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We are getting there.

The increase in consumer confidence we are experiencing must have something to do with the return of home equity.
This movement improves the USA economic stability, but, it still does not answer the tax base issues being experienced in many cities across the country. Cities are still suffering from a smaller tax base since 2008.
But, we getting there. I think this is really good news.
Minneapolis, Minnesota (PRWEB) 
September 14, 2012
...The breakdown (click here) of information, and good news for homeowners, in CoreLogic's report is:
    •  This is down from 11.4 million properties, or 23.7 percent, at the end of the first quarter of 2012.
   •  An additional 2.3 million borrowers possessed less than 5 percent equity in their home, referred to as near-negative equity, at the end of the second quarter.
   •  Approximately 600,000 borrowers reached a state of positive equity at the end of the second quarter of 2012.
   •  More than 700,000 home borrowers moved into positive equity in Q1 of 2012.
   •  Over 1.3 million households regaining a positive equity position since the beginning of the year.
   •  The share of borrowers still underwater but current on their payments was 84.9 percent at the end of the Q2 in 2012, up from 84.8 percent at the end of Q1 in 2012.
“The level of negative equity continues to improve with more than 1.3 million households regaining a positive equity position since the beginning of the year,” said Mark Fleming, chief economist for CoreLogic. “Surging home prices this spring and summer, lower levels of inventory, and declining REO sale shares are all contributing to the nascent housing recovery and declining negative equity.”...

Will someone please tell Michelle Bachmann she spelled Sterns County on her map wrong.

Michelle Bachmann website under "District" (click here)

There is a map of the Minnesota 6th Congressional District there. Now, I tried to be fair. I thought it was one of those eyesight things, but, the closer and closer I looked at, or should I say for, Sterns County the more I realized someone actually spelled it "Steams" County. 

I also noticed she does not legislate for Hennepin County where all the action is. See, Hennepin County is where Minneapolis resides. Do you know the Congressman for Hennepin County? No? None other than Congressman Keith Ellison.

Strange place, Minnesota. Even stranger to realize Bachmann and Ellison are neighbors. How did that happen?

The Sixth Congressional District is experiencing a sluggish return to housing values compared to the rest of Minnesota. I am not sure why, but, if there is something Bachmann objected to in the Recovery Act, it might explain it. Minnesota property values are rebounding. 

  • Article by: JIM BUCHTA , Star Tribune 
  • Updated: August 21, 2012 - 9:37 PM

The Minnesota housing market continues to move away from the bottom, as July home sales climbed 4.6 percent, the Minnesota Association of Realtors reported Tuesday.
Other positive signs emerged during the month: the median home price was up 11.1 percent, sellers received a higher percentage of their asking price, and homes were selling faster, on average....

Minnesota also had a lion share of the homes underwater until recently. The increase in property values are returning equity to some homes. 

Odd about the Sixth District. One would expect the values to return quicker there simply because the homes are more expensive, as a rule. But, there is this other reality which is somewhat disturbing. There is a trend to leave low income people out of the district. Very strange.

Report: Area housing prices too high for low incomes (click here)

Coalition: Area has shortage

10:50 PM, Sep 3, 2012

Stearns, Sherburne and Benton are among Minnesota counties with the least amount of affordable housing for low-income renters, according to a new report from a nonprofit coalition.

According to the Minnesota Housing Partnership’s 2012 County Profiles released today, 94 percent of the state’s counties have a shortage of rental housing that is affordable and available to their lowest-income residents.

“It’s a long-term trend,” said Chip Halbach, the partnership’s executive director. “What we’ve noticed statewide is that renter incomes have been falling relative to inflation, while rents have been pretty stable and some locales have actually been increasing.”...

Richard Mourdock takes a swing toward the moderates of Indiana. He is untrustworthy.

He states he does not believe in bi-partisanship, but, principle. He believes in segregating his power in a way that will continue the Middle Class of the Indiana and the USA. He is another dangerous Tea Party Darling that will hurt the country and not help it. If Mourdock sees the profit in lying about his core principles now, he will continue to lie if he were elected.

He chronically cherry picks words and phrases out of context of their meaning when used. Typical of the Right Wing, they like to be walking dictionaries rather than addressing issues.

So, let me not be a dictionary by pointing out the word 'conquer' is used several times to describe his role in the USA Senate. A conquering flip-flopper is probably a very dangerous thing.

September 28, 2012 4:09 pm 

Mourdock's awkward stagger to the center may be a necessary move if the Republicans are to hold a seat that had been a safe bet since Lugar first won it in 1976. The outcome will help determine whether the GOP manages to win control of the Senate, where Democrats now have a narrow four-seat advantage.
Advertising spending from both sides has topped $6 million so far and promises to explode in the final weeks. The candidates and outside groups have already surpassed the $5.6 million spent in Indiana's 2010 Senate battle.
The Tea Party has won Senate seats in South Carolina, Utah, Kentucky and Florida, but only one so far — in Wisconsin — in the more politically diverse Midwest. Mourdock and Texas Republican Ted Cruz represent the ultraconservative movement's best chance for increasing its clout in this election....

