Thursday, September 27, 2012

We are killing their leadership on a regular basis. That is why attacks are up.

Previous to President Obama taking office there was little to no war in Afghanistan that amounted to anything. Afghanistan was abandoned for Iraq's oil.

During that time, Bush never acted in Afghanistan to kill Osama bin Laden or destroy the Taliban, they were reconstituting.

This report, while significant, can't stand alone as the only analysis of the dynamics of Afghanistan. 

The reason there are more civilian deaths is two fold, really. One, there are more attacks period. So, with fighting increasing there the result is more civilian deaths. Two, al Qaeda are using civilians as human shields to protect themselves why Karzai is screaming at NATO that they are killing civilians.

At this point, with Afghanistan, one has to assess the gains made and the national securities of NATO. Were there significant gains made to justify the ongoing occupation of Afghanistan? To some extent that can be subjective and political, too. Oddly though, even though Karzai is screaming citizens are being killed, he hasn't kicked NATO out regardless of having trained 325,000 sovereign troops. So, when is Afghanistan going to be able to stand on its own?

Then there are the drone attacks which is the primary vehicle of enemy deaths. But, while they are killing the enemy, they are also killing the human shields used for protection.

The real question and the ONLY justification for remaining in Afghanistan to continue the training mission is, "Will the USA be safe once NATO has finished its mission?" If the answer is no, then we don't belong there anymore. The only purpose for a war in Afghanistan is to increase national security of member nations. If that is not happening and our troops are dying there is no reason to be there.

Homeland Security has to take over the role of protections against these attacks.

NATO's (click here) International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) has released its monthly data trends report for August. ISAF's data show that while the number of enemy-initiated attacks (EIAs) thus far this year has decreased slightly, as compared to the first eight months of 2011, the number of civilian casualties increased dramatically. And the overall level of violence in Afghanistan, as measured by ISAF, remains worse than prior to the 2010 surge of American forces....

"Mother Jones" does it again. Thank you. (for article click on title of entry)

There are a lot of reasons to be grateful David Corn and Mother Jones have become a trusted company for those seeking to tell the truth about Bain and Romney's activities.

There are the videos made by former employees of companies exploited by Bain and Romney that are finally vindicated for their activism.

Does Mitt Romney Care About Jobs or Just Making Money? (click here)

I am happy for them as there is now sound proof of their observations and claims. Who are the real Americans, huh? The ones at the lathe or the ones with monies in the offshore accounts?

The structure and methodology Bain worked with was obvious, but, there was no solid proof. There were no forthcoming records to prove the companies sold off and merged were ever in financial trouble. Employees could make their claims, but, there were 'the missing books.' There was 'doubt' allowing the claims of 'job killer' to wash away as insinuations. But, this is proof.

It is easy now to look at the companies involved and find the 'break points' where it was sustained for a short time (I consider labor for five to seven years a short duration. Work longevity is security for Americans. Work longevity is a reason to make the plant hum and invest in making products the best they can be. Work longevity is the reason for the suggestion box.) and then sold off for cash flow purposes at Bain.

Private equity is not about long term investment. By the very nature of the business whereby investors are looking for high returns on their investment there is little doubt the private equity companies are harmful to any economy, not just the USA. It is astounding to me they actually developed IPOs. Money, money, money in whatever way they can get it.

It makes all too much sense now and realizing how office supply companies in business for decades from the early days of the 20th century were simply merged into the highest profitability model creating Office Depot where imports are sold in volume.

It occurred again when sports stores, once purchasing Made in the USA goods for their enterprise suddenly changed hands and merged to create Sports Authority. 

USA companies that provided lives with good incomes were merged to create a store where today, the only employees making a living wage are the managers. 

The timeline exactly matches the 5 to 7 year methodology of Bain Capital.

The steel plant closed within that time frame. It never mattered that Romney left Bain before the plant was closed and dismantled with parts going to the highest bidder; 'the plans were in place.' Romney maintained control to be sure he got his fair share when it occurred.

I believe he stated, "Look, you guys are going to make a lot of money."

Retro-retirement is a new rule in the world created by Romney. Retro-retirement is a 'Make Your Own Rules' paradigm no different than when Romney pays taxes to game the system for a benevolent image to the public. 

It all fits. All of it.

Vindication, Mr. Corn. This is vindication for all those that came forward for so many years and time and again. They were not lying. They did not hate Mitt. They did not favor a Democratic outcome. They knew what they knew about him and it scared them to have him obtain the power of the USA Presidency.

Heroes is the word that comes to mind. You with the power of Mother Jones, the integrity you brought to others with that power and the power of the individual to be truth-tellers.

I think that was a good idea. I liked it.

