AMMAN — HRH Prince Hassan (click here) has called for building a mutual partnership between Jordanians and those living in the Kingdom as refugees.
During a recent meeting with representatives of the industrial and commercial sectors, as well as Jordanian, Arab and foreign investors in Irbid Governorate, the prince said, “It is time to rethink the form of relationship between Jordanians and the refugees in the country in light of the inadequate international support to refugee-burdened Jordan.” Prince Hassan said this relationship should rest on the concepts of productivity and complementary partnerships in the fields of training, rehabilitation and expertise exchange.
He added that among every five Jordanians there is a Syrian and that the value of the international assistance to Jordan does not exceed 20 per cent of the actual cost of the refugee crisis....

and there is this report:

April 18, 2015
BAGHDAD — Iraqi forces (click here) retook most of the country's largest refinery from Daesh on Saturday, officials said, reversing gains by the militants who seized parts of the sprawling complex in northern Iraq last week.
A spokesman for the US-led coalition fighting Daesh said troops had recaptured all of Baiji refinery at 11:30 GMT, but officials in Salahuddin, the province where it is located, said there was still fighting around some facilities.
The insurgents attacked the refinery a week ago by blasting through the security perimeter around it and taking over several installations, including storage tanks, a technical institute and a distribution point.
The Baiji refinery produced around 175,000 barrels per day before it shut in June when Daesh militants seized it at the same time as the city of Mosul. Iraqi forces retook it from militants in November but subsequently lost control again.
A source in the military command for Salahuddin province said clashes continued on Saturday, with insurgents fighting the army's elite Golden Division and paramilitaries in southern and western parts of the refinery complex....