sent Friday, Boehner says the country faces immense challenges and Americans expect the Congress and White House to work together on solutions. Boehner says cooperation will require, quote, a "willingness to seek common ground as well as presidential leadership."
The White House says it has accepted the invitation....

According to the liars as FOX's Cavuto the USA has no offensive cyber policy.

Talking heads are lying again. FOX has more dragon heads in the world than any other media service. And they lie about everything.
Steve Watson
Nov 15, 2012

Following yesterday’s defeat (click here) of the draconian cybersecurity legislation in the Senate, it was revealed that back in mid October, president Obama signed off on a secret directive that will enable the US military to use newly created computer viruses to attack any organisation or country deemed to be a cyber threat. The president has already proved the willingness to carry out such attacks, as new details surrounding the 2010 stuxnet attack revealed earlier this year....

Right Wing has become completely bizarre in regard to immigration.

Now, the latest Right Wing propaganda is stating the Immigration Law will allow terrorists; Mexicans turned into al Qaeda; disguised as poor people crossing the border illegally, THEREFORE, 11 million people have to have face to face interviews.

This is delusional. It is Disney imagineering. FOX is playing with fantasy again. I don't think they have the capacity to do anything else.

When is the propaganda going to end! 

When is the FCC going to stop this hatred of minorities communities?

News Alert! News Alert! More important than American lives and gun control!

$16 National Debt

$1.2 Trillion Debt Reduction postponed because of military sequester!

January 02, 2013 3:32 PM

At $130 Million A Plane, Critics Question The Cost Of The F-35 (click here)

...But many budget hawks and defense geeks say the problem is that this plane just keeps getting more expensive. Right now, the cost of the Air Force version is nearly $130 million a plane. The Marine version, which flies like a jet but can land like a helicopter, is more than $160 million....

Volume Discount, it must be K-Mart. I don't think so. If we only need 2 then the USA only orders 2. Volume discounts of military hardware is exploitation and abuse of power of the USA Treasury, hence the people.

...But to keep the price of this new plane down, Lockheed has to sell a lot of them — about 3,000. The military will get a volume discount. But right now, it's paying a high price....

A multi-tasking bomber. This is a joke right? A computer controlled bomber? Where are the Chinese hackers? This jet is worthless!

...F-35 critics say the basic concept was faulty from the start. This one plane is supposed to do the jobs of as many as 10 older airframes. Wheeler says the F-35 is stretched between too many tasks....

Ya think? Cancel the contracts, the jets are worthless to our national security. Fix the jets we already have. We don't need these monstrosities! The F35 is a nightmare. We are already maintaining our current jets while this program spins its wheels. Build more F15s. We don't need this mess, it will never result in any worthwhile national defense. The Chinese hackers are probably already into prototypes and that is one of the reasons this jet cannot get off the runway!

Cost overruns on the F-35 jet should prompt reassessment (click here)

JANUARY 02, 2013

...The cost overruns were simply too much for conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper to defend after an independent auditor put the combined purchase and maintenance price of the order at $46 billion over the 42-year life of the project; in 2010, the Canadian government put the cost of the purchase alone at $9 billion....

The cost overruns already exist, research partners have already ended their interest in the development of the jet. There are more than plenty of reasons to end the contract and assess the jets we have and any we may need to replace with a jet fighter independent of computers! We don't need the space shuttle with bombs.

...the F-35 proved to be neither cheap nor adaptable. It is now the most costly weapons program in history. The Pentagon is projected to spend $396 billion on nearly 2,500 planes, but that price should rise further with fewer foreign purchasers to share in the development costs. Britain, Italy, Australia, and the Netherlands have all revised or backed out of their plans to buy the planes....