The United Nations should know what the sovereign country of Israel considers 'The Red Line." The Prime Minister is correct in that he and his nation is the one to determine the tolerance of hostility.

There is no one at the United Nations who believes Israel does not see a two state solution.

...8:09 PM Netanyahu: (click here) there are some who claim that even if Iran crosses the red line we will know when and where the Iranians are building a bomb. But intelligence are not full (fool) proof.

8:07 P.M. Netanyahu draws a red line on his diagram.... with red pen....

The Mandate for Palestine has been an understanding regarding the existence of Palestine since The League of Nations. This mandate has existed since 1922. So any global leader making accusations regarding Israel's policies with Palestine cannot ignore the long standing understanding nations there is a right to a Palestine. I remind Palestine was a diffuse understanding due to migratory activity by the people.

This document has been superseded by formal negotiations and treaties between Israel and Palestine. But, it is a recognition of the right of the Palestinian people to their nation. An understanding of their heritage. Israel is not unilaterally calling off the effort for a Palestine.

President Abbas has stated at the United Nations this week, Israel is planning another "Nakba." The Nakba is commemorated within Palestine as the "The Day of Catastrophe" on May 15 of every year. I am quite confident that is not the case. President Abbas wants to have Palestine upgraded to a 'non-member state.'

The Palestinian people fear the Occupied West Bank containing Israeli settlements is a clear indication there is an understanding Israel will again expel Palestine from their current status.

...He blamed the attacks on Israeli government policy, (click here) which he said supports settlements and occupation and creates a "racist climate" and a "culture of incitement." He also accused Israel of committing war crimes, including "murder, torture and abuse of peaceful civilians."...

President Abbas is stating there are attacks by citizens of the Palestinian people and demolished buildings by Israel's government. It is a fairly strong statement he makes.

...Over the past few months, Abbas said, "attacks by terrorist militias of Israeli settlers have become a daily reality, with at least 535 attacks perpetrated since the beginning of the year." He added that Israel had demolished 510 Palestinian structures over the past 12 months, displacing some 770 Palestinians from their homes....

There has to be settlement on the borders between Israel and Palestine. (click here)

I realize Israel states to move its borders is to create indefensible borders. Then Israel and the USA have to agree on what exactly is meant by defensible. The USA has to be willing to stand by that definition and move forward. Israel cannot stalemate this agreement forever. It cannot allow citizen militias to exist assaulting Palestinians. Citizen militias have been a defense by many cities and towns in Israel, but, to use them to move borders and build build settlements is a new paradigm. I am sorry, but, Israel cannot tolerate citizen militias that seek to fight border wars.

There is also NO REASON for this ban on students attending universities in the West Bank. Students entering the West Bank from Gaza can be cleared by security and should, but to impose a permanent ban only raises tensions.

This was a decision by the courts. The Israeli legislature has to correct this error. If the current laws of Israel oppress deserving students it is time to change the laws governing the oppression.

Five students does make an army. Five students from Gaza cannot bring rockets and bombs with them. I cannot believe five hostile students would be accepted to the university in the West Bank because the Gazans don't sincerely have a peace with the West Bank. But, accepting students to their university is more than a generous way to offer opportunity and improvement of the quality of life of Gaza. This could unite the two factions of Palestine and should not be obstructed by Israel.

Israel upholds ban on Gaza students in West Bank (click here)

AP  / September 27, 2012

JERUSALEM (AP) —  Israel’s supreme court has upheld a ban on Palestinian students from the Gaza Strip studying in the West Bank.

Israeli and Palestinian rights groups petitioned the court to allow five students from Gaza to travel to the West Bank for a master’s program in gender studies. They argue the two separate Palestinian territories should be treated as a single entity.

Israel has treated Gaza as a hostile territory since 2007, when the militant group Hamas took control of the seaside strip....

Israel should be encouraging angry young men to become students with hopes of improving their country and the way of life of their people. Israel should be facilitating prosperous futures for these young people and have them understand Israel can be generous, too. It is a small act of greatness for Israel. They should take advantage of the opportunity for better relations.

I wish women were more concerned for their safety.

It is true in the USA, too. The country mouse comes to the city to be overwhelmed by a world moving faster than a white water river.
The Buddy System. Women HAVE to assume they are not safe in late hours when few people are around and opportunity presents itself. Safety for women is to recognize 'opportunity' for placing themselves 'at risk.' Opportunity that places women at risk has to be mitigated with smart thinking. If there is no one around to walk home with then call a cab. A medallion cab. 


I don't care if she is going a block from the pub, call some kind of escort home. It is completely silly not to. I believe a women should trust her instincts when it comes to her safety and not 'be brave' when it is prudent to feel otherwise.

In both these cases, there was a closed door opened which caused their deaths.

