Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Avatar in 3D has to be the most incredible movie, from concept, to story, to production to message I have ever seen in my lifetime.

The floating mountains of Pandora.

I really should address the theme of the movie. It is a very complex story. It offends no one. It is highly moral in its content.

It entertains nearly every form of spirituality known to me on Earth. There is a clear understanding of a 'higher power.'

The technology was wildly wonderful. I never thought graphics could be so real.

But, the story line contains a lot of information to the viewer and it could easily be the kind of film that one watches with new eyes everytime they view it. Easily. I could watch that picture over and over and come away with new information every time I did.

There is a lot of innocence in this film. There is also a love story laced into it that never gets graphic, but, is a reasonable secondary story line. It is a necessary story line as well.

This film teaches. It builds character. It pits greed against the love of wholesomeness.

The film has many, many surprises from all angles, technologically, emotionally and morally.

When I thought I knew how the story would end, it changed direction. When I felt the most defeated, it provided hope. It spoke to bravery. It definitely has 'an us and them,' but, both sides are very smart. They are incredibly good adversaries of each other.

It paid a great deal of justice to nature. The creatures were fearless and strong. They were unique in their characteristics while sharing the same habitat. They respected each other within their own territorial needs. They were as much interested in the humanoids as any aspect of their habitat. They weren't confrontational so much as defensive. Their purpose was not to kill, but, to be peaceable within their own lives.

The opening introduction to the 'society' of 'natives' is based in conflict resolution, a quieting of the spirit and a respect for the environment. The way the 'human' is received as benevolent is due to the active 'higher power' sending a 'sign' to the Leader/Chief's daughter. That presence of a 'higher power' is a constant thread through the picture.

Peaceful and quality living is through connectedness, respect and mutual longing for an exciting and enjoyable life. Quality of living is 'static' for all living creatures as well as humanoids.

It is a great picture. There is a lot of magical thinking, but, there is an 'element' of fearsomeness by all of the creatures, humans and humanoids that bring violence to a level that young children don't have to come to understand.

I will buy the DVD as soon as it is on the market. I'll see the picture on the big screen at least one more time and I will watch this picture many times and will watch it with friends any chance I get. It is an exciting film which demands exciting dialogue to those that care to share their feelings about it.

I appreciate the artists that brought this film to me. I know it was not for me in particular, but, it was made for me. The fact the film was made and has such wide acceptance tells me there are 'a lot' of 'mes' in the world.

One other thing. There is a huge female voice throughout the entire film. It portrays women as competent, compassionate, intelligent, intolerant, mindful of justice, ferociously moral. There are very strong female roles in this film and it was wonderfully done. It never betrayed the 'female mystique.' Never once. A lot of egalitarianism. And there is a 'vulnerability' to the females personalities as well, which is very charming and endearing.

How smart can a 'nervy' tree be?

I loved this picture.

Too cool for words.

Native Americans need assistance.

For Immediate Release (click title to entry - thank you)

Eagle Butte, SD (January 30, 2010) - The Cheyenne River Reservation located in the State of South Dakota, homeland of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, is currently facing an emergency situation due to an ice storm that crippled the electrical and water infrastructure. Though the ice storm has passed, the water and power system remains challenged and several Reservation communities have been without power for over ten (10) days. Moreover, a bitterly cold weather system is expected to come in by Sunday evening...

I realize the government in South Dakota is primarily worried about the snowy streets in Sioux Falls, but, I think these folks need help possibly from the National Guard. The Governor needs to respond. I mean the South Dakota government is right there. Okay? The jurisdiction belongs to a federally funded system. The tribal areas? Okay? The Guard should be dispatched at first sign of trouble to these regions.

Water and Power Outages Remain on SD Reservation (click here)

By Associated Press

Water and power outages continue to be a problem on South Dakota's Cheyenne River Indian Reservation after ice storms late last month. people in rural areas remained without power Monday.

Officials say progress is being made but repair work is slow-going.

South Dakota Rural Electric Association spokeswoman Brenda Kleinjan says electricity has been restored to population centers, including Eagle Butte where the tribal offices are located. But hundreds of

Tri County Mni Waste Water System general manager Leo Fisher said only about 100 people in the town of La Plant remained without water on Monday. He said that at the peak of the outages about 14,000 people had no water - most of them on the reservation.

Interesting phenomena that manifested in the last 12 hours. (click title to entry - thank you)

February 9, 2010
UNISYS Water Vapor GOES East Satellite (click here for 12 hour loop).

There is a huge vortex over the North Atlantic that has been there since all the large storms have been an issue. These vortexes are ionic and they drag that heat off the equator with ease. They require water vapor to continue to distribute heat to the Arctic Circle. The equator is the only place where water vapor exists in large measures enough for these systems.

