Saturday, November 27, 2010

In all honesty,...

In this Aug. 16, 2010 photo, U.S. Army Lt. Col. Darron Wright, deputy commander, 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division

There isn't much anyone, including the Former President, can say to justify the Iraq invasion.

On September 11, 2010 nearly 3000 citizens died due to the acts of terrorists harbored in Aghanistan.  USA citizens were not killed because of Saddam Hussein and the unarmed nation of Iraq.  There should have NOTHING that removed the purpose of our military from the mission of capturing or killing Osama bin Laden while dismantling al Qaeda.

...I had an overwhelming (click title to entry - thank you) number of intelligent people on my side, not to mention most of the U.S. congress from both parties, the president, and virtually everyone I knew in rural Texas....

" isn't about 'having people on " side...".  It is a democracy built on laws and policy that maintains the integrity of global order and peace.

Under the Bush / Cheney administration, I witnessed the USA destroyed into a nation of 'power' that can destroy nations for wealth without increasing Natioanl Defense, but, opening it up to greater dangers than ever before in its' history.

The nations that came to the rescue of the USA following 911 spanned the entire globe.  There was not one power on Earth that didn't see the dangers that unveiled an incredibly insane danger to every nation on the planet.  Iraq had that quality?  No.

What occurred after 911 was the work of alliance of every major nation.  What occurred prior to moving into Iraq was a 'manufactured' coalition that could not contribute to any war effort without first receiving monies from the USA Treasure, hence, the corruption of "The Coaliton of the Willing."  No nation on Earth can afford to fight wars alone, yet alone turn countries into mercenaries in order to be called a coalition.

Bush / Cheney abandoned Long Time Allies to chase down a witch in Iraq.  There was no weapons worth mentioning in Iraq including Scud missiles that could never reach its target, yet alone carry WMD into the USA.  The entire 'scenario' was deranged and treasonous to the citizens ot the nation.

Once out of office, the truth finally revealed itself and Afghanistan was a nation of corruption where the Alliance of Canada and the EU was being pushed around by the Taliban and the Karzai government as if they didn't have an impact at all.  The only reason the Allies in Afghanistan didn't quit and leave was due to the continued influence of power of al Qaeda in Europe.  London.  Mardrid.  All facilitated by the abandonment of Bush and Cheney for an oil war in Iraq, justified by the fact 'his dad' was threatened by a man that stood on a balcony IN IRAQ with a gun.

What the hell, right Georgie, any excuse was a good excuse.

The USA had lost its bearings during the Bush/Cheney years and sabotaged from being anything else by a fiscal collapse of the corrupt exploitation of the American Dream.

It is unbelievably amazing to realize how after two years the people responsible for destroying the 'integrity' of the USA are sill 'free men.' 

Simply, amazing. 

The Plutocracy has more clout than any citizen within the borders of the country.  The power of the USA is all they want.  They could not care less about the people of this nation.  The Plutocrats win everytime.  Everytime and the citizens are foolish enough to fall for it.


First Belize and now Brazil. It looks like the Mexican Drug Cartels are in for an awakening.

Rio might actually  become safe for every tourist including all areas of the country, now.

Rio de Janeiro gun battles leave at least 14 people dead (click here)

Many killed in major police assaults on favela strongholds of drug traffickers and gangsters

The Guardian,

Prolonged gun battles between police and drug traffickers left at least 14 people dead yesterday in Rio, including a 14-year-old girl who was reportedly shot through the chest while she surfed the internet.
The deaths came during a series of major police assaults on the city's slums, including one favela that serves as the HQ of the city's largest drug gang.

Triggered by a spate of attacks on police and drivers, the incursions began on Tuesday and involved hundreds of heavily armed police operatives, bulletproof vehicles and helicopters.

About 150 people were arrested during the sweeps by 17,500 officers while at least 22 people have been killed since Sunday, according to Rio's military police. The wounded have included two policemen and an 81-year-old man while an estimated 17,000 children were left unable to attend lessons as a result of the clashes.

