Monday, February 14, 2011

Speaker Boner is looking at spending cuts that protect our planet, the Middle Class and the Poor?


Discretionary spending is a small aspect to the USA annual budget.  There is absolutely NO changes to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Discretionary Spending UNTIL the USA Military Spending is REDUCED, REAL and REASONABLE.

Boner and his House Republicans simply doesn't 'get it.' 

The discretionary spending currently 'in place' is bolstering a delicate economy.  Medicare and Social Security is currently 'the rock solid' basis of the USA economy that is unwavering.  If SSI and Medicare did not exist in 2008, the USA would be far less than solvent.  SSI and Medicare is THE LAST place cuts will occur for the ecoomic stability it provides to the economy.

The Deficit and Debt is a GROSSLY different topic than the USA economy.  While they are engaged in 'dynamics' together, the 'stability' of the economy has to come first at this point in time.  Otherwise, the economy implodes and the discussion is hideous.

The Affordable Care Act provides for IMMEDIATE savings to the USA Treasury in the billions.

...The health care law that Obama (click here) signed in March phases out extra payments for Medicare Advantage plans and institutes other rules for the program. Generally speaking, the extra payments phase out over the next three to six years. In a few cases, plans will be able to keep current funding if they qualify for special bonuses. The measure is expected to save $136 billion over 10 years...
The Affordable Care Act provides incentives and support to improve the 'patient - physician ratio' in the USA.  If one wants to intelligently address 'health care rationing' we can start with the 'patient-physican ratio' and how that effects the QUALITY of care.  So, the 'Republicans' private insurance initiatives have been 'at work' in the USA for the past two decades and it DOES NOT provide incentives and supports to improve the 'patient-physician ratio.'  The truth is the 'private health insurance' initiative of the past two decades destroyed a healthy 'patient-physician ratio,' limited care, refused necessary health care procedures, was unaffordable and increasingly so and killed CITIZENS of this country.

Now, if the House Republicans are serious about maintaining the USA in 'good integrity' while the economy recovers they need to stop the rhetoric and 'get back to governing.' 

Entitlements have to be carefully adjusted, but, there are PRIORITIES and the 'cuts' comes FIRST to the Military.  The USA military budget is grossly out of control and is equal to the sum of all other military  budgets globally.  When that is brought under control, the entitlements can be addressed and permanently.  Until then the discretionary spending has to maintain its status currently because it is supporting a recovering economy and there is no room for failure or a return to recession at this point in any increment.

The troops are being deployed back to the USA starting July of this year and that is a very good beginning.  By every estimation there is peace coming to the Middle East and Nuclear Non-Proliferation is on track.