What lies along this 'track' where the 'heat plume' developed? In the bottom picture. What lies along that track where the heat plume developed?

The Mississippi River System.

Water vapor.

What is the temperature of the waters in the Mississippi River now?

In the south of the system where this plume originated. What are the water temperatures?

Close to that of the Gulf water temperatures?


This is Human Induced Global Warming folks. It isn't 'normal.' Weather is based on heat and water vapor. Air turbulence and trends. This should not have been that much of a surprise.

February 9, 2010
UNISYS Water Vapor of the North and West Hemispheres (click here for 12 hour loop)

This 'heat plume' system traveled a large distance in 12 hours. It is a clear indication to the velocity of the vortex in the North Atlantic. There is another system coming to the West Coast of North America, too. Please don't get lazy about this mess. It doesn't give anyone a break.

Everyone was caught a little bit by surprise by the heat transfer system that manifested off the equator. Doesn't really feel like spring, now does it?

Moderate snowfall disrupts morning rush (click here)

A messy and snowy morning rush period is shaping up across the area. Police are warning commuters to slow down and drive with caution.

Between 3 to 5 inches of snow is expected in the daylight hours--falling this morning at a relatively moderate rate of half an inch per hour or less. But heavier snowfall is expected this afternoon, and totals could reach 8 to 12 inches by late tonight, according to the National Weather Service.

WGN-Ch. 9 staff meteorologist Tom Skilling believes 14 inches is possible by Wednesday morning. The storm is expected to extend over--and disrupt--three rush periods.

Traffic on area expressways generally was moving at under 30 mph. The Kennedy and the inbound Stevenson were the slowest, with travel times about 30 minutes more than normal.

Airlines already have canceled more than 200 flights at the city's two airports. The city sent out its full contingent of snow-fighting trucks for only the second time this season. More than 60 schools across the metropolitan area closed.

Travel times on area expressways "are getting worse," said Illinois State Trooper Ivan Bukaczyk about 6:30 a.m. "There have been reports of more crashes in the last hour." The southern part of the metropolitan area in the area of I-80, I-57 and I-294 was a particular problem spot with spinouts and crashes, he said.

As of 6:20 a.m., about 60 schools, mostly private ones, across the area had closed their doors for the day. (Check the emergency school closings list here.)...

February 9, 2010
UNISYS Water Vapor satellite of the North and West Hemisphere (click here for 12 hour loop)

The inmates are running the asylum. Sincerely. This is not a joke. I said she isn't qualified to lead a Brownie Troop. I wasn't joking.

I believe her latest 'antic' was writing 'Hi, Mom' on her hand for the Perry rally. I suppose all the other instances were on purpose to 'spoof' the Dems and distract everyone from her lack of ability.

Sure. I was born yesterday.

Tell me Republicans aren't this desperate.

The USA is in trouble.

Look, President Obama needs to convene an emergency session of his cabinet to discuss the EMPENDING health emergencies. California is only THE FIRST. He has to address this and now.


I suppose those are more 'Code Words,' right Rush? Sure.

Perhaps Secretary Clinton needs to address this. Children come to the USA from other countries all the time without custody issues.

Boarding on malpractice here everyone!

I mean that.

The arrests were in regard to HEALTHY children not in danger of losing their lives.

There should be no delay. This is an over-reaction to the arrests of people kidnapping children.

There is such a thing as The Good Samaritan Laws. It is legislated in the USA. These children are not going to an orphanage. They are getting treatment to save their lives.

I find all this rather strange and out of place when balanced with REALITY.

There is a lot of documentation that accompanies medical intervention. I don't see any of these children 'getting lost' in the system and if they do, then the administrators of the receiving hospitals aren't doing their jobs and could be held responsible for child abduction.

As soon as flight clearance occurs at the airport they need to be Medivaced out.


...But since the arrests, (click title to entry - thank you) it has been able to evacuate only three children on private flights to American hospitals, according to Elizabeth Greig, the field hospital’s chief administrative officer, who has been in charge of trying to get the necessary Haitian and American approval.

At least 10 other children have died or become worse while waiting to be airlifted out of the country, she said. Dozens of children are in critical need of care, and there has been no shortage of American hospitals or pilots willing to take them...

Republicans are approaching their own impeachments with rhetorical politics rather than policy for the country.

FILE - In this Feb. 4, 2010 file photo, (click title to entry - thank you) Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington. In a letter to the president of Anthem Blue Cross, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Monday, Feb. 8, 2010, she was very disturbed to learn of the planned increases, calling them "extraordinary." She said they were hard to understand in light of the profitability of Anthem's parent company, WellPoint Inc.(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Cenetafile) (Manuel Balce Ceneta - AP)

The Republicans in the House or Senate are not taking the circumstances of the nation's health care system seriously. These are the very dynamics the Obama Administration has been warning everyone about for the past year.