"We did not start this war," Colonel Lima Castro, a spokesman for Rio's military police said last night. "We were provoked and we will emerge victorious."

The massive operations in at least 20 Rio favelas followed a wave of apparently co-ordinated attacks by drug traffickers who torched buses and cars and planted homemade bombs in various locations....

I doubt it is over, but, it is a good beginning.  There needs to be gun trafficking stopped as well.

Police in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro (click title to entry - thank you) have urged drug traffickers in a hillside slum to turn themselves in or face a determined assault.
Hundreds of police officers and soldiers, some in armoured vehicles, have surrounded the Alemao favela.

Authorities say the operation aims make the city safer ahead of the World Cup in 2014 and Olympic Games in 2016....

A little frendly advise to the Former President. Welcome the Liberals as a way to construct the spirit of your book, sir.

If I may?

To begin with I believe Former President George Walker Bush is being a very good sport about keeping appointment for interviews. 

But, to the content of the interviews and who best allows for a clear picture of the book, the interview with O'Reilly was lacking.

When the Former Presient interviews with conservaives they al looking for political spin 'sanctioned' by him rather than addressing the content of the book and the 'decision points' he states are his most accurate memories.


I don't believe he needs any hand holding by his Little Brother either.

When Jeb appears in interviews it appears as though the Former President is either promoting his brother's candidacy or needing plenty of emotional support when it might be a more 'liberated' interviewer asking the questions.

But, the context of the book is best revealed by more liberal components to the media as they are looking to find 'truth' and it is only in interviews that the Former President can speak to the scepticism that might be raised.

I wish him well and I may indeed read the book, but, I doubt I am going to praise much of his decisions.  I sincerely believe his autonomy of office foresaken the international community.  The USA is not a Superpower alone, but, only able to make that claim when supported by strong allies.  That is another reason why 'the decision point' regarding Iraq was so very, very "W"rong.  There was no sincere threat to the USA and the international community abandoned the United States of America when it moved autonomously into Iraq with a 'minority' Coalition of the Willing.  That was very, very different than when the USA moved into Afghanistan and should have stayed there.

The challenge to Rahm's residency is a bit lame, isn't it?

It doesn't get more simple than this.  He never RESIDED in Washington, DC.  He, no different than many, many other House Representatives 'take up residence' in DC because otherwise, unlike Vice President Joe Biden, it would be a very long and expensive commute.  If Rahm was serving in Washington, DC that hardly disqualifies him as a resident to Illinois with a home that he paid taxes to the community.  He maintained his interest in his residency in different ways, that's all.  The 'State of Politics' in the USA is sadly lacking for its fairness these days.  The self righteous attitudes opposing decent and qualified people from achieving effective leadership is far less than the civilized discourse I would expect in the USA.  

...Burt Odelson, (click title to entry - thank you)
  the lawyer who filed a residency challenge to knock Chicago mayoral hopeful Rahm Emanuel off the ballot predicted Friday the case will end up in the Illinois Supreme Court as Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) said the challenge is "frivolous."
In terms of the brewing legal fight against President Obama's former White House Chief of Staff, "this is a case where either side is going to go all the way," Odelson told me.
The challenge will first go to the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners; the loser will appeal to the Cook County Circuit Court, an Illinois Appeals court and eventually the Illinois Supreme Court. The Emanuel team did not want to comment on any potential appeals. But it is routine in a case like this for the courts to be asked to handle all appeals on an expedited basis....

...The Emanuel camp argues that Emanuel always intended to return to Chicago and he left only to serve Obama. Schakowsky said in a conference call organized by the Emanuel campaign, "Rahm should not be punished for responding to the call of the president."...

Being punitive to legitimately qualified people that agree to serve the President of the USA is hardly a good idea.  That creates a lot of disincentives that does not serve the country well.

Just for the record Former US Representative and Former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was from the Fifth Congressional District of Chicago.  Chicago (click here) has Districts 01, 02, 03. 04. 05. 06. 07 and 09.

