Monday, January 04, 2010

The Texas Cattlemen and Oil Barons are worried about their money. Not an intact troposphere, money. That's morality? Sure.

The Science is sound and the EPA could not be more correct.

The emitters will lose.

The industries that emit Greenhouse Gases and I don't care whom they are, need to invest in reduction of the gas, not license to kill through Climate Change.


Forbid Wall Street should not have to sacrifice one thin dime for the sake of environmental safety, but, they can spend 100s of millions if not billions on lawyers. That is just about the sickest priority and value system I have ever witnessed. They don't care, they never cared and this is simply more of the same.


I could not mean it more. They have had decades to adjust and they refuse to do it.

I am calling for a global BOYCOTT of BEEF. If they don't make money from growing cows we won't have the problem.


January 04, 2010

First up to challenge EPA on CO2: Big Beef (CLICK TITLE TO ENTRY - THANK YOU)

Legal challenges were widely expected the moment the EPA said late last year that it found CO2 and other greenhouse gases to be dangererous substances that needed regulating. The source of the first formal challenge came as a bit of a suprise, however: The National Cattlemen's Beef Association.

The group filed a challenge just before Christmas, saying the finding "is not based on a rigorous scientific analysis" that is being done "despite so much uncertainty surrounding humans' contribution to climate change is perplexing."

"Instead of letting the issue of climate change, and man's alleged contribution to it, be addressed through the proper democratic legislative process, EPA has decided to trump Congress and mandate greenhouse gas regulation under the Clean Air Act," said Tamara Thies. "The Act is ill-equipped to address climate change, and Congress never intended for it to be used for that purpose."

Why is Big Beef so concerned? According to Edmunds:

The cattlemen care because methane gas — which cattle and cattle waste produce a whole lot of — is one of the nastiest of the greenhouse gases in terms of its ability to trap heat in the atmosphere and thus is one of the gases most likely to be subject to tight regulation.

The Arctic Circle dips south, the West Coast needs to brace for the potential of high turbulent weather.

January 4, 2010
UNISYS Water Vapor GOES West Satellite (click here for 12 hour loop)

The image below shows a cold air mass that has descended from the Arctic Circle. It occurred because of the continued and chronic warm air moving from the Equator to the Arctic Circle.

There are vortexes off both coasts, both are carrying hot air with them. As that warmer air moves both north from just south of Florida, and east from just west of California, it will mix with some very cold and dense air over North America, primarily the 48 states of the USA. That is not good news.

The snows will melt, flooding will result and the warm low pressure air mass will meet with the cold high pressure system and cause a great deal of turbulence. There will be moisture with the warm air masses and additional rains. Depending on 'local temperatures' it could result in additional flooding and/or ice.

January 4, 2010
UNISYS Water Vapor West and North Hemisphere Satellite (click here for 12 hour loop)