Nothing is sacred in Syria from Assad.

I am quite sure the market in Allepo was the one place citizens felt safe, until today. I am sure there are many people dead. It isn't like Assad was going to call a fire drill before he set the place ablaze.

By Karen Laub
September 29, 2012

...The Aleppo market, (click here) a major tourist attraction with its narrow stone alleys and stores selling perfume, fabrics and spices, had been the site of occasional gun battles and shelling for weeks. But amateur video posted Saturday showed wall-to-wall flames engulfing wooden doors as burning debris fell away from the storefronts. Activists said hundreds of shops were affected....

During his visit to the New York City, President Ahmadinejad stated in an interview with Piers Morgan he recognizes the rights of every individual human life. It is time for President Ahmadinejad to take himself seriously and remove any and all support from his fellow Shi'ite, President Assad.

President Assad is killing his own people in mass numbers. He is destroying their lives and taking away any hope. The time is long over due for the Iranian President to remove all forms of support from the Assad regime. He has no assurances the Iranians in Syrian custody are alive or will ever survive the Assad regime.

NEW YORK (AP) — Iran (click here) should only play a role in international diplomatic efforts to end the violence in Syria if it withdraws support for President Bashar Assad's regime, Britain's Middle East minister said Thursday.
Alistair Burt told The Associated Press in an interview that Iran could only have credibility in efforts to press Damascus by withdrawing its backing for Assad.
"Until the Iranians change their position in relation to Syria and stop their active support of a regime that's killing its own people, it's difficult to take them completely seriously," he said, noting that several nations in the Middle East shared Britain's skepticism....

Congressman Peter King is politicizing the death of an ambassador.

The earliest reportings of the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi were sketchy at best. There were four dead people and others were threatened with their lives.

The idea there would be accuracy beyond the fact there was violence is a hideous concept. Congressman King knows that.

No one is resigning over such diffuse information in ONE incident. Ms. Rice is far to valuable at the United Nations to simply dismiss her at first glance. She is a competent representative for this country and such hideous demands have to be ignored. Ignoring such nonsense will at least give the matter as much attention as it deserves.

It is well documented the events following the discovery of the anti-Muslim film were well underway when the violence was conducted in Benghazi. There was no way of knowing what occurred, yet alone that those alive were safe.

Congressman King needs to understand the working conditions of some of the members of the State Department. Ambassador Stevens was a hero to many in the State Department. He was willing to do the impossible. He was hoping he could carry out the impossible.

Congressman King needs to reflect on the aggressive nature of his past party members in the Executive Branch to realize there is real fear of the USA abroad. In a country that just experienced a government overthrow there continues fear of a larger power coming in to rule their country. The USA has obtained the title of 'Occupier' since Iraq. It doesn't make the work of the State Department any easier. 

In Benghazi of all places where a power vacuum exists, there are still armed militias securing their local territory. The presence of the USA Consulate was a threat to at least one, but, more likely two militias. There is no doubt today the consulate and its staff were under constant surveillance and threat by patrolling militias. 

I don't know how many times the Right Wing has to hear these words, "The USA missions are DEPENDENT upon the authority of the country to control the conditions surrounding their safety." No one knew that more than Ambassador Stevens. There was false confidence in the minds of those in Benghazi. THAT is something Congressman King needs to focus on and not the fact the information immediately after the death of four people and the threat of more was 'clouded by war.' Or in this case, violence.

Past administration with similar circumstances have had the same 'clouds' swirling around their 'inaccuracies,' too.

The sad truth is, the Obama Administration carries more expertise than the newly formed governments themselves. I think that is the reason for the over confidence of the Ambassador and staff. They believed appreciation of the expertise they brought to 'help' would out way any fear. It didn't. At least by the folks with guns and bombs. The militias had more confidence in killing than listening, thinking or understanding they were under no threat from the USA. To them; a dead American was a good thing.

Originally published: September 29, 2012 10:54 AM
Updated: September 29, 2012 11:38 AM

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) (click here) called Friday for the resignation of Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, after the nation's top intelligence agency accepted blame for the deadly attacks on the Libya embassy earlier this month.
Extremists from groups linked to al-Qaida struck the U.S. consulate in Benghazi in a “deliberate and organized terrorist attack,” the top U.S. intelligence agency said Friday, as it took responsibility for the Obama administration’s initial claims that the deadly assault grew from a spontaneous protest against an anti-Islam video.
The unusual statement from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence appeared to have two goals: updating the public on the latest findings of the investigation into the assault, and shielding the White House from a political backlash over its original accounts....