Friday, March 04, 2011

This is an outrage and goes too far. If there are clubs banned because of hated of gays, then there should be no sports teams either.

Victimizing young people is about as low as it gets.  The administrators and elected officials should be charged with discrimination and removed from their jobs.

...In a 2009 survey by the Gay, (click title to entry - thank you) Lesbian and Straight Network, 1 in 9 American LGBT students reported experiencing harassment at school, proving a need for GSAs in schools to help combat bullying and prejudice....

This is bullying at the highest levels.  The adults need to be removed from their jobs.

...The mayor of Redondo Beach, (click here) California is planning to run for a seat in US Congress, which would make him the first openly gay Republican voted into the House.
Mike Gin, 48, has been a councilman in Redondo Beach for eight years and is in his second term as mayor.
There are no openly gay Republicans currently serving on Capitol Hill, but he would be the fifth openly gay member of the House. According to the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies, Gin would be the first out gay Asian American to run for Congress....