Christmas Tree Arrives At White House

Elections are getting a little dangerous in Taiwan, aren't they?

Former Taiwanese Vice President Lien Chan  (click here)

FILE -- In this file photo taken on May 1, 2005, former Taiwanese Vice President Lien Chan, left, and Lien Sheng-wen, his elder son, right, along with other family members, unseen, pose for photos at the grave site of Lien Chan's grandmother, Madam Shen in Xia'an, western China. Lien Sheng-wen was shot in the head and critically wounded while speaking Friday, Nov. 26, 2010, at a campaign rally in suburban Taipei, local media have reported.
(AP Photo/Song Hongmei, File)

TAIPEI, Taiwan – (click title to entry - thank you) A gunman opened fire on a campaign rally on the eve of key local elections in Taiwan on Friday, killing one man and critically wounding the son of a former vice president. A suspect is in custody and may belong to a gang.
Police said the men were hit when the assailant rushed the stage at an elementary school in the gritty town of Yung Ho, on the outskirts of the capital. A candidate for city council was apparently the intended target.
Hospital officials said that though he was shot in the face and temple, Lien Sheng-wen's life was not in danger. He is the son of former Vice President Lien Chan and a politician in his own right.
Such acts of violence are unusual in election campaigns in Taiwan, which began a gradual transition from one-party dictatorship to fully functioning democracy in the late 1980s. Violence carried out by Taiwan's gangs is also limited, though the gangs themselves exercise considerable political influence, particularly on Taiwanese county governments....

There may be a real reason to question the election outcomes.  If anyone dares.

Taiwan pro-China party holds edge in mayoral races  (click here)

TAIPEI | Sat Nov 27, 2010 7:49am EST
TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan's China-friendly ruling party held onto most of the island's mayoral posts up for grabs in tense elections Saturday seen as a test of the party's popularity ahead of the 2012 presidential race.
Wins in three of five mayoral seats gave the Nationalist Party, or KMT, a clear shot at retaining the presidency, which will calm Beijing as it has worked closely with the party on landmark trade deals after decades of political hostilities....


All this and North Korea's aggressive stance is a concern.  China needs to be more of a 'Big Brother' to the benevolence of its allies.

Nationalist Party (KMT) Taipei mayor candidate Hau Lung-bin (5th L) and his wife Kao Lung-sen celebrate winning at campaign headquarters in Taipei November 27, 2010. Taiwan's China -friendly ruling party held onto mayoral posts in three of five major cities after elections on Saturday, setting the stage for the 2012 presidential race and likely bolstering financial markets.

The President better be okay. With Bush is was bicycling and now we have a hoops injury.

Gauze in hand, President Barack Obama walks to his car  after the game of basketball Friday at Ft. McNair in Washington, D.C.

To be honest, President Obama is tough enough, but, he needs to back off 'the game' for awhile.  From the pictures I saw, he took one heck of a bang to the head.  The stitches are bad enough, but, I worried about concussion when I saw the picture that caused it.  I am sure he is okay, but, enough for a week or two.  Wow.  Take Bo for a walk instead.

The Christmas Bomber Wannabe. Does the fun every stop?

U.S. prosecutors (click title to entry - thank you) say an Oregon teenager of Somali descent has been arrested in an alleged terrorist plot to car-bomb a Christmas tree lighting event in the northwestern city of Portland, Oregon Friday night.

Authorities say 19-year-old Mohamed Osman Mohamud was taken into custody by agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation after he dialed a cell phone intending to detonate a bomb, but instead rang for the FBI in a sting operation.  

Mohamud had earlier been given phony explosives by undercover officers, who first learned of his alleged plot last year....

I guess this is the way the authorities bring in those that have radical ideas against the people of the USA.  At one time it would have been called entrapment, now it is a strategy to stop idiocy.  I guess.  One has to wonder if there is something magical about being a young man that seems to be a challenge to these men.  Nineteen years old and he wants to kill people.  What the heck?  Life has no promise for him except death?