LOS ANGELES -- The Obama administration on Monday asked California's largest for-profit health insurer to justify plans to hike customers' premiums by as much as 39 percent, a move that could affect some 800,000 people....

The President, in attempts to bring bipartisanship to the process of legislation that would contain the exploitation of the nation's health system for profit, has included Republican's suggestions into the bill. That is what was found so objectionable in the Senate Bill.

The Senate Bill excluded the Public Option which the House Bill contained. The purpose to the public option was to add a dimension to competition in the market place to contain exploitation by 'for profit' insurance companies.

Thirty-nine percent is very high and the Secretary goes on to explain who astounding that percentage actually is:

"I believe Anthem Blue Cross has a responsibility to provide a detailed justification for these rate increases to the public," Sebelius wrote. She said the company should also make public what percentage of customers' premiums go to medical care versus administrative costs.

In a statement, Anthem Blue Cross of California blamed the weak economy and rising health care costs for the rate hike, while pledging to reply to Sebelius' query promptly.

The rate hike "highlights why we need sustainable health care reform to manage the steadily rising costs of hospitals, drugs and doctors," the statement said.

Sebelius said Anthem Blue Cross' parent company, WellPoint Inc., "has seen its profits soar, earning $2.7 billion in the last quarter of 2009 alone."

Not counting roughly $2.2 billion it gained from the sale of a pharmacy benefit management subsidiary, WellPoint earned $536 million in the final three months of last year.

In a rare move, California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner is hiring an outside actuary to determine whether Anthem is abiding by state regulations and spending at least 70 percent of premium dollars on medical care as opposed to administrative costs.

Poizner's spokesman, Darrel Ng, said that's the only recourse because rate hikes do not need to be approved by the state...

The Republicans in the Federal House and Senate are dangerously close to breaking their oath of office by using every issue as a reason for obstruction for political volleys.

Reuters has it exactly right. The Health Care Summit the President has set into his calendar is to bring a better concensus regarding health care to move it forward. That does not mean there is capitulation on the issue in the bills currently passed by the House and Senate. It does however mean that the nation will have to come to terms with the politicalization of their well being by the Republican Party.

Is it a trap for the Republicans? You betcha. They are obstructing reform and the nation's wellness systems are heading into skyrocketing costs.

This is no game. Although the Republicans want to treat it as one, especially Joe Lieberman whom caused all the grief over the Public Option in the Senate bill due to his density of insurance companies in Connecticut. This would have been done already if Lieberman didn't have to pay off his cronies.

Obama's healthcare summit sets stage for end-game (click here)

Mon Feb 8, 2010 11:02pm EST
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama's call for a healthcare summit including both his fellow Democrats and Republicans sets the stage for a final push to get stalled legislation through Congress, but skeptical Republicans said on Monday the only solution is to start over....

There is no starting over. I think it was HR 3400 the Republicans are stating is THEIR bill. Yes?

H.R. 3400 - Empowering Patients First Act (click here)

To provide for incentives to encourage health insurance coverage, and for other purposes.

I believe what I stated was that 'incentives' were money giveaways to insurance companies. That incentives were not necessarily control and did not necessarily provide insurance to the under or uninsured.

I suppose I need to read it. I already know what I am going to find.

The Republicans need to get serious. They are delaying the reform the country needs and it is time the House and Senate use reconciliation to get this settled if necessary.

I'll be honest, with a 39% rate increase, the country is going to have to go to Single Payer.


Lot of reasons.

No one is going to be able to afford it, it will leverage 'employees pays' into a downward spiral, collapsing the tax base from recovery with any jobs bill as employers will have to pay more of the health insurance costs.

It will limit the growth of small businesses that already provide health care insurance for their employees.

People will lose their homes if they have to pay skyrocketing prices for health care.

When I state the Republicans are approaching impeachable territory it is a fact. When an elected official has no answers for their citizens' problems while others do and they simply act to obstruct necessary legislation (Which is reaching a tone of emergency legislation - which gives the Executive Branch some leverage to its authority until Congress acts.) they are entering into a breach of their oath of office.

Besides that, for Republicans to continue down their 'gaming' road, is complete stupidity. People will realize soon enough that their elected officials are harming their lives AGAIN and after their 'palling around' with Wall Street. What are they thinking? Health Care is real. This is a real emergency for the people in California. California's economy does not need this, yet obstructionists are causing hardship already.

It is time to jettison the Republicans ideas of fun.

This doesn't surprise me. The Republicans aren't prepared to be friends to the American people.