Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The 0.1 percent is a USA phenomena

Today, President Obama signed an Executive Order to promote equal pay for women. When one realizes how far women are behind the wealth of men, it is understandable why they are still victimized by men who donate large sums of money to politics.

Now, this chart does not reveal the gender of the top 0.1 percent. However...

...this paper compiled the information regarding the 0.1 percent from tax forms and files. The statistics within that information is below. The statistics were not important to the discussion in the paper, they were simply reported as a matter of fact to provide comprehensive information.

The average age of the 0.1 percent is 46 years old. Ninety percent of that wealth level are men. Eighty percent are married. Less than half have children at home, but, 71 percent have other dependents.

They are more often Executives, Managers, Supervisors, Finance Agents and Lawyers. The percentages drop off drastically from there. The purpose of this paper was to determine where the money is most likely to go to enhance those seeking investments.

"Income and Job Growth of Top Earners and the Causes of Changing Income Inequality: Evidence from U.S. Tax Returns. (click here)

Women are more than 50 percent of the electorate in the USA. It is vital they get out to vote their OWN BEST INTERESTS because those that spend for political gain aren't women and they are buying their own best interests through the corruption of Congress.

Senator McCain is as much 19th Century as Russia. There is no difference.

The Ukraine is capable. It needed leadership to return strength to a centralized military. The Neocons tend to forget exactly who the Ukraine was in it's former capability. That wasn't that long ago. This is not a minor country. It agreed to back down it's military prowess because of a treaty that guaranteed it's existence without invasion. The treaty was valid right up to the point where Russia allowed a dreamscape of annexation.

The USA has an obligation to protect the innocent and provide protections where and how possible, but, it has no obligation to engage in a war. A war, by the way, the Ukraine has no desire to conduct. The Ukraine government has no desire to kill anyone. It never did. It wants the oppression lifted and wants to open it's markets. 

The Ukraine people are very ambitious folks. It is my impression the Ukraine government wants a country with strong diversity living with prosperity. I never was under the impression otherwise. That is why this idea of Russia breaking up the country is so odd. Success isn't going to happen for the Ukraine if it is divided and full of hate of each other. They have to resolve their domestic anger. 

The priorities of the nation was skewed under Yanukovych. But, the treaty was all The West had to know and it never interfered. Either, The West believes in their own diplomatic initiatives and treaties or they are simply putting on a show. The diplomats from the USA aren't interested in putting on a show.

Senator McCain and the others voicing their own anger have no basis for their complaining. The Ukraine is not a Third World country without resources or a brain trust to envy. Their expression of democracy and hopes for it's people as demonstrated by the 2004 constitution provides a great deal of insight to their priorities. It is completely wrong to move against those priorities. It is a very high level democracy based in individual integrity. Rather inspiring actually when one realizes how careful they are about human rights within that constitution. Perhaps that is the problem, the American Neocons are scared to the ability of the Ukraine to inspire and shame even The West.

They are doing okay and no one is looking the other way.

This assessment of the Ukraine's capability is stated to be as of March 27, 2014. "The Ukraine military still showcases some of it's Soviet era roots though with a decidedly modern edge." (click here)

To some extent Russia is more worried about the Ukraine and the will and ability of it's people. The Russian state newspaper "RIA Novosti" repeatedly is focused on the military hardware in the Ukraine. There was an article today about the Ukraine taking their MIGs out of mothballs. Russia never stops once in any of their public assessments to realize the deep desire of these people to live in peace and shun human rights violations. If Russia actually admired the Ukrainian people, it might learn something.


Death toll is currently 34 in Oso.

Searchers head toward the site of the mudslide in Oso, Wash., on Friday. (Lindsey Wasson / Associated Press /March 28, 2014)

SEATTLE —  One month (click here) after the Washington state landslide that killed at least 34, President Obama is planning to survey the destruction firsthand.

Gov. Jay Inslee announced Tuesday that Obama will travel on April 22 to the site of the mammoth slide that closed State Route 530 and destroyed dozens of homes, prompting a major disaster declaration from the White House.

The president is scheduled to meet with families of the dead and missing, first responders and recovery workers, Inslee said....

The consensus among some is that this was a catastrophic event. The depth at which the landslide took place was very deep. Basically, the usual methods of treating 'slide areas' would not have worked. The concern also surrounds the speed and amount of land that actually was part of that slide. It was unusal.

My opinion has not changed. I believe given the composition of the land and the harsh winter the frigid cold added to changes in the composition of the hill and altered the 'spaces between the sand' especially when temperatures started to increase. The ice within the land would be altered and quite possibly had loosened that entire structure. 

There must have been a lot of weight on the bottom of the hill for such a massive amount of land to come down. That bottom structure once they get to it, if they get to it, will probably be studied to understand better what occurred.

Wildfires begin in Kansas.

April 6, 2014
By Eric Smith

...Kris Sanders, (click here) meteorologist with the National Service in Topeka, said this winter was unusually windy, and it carried over into the spring.

According to weather service data for the month of March, Topeka hit 40-plus mph peak wind gusts seven times, including four in the last six days of the month. March 30 and 31, when several fire calls were reported by county dispatchers — including one for a large wildfire northwest of Topeka that damaged several structures — the average wind speed was 15.7 and 20.1 mph, respectively.

Additionally, for March 30 the maximum sustained wind speed was 31 mph, and the peak wind gust was 41 mph. For March 31, the maximum sustained wind speed was 31 and the peak gust was 44 mph. Other areas in northeast Kansas had similar windy numbers for March.

With all that in mind, the state statute for legal burning says the wind speed has to be 15 mph or lower....

The wind is causing problems in what normally would be controlled fires or minor fires.