Monday, April 18, 2011

The national average price of gasoline is $3.791. Nearly a dollar more than a year ago. Up ,pre than fifty cents from last week.

OPEC is being scammed by Wall Street.  If that isn't obvious don't ask me what is.  In turn the global community is being targeted for 'illegal' profits at the expense of 'global economic stability.'  If Wall Street can't have bailouts then they'll make their own.  Wall Street has a sincere attitude problem.  I guess the Afghan opium has gone up in price since the 'blight.'

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Look, this is real simple, the 'supply and demand' chain has been taken over by those that don't produce the oil or those that consume it.  There isn't anything else to say.  The STORY, fictional story that there is a supply shortage because of the ?  instability  ?  in the Middle East is complete hog wash. 

Saudi Arabia as a global leader in oil production and OPEC have a moral sense of what their role is in the stability of a global economy.  As far back as I can remember post Nixon Oil Embargo, have never refused to increase production whenever it was necessary.

Never.  The world screams 'more oil' and OPEC opens the spigot.

Producers and consumers were fooled.  We 'bought into' the ?  fact  ?  that when supply is short the price of anything increases.  Well, Wall Street has proven how complete "W"rong that is.  Wall Street is the culprit.  I also believe the OPEC nations should refine the darn stuff and sell it themselves.  The problem with that is oil is less combustible than refined gasoline.  Tanks would be less safe, however, the 'spills' would be easier to clean up, simply set fire of it.  Gas burns, oil smolters.  The people on the ships would not be around though.  That is why crude is shipped in tankers rather than refined products.

But, seriously, if OPEC were refining their own gasoline the global economy would NOT be taking a 'hit' right now for the EXPLOITIVE costs DICTATED by Wall Street through runaway speculation.

I can see it right now, Paulson and his buddies hanging around an office cooler laughing about the naivety of the 'average Joe' and how completely easy it is to SCAM the entire global market place.   It is a scam and somewhere it has to be illegal.  Somewhere in this world there is a country that actually demands CONSUMER PROTECTION and has laws to back it up.  There needs to be investigations, ARRESTS and prison.  Absolutely.

The Saudis were raising production and raising production and when the price to consumers of THEIR OIL were not receiving relief and the cost of FOOD was skyrocketing, the King sat back in his chambers and thought, "Like what the heck?"  Then.  He remembered.  Ah, Hank Paulson isn't such a nice guy.  Oh, yeah.  There is something very "W"rong here.  It is not supply and demand anymore, it is simply exploitation of everyone. 

With that the King looked in the mirror, said to his wife, "Our friends are not doing well no matter what I do.  And.  When I reflect on how we are using our children's futures in their oil reserves, they are disappearing for no moral reason." 

The next day he consulted with his Minister of Oil and his allies in OPEC and they decided, we don't need to THROW our oil out on the market to be sold to immoral greed merchants.  We need to protect our children's interests and that of the global community.  We need to scale back our production and allow the market place begin to realize they cannot continue to destroy economies to benefit the drug addicts on Wall Street.

So, now that OPEC has been scammed and the global consumers have been scammed I would sincerely expect some results from somewhere in the world to punitively reduce the cost to consumers while PRESERVING the OPEC reserves.

Ah.  Only in America.  Indeed, American Exceptionalism at work.

American Exceptionalism by definition has five qualities.  Characteristics if you will.



INDIVIDUALISM  - That was once true when the Burger Court mattered.

POPULISM - a lot of ...isms. 

LAISSEZ-FAIRE.  This is the one that is actually the culprit this time.

Laissez-Faire is an environment in which transactions between private parties are free from state intervention, including restrictive regulations, taxes, tariffs and enforced monopolies.

Laissez-Faire without regulation is capitalism run amock.  But, Regressive Republicans don't like to pay taxes, so they deregulate everything to make more income and they stay out of jail.  See, regulations can require exploitation by 'individuals' to go to jail / prison.  Republicans don't want to pay taxes and they don't want to be in prison, so they deregulate everything and tell the average citizen it is "American Exceptionalism" and OUR RIGHT !

Oh, someone got the impression deregulation was about 'growing an economy.'  No.  Deregulation is about removing fines and prison terms from exploitation.

THAT is what deregulation is all about. 

So, what are we going to do about Wall Street?  How about growing our own fuels by American Family Farmers that can actually improve the 'wealth of the nation.'  Now there is an idea.  Actually IMPROVING the WEALTH OF THE NATION, rather than the top 2% of citizens and Wall Street.   Sound correct?  I think so.

BIOMASS grown 'IN CONTRACT' to small business owned ethanol plants without the MANIPULATION of Wall Street Commodities.  There has to be some tax incentives for making transporation in the USA safer and affordable.

Sounds like a plan.