Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nothing short of a miracle in Mexico as well. Jose Diaz-Balart is witnessing bravery by the people of that country for the love of their children.

Telemundo anchor José Díaz-Balart (click here) will take over MSNBC's 10 a.m. timeslot when Chris Jansing leaves in June.

MSNBC announced the news in a statement on Tuesday. Díaz-Balart currently hosts the news on Telemundo, and anchors the network's Sunday public affairs show "Enfoque." He will host his MSNBC show from Miami, and continue his current role at Telemundo.

The tragedy of this story is the loss of so many students at the hand of their government. Mexico has been plagued with instability due to drug cartels and now there is evidence the government is entrenched with the cartels at least at the local level.

How are people going to stop deadly corruption when their own government is a part of the cartel?

The parents of the dead cannot change the outcomes of the Mexican people alone. They need a global community to take notice of what chronic supply of small arms has done to an entire country that is only south of the USA. 

The global community has to find a way to limit or end the movement of arms to these dangerous cartels. The cartels have ingrained themselves into Mexico and over most of Latin America to the extent they are the ruling class.

Taking a moment to realize what has occurred here can only be realized to the very troubling reality of the good people that seek nothing but peace and prosperity to their for themselves and their country. The deaths over the years of innocent people are enormous when realizing the drug cartels have control. 

A mayor's wife became annoyed with the students attempting to raise money for their activities. She then told her husband, the mayor, to get rid of the students. The mayor then calls upon the drug cartel in the area to carry out the final act of his wife's wishes to 'get rid of them.'

The request of the mayor's wife proves a class struggle within the corruption by cartels. She has no patience, interest or priority to the students that are the future of the country. The annoyed her and that is all anyone in power needed to know.

It is not unusual to have communities relinquish their own power to gangs with guns. It can be noted on every continent on this planet. What is especially notable about this event in Mexico is that it is just south of the USA borders. This is tragic beyond the deaths of these students. Why would anyone want to live in such circumstances, but, only to find a way across the border to find a safe place to live. To just live.

This event cannot be ignored. These students were the future of their country and with these deaths that future is delayed by their loss. This is a sovereign issue in Mexico. It goes beyond police. Police die at the hands of the cartels. The police have learned their lessons well to survive the corruption. There needs to be a permanent method to end the threat of cartels in Mexico.

Landing on a comet. Amazing.

Live Streaming Event from NASA (click here)

On 12 November, (click here) Rosetta’s Philae probe is set to make the first-ever landing on a comet when it touches down on Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko.

Senator Sanders has the right idea, capitalize on the rest of the year.

It is unethical for Republican Senators to threaten the Democrats. The Republicans have no interest in being serious about good will for next year, only threatening any remaining authority of this session of Congress. 

November 10, 2014
By Burgess Everett

...“Let’s clear the decks, (click here) unless we can get some agreement with Republicans,” said Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.). “We should stay all night and all weekend getting the president’s nominees on the job.”
Added independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont: “We still have the majority. I think we should be as aggressive as we can.”...

The two nominees to the cabinet have to be voted through to start the new year out right. And Majority Leader Reid may want to check with President Obama regarding any measures that have to be handled in this session. President Obama has come home with very promising foreign policy with China in regard to a peace initiative along China's sovereign shoreline. He also has landed a direly important agreement between the two country in regard to the climate crisis. Senator Reid has to act on this before the next session of Congress. The urgency of these measures cannot be measured in time. There is no more time to wait for either the nominees or the President's accomplishments.

Alaska seems to have decided Dan Sullivan is the new US Senator.

The reason it takes a long time in Alaska is because of the large land area and distant towns. There are many who mail in absentee ballots; currently there have been 12,541 mailed. Those using absentee ballots in Alaska have up to 15 days after the election to be legally received and counted.

But, that is not all.

November 6, 2014
By Shushannah Walshe 

...There are also an unknown (click here) amount of provisional ballots, which are ballots that may have been cast at an incorrect polling location or if a poll monitor couldn’t find a voter’s name, amongst other possible irregularities. In 2010, there were about 13,000, but they have no idea if the number will be the same. The ballots are currently being reviewed for eligibility. There are also an additional 2,651 statewide early votes that remain to be counted. On top of those votes, there are absentee ballots coming in daily from Alaska’s over 200 in-person voting locations. Some that arrived before Election Day have been counted, but none of the ballots coming in from as many as 120 rural communities have been tabulated yet. The number of those are completely unknown. In addition to these ballots there are about 2,000 urban early votes that have yet to be counted. They will be counted on November 11th, 14th, and then from the 17th through the 19th if necessary. Remember in Alaska, absentees are sent in from remote locales so these races may not be called for quite a while....

The USA and China are jointly leading to a climate of hope. This is amazing. Thank you.

November 11, 2014
By Mark Landler

...Administration officials (click here) said the agreement, which was worked out quietly between the United States and China over nine months and included a letter from Mr. Obama to Mr. Xi proposing a joint approach, could galvanize efforts to negotiate a new global climate agreement by 2015....

Thank you. China does want to be a good partner. 

...It was the signature achievement of an unexpectedly productive two days of meetings between the leaders. Mr. Obama and Mr. Xi also agreed to a military accord designed to avert clashes between Chinese and American planes and warships in the tense waters off the Chinese coast, as well as an understanding to cut tariffs for technology products....


...A climate deal between China and the United States, the world’s No. 1 and No. 2 carbon polluters, is viewed as essential to concluding a new global accord. Unless Beijing and Washington can resolve their differences, climate experts say, few other countries will agree to mandatory cuts in emissions, and any meaningful worldwide pact will be likely to founder.

“The United States and China have often been seen as antagonists,” said a senior official, speaking in advance of Mr. Obama’s remarks. “We hope that this announcement can usher in a new day in which China and the U.S. can act much more as partners.”

As part of the agreement, Mr. Obama announced that the United States would emit 26 percent to 28 percent less carbon in 2025 than it did in 2005. That is double the pace of reduction it targeted for the period from 2005 to 2020....

Welcome home, Mr. President.