Friday, May 14, 2010

Restoration Biologists - click title for an example of NOAA recommendations for Wetland Restoration

The States along the Gulf Coast and the Mississippi River need to begin to assess the long term affects on their wetlands and fisheries.

The 'Day of Oil' is over. 

End of Discussion in regard to continuing this charade.  The USA needs to move past this idiocy. 

The tax base to these States are on the verge of collapse and now they are affected by more dynamics that will collapse them further.  It has to stop.

The USA cannot continue to 'pretend' that Wall Street is a friend to its infrastructure. 


The States affected by this disaster have to examine their tax base, their tax distribution and reapportion monies to restoration efforts as soon as possible.

This is a matter of preserving the land and its resources to benefit the citizens that live there.  The people that derive an income from the fisheries need to be hired by the State Governments through fiscal allotments to do this work under the supervision of scientists qualified to make assessments, formulate plans and continually assess the dynamics of the restoration as it unfolds.

The 3% of the Earth's REMAINING oil/gas reserves are best left to the discretion of future generations by some chance they might actually need it.  Oil and gas are soon to become an insignificant element of the USA tax base and presence within its economy.

The USA cannot do without its fisheries.  The plans to drill on the East and West Coast of the USA has to be stopped and all the States along those coasts have to prevent any occurrence to their coastal areas.  The 'chance' that the East Coast could be affected by this disaster in the Gulf is still very, very real.  The oil could enter the Gulf of Mexico Loop Current and travel great distances to erode any health of the East Coast fisheries.

The 'crude' will not simply breakdown on its own.  It has to be removed and to realize that one will begin to realize how a coat of it will destroy microscopic organisms that are the base of any ecosystem that sustains remaining fisheries.

The circumstances surrounding this disaster are grave and needs to be treated as such.

To minimize the impact of this disaster is to doom the health of the fisheries and any potential recovery.  Microscopic organisms don't 'show up' in 'landscape beauty' and it is why there has to be uncorrupted and qualified scientists 'running the show' and 'setting priorities.'

The motto first appeared on a coin in 1864 during strong Christian sentiment emerging during the Civil War,

While we are on the subject of the Illegitmiate Media in the USA; the morons at the Murdock 'dictate' do it again.  Is Palin on something?  She looks a little 'woozy' to me.

But, at any rate, both her and O'Reilly are lying. 


They state this 'motto' was adopted by the Founders of the USA Constitution.  It wasn't.  It was adopted during the Civil War.  A Civil War is a very threatening episode in any country's history.  It is not uncommon during times of war that people, citizens that will be putting their lives on the line to die for the sovereign right of to exist, will turn to solice in dedicated belief to God even over country.

Separation of Church and State was the cry of the Founders of the USA Constitution EVEN when at war for their sovereign right to exist.  "Times of Trial" are always difficult for any nation, finding comfort in lies such as those from Murdoch isn't the way to protect the USA Constitution.

The Murdoch Media Machine are promoting Lies and Anti-Constitutional Agendas for the USA.  They are treasonists.  Get over it.  Where is the FCC?

It is as I thought, the vat is too dangerous to drill. That is the rupture in the apparatus, not planet Earth.

The picture is of the rupture.  That is metal, collapsed and broken metal spewing crude and methane gas out of the hole.

The 'white stuff' is methane gas and the 'dark stuff' is the crude.  The Earth is burping large amounts of methane from this site and it will remain to be dangerous.  The white stuff is what caused the deaths of eleven people and the dark stuff is what is causing a coastal dead zone across the entire Gulf Coast of the USA.

There were reports yesterday of 3 inches of crude along the Alabama beaches.  People should not be in their homes with crude oil only yards away from their homes.

AND let's get this straight, it is NOT tar balls, its Crude Oil !

John is incorrect in assessing the fact we need gas and oil.  We don't.  His 'mind speak' is typical of the oppressed nature of the USA South.  The people of the South are focused to 'buy into' Wall Street priorities as it is 'portrayed' as the only venue for income for the citizen-peasant. 

John is correct in his assessement of the hopelessness to the circumstances in the Gulf, but, he is grossly "W"rong to his loyalty to the Petroleum Industry and the 'idea' that government can actually control this.  It can't !!!

The drill site in the Gulf has PROVEN to be too dangerous to continue to allow leases and our fisheries are now limited to the East and West Coasts.  The Gulf fisheries are lost for at least three generations, if not forever.

There is no reason for the USA to continue to drill for 3% of the oil supply REMAINING in Earth.

TORPEDOES !!!!!!!!  Close the hole !

This will be recorded in history as testiment of Wall Street's dominance over the soverignty and well being of the citizen in the USA.

Gulf oil spill news links: Alabama resident says it's worse than BP admits  (click title to entry - thank you)
By Press-Register staff
May 13, 2010, 5:09PM
Alabama resident John Wathen talks about his impressions of flying out over the Gulf of Mexico to view the oil spill caused by the demise of the Deepwater Horizon oil well.
As a volunteer pilot flies him out farther and farther from the coastline, Wathen becomes more and more impressed by the scope of the oil spill. "It's not a leak, it's a volcano spewing oil," Wathen says in the text posted with the video....

This is the propaganda from the Associated Press. 

I suppose the people of the USA can go back to bed with their security blankets now.

Where's the oil?
Much has evaporated, underwater

By CAIN BURDEAU (AP) – 1 hour ago
NEW ORLEANS — For a spill now nearly half the size of Exxon Valdez, it's hard to pin down where the oil from the Deepwater Horizon disaster has gone.
Although the government has been slow to say what's happened to it, a picture can be drawn from a publicly available model called the Automated Data Inquiry for Oil Spills.
The model shows that about 35 percent of a hypothetical 4.8 million gallon spill of light Louisiana crude oil released in conditions similar to those found in the Gulf now would evaporate.
It also shows that between 50 percent and 60 percent of the oil would remain in or on the water and the rest would be dispersed in the ocean.
Ed Overton, a Louisiana State University chemist analyzing the spill, says he thinks most of the oil is floating within 1 foot of the surface