On one side of the door they were safe, on the other side they found death and neither expect it.

Man arrested over Jill Meagher case (click here)

9:17 PM Thursday Sep 27, 2012

...Detectives had been wanting to talk to a man in a blue hooded jumper seen on CCTV footage with Ms Meagher moments before she vanished in the early hours of last Saturday.
Police have not said if the man who has been arrested is the person in the hoodie.
Detectives hold grave fears that Ms Meagher, a 29-year-old who moved from Ireland to the city three years ago, was abducted while walking home alone last Saturday from a Sydney Road bar in Brunswick....

When I was in college our Physical Education instructor gave us extra points on our grade if we took a self-defense course offered by the campus police. It was extremely helpful. The course was four six hour days of which only one was classroom to prepare for assault training, but, also to review how women are actually drugged in a bar resulting in date rape or worse. It was excellent. They taught me things I would never think of myself. The physical assault segment was excellent. It was two weekends and it probably saved lives. Young women being educated for careers to value. Smart girls.

In another case in New Zealand.

4:30 PM Thursday Sep 27, 2012

...Ms Portman, 33, has not been seen since she left a Mt Albert motel on June 20. (click here) She was four-months pregnant at the time of her disappearance. Her car was found about two weeks after she was reported missing. Police are treating her disappearance as a homicide....

I loved my work at UMDNJ in Newark. But, our employer didn't like the idea of anyone walking through fenced in and monitored parking lots alone. If it was dark and / or few people around the University Police required us to call for escort. They were always at every door when the most people were arriving and leaving for the day. Without fail. 

It was an odd feeling to be escorted when alone because so much of what work required was complete honestly and trust, but, their understanding was, "The best employees in New Jersey cannot be replaced because in one instance in time the odds turned against them."

It was about 'having guts, being prepared or being strong and confident.' It about BEING smart.

Recognize the place? Some might.

This is a city in India, not far from Kashmir or the Pakistan border, in the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains.

Jalandhar ranks second in India in the rate of urbanisation and has the highest density of population at 598 persons per square km, as per the 1991 census.

To the left is Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar.

The Ramada to the right in Punjab City of Jalandhar is considered the best accomodations.

Jalandhar is the media and mass communication hub of the region having the regional headquarters of the national television and radio channels. Most of India's sports goods are exported to the United Kingdom, The United States of America, Germany, France and Australia. Rough estimates suggest that today Jalandhar has more than one hundred major industries and about 20,000 small-scale industries.

Interior of Viva Collage Mall, Jalandhar

List of Malls in Jalandhar

MBD Neopollis
The Galleria
Viva Collage Mall
Sarb Multiplex
Splendor Shagun
Ansal Plaza
PPR Mall
Best Price (Bharti Walmart)
Nazz Shooping Center
Ritu Wear's Big Life
The Metropolitan 
City Square

Most of India's sports goods are exported to the United Kingdom, The United States of America, Germany, France and Australia.

September 25, 2012

Ben Doherty

Sherrin (click here) has pulled all football manufacturing from its Indian subcontractors, after admitting some of its balls were made using child labour.

On Saturday, The Age/Herald revealed Sherrin balls were being hand-stitched by children as young as 10, for as little as 12 cents a ball.

The children, almost all of them girls, were being pulled out of school to stitch balls full-time, for up to 10 hours a day, seven days a week....

...Rajkumar warned public attention on the issue of child labour would cause brands to simply pull out of the market, and that they would leave nothing behind.

"You will affect the families, which completely depend on football stitching. You are snatching their livelihood."

While Sherrin says the use of child labour making its footballs was the work of one rogue contractor, The Age's 12-month investigation found that the use of child labour in the sports-ball industry in India was widespread and systemic.

The Age found child stitchers, as young as seven, in both the cities of Jalandhar and Meerut, stitching not only Sherrins, but other international sports brands such as Canterbury, and balls for India's domestic market....

Primarily girls. Education for girls is not sincerely important, even in India. This is what occurs when manufacturing is outsourced.

ONLY Syd. I suppose the picture above is Syd.

Wow. Hand made with dedicated skill and precision to detail. 


Now that Sherrin has closed its child labor operations, people in Australia and India are complaining the former laborers will have nothing left for sustenance.


The country of India uses younger child labor than China. It needs to be outlawed. I would not worry about the children of Punjab City because their government is going to have take care of them and their families and act to support them. See, the girls have to go back to school so they can graduate high school and attend that very modern technical university.

India and Punjab City do not need sympathy, they need laws to protect innocent children from slavery!

The nation of India needs to compensate these children for the loss of schooling they suffered under with insufficient laws and governance to protect them. India needs to supplement the lost wages to their families and return the children to their studies. India allowed this. It